New Red Pearl Expected

By Kevin Hill on 6 Mar 2007 08:02 pm EST
red blackberry The latest rumors making the rounds are on the release of a new red BlackBerry in the very near future. Well, we have a blue, white, black and silver BlackBerry already so why not red. Personally, I am holding out for the champagne colored one. Pretentious? Moi?

Apparently, employees at Cingular have noticed a sales item on their new price lists indicating the price of a new Red 8100 Pearl Blackberry.

Although it looks like the color scheme was dreamed up by the European Vodaphone people.



Its going down the road of Motorola V3....lets bring them out in the colours of the rainbow....I think they should just keep it basic....

Kevin Michaluk

If they put a big Ferrari Prancing Horse on it I would trade in the 8700 for it in a second. Wait...I don't think I could cope without a full QWERTY keyboard.

Maybe they can do a red 8800 for me.

I wonder if RIM has ever had second thoughts on the "blackberry" you think it causes hesitation to move away from the dark colors?


I would never buy one(!) though for many white still has the current cool associations with iPods, and firms like Sony Ericsson have already been selling shelves full of mobile phones in this colour, e.g. the W810i