New Software: BlackBerry OTA Downloader

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Jul 2008 02:12 am EDT

BlackBerry OTA DownloaderGetting some attention on the net today is a new application aptly called BlackBerry OTA Downloader. Blackberry OTA Downloader allows you to download the files required for Over The Air (OTA) installs immediately to your desktop. Here's the 411:

So what are the benefits of this downloader?

Well, it allows you to backup OTA downloads under any circumstance.

Example: you found this great blackberry theme somewhere on the net, but it's only available OTA and you have a hosted blackberry service (BIS) with a disabled blackberry browser. All you need to do is copy the OTA downloadlink, paste it in the textbox and press "download". The OTA file and all required ota contents will be downloaded to a separate folder in the folder where you have placed the Blackberry OTA downloader.

Another great benefit of the Blackberry OTA downloader is that it will allow you to create a backup of all OTA files.

Example: you found this great software or theme but its only available OTA, what if the site which is hosting this file removes the file, or what if the site goes offline?

Well, then you will loose the possibility to ever install this file again.... Blackberry OTA downloader resolves this problem by giving you the possibility to create a backup under any circumstance.


    * Backup OTA downloads on disk.
    * No GPRS connection or blackberry internet required.
    * Install blackberry OTA themes using your desktop software.

Download BlackBerry OTA Downloader here >>

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Reader comments

New Software: BlackBerry OTA Downloader


I'm starting to sound like a broken record...

I despise this software. It takes the "security" blanket away from theme developers that want their theme(s) to be available on only 1 website.

There is nothing there to stop someone from "ripping" the OTA files of a theme, be it free or Premium, and reposting it on another site. And yes, I tested...I can rip a premium theme's contents and repost it on another server.

Atleast BPlay has some smarts about them and their OTA files cannot be ripped using this software.

I know some of us themers think that this software is a BIG disaster for keeping the integrity of our themes in place.

It comes at no suprise that the maker of this software also hosts 2 sites that LEACH themes from other sites.

Sad sad sad....

What about people who purchase a theme and want to back it up? What happens if we need to replace a device? We have to go back and buy your theme again? If I purchase something, I should be able to keep a copy of it for future use, no? Also if you are posting themes on a website somewhere on the interwebs, then you always open yourself up to the risk os someone reposting it. If it gets your theme out there and spreads your name as a builder, then who cares? Just my .02, thank you and have a nice day.

This will not work on themes you purchase from Bplay or Mobihand. They both use encryption to help prevent such unauthorized downloads.

So..if you can't use this to back up from Bplay or MobiHand...what else would you be able to use this for?

And..if I am posting themes on a website(s)..then those are the ONLY places I want my theme(s) posted. There are people out there that copy a post and repost it on their own site. Why do they do that? to get get the advertising hits..and make money from a theme I developed that does not belong to them..or their website.

Develop a few themes..have them ripped off and reposted on another site without your permission..then you can give out your 2 cents.

Well Steven, you may have gotten your wish. I tried this software and it downloaded what it needed too; but all in the incorrect files size. Bottom line, I STILL had to use my BB to get what I was testing.

There are other sites besides Bplay and Mobihand. Also there are other things to DL OTA. All I'm saying is I paid for a theme, shouldn't I be able to keep a copy of it somehow in case I need to reinstall it at some point, without having to pay for it twice? Also, I'll give my .02 all I want, just the same as you will! If some one "copies a post" and links it back to your "site" and they dl it there, or pay for it there, why be mad about it? NOW, if they are charging for YOUR theme and you are not being compensated for it, then by all means that is wrong and you have every right to be angry!

If you buy a theme, can't you send the creators of that theme an email or forward the receipt of the proof of payment to theme and explain your situation? I'm sure most would be reasonable and won't require you to pay for it again

For us unfortunate people on rogers, even with the new plans, downloading apps and themes OTA is terribly expensive and if that app doesnt work, then it doesnt matter! You have used up your data! this is a great app.

Great! Just something else to ruin my incentive to build themes if they can just rip them off my site...though this is also one reason I don't post OTA's for premiums on my site

Like other applications, this one has the ability to be used for legitimate and yes, unfortunately, illegitimate purposes. I like to keep a back up copy of all my apps, themes and games on my media card in case something should happen and I need to install something while away from my MAC.

If you know how media card installs works, you'll also know that this requires the OTA files; cod and alx combo are useless without a PC/MAC.

Slam those using the application inappropriately, not the developer for creating a very useful program.