New Slacker Application version 2.0.2!

New Slacker Application version 2.0.2!
By Bla1ze on 30 May 2009 11:18 am EDT

One of the CrackBerry nations favorite streaming radio applications got a nice update yesterday. Slacker is now sitting at version 2.0.2 and has included many bug fixes in the latest version the major changes outlined below.

The major enhancement of the application update is that we have optimized the application to perform faster and remove many of the "Gaps" when skipping or transitioning songs. When a song first starts, there's alot of activity going on, but after 10-15 seconds you should get near instant skips (Depending on your connection speed).

To upgrade to the new version, please start by uninstalling the current version by going to Options > Advanced Options > Applications on your BlackBerry phone. Then find the Slacker Application, highlight it and press the BB Menu button and choose Delete. Once completed restart your device and grab the latest version from Slacker.

Head On Over To The Slacker Website For More Info And Downloads>>>

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New Slacker Application version 2.0.2!


The new version does not work with my tmo. bold. It says "not supported for your region." But Pandora now works on my tmo bold!! lol

I had an email about the update this morning in my inbox. Quickly went to update, the only thing I noticed is that it did not try to upgrade my existing install it just put in a new version on my Storm.

Had to go delete the old version, one said slacker for blackberry {old}, and one said slacker radio {new 2.0.2}. Works good, but since it made a new install I had to redo all of my cached stations, kind of annoying but its free!

Just downloaded the new version and crashed my phone - that and the impending .148 (official)...should make this phone a real winner (note the hint of sarcasim (insert your own explicitives here).

i have .148 already.. while its WAY better then .75, "winner" is not even close to any of the many words i would use to describe it. your cynicism does you a great service.

It doesn't work on my T-Mobile 8900 with running,

The application slacker_radio is attempting to access the WLAN radio

Uncaught exception: Application slacker_radio(184) is not responding; process terminated

all this was after a reboot to complete the installation

had a thought whilst....well, on my thinking chair, and went to: Options> Advanced Options> Applications> Slacker Radio, and edited permissions to full allow (menu button> edit permissions)

POOF, working now

Installed the new version but it won't cache my stations. I have it plugged in to the computer but it's not updating my stations...

I have the Blackberry Curve 8900 running os {v4.6.1.231} and I just downloaded this and I live in Central Illinois USA and I don't have any problems with this app, matter a fact it works great. Sorry to hear for those that are having problems, maybe try uninstalling rebooting your phone and reinstall and see what happens, hopefully it works. Wish you guys the best luck.

Deleted the old Slacker, and uploaded the new version. No problems on my 8900 with TMO. New versions seems to have addressed some of the audio problems ("crackling") that TMO 8900 customers were least I sure did. The new version gets my far.

Here, just downloaded on my 9000 non att. Deleted the old one and redownloaded it. Runs great. LOVE IT.

I followed the instructions, removed old Slacker from my Storm (which included a Storm reboot). I then went to the Slacker online site through the "download now" link. It auto starts a loading procedure that gets very near the end and then never finishes! I've tried several times.

So, I have no Slacker at all on my Storm, Gee, thanks!

Anyone have an idea how to get 2.0.2 Slacker loaded on my Storm.

Anyone else having this issue?

I have followed the instructions as well,cleared my browser and am still having the same problem. You are not alone,I may shut down my Storm and try it again.

Firefox was set for the browser on my phone. I set it back to Blackberry, and viola, it went to the proper download screen, and downloaded to my Storm, just fine.

I love this app ....hey plus I got it free for 1 year subscription :-) winner @ PB.

Enjoy guys! This app works great on my 8900 Javelin

I've had what was the old version for maybe 5 months, love it!, unloaded it for the latest and never been more pissed off, all links to download it dont work worth a crap, the official whatever blackberry app store's version is still the old version, bye slacker radio!............

If you have troubles, please make sure you have set the browser identification or browser emulation on your browser options to be "Blackberry". If you have it set to something else, then your blackberry doesn't identify itself properly and you won't be directed to the download for your Blackberry.

