Leaked: More BlackBerry Storm Presentation Details

BlackBerry Storm Powerpoint Slide
By Dieter Bohn on 4 Oct 2008 04:15 pm EDT

BGR has scored a Powerpoint presentation of the BlackBerry Storm 9500 and 9530! The full gallery features screenshots and details on quite a bit of the touchscreen interface of the device. If you're still not clear on how the BlackBerry OS works when it's behind a touchscreen, you're going to want to click on through and take a look at all of them. Heck, even if you feel like you already know the Storm like the back of your hand, it's clearly worth a look anyway.

We'll check back in a little later with our thoughts on what we see here, in the meantime this non-BB expert (Hi Everybody!) will point out one thing that was new to me: Assisted-GPS on the Storm means it will be able to pick up your location much faster.

[ Update from Kevin: Thanks for posting Dieter! From now on I'm glued to the computer on weekends too. It seems BGR's site is going at a crawl today (everybody linking to his story on the Kindle 2!), so I've posted ALL 17 images after the jump for your faster viewing pleasure! Check them out! ]

BlackBerry 9500 and 9530 Storm Presentation

BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Storm

And apparently more BlackBerry Storm goodies are on the way.... Stay Tuned!

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Leaked: More BlackBerry Storm Presentation Details


The powerpoint wont open, anybody else??? Also, after pressuring a VZW manager..........sconfessed that the store will get their allotment of Storms for 11/3 sale, demo model suppose to arrive in the stores mid this month.

well thats awesome.. if it pans out haha. and it worked for me! :D

loving this phone MORe and more every day.

i've got a buddy that is a manager at VZW and he's told me that they are suppose to release them on Oct. 20th. i'm in cali so i dunno if its different then where you are but they've had meetings and arre telling him that its on Oct 20th that they are releasing the phone.

Wont open for me.

How long till someone bitches about wanting the phone, The Bold or Iphone?


Wait you guys cant get the powerpoint images to open and to work? I can.... Someone want me to copy it and upload somewhere else?

So who honestly thinks the Storm will be out before the BOLD??? because as I said before, if it is, I am done with at&t!!! and going to Verizon...And yeah I know at&t could not care less if leave for Verizon, just saying.

THANKS !!! That totally made my day !! After only a day without my Curve I was about to break down and go buy another one, but these posts and pics give me the strength to wait for the almighty Storm to arrive. I sincerely hope 11/3 is the release date now !!!

The powerpoint is showing up fine, it's just that it is getting a heavy server load right now, that's why it's so slow.

Depending on the picture and whether or not its in landscape or portrait, the gaps seem to vary. On ALL sides of the screen, the gap changes size from picture to picure. Example: the Hardware overview slide vs the Wide Screen slide.

Yeah you didn't let all the hype get to you and make you miss whatever kind of picture editing that was done in these slides. Good job!

The images appear simulated in the keyboard shots, which I assume are the ones you are talking about, my guess is the gaps will appear the way they do in the first couple of shots... with a bit of an extra gap between the screen to the buttons.

Okay, I am a newbie to the world of Blackberry's. My question, which will probably be roasted by everyone, is should I be concerned about the amount of internal memory when compared to the Iphone? Also will this browser have FLASH capability?


it supposedly comes with an 8 gig card, and hopefully u can upgarde that in the future, so i wouldn't be concerned

Okay, we find even more about the hardware of this phone.... great.

Now, does anyone want to tell me why the Hell this phone has no price tag on it?

We know that it's going to be more than the 3G iPhone, which blows btdubb, but just how much is this gorgeous thing going to cost?

Well, the most expensive VZW feature phone, the Dare, is currently $199. Considering, the iPhone is selling for $199 for the 8GB and $299 for the 16GB... my guess is the Storm will be positioned right between them at $249 w/ 2yr.

I agree and was wondering the same thing.... if this baby has a 3.25" touch screen why do little chinks of it look unusable in some screenshots vs. others?

If you look at the RIM document detailing specifics of Thunder/Storm RIM thinks that there is no need for Wi-Fi on the VZW network quoting... "Don’t have to rely on open Wi-Fi networks – broadband anywhere". Clearly, they have thought about this and concluded that there is no connectivity advantage of including Wi-fi with the Storm on the VZW network.

Your assuming good signal strenth everywhere. I have a weak signal at my house. With my work T-mobile phone, the wifi using UMA to make calls and receive data is essential.

My family phones are all on verizon. signal is weak too. it would be great if they thought about this phone being used internationally or in areas with a weak signal.

