Mobi Products Desktop Charging Cradle for the BlackBerry Z10 available now!

Mobi Products Desktop Charging Cradle
By Michelle Haag on 14 Apr 2013 06:03 pm EDT

Those of you lusting after a desktop charging cradle for your BlackBerry Z10 will be pleased to hear that we now have the Mobi Products Desktop Charging Cradle in stock at ShopCrackBerry. The Mobi Products Cradle for BlackBerry Z10 lets you easily charge your device and sync it at the same time. Just connect the cradle to your computer's USB port to sync your BlackBerry Z10 and you're set! If you want to simply charge your BlackBerry Z10, just connect the bundled AC adapter.


  • Charge/Sync your BlackBerry Z10 in one convenient cradle
  • Convenient charging for the office or bedside
  • Specifically for BlackBerry Z10
  • Includes USB AC Adapter

We will have a full review of the The Mobi Products Cradle in the near future, but if you don't want to wait you can head on over to the store at the link below and pick one up for yourself now.

Purchase the Mobi Products Desktop Charging Cradle

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Mobi Products Desktop Charging Cradle for the BlackBerry Z10 available now!


Na, will wait for the real thing, even if this is a perfect product for most, for someone like me who want everything in one (with HDMI) it will be annoying

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I think it would be useful to list the item's stats, like amperage, considering all the chargers out there without enough juice.

I'm sure this is strong enough, but just how strong is it?

This is how you CB10, son!

Why would anyone need such a thing? Is docking any smartphone let alone a z10 is that much of a need? I could synch wirelessly, charge w/o needing a dock etc. This is one of those gadgets that ends up in landfills.

Bedside mode! Used mine all the time with my Torch and really want one of these for my Z10. When will it be available in Canada?

Just ordered the cradle along with a new Z10 battery......(Thanks, CrackBerry, for finally allowing orders to be shipped to PO Boxes!!). Will fill in with a review for the cradle on the Z10 forum after checking out its charging capabilities.

I needed another charger for work & this is the same price as the premium BB charger, so I thought I'd give it a shot.....The cradle design is more appropriate for my desk than another loose cable end hanging around......Wish it had the HDMI connection, but will wait for the BB version for that.....

Looks like they rushed this one. No HDMI connector? Such an oversight. I suppose it must sell for less than the official BlackBerry cradle. Come on, BlackBerry, I'm waiting...

On second thoughts, I must be fair. It's still a decent looking cradle. If you don't need the HDMI port, it's still good. I'd consider it.

The hdmi out is for sending output to a screen. Coupled with a blue tooth keyboard equals a work station.

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This is what Thorsten was speaking about when he claimed BlackBerry is building a mobile computing platform. However, BlackBerry needs to ensure the appropriate knowledge worker applications are available for BlackBerry 10 and stop worrying about entertaining his luxury car friends. BlackBerry 10 as a platform for mobile computing would be perfect for educational environments, providing students with the same experience in school and at home by simply dropping their BlackBerry smartphone in this type of docking station - keyboard and mouse and monitor remain at school and home (optional requirement) - thereby reducing maintenance costs for school boards, colleges and universities. In my opinion the BlackBerry PlayBook is better suited for this role but we all know how BlackBerry fumbled their foray into tablet land. Thorsten needs to get his mind back to both smartphone and tablet.

There is no power adapter supplied with this. It's no different then plugging your Z10 into the USB port on the charger that came with your Z10. This just provides a stand.

With no sides to "guide" the phone in, it seems like it would damage the charging port pretty easy if you missed a few times.

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^^My thoughts right there^^

No HDMI is probably ok for some dock locations, but seems a sure need for others. Currently, my office computer is a laptop with a second 23" monitor. I hadn't even considered the example above, with a third monitor and a BT keyboard/mouse or BT KB/pad, ala PlayBook. I could see that helping me out a LOT.

Even in bedside, though, why not have a connection to the TV if you have one there? Might be a long HDMI, or maybe at least somewhere ought to be a CrackBerry free zone? (but you can still use camera and video camera . . . . )

I'm sure it will be available in Canada as well soon. We only barely got it in the US store, so it might just take a bit of time. Patience ya'll! lol

As BlackBerry users a constant theme has emerged. We are always told to be patient. Not that I want this particular cradle / docking station; I will patiently await the arrival of the BlackBerry docking station. That said, the collective patience of BlackBerry users is stretched to the limit after the much ballyhooed "revival proclamation" and associated product launches of the next generation BlackBerry tablet and smartphones.

Michelle, how is the weather in Arizona? Could you FedEx some warm temperatures and sunshine to the land north of the forty-ninth parallel? :)

Another accessory to add for the home office. And it will definitely prove useful for watching movies and You Tube while charging.

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No hdmi isn't a big deal to me as I'd use it on my bedside table since my phone is my alarm. Sucks I have to wait since I'm in Canada.

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I could see getting this for using with bedside mode. There isn't the need for HDMI on the nightstand. I wonder if the PlayBook will fit as well.

But I also agree. For my desk, I'll wait for the version with HDMI.