My Storm browser was set to IE,switched it as you did and everything was quick and easy. Thanks again.

new version is fine- although you must delete ALL the slacker files on the BB before installing. It doesn't like having the Slacker Sync thing already on the BB, and it doesn't see your existing cached stations so I needed to re-cache all my stations.

Yes it is faster. No it does not sound better, the older version's quality was better. (smaller files/quality = faster streaming)..Still better than pandora though!

The sound quality is the same between the 1.1.23 and the 2.0.2 release. The audio files have not changed at all. They are the same audio files in either version.

Best regards,
Rome E.

Your right, the files have not change..and with the recent .148 official update, it sounds immaculate. Sorry about that...

As always, a great recommendation.
Downloaded this afternoon, and it works great! :)

Sorry, not trying to rub it in, since you're Canadian and all... :D

I had one huge problem with slacker from the get go. It would cause my camera to not work at all and other apps to run very slow. I have two storms 9530 (mine and wife's) and both have slacker and both had same problems. I had a buddy that recently purchased the same phone so after he downloaded slacker his camera started to crash and not work at all and required a soft restart with quickpull to get running again as both my wife and I had to with ours to get ours working again. I decided to uninstall and delete Slacker from my phone and havent had a problem since!! (been a week now and before i unistalled slacker it would make my camera stop working everysingle day) Anyone have the same problems and if so has this new patch fixed it????? Thanks

My curve 8330 was having some issues crashing with the old slacker, but I still loved it.

This version - when I back out of the APP it stops the songs randomly or skips to the next song... and it seems to be crashing a WHOLE LOT MORE.

I'm kind of wanting my old slacker back :/

Slacker is running fine on my storm with .148. No problems with camera as stated above.The only thing I have noticed is that when plugged in via USB, The slacker sync does not auto start. No biggy though, other than that it works great on my strom!

yep - still fraking up after a reinstall and two battery pulls. This time my hour glass came up and I couldn't do anything... argh!!

Just seen this post and was quick to follow the instructions by uninstalling the previous version of Slacker, restarted Storm and then went to the URL specified in this post.

So anyways, I went ahead and did just that and it went to the "Download/Installation" page with no "Download Link". So I thought, "Maybe it's because my Browser Identification is set to Firefox." I went ahead and changed it to Blackberry and guess what, it wouldn't even refresh nor would it load the page at all. Came up with an error. And I switched it back to Firefox and it worked absolutely fine, loaded and everything.

Anyone know what the problem may be? Anyone else seeing this same exact issue?

Please let me know if you have a work around or if there's an OTA link for the update somewhere.


Err... never mind. Figured out what the problem is. When that first error came up with "Blackberry" set as the Browser Identification, I had to click "Details" then it would go to the actual download page.

Damn.. lol... oh well, downloading it now!

Slacker's always been terrible for me, and this new version doesn't help. I only use it in my car when I'm driving but it always randomly cuts out for no reason, and I'm in a very strong 3G area. It may be because I'm connecting to a new cell site, I have no idea. But Pandora works MUCH better.

I don't have the patience for Slacker. It's too unreliable for me.

just downloaded it from website and i cannot get any track to play-would just say "Could not get track".
Already did battery pull, deleted it and re-installed it and also allowed all permissions on the phone.
Ill just stick with Pandora...

Hi, I have had the same problem. Spent too much time to make it work. :-( Over an hour on the phone with Slacker and it didn't help at all.

I was finally able to get it to work after I de-installed it, reboot and new install.
The trick was to check the box set permission, view and save before you continue with the install. It does not work if you trying to set permission afterwards. I hope it works for you.

To many problems with standby. And that big azz upgrade button in you face. I went back to the old version

Can't find on Slackers Site or could see above or in forums, does this use my minutes? Or is it usage free?


... Very quick between skips. The app is much better but I was totally sold on the original version anyways. Love Slacker Radio. The only issue I have encountered with new version is that once in a while a song will see to stutter or skip a little. Not sure what could cause it but doesn't happen often anyways. Very happy with the update thank you Slacker!!

Thought it was gonna work. It took a while to start the first song then it played fine for about a song and a half. Then it rebooted and reboots every time I start the app.

Looks like I am back to Pandora which has it's own problems but at least doesn't reboot my phone!

What is up with the lack of quality on BB apps anyway?