New RIM video shows off Wikitude Augmented Reality World Browser for BlackBerry 7 Smartphones in more detail

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Jun 2011 09:54 am EDT

Back at BlackBerry World 2011, where we first went Hands-On with the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930, RIM also showed off the new Wikitude Augumented World Browser that'll come preloaded on BlackBerry 7. Following up their initial video which was shown off during the keynote, it looks like the RIM Dev Team shot another video which recently hit the interwebs.

For another look at the Wikitude app which take advantage of the new built-in compass coming on the next generation of BlackBerry Smartphones, check out the video above. Definitely some fun features in this one! Now we just need some new BlackBerry Smartphones to buy so we can put it to use!

Source: RIM Dev Blog

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New RIM video shows off Wikitude Augmented Reality World Browser for BlackBerry 7 Smartphones in more detail


Looks good and i'll be getting one, but couldn't help but noticed it's hardly fluid even with the 1.2Ghz under the hood.

This is getting to the point that I think the reason why there are so many videos of this device with NO real release date is RIM intentionally screwing this whole thing up. I mean when the hype is gone, the hype is gone.

IF RIM did keep this device as a secret until at least three weeks or so before release instead of announcing as "cuming soon" it would have sold a lot when it was released. Now they will lose a huge potion of people who would have got this due to the hype itself. This MAY includes myself. More and more videos I see on this device, more and more I think I would fine with my current 9700.

Ya... I mean large portion of the users would have got 9900 with three year contracts (two years in US I think) if they just released it without an announcement. This way RIM earns money even some users later change their mind and decide to sell their new 9900.

How come they are doing a good job at keeping the testing stage information and release dates secretes and YET, they can't keep a device as a secret? Apple Inc is doing a good job at it.

It seemed to lag a bit and definitely did not like that hr glass. Hopefully the finish product runs smooth.

Sweet! But for the sake of everyone sanity release this phone already!!

Another sweet thing was that I watched the video on my 9700 without leaving the page. Every other time I tried that it would fail. Nice to see, especially since I'm not supposed to be able to watch youtube videos on the sim card I have(long story but if you want look up Crazy John's prepaid bb sim card) I'm going to try this on the other blog posts now!

I love the fact that the Wiki Browser integrated with BBM, and that you can use it to find BBM people close to you, I really wonder how accurate the BBM locater is though, can I find someone in a crowded mall? or is it not that accurate?

when I saw the hour glass, it made me think twice about buying the 9930. if I want a slow device, I keep my 8330 and guess's paid for!!!! I never saw a hourglass on my fiancee's Optimus s which has 1/2 the processing speed. I really want to stay with BB for my next device but the more they delay release and the more videos like this I watch, the more I think about the Motorola XPRT...

I know it probably isn't the final version but the lag was disappointing on the demo. RIM and disappointing in the same sentence is way to common lately. This fall may be a move from BB as many of my friends have done in the last year. Very sad.

It just looks painfully slow and choppy. They need to really increase the smoothness/speed of scrolling and the app. I understand some of the stuff had to wait on the data to be downloaded but just the interaction didn't look good at all.

They should really build up a hype for these devices. By the time they are finally released they already feel like yesterdays news.

As much as I like BlackBerry - even though I don't use one - this kind of already is yesterdays news. I'd even say it's yesterdays phone and it's not even out yet;
- 5MP camera isn't necessarily outdated but it's certainly getting there.
- 720p recording is great quality but we're already seeing 1080p.
- 1.2 GHz processor is about up to par(maybe not by the time the 9900/9930 is out), but dual-core is starting to become the norm.
- BB OS 7 will probably be pretty sweet, but lets be honest, if RIM is already starting to build the hype for QNX two OS's before it's even out, there's a problem. You don't have a common-base OS in use right now(BB6), get people excited for new phones coming soon with a new OS(BB7), AND get people stoked for the distant future with a completely different, new OS in QNX all at the same time.

As I said before, I like BlackBerry, but it's pretty obvious they're getting desperate and aren't making the right moves to ease their desperation. I'd like the market to be a three-way battle between iOS, Android and BB, but unfortunately I don't think that will be the case.

The dude is scrolling through the options pretty slow as if he knew the phone can't handle rapid movements. Expecting the released version to overcome this flaw!!!

You people are absolutely ridiculous. Give them a break already, this video was filmed at BB World almost 2 months ago. That means old software. You haters act like every Android and iOS device that hits the market is flawless. RIM deserves a lot of criticism for things but sometimes, like in this instance, its totally out of hand.

I can't wait to get my hands on the 9930.

Just my $.02..

Why does RIM use a 2month old video to try and get people excited about a device. Why not film something new. On newer software, etc...

Seriously, I mean NO MATTER WHAT, most of the people find something to complain about with whatever footage is leaked. It become toxic!!

Probably because RIM has become toxic, not because we hate RIM. We LOVE RIM, but we're starting to doubt an age where Huawei can release a phone faster (and without the hourglass).....why do we love RIM again?

Nostalgia, that's why.

