New: Saltwater BlackBerry Theme Features Swimming Fish!

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Aug 2008 04:12 pm EDT

The folks at Bplay have been on a roll with releasing killer BlackBerry themes, and their new Saltwater theme is no exception. WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE. Other than people who have a fear of fish, who wouldn't want this calming theme?! I just installed it on my 8320 (running 4.2.2) and am luvven it. And yes, the bottom dock icons can be customized (it pulls the first six from the mainscreen ribbon).

The Saltwater theme is definitely going on my list of must-have themes for BlackBerry Addicts. More info and you can pick it up HERE for $6.99 >>

WARNING: This theme WILL NOT WORK with the BlackBerry 8830. It'll work on the 8800 and 8820 and every other BlackBerry featuring a trackball, but it is incompatible with the 8830. So if you have an 8830, do not install!

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New: Saltwater BlackBerry Theme Features Swimming Fish!


Why do these "premium" theme builders get the fancy Plazmic Theme Builder?! :(

I know a ton of theme builders could make some themes that are just as good as "premium" if they had the means to do so. I just think it is unfair for theme builders to be handed a watered down Plazmic, as opposed to the Plazmic that can do all of the "fancy stuff"

I couldnt have said it any better. Thats exactly how I felt when the Surreal theme was released. They do one fancy trick and leave out all other customizations.

Bplay is not using any Plazmic theme builder to make these. Instead its a buncha hard coding. Anybody remember the Phantom theme? Ya just like that. This also explains why the menu fonts and stuff were not customized in the crossbar theme...they couldn't figure out how to code that just yet ;)

While Plazmic remains slow as heck limiting us with non-automatically customizable Custom homescreens

It doesn't look like Bplay has added the Bold to their device selector tool within their store yet, so I'd assume not. Or at least not yet.

Bought this theme. Its very nice and a keeper. You can arrange your home screen icons as you wish. The only downside, it seems to have a little lag when scrolling through icons.

I have never before purchased a theme, but I really liked this one. I took the plunge, and it is well worth it. Works great on an 8320 running

-Can anyone who runs an 8320 tell me if this theme supports a UMA signal strength meter? (Most themes seem to leave that out.)
-I didn't know wallpaper animation was possible. That's so cool!

How gay! No 8830?!? Why is everyone always hatin on the 8830? Also, when are the cool apps gonna start showing up for Blackberry? If they are going to try and contend with the iPhone (BB Thunder and BB Bold) the apps and those making them are going to have to really step it up. Not a big iPhone fan but they have some serious hi-tech stuff going on...

For instance, a friend of mine showed me a similar fish tank app on his iPhone. It was a pond with fish swimming around...very realistic. He could shake his iPhone and it would feed the fish and they would begin the eat. Granted, not neccesarily what Blackberry users may need but the technology behind it is very impressive and the option is there take it or leave it. I just hope RIM starts to step it up and lose the DOS like image they currently have and offer apps that Blackberry users can either take or leave.

However, I did forget to state that I told my iPhone friend that at least I could still copy/paste and send video/pic messages. May not be able to feed the fish but damn I could send and email and SMS when needed and fast! :-)

I love this theme! The only bad comment i have about it is that i do not believe the app "auto standby" works with it. I set it to 5 seconds and waited for 5 minutes and it did not run. I really hope there will be a fix soon. [ If i am wrong please show me the error of my ways.]

I've bought a few themes in the past, and had to get refunds...

But, this one is rather impressive! I've gladly paid for it...

Do anyone know if the Profile Icon usable from the Home Screen? That would be my deal breaker.

Anyone else notice that there is constant data activity after installing this? I installed, pulled battery and waited for 5 minutes to make sure BB was settled, but yet and still my data was going crazy. Immediately uninstalled. Data activity is back to normal.


There's always a bunch of data transfer when you activate a theme, and especially on a battery pull. I don't think it's even possible for a theme to access the network, but if you're really paranoid you could always deny it in the application permissions (though it looks like network is set to "Prompt" for this one).

That theme is beautiful. I am really curious why it doesn't work for the 8830 but it does work on the 8800.

This theme is great! I'm a Nemo fan anyway so....
I have no problem with UMA. I have a 8320 Curve running 4.5

Ugh... This theme is KILLING my battery life.

AT&T 8310 running the latest "official" 4.2 OS

I've never seen my battery drain so fast. I'll give it another day, but I will probably have to uninstall it.

How do you get a refund on a theme?

Finally, a skin that I might consider trying.

Does anyone know how hard this theme is on the phone's resources?

And, I wonder if we're able to move other icons to the home screen. (I understand some themes won't let you do so.)


i downloaded it and there no fish swiming, just the background. I emailed support hours ago with no response.

Not impressed so far

...take the battery out, while the device is on. Wait about 30-40 seconds, then put it back in. After that, see if the 'fish' are 'swimming'.

Also, depending on your OS, you might have to install the Plazmic update (link in the email they sent you)...

I just bought this theme. Its not bad but I have one question, does the battery meter work? All it says is 100%.

I just bought this theme, I had some problems downloading. They sent me a new link to download it nad it finally showed up in my theme page. I do have one question and it may be stupid but here goes, does the battery meter work? for the last hour all it shows is 100%.

I keep getting an error message when I tried to download. The error message says: 907 Invalid COD; HTTP error 406.

Support just sent me the .jad file link and tried to download and it same error message.

Is this what happened with yours?

The home screen stays the same but the sub folder screen changes to the picture of your choosing (with bubbles included).

I downloaded this and I love it. I have one question. On their website Bplay says that there are daily Easter Eggs to look out for. Has anyone seen them?

I noticed a treasure chest drop across the screen twice since I got this theme, and today the Beatles Yellow Submarine went across the screen. I guess this is what the daily easter eggs are supposed to mean. Ive had the theme for months and only seen these things 3 times now tho. A little confusing for it to be refered to as an easter egg tho.

I have had this theme for quite some time now & am really glad to know that someone else saw the yellow submarine!! Everyone thinks I am crazy & seeing things! But so far I have seen the yellow submarine, a smiling shark & the treasure chest fall.. does anyone know if there are any other suprises like this?
Oh & I haven't had any problems with it at all!
The only problem is I keep it on so I can try to catch those random images!!