New "Real World" BlackBerry Theme Released

Real World Theme
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Mar 2008 03:08 pm EST

Our friend John from JC Designs / GadgetBean has just released his latest creation, continuing on with his "Real Series" of Premium BlackBerry themes. The Real World theme is Really slick. It has that World Traveler / Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego feel to it (also reminds me of those old movies... Indiana Jones, Casablanca, etc. where they show the world map and the flight path from city to city).

Like all of his designs, this one shows a great attention to detail. The theme is very clean, with big icons that show up well on background. The fonts are well sized and easy to read. All of my 3rd party shortcuts show up well too. The theme is available in Icon, Today and Zen flavors (I'm really liking the Today style of this theme) for the BlackBerry Curve /8800 / 8700 series, and you can pick it up for $7.00.

More Info & To Purchase:

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New "Real World" BlackBerry Theme Released


These themes are awesome and look really smooth, but what about a Today L-theme where we can choose the bottom icons? I would definitely pay more than 7 bucks for that.

i am sure you will see that with more time. that development kit is not currently available for theme developers to use. have patience.

this is a nice theme though

this looks pretty nice, but im wondering why people dont make more themes in the zen plus style. in my book, its the best of both worlds. anyone know if there even are any other themes out that are setup like the zen plus?

the links above will work for the 8310. just install the curve 4.2.2 version - covers all the curve series phones

John - thanks for the great theme. Like Kevin, I am just loving the Today theme including the address book icon! Clean and professional looking is always plus. And great customer service when I had some issue to download. Thanks again!