New Premium Theme From Elecite - Gizmo

New Premium Theme From Elecite - Gizmo
By Bla1ze on 19 May 2010 10:46 am EDT

Aside from the stir they created with their most recent Storm 3 tales and mock ups, Elecite has released a new premium theme called Gizmo. Personally, I'm digging the colors used in this theme but it certainly has a few other features that many folks will certainly enjoy. As described by folks from Elecite:

All of the homescreen icons in Gizmo are organized in a rack system. Each icon is placed in a slot that can be rearranged with the click of a button. The rack allows for quick access to your social, communication, media, options and more, a grand total of 25 different icons to choose from for a total of over 125 icon combinations! Not to mention a customizable 4 icon bottom dock and a dedicated clock icon. Gizmo is packed!

Elecite themes always managed to amaze me with their layouts and use of colors, you can check out all the screenshots over at their site. Just make sure that you check device compatibility before checking out.

Reader comments

New Premium Theme From Elecite - Gizmo


$6.99 is a little high for a theme. I have purchase a lot of themes in the past and it seems like every time a new one comes out, it gets more expensive.

...I bought this theme over a week and a half ago. It was available for purchase for one day, the next it was gone...literally. Then I noticed that it showed up again last night. Hot theme I must say. I just hope I didn't purchase it at a time when they had to pull it off the shelf for defects. If so, I need the full-proof copy sent to me please! :-/

We had to pull it for a day to fix a couple of site issues, then put it back on. Same version.

PS: If you got the Storm version, we've just released an update this morning that fixes a few minor things.

personally I think this is a great new theme as well. Elecite continue to amaze. I understand people don't like to spend money but if you pay 4.99 for an average theme that you tire from after only a few days to a week, then how can you not warrant spending a little more on a product that excels in all aspects? Elecite doesn't toss themes out like Lucky Charms adds new charms. No they take time and make outstanding products. And I'm proud of them to see they're making their money back for themselves at DO You guys even know how much Mobi and BB take for their cut? Elecite deserves their 6.99 for each theme they make in my opinion.

...there are A LOT of developers out there who are continuing to learn how to make better themes and they are still charging only $2.99, 3.99, etc. Yes, elecite has good themes but I personally have purchased 5 of their themes and NONE of them lasted on my device longer than a day. Why? Because they don't allow for user-customization to several features. And at the end of the day, their themes aren't simple. People want themes that reflect simplicity like the stock theme. No frills no chills. yeah, it's amazing the things they can do with their themes. I won't deny that one second. But they are just still over-priced.

I disagree, if people wanted plain simple themes, nobody would leave the stock theme. Elecite themes are on the high side, I agree, but you get things with elecite themes you dont get elsewhere. And most of us on here, themes dont last long, a lot of us are moving on to the next best new theme out there.

I like elecites themes and the cost isn't an issue but I don't like the fact that most of their themes you can't change the wallpaper. Most ppl nowadays don't like the same wallpaper. I've bought 2 of their themes though great work from the ppl at elecites.

i purchased a few elecites themes and i liked them. but i just wish they could also use a 9700 for a video demo as well. so 9700 users get the feel of how it looks without purchasing it.

I just tried to purchase. I have a Storm 2 and it said there is an issue with compatability. Says that in my cart when I try to check it out. Help please?


Im glad to see u guys doing customer service at the source now, very nice change from your roots ;) Keep up the good work