Yes I do, and here's my input. It seems to me from an business aspect, (profitability) the capabilities of the network will be acceptable by the vast majority of the users who do email and internet surfing. Where as the FEW power users/poor reception people will find that Wifi is more beneficial. But keep in mind who are those FEW people? People who basically tether their phone to their laptop or choose to live farther away from society. Where as to Verizon, who wants to make money will charge an extra fee for the tethering because you didn't either get a Wifi card for your laptop or you didn't pay them $30 to 70 (average about $65/month) a month for a dedicated wireless card for your laptop. Then the select FEW who are in poor reception, their isn't enough profitability for them to reach you. That's where you hope for competition/efficiency to come into play. The best bet right now for good overall connection and speeds is Sprint's WiMax. But that is going to take sometime. But that's progress. And it is at about the best it is going to be. The next best thing will probably be some kind of wearable glasses with heads up display with powerful pc capabilities intertwined with a cell phone, that's all efficiently controlled by voice command. But talk about some intense processing capabilities to have an machine that can instantly respond to you like a person and be under your very own control for personal entertainment/communication/information. Then imagine battery consumption/equipment to wear. Seems we would need to become more familiar with Nano technology and building things on a minor scale. (Reminds me of "Travelers Guide to the Universe" movie) Might have to tap into the world of quantum computing as well. But once again this all comes down to profitability/efficiency/competition. Later

Is fantastic, we are waiting for this in Spain.
I think that have a problem, the QWERTY would be marvelous in a slide screen without be only a virtual, real keys like the 8800.

Ya know what I just had an opportunity to play with an Iphone and it is a nice phone. I tried typing with it and I could actually type on it. I had tried it once before for only a second and didn't care for it, but this time I found it easier to do. The guy also had a really nice case for it. All I can say now is that I can't wait for the Storm. Everything I have seen about it makes me want it more.I hope they don't pull a Bold and make us wait for much longer.

RIM needs to stay true to their business core. WiFi is an important aspect of business usage. Beside surfing the web, poor coverage areas, and possible making a phone call with WiFi, the only way to link to a secure corporate network is through WiFi. Without the ability to access the corporate infrastructure I can not get at needed data/files, purchase requests, etc.

This is a MISTAKE!

My problem is that I need better coverage than AT&T can deliver, and Verizon/Storm is a better choice for me from that stand point. Just not sure if I can live without WiFi.

But for any business to grow it must be flexible. It seems like your business needs an increase in its IT department (If the business has it, which I assume it does since it has a Secure Corporate Network) bugdeting, to make the network accessible securely via the internet (VPN, etc). But that also comes down to what type of business your in and how likely you'll be attacked for gain. Which in case your just as much at a risk unless your business/Wifi network is tucked far away out some where. Where it can't just have random people coming by and chilling out inconspicuously while hacking you network. Which in case, even with all the security features you can place on it (WPA/2-PSK, MAC Address Filtering, IP Addressing, etc.), it still can be cracked with a seasoned (knowledgeable) hacker. So it always come down to profitability and efficiency. If it is a waste, its a lost in a business. So that should be addressed with your company.

Looking for the new capabilities, so we are talking bold or storm for now. It becomes more of a choice of carrier ATTT vs Verizon. Each carrier does not carry the full product line there smart guy.

I also was trying to bring another point to the wifi debate.

I'm just tired of people bitching about no WIFI.... I have WIFI on my current phone and I rarely use it. If you're in an area that has WIFI its probably not that hard to pull out your Notebook and use that.If you wanna talk about the Storm why don't you talk about something useful instead of being "one of those people" that has to find something to bitch about.

Coming from the Palm OS (Treo) world, I'm used to buying software that can greatly modify the way the OS works... do you think it's possible that someone could write a program that would hack the Blackberry OS to allow for the tactile feedback via a smaller, true QWERTY-keyboard in *portrait* mode, instead of the SureType keyboard? I might not always want to turn the keyboard in landscape mode to get this feature...

I could see how that would be convenient. But giving all that goes into play with the unique interface that RIM is using with this phone (clickable screen), I would imagine that it would require giving up more code to modders than RIM would care to do. But either way I can see the demand for it. Pro: more viewable real estate, con: smaller buttons therefore increasing input time and defeating ease of use. But I'm sure somebody might invest the time (if they know how)and do it if there is enough demand. I am still waiting on better animated backgrounds that doesn't deplete the battery rapidly. But as more and more tech savvy consumers get BB's, I can see bigger increases with customization. And now there getting an App store up and going, so it is definitely on the way.

I'm very intrigued by the Storm, and I've held off buying a new phone until it comes out, but I'm also considering going with a Touch phone from HTC (apparently the Diamond might be coming to Verizon soon), or a phone with a slide-out QWERTY, or even a Palm. I've never used a Blackberry. I like the iPhone for its display, browser, and navigation, but typing on it was not very accurate, and it has very limited applications. The Touch phones from HTC look fun, and they use Windows Mobile, which has handwriting recognition, so I can write using the stylus.

It doesn't look like the Storm has handwriting-recognition or a stylus. Anyone have any guesses or predictions as to whether RIM (or a 3rd party) might be introducing this capability? Or am I asking for too much?

This will be my first smartphone...