New slides show off RIM's BlackBerry 10 photo editing app further

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By Bla1ze on 25 Jul 2012 11:32 pm EDT

Following up on our video posted of the BlackBerry 10 photo editor running on the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha, a new set of slides also showing it off have now popped up. In them, you can see the issue RIM is facing with the form factor choices between the N-Series devices and the L-Series devices but aside from that, you get a good look at the app and how interactions will work with it.

Again, it's important to point out none of this should be considered finalized at this point in fact, the slides slightly differ from what we saw in the video but after all this time, it's nice to see the pieces of the BlackBerry 10 puzzle coming together as they should.

Source: N4BB

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New slides show off RIM's BlackBerry 10 photo editing app further


The one thing this definitely says is that SOMEONE at RIM is thinking. It always felt like (in the past) with all the different form factors they were just slapping on the same OS. It's good to see they're making necessary changes for the different form factors.

Finally. A phone for detectives and mystery novel protaganists everywhere.

That enhance feature will finally allow us to turn our grainy photographs into crisp clear imagese of license plates and facial features.

Seriouslu, though, these leaked slides are fun to see. Looking forward to the final product.

And, yes, I replied to the first post just to get my lame joke at the top.

I love the sliding gesture transition of the effect on the photo so you can see the change and can compare. That's ingenious!

Yes, they're certainly not acting like a company about to go under. These guys are doing some interesting things that will wow us all once we have seen all these bits and pieces put together in a tight package :)

Though they are leaks...fully acknowledged! I'll continue...It seems very much that RIM is trying to bring the same experience from Touch to QWERTY (Q) and while I get that they are trying to keep as much sync'd I just don't believe it works. The Touch experience is what it is and in its own right should have all the bells and whistles, but the Q should be exempt from the gross portion of what is on the Touch as it shouldn't be expected to compete on that very same level as the Touch. Photo Editing isn't necessary on a Q because the wide association of Q is still business oriented - take a picture and send it, not messing about to correct colour, sepia, get it already!

Your thinking makes some sense, but do you really think most qwerty users are actually business people? What about non-business people that still use their BlackBerry for media consumption. Leaving out media-centric features in the OS would make so many people unhappy. And the media would surely see that in a negative light, naming the desicion as lazy, unbaked, and "same ol' RIM".

I think he misses the fact that when you build an OS from the ground up you need need to aim for feature completeness and as well as future proof it.
These are not features being slapped onto the OS, these are features the OS is deemed to need to start with from day one. RIM's approach is obvious; design an OS with the same capabilities on an all touch and a qwerty devices with no compromises. Clearly these are meant to be on par in capabilities. BBOS was developed. In an era when all touch were unheard of, then they tried to adapt it to full touch. Now both variants are well known and they are building an OS that will power both, everything has to be re-considered.
He misses the fact that the qwerty crowd are (currently) RIM's mainstay and RIM cannot afford to step on their toes now and going into the future.

Motorola/Google is making a play for the BlackBerry qwerty diehards with the Pro+ and others. Some will be swayed due to perceived problems at RIM, so RIM really needs to get these products out on time.

I believe they should start marketing the NEW BlackBerrys in early to mid December, so that folks can start making purchases before Christmas, even if the devices won't arrive till January. RIM needs to create excitement about their new devices, and folks NEED to know this is a NEW RIM too! Everything you ever thought about RIM is gone -- this is a new company, refocused, rejuvenated, re-born!

I agreed. RIM should also allow you to buy Pre-order gift cards for a BB10 phone so you can give them as Christmas presents.

No point missed as I said the "association" is business-oriented. It will be proven in-time as the release becomes available that suits will indeed get a QWERTY (I'n not shouting). If however such features are available I'm hoping that it will be removable and not hard-baked in.

Getting both devices built simultaneously. This will take a bit more time to do it right, but I think it is a great opportunity for them to make sure what is possible on one platform is also possible on another. I think this will position RIM with a UI that is multi-purpose with design issues resolved for both all-touch and qwerty.

I have to disagree. I am a 'business' user, but also want all the media, graphics options. A lot of that is going to become more a part of business anyway. But mainly I want all it all, with the added function of a great keyboard. Something I never see mentioned though, is what about alternate keyboards? iPhones and Androids can do this (virtually of course). It would be nice to see developers work on this, at least for the touch keyboard. If it could work with the physical (of course lettering on kb wouldn't change), it would be cool. If you've never tried any of the alternate kb's you should. There are some, that within a short period of use, you can start keying way better/fast with. The QWERTY kb was designed with old typewriters in mind, that jammed when typing too fast.

"BlackBerry users who routinely feel left out while friends share retro pictures of coffee and pastries on Instagram will soon have their own BB alternative. Slides released by N4BB reveal that a Scalado-powered photo editing app has been baked into BB10, which is due early next year. The software will let you tweak and enhance your casual snaps, but also offer a carousel of aged filters you can drag onto shots of your own taste-appropriate snack goods. After the break we've got an early hands-on with the app from the folks at Crackberry, which walks you through a non-working prototype." - Endgadget


Perhaps someone can fill me in on where exactly in the software development stage these slides are from? I've seen the video of the application on the Dev Alpha so this has me wondering if these slides that have got leaked are months old.

Very cool application to be part of the OS.

On the conversation above, I am currently using a 9860 but boy do I miss my keyboard!!! If there are features on the L-series that aren't on the N-Series I would certainly be furious!

Johnny C.

"L-series" and "N-series" suggests more than one device in those categories. I hope RIM doesn't plan to give us more than two of these devices within a 12 month period.

the new N-series resembles the current 9930
i think they should put a totally new concept on N-series just to prove RIM has creative capabilities

i am up for the new L-series or a slider if they ever make it
but i would suggest RIM to make one phone with big screen like the Samsung Galaxy S III

one of the reasons i keep RIM and not Samsung is that RIM phones look like gadgets , not toys

Are you deaf? Didn't BruvvaPete tell you to be quiet, sit down and pay more attention? Just do as as your're told troll! As if instagram invented filters.

i don't really care for filters, but i do like the inclusion of photo editing capabilities built right into the OS.

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What RIM should do is buy Tactus. This way they can have the all full touch experience and physical keyboard all in one. That should be an strategic buy.

I bet they leaked this slide in response to the video, which showed the app not working... so that people wouldn't point at the video and be like, look, it's not working, RIM is so behind, blahdy blah