New Radio Saver and Auto Redial from Epic Applications

By Adam Zeis on 5 Aug 2009 09:13 am EDT
Radio Saver 

Epic Applications has dropped two new apps - Radio Saver and Auto Redial. Radio Saver automatically turns your device radio on and off depending on your coverage. If you are in a poor service area, the radio is turned off to save battery life. When the signal returns, it is automatically switched back on. Radio Saver works on any device running OS 4.3 and higher and is totally customizable.

Also check out Auto Redial which automatically calls back the other party when your call is dropped. Don't waste time playing phone tag after a dropped call, you can set Auto Redial to retry the call instantly or up to 10 seconds later. The app even knows if you are in a poor service area and waits to make the call. Auto Redial works on devices running OS 4.3 and higher.

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New Radio Saver and Auto Redial from Epic Applications


Please feel free to post your feedback here! I listen to all my customers and regularly offer free updates based on your feedback!

They had a radio saver like app for the Palm treo a while back. That was a great app. I am excited for this one!

The Autoredial app worked perfectly for me this afternoon. I dropped a call and it redialed the number after a few seconds. Handy little app!

Do these apps run all the time (i.e. i can see them running when i hold the bb button), or are they silent and invisible in the background?

I am interested in this app, i ride my motorcycle in the mountains often and its a habit to turn off connections so i don't loose battery life. does it turn off bluetooth too? (im not sure how radio works exactly) pm me with a reply as i will forget and this bliggity bloggy will soon be burried by other cracktastic news.

All previous posts are all great questions and concerns.... I'd like to know the answers before purchasing.

I used it in the subway (NYC) yesterday and it worked well down there. I wish there was a quick action button though so i could activate the radio once i stepped out of the subway.

I use this app because I go into no service areas all the time with my job in the oilpatch. It saves a lot of battery power as it's designed. However, there is a potential dangerous downside. I do a lot of wireline perforating using capped shaped charge explosives in the course of my job. All RF emitting devices (cell phones, 2-way radios, transmitting style GPS's, command starts, air cards, etc.) within a ¼ mile have to be shut down while arming these guns. Even trucks with On-Star have to be parked off location. If I manually turn on airplane mode on my Blackberry 9700, it shuts down the radios for the set programmed time, then thinking it's back in the service area, turns it back on. This brought up the fact of flying with it as well, since I like to use it for music and writing future e-mails. I think the program should come with some kind of shut off option whenever you manually enter airplane mode.