New Self Diagnostic Tool For Your BlackBerry.

By Bla1ze on 25 Sep 2008 08:01 pm EDT

The good folks over at BlackBerryNews noticed today that RIM had added a Knowledge Base article outlining a new diagnostic tool that has been implemented into our beloved devices. So what does it do you ask?

Well, it allows you test how well your hardware is working... by going to the Options icon and choosing Status then typing the word "Test", you will be presented with a window telling you how to begin and allowing you to select what options to test out. The options include:

  • Keyboard And TrackBall
  • Misc
  • Handset Audio
  • Headset Audio
  • Bluetooth Audio
  • RF Components
  • GPS 
Overall a cool tool to test out if your BlackBerry is functioning up to par. Check out the video after the jump...people were curious how the "vibrate" test would work with a device simulator... it has some funny results ;)


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Reader comments

New Self Diagnostic Tool For Your BlackBerry.


I just had to type in each letter individual. You can't use suretype. When you get to the s in test just hit that key twice.

Can you help me out.
I have tried taking off the suretype and it still doesn't work.
what can I do exactly.


The diagnostics are cool, and the video was fun to make. Thanks for using it - it seems to be making the rounds.

On my BlackBerry curve when I go to option,Status and then try to type anything it doesn't allow it. I can find not options on the "Status" page for inputting.

Anyone know how to get this working on the blackberry Pearl?
I tried without the suretab and it still doesn't work.
Any other trick anyone knows of?


just type in each letter individualy. You dont have to turn off suretype. Just hit the s key twice. You wont see anything on the screen when your typing. One weird thing though. The RF test looks like it's for GSM only.

yeah it works ok, except for the fact that it shut down my mic and speaker halfway through the test and i had to do a hard reset to get them working agian, even in bluetooth mode.

what the heck man. i got into key press mode and i couldn't get out of it! menu, esc, whatever - just registered as a key press and i was essentially locked out!lol.

nevermind... i guess you have to click the trackball to get the menu... unfortunately my trackball scrolls fine, but the click part has not worked for some time, i have gotten accustomed to using the enter key...

Worked fine for me on Curve 8320.
When you get to the Status screen just type TEST and you will be forwarded to the test you would like to complete. To move or skip a test, click your trackball.

Just spent the whole morning with VZ trying to figure out why my browsing is so slow. They had me update to the latest software VZ allows. No no 4.5. The browsing still is slow. I ran the RF test hoping that would indicate a problem. It passed. I can only conclude the VZ is having problems here in the Des Moines, IA area. Well at least my hardware seems okay.

RIM needs to watch the spelling. On my VZW 8330 OS 4.3, when I do the trackball test, right is spelled rigt. Nice Job!

i could get it to work on my 8130 but i came to one test and it asked for a Sim card so i guess that test was for gsm but every thing passed OK i didn't know that was in the software you learn something every day.

So very COOL it works on my telus curve 8330.. and as expected FAILS the GPS test.. DAMN YOU TELUS DAMN YOU TELUS!!!