New sticker pack for BBM: Lil' Shellton by Eric Uchalik

By Bla1ze on 12 Apr 2014 03:40 pm EDT

If you're looking for some new stickers to try out in BBM, a new pack has now been added. The Lil' Shelton pack was created by Eric Uchalik and is available for only $1.99. In total, the Lil' Shelton pack offers 20 new stickers that can be used within BBM, you can check them out below. Additionally, you'll also find Eric on BBM Channels where he has a channel set up as superfungo. You can join the channel by either searching for superfungo or adding PIN C003D1090.

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New sticker pack for BBM: Lil' Shellton by Eric Uchalik


I bought it!!

How do I submit stickers for sale? I want to sell the CrackBerry Kevin Signature Series. Will be awesome. Me squatting taking a poo on an iPad, Me giving the middle finger w/ a "BlackBerry by Choice" shirt on, Me doing some yoga. Will be awesome. Errr. Or horrible. But ya know, I still want to know how to sell stickers! :)

I would buy that pack :).

BlackBerry has a site for submitting ideas.

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Animated, taking a dump on an iToy.

I don't buy these silly stickers, but I would pay 10$ for this pack.

Get it done!


Kevin is just pandering the crowd here. All the main CB writers/talking heads are hooked up with Android and iOS devices.

Besides, he, Bla1ze, Umi, and Adam all seemed "neutral" (at best) to the idea of BBM stickers or were making fun of it.

Agree on that, also my feeling. Lines up well with an article last year saying they didn't understand community complaints that CB not enough passionate about BlackBerry or something like that.

Truth is, the community is stupid 9 times out of 10 (and I am in it).


You're probably right about CB. Most people here, I think, are still betting on a turnaround miracle. Maybe it'll happen or maybe it won't, but it's probably easy to see what is more likely.

The sticker thing is pretty funny in the last podcast. They were making fun of stickers and saying that they're not into times--now CB plugs stickers (maybe because there's nothing else to write about really?).

This pack looks great!
I notice WWE stickers are no longer available for download. Does anyone know what happens if you wipe your device? Do they come back?

I noticed that too. Grabbed them as freebies and I expected they would stay, but at a price at some point. Wonder why they disappeared? I wonder what else they could sell in that BBM store?... music? Make status updates with the song you are listening to be a live link for all your contacts, so if they are curious what you are listening to and click on it it takes them to a full preview and option to buy if they like it?

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What would be greater is if the person could hear exactly what you are listening to. Like live streaming or something

From Zarafet my Z30.

I think though to make it a revenue generating service, having the song title be a live link to the store, where you can hear the whole thing once, and have the option to buy then BBM statuses become music discovery that drives traffic for potential purchase and the % revenue and profit they generate per sale.(I imagine there is some accrual to BlackBerry from music store purchases.) They could negotiate a % finders fee if you will for traffic driven through the BBM link to other music stores like iTunes or Amazon or whatever. Pure profit.

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I think that it would work, and especially with the fact that BBM is cross platform; BBM for IOS and Android users could link to their own store and BlackBerry still could still get their agent's percentage?

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The Ultimate Warrior apparently died.

I think they removed it out of respect, because he's still included in the pack. My guess.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Don't like this set. Still waiting for something really cool in the sticker shop. Damn it even the Whatsapp standard emoticons were so versatile despite generic...

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I agree, they are some what not too great to add into conversations as they don't support what might be said, however it seems no other mobile has these stickers, and it can be fun just sending one randomly

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Am I missing something here?...what's the deal with stickers? The only page for stickers seems to be targeted at Asian girls under the age of 15. I want tasteless stickers and I want them "right meow"Gosh dang it. ; P

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What's the problem?
Let's support BlackBerry here. The stickers are unique, just like the channels.

I would rather see BlackBerry do something different, instead of following the pack, and just copying the rest.

Well done to the sticker artists, am looking forward to more stickers appearing, whether they are for Asian girls or not. If they buy it, great for them and BlackBerry

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Well said, but I think that KOman did have his tongue in his cheek, no? Anyway, I found that prior to this set, the emotion that the sticker is trying to convey is not always clear ; especially with the Shaun the Sheep pack. This one is much more direct, but still missing the ROTFLMAO!