If this is cheaper than one that will have an hdmi cable, then it's good enough for me since I won't have a tv near my night table.

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Couldn't care less about the HDMI connector, but what gets me is that unlike the official dock from BB, there is no "sides" to this dock so you're going to have to carefully line up the mini usb ports everytime you use the dock.

I just want to be able to quickly drop the phone into the dock, not fumble around to line up the port.

I'll pass on this one.

Maybe its designed so you can have a shell/case around it? Having sides on it would require you keep it naked.

Good point, I never use cases for my phones so I didn't consider this. Are other docks usually capable with cases?

Seidio Surface Case (and I think Active Case, too) are EZ on / EZ off and are great for going from protected to nekkid quickly for ease of use / docks / car mounts / etc.

Nicely priced. Maybe a good choice for my desk at work. However, I too would be concerned abot the USB alignment.
Since I couldn't wait for these I had already purchased a SqueezeProp about 2-weeks ago. It works great with an existing charger cord -and with or without a case. Since it's made of foam, it softly cradles the phone too.

Is anyone using it yet with the Flip Shell Case (without being removed from the case)? Is the USB connector long enough to make good contact while in the case?

AWESOOOOME! Just ordered 2, shipped to Canada! Always had a dock charger for all my BB's and absolutely felt cheap putting my Z10 lying flat on the night table! One for me and one for the wife plz...!

It's perfect for my alarm clock use. Now I can look over and see what time it us without having to prop the phone up against something.

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Did you ever charge via a 500mA USB port? It takes hours... original charger supplies 2A. But, charging may not be the use case for everybody.

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The officialy one is a pass through USB connector so you can use a PB charger for example. Don't know "aboot" this this one.

Key thing to remember right now for cradles and the BlackBerry Z10 is that right now the homescreen / OS is only done in portrait orientation. So if you're on the homescreen of the Z10 and put the phone into the dock, it's going to be "sideways" on the stand. My recommendation is to put the phone into the clock app, set your alarm, etc. and then put it on the stand (the clock app supports landscape orientation). 

A bit of a nuisance, but worth it IMO to have a stand. Makes life so much better to have it on a stand for using as alarm clock. :)

Guys you are forgetting a few things.

1. This dock is designed for people that use the device as an alarm clock and bedside mode, this is why it is a charging station only. We 9800, 9810 users loved our bedside docking stations for this.

2. For those people in Canada complaining you can buy it, It is available from the US store with international shipping of $9. I was able to with a quick search find a coupon and get the total price with shipping to $29. not a bad deal considering the OEM one will be close to $80 when all i want is charging from mine.

I worry what this will do the side of my phone as I scrape the side of the phone across the connector till it slips into the USB port. The old BlackBerry ones had nice rounded edges so there was only one way your phone could slip in.

I am also curious what the charger is rated for. Even when I plug in my BB charger that came with my Z10, I get the message that I should use the charger that came with my phone to charge faster. WHAT? I am. I am also curious if the MicroUSB plug is long enough to plug in even when the phone is wrapped up in a case.

There is no power adapter supplied with this. It's no different then plugging your Z10 into the USB port on the charger that came with your Z10. This just provides a stand.

Michelle's review above clearly states that a USB AC adapter is included. Have you already purchased one of these and found that to be untrue?

Ordered and will get it Friday! No need for HDMI for me as I don't use a dock for HDMI for my Playbook or my wifes tablet when using the TV. Just need it for my bedside mode and charging. Hopefully this will also work with my Incipio ultra light feather case on it.

I kinda wish that they had those negative and positive contacts like in the older BlackBerry. That way it won't wear out the mini usb.

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People people people think bigger here for those asking for hdmi, why? Why not simply stream and use dlna. I mean yes a dock for the z10 would seem cool... For about a minute.

what a money grab this is, of course people here would buy anything that's endorse or sold by CB just like the otterbox defender case that people bought and are unhappy with it.

just saying


Does anyone know if it works with a case? I specifically have thé Case mate tough case...I'd hate to have to remove the case every time I want to charge my Z10. tks

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Until we get the entire OS landscape friendly, I will keep using my iBOLT xProDock (CrackBerry store) for both the car windshield AND for my desktop at the office.

Suction cup it down, plug in the supplied USB cable either to the computer or just a charger (and HDMI out to a monitor), and I have the perfect office dock - keep it in portrait most of the time for Hub, Active Frames, app panels, then quick rotate if I need it for anything landscape. I can't believe I never thought of it until the day I took it out of the CrackBerry store shipment and was putting it together at my desk. <<bowing, bowing, bowing>> "Thank you, thank you all . . ."

Just got mine today and it does not work with the barely there case, which is one of the thinnest cases on the market. Works great and looks awesome without case though.

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Just got mine today. Does not work with iSkin case. It does come with a 800mA adapter but the usb is attached to the dock so you can plug into a spare cube adapter.
To be honest, I'm returning both of the ones I bought. Sorry CB. Really cheaply made and makes me wonder what is exactly inside if anything. The LED light is nice to know that it has power but after having docks for my PB and other BB's this one is very disappointing. I was expecting better quality.

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