Just to follow up on this. I had an iPhone, then after much frustration with their e-mail and battery life I got a blackberry. My co-worker had a blackberry but was frustrated with the crashing/reboot,etc. so he got a droid HTC Evo 4G. After dealing with the worst battery life and now that the device needs to get the power button repaired he is coming back to blackberry.
iPhone and Droids have some pretty cool stuff but when I thought about it, they just don't do what blackberries do. They just don't. So the grass may seem greener for some but you will be back because blackberry has the best keyboards, mail and great battery management.
However, the RIMM marketing team really does need to pick-up their game.
If you are frustrated with blackberry just get something else you may like it. I tried that and I know what I like. Blackberry Torch. However, I will pick-up a Bold Touch the day it comes out. Despite all the competition out there, there is still only one device I will ever carry. Blackberry.

This video does nothing to generate excitement for me.

I was going to be a day 1 9930 person, but I really think I may have to b e a wait and see guy.

Is that a Joke ?

Super Apps?...not smooth at all on 1.2ghz chip...That touch screen and Home key combo looks really ez and intuitive ....NOT !

Good Luck to you RIM....

I am over seeing videos of this phone! For crying out loud, release the damn phone already! I have had my tour for 2 years now, yes i said TWO years! I have been waiting for RIM to release a new phone. I am over it.

Wow! Really RIM is that all you got? Nothing appealing just appauling. Another reason to jump ship. Sorry RIM I gave you a chance but the more I see the more I get disappointed.

I like to support RIM and I'll probably get this phone, but I'm a little disappointed with the menus., that look kinds flat. Come on RIM you make such good hardware, can't you spend a little to put some pazzazz in the UI?

I just hope you gave the QNX phones to TAT.

Yes, I will get this phone but it won't be any fun showing it off. :(

I am confident this phone will run a bit more smoothly than this video shows upon release. If by any chance it doesn't, the probability of me continuing to be a Blackberry customer will be very slim. Hopefully Rim will do right by us, their "thus far" loyal customers.

This video is quite old, they released it right after BB World, they will have 4 months to tune the code to be smooth when the 9900 comes out, so chill people.

RIM is in need of a serious management shakeup. Taking far too long to go to market with devices consumers are ready to purchase today. By the time the 9900 comes out (which I have no confidence will be this August) we'll all be craving something better.

Wow why even frequent a Blackberry site if all your going to do is bash bash bash, there are plenty of other sites you can go and get your licks in, and be welcomed with open arms. BGR Techcrunch come to mind.
RIM is going to keep on keeping on and whether you like it or not, all this BS calling it quits from RIM by people who are just upset they can't play angry birds or have fart buttons is getting old and tired. Seriously reminds me of the end of the world "Scare" that happened just a few months ago.

It's not "bashing" -- it's simply venting frustration because a company we care about and have been loyal to is failing us. Crackberry is the exact place we should be expressing ourselves as it's at the epicenter of all thing blackberry on the web -- both good AND bad.

THE CLOCK?! on a promo vid???

I saw that friggin clock in between the frames. Why do they STILL have that there? All I can think of is "Oh my Storm froze and it'll be another 10 minutes until I can use it again" when I see that clock. I wear, its like a permanent feature on my Storm now. At least show a progress bar, or a cool animation when things take a while. As soon as people see that, they see, "Oh I remember this from Windows 95 when I rebooted my computer" and they see Laggy Laggs McLaggerton with extra Lagsauce on top, even if its only for a split second. Jeez, Liquid graphics my ***. The playbook doesn't pull that ish, it shows a loading thing in appworld and you just go to the homescreen (which 99.999999% percent of the time is only a swipe away)

The last thing RIM needs is a device with that damn clock. Come one RIM, the software has to be streamlined...I really want to see you with an awsome phone! People are waiting for QNX because it'll finally give put that overloaded OS to rest and start fresh.

How nice, another useless feature that NO ONE WILL USE OR GIVE A DARN ABOUT, except a very small niche of augmented reality tech geeks. Not to mention the screen is too small for crap like that.

Why can't RIM focus on the main things people use like email, sms, internet browser-- they are not up to par there yet! Gotta walk before you can run.

Certainly have enough 9900/9930s to show in videos, it's nice they pretend like the device is already out. I feel like the 9900 is already old just from watching it in so many demo videos. Not smart.

Simply.. I do not get it... if ANY other company had developed this everyone would had screamed "soooo cool, this is the future.." But RIM did it it is a fail..... REALLY????????????

The lag looks bad. But remember, this is not a final build. I have faith that when it is released it will be very good with no lag because of the processor. And who knows, he could have had a bunch of other things running in the background or downloading something. I know I am making excuses for it but I have to, because I want RIM to come out with some amazing blackberries. We will see.

lol i know right the basis for android and apple is truely Visually Fluid interface here we are os 7 and still cant get that first baby step right lol your making it hard to advocate your product RIM enjoy taking those awkward baby steps to the bottom of the totem pole. In case your bureaucratic company didn't pick this up in one of their case studies,/w This is the wrong direction. Here's to OS10 where we might finally get the basis that any operating system needs to spark creativity.