New: River Runner 3D for the BlackBerry Storm

River Runner
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Jul 2009 09:00 am EDT

Looking for a new game to load up onto your BlackBerry Storm this weekend? Look no further than River Runner 3D. Following up on the success of Wrath and Freddy Falling (which now works on the Bold and Tour), this is the third game to come from Lone Dwarf games and is a good one.

River Runner is a 3D game, inspired by Cube Runner iPhone game, that allows you to steer your boat through the courses using the Storm's accelerometer. Another cool feature is that you can use your own personal music collection as the sound track! There are 4 tracks, you can pick up charms for extra points (and hit anchors which slow you down) and there's even internet high score tracking to see how you stack up to other River Runner players. River Runner sells for $2.99 - no free trial available. 

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New: River Runner 3D for the BlackBerry Storm


Is awesome. On TOP of the personal music as the soundtrack, Dwarf has made music AND sounds able to play at the same time, so it won't cut out the music if you're crashing or make a pick-up.

This game needs more attention. Simple as that. Don't be cheap or whiney because there's no free trial. This game is much better than most of the games you'll spend $5 for, whether they offer a trial or not.


I was bit in the a** when I purchased Diamond Breaker! when I first got my Storm. The game was a great idea, but is very slow and there have been no updates since it came out a year ago. Since then, I have refused to purchase a program with a free trial (unless I see a video of it or see it on a friends device). It has nothing to do with being whiney, I just don't want to waste money and valuable device memory on crap.

**** I am in no way saying that this game is crap, in fact it looks great. I was just commenting on the free trial comment made by joski ****

I'm so afraid of 3d games on this thing ever since I downloaded some Tank and Golf free trials from App World. Come on RIM...give us a little help here.

Hahahaha I know which games you're talking about and yeah they're disasters. But this one actually looks promising.
The reason 3d games dont work well on blackberries is because the Blackberry OS doesn't support OpenGL which is a programming language often used for rendering 3d models...

I can understand wanting a free trial of a game since I have paid over $5 for games I can't even force myself to play. So I will never buy another game from that vendor unless the game is so good everyone is talking about it.

Wow I cant believe I paid 2.99 for this piece of garbage.

Frame rate is about 1 per second and you dont control the boat its a first person view as if the boat was invisible.

Seriously guys totally not worth it. I dunno what the original commenter was saying or if he wrote this but the storm really needs to fix their gaming dept.

I dont even want to read about the game. Just the pictures tell that it will be a shitty game! Thats bull#*$( that they would even charge money for something that my 7 year old brother could color! Its bull! Man up devs and do your job. Or go back to school becasue there are only a handful of you that are making good apps.