New Rehab Options for CrackBerry Addicts

By Devin Kent on 21 Jul 2008 01:43 pm EDT

CrackBerry Free Zone Fairmont Hotel and Resorts has recently announced that they have signed on with a company that offers "electronic rehab getaways."

Four of their hotels will now feature the program, which locks a strung-out infophile's BlackBerry into a safe and has him or her sign a waiver saying they won't get online for the duration of their stay.

The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise offers a $459 two day "digital detox" complete with herbal teas, a guided hike and a paddle-boat lake trip, while the $499 package at The Fairmont Banff Springs offers a meditation book and access to fitness clubs and mineral pools. Resorts in Jasper and Whistler have similar deals.

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New Rehab Options for CrackBerry Addicts


Is there anything out there beside screen protecters that can help remove the scratch's on my screen. plase advise

There's a much cheaper method of detox...just throw your BB against the wall as hard as you can. Buying a new BB should cost much less than $459.

Is it me or are the prices for this "digital detox" a bit steep? I mean, come on, $500 for a two-night stay for a book, access to gyms and pools and the ability to lock up your BlackBerry?!? That's just silliness.

I actually wrote a blog post a while back about a U.S. hotel that was running a similar promotion--that is what this whole this is about, after all: promotion. The Sheraton Hotel and Towers in Chicago offered a free three-night stay and dinner for two at its signature steak house to the first person who could lock up their BlackBerry for 48 hours. That's not bad.

I just thought I would mention to everyone who is so easily able to critique the prices here, they obviously have not looked up the actual facilities they would be staying at. First, both Banff and Lake Louise are two of Canada's most beautiful locations ever. Both quaintly located in between some of the highest peaks in the world, nestled in the beautiful Canadian Rockies, these two hotels sometimes have a price per room, without any of these services including hiking and trips, upwards of $600.00 per night! Although that might be outrageous, people pay it. Why? Because Lake Louise and Banff truly are great places to travel, party, ski, hike, or do whatever. So if you actually bought yourself a blackberry, paid them the fee for the two nights, locked your new blackberry up for that time, then left. You might be paying considerably less than the fool who isn't addicted to anything that is paying $600 a night having to find his OWN entertainment!

Wait how much to they pay you to torment you like this no internet make me angry and you wont like me when I'm angry. Hotels are supposed to give you free internet not ban you from it.