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The stickers have been present in Viber, Facebook Messenger and LINE Messenger for years.

BlackBerry is just trying to fill the gap here in order to gain more BBM users.

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Don't like any so far. But I guess a 10yo would like them, too bad they don't have money to buy them...

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I'm not 10, but I still love them. Send them to my non 10 year old friends.

Come on, bet your wife or girlfriend would love these

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I have sticker sets but don't quite get what they're for. Are they simply emoticons / smileys that are just much bigger?

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+1. The stickers so far are targeting 10yo that have an iOS device. Give me some stickers that I can use instead of those tiny emoticons. Stickers for BBM is my sticker app of choice but wish for better integration into BBM like BlackBerry's newest offering.

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No, but a deal with fox/groening(?sp) might be possible; those would sell very well I bet!

How about Southpark?

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These stickers are tripe in my opinion. Too childish, I though Blackberry was supposed to be business orientated. Shaun the sheep was better, they should have some more mainstream ones for people to buy them.

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Yeah, business oriented, that's why the mass market is not buying it as they the same blinkers on.

If you want BlackBerry to hit the mass market and be popular, need mass market appeal.

Well done BlackBerry and the artists

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What's strange is my work iPhone is showing more sticker packs then my z10. Southpark among them.

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Really!?! I just suggested a Southpark pack! I wonder if BlackBerry sees more action from IOS and Android users, so aren't focusing on BlackBerry users. Too bad, I would grab that pack.

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First set I've bought. They might seem 'childish' to some people, but my friends and I get quite a kick out of them when they pop up in the middle of a conversation.

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I wonder if they would offer like a subscription fee or something and for it to allow you to usa all packs available. Then when it expires, you lose access.
Now that I think about it, it sounded better in my head lol.

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The rest of the world may not watch the same sports.
It's great to see general stickers for wider appeal.
Hope you also get your stickers

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Cool...but sorry I won't buy stickers...I am sure many will but it just isn't something for me to spend my money on.

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I purchased them all so far just to support BlackBerry; they are silly but also good for a laugh.

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I'm not happy with stickers. If I don't accept I can basically no longer use my BBM account. How do I use my BBM without stickers ? Any suggestions how I can decline stickers?

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BBM works fine without stickers. Nobody is forcing you to use them and I have no idea how you came to that conclusion.

Is it your concern that you would receive a sticker from someone? If that is the issue, simply ask that contact not to send them to you. Go ahead and use BBM, there is absolutely no reason for you to not be able to.

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I would never buy them but Apple has this thing called an ipod and when the kid gets older what do you think they want? That's right an iPhone. BlackBerry may still have a presence in the over 40 crowd but I just had a a teenager whose fairly techie look at my Z10 and said, "BlackBerry has a smartphone?" From 10-25 they're clueless of BlackBerry. My reply was they INVENTED the smartphone. Here's to 1% market share no vision and no marketing.

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This is an all too true statement. To the current teen generation the smartphone came into existence in 2007 when Steve Jobs walked onto the stage...

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That's a funny way to react when you could have taken the opportunity to shoe them what the phone can do. I see more and more users of all ages with BlackBerry in hand (not enough to raise my share price yet, but still good to see)

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How can I make (i.e what format and size), and submit my own sticker packs? If I could do this, would I have to charge for them or could I make them free?

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The Ultimate Warrior died, they might have taken the stickers offline for the time being...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

If they could make all the standard BBM emoticons into stickers that'd be great! Please, please.

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To be honest, I have not been impressed with the choice of stickers so far, although I have bought one just to support the idea.

I would like to see stickers that are suited for different situations and carry certain messages.

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I bought this pack! I loved my friend's reaction to the random turtle stickers I started spamming him.

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Frankly this slow rollout is a joke. BlackBerry doesn't have the luxury to tease. In top of that it's so politically correct that we don't know who is the audience. Be bold bold. this is tepid.

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