New: Premium Hedone Design "OSXLike" Theme

OSXLike Theme from HedoneDesign
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Feb 2009 10:03 am EST

When Bla1ze dropped word of Hedone Design's Se7en theme on the blogs a couple weeks back it got a really positive response from the community. Hedone has followed up that success with another cool OS-based theme, this time targeted at all the Apple fans out there, OSXLike.

Based on demand, the OSXLike theme is available for the Bold, Pearl Flip and Curve 83xx series in a variety of flavors:

  • Zen (Bold's version have TodayPlus preview integrated that shows 7 events or messages)
  • TodayPlus (show 1 message, and 3 events in the calendar)
  • TodayPlus Messages (displays 6 messages)
  • TodayPlus Calendar (displays 6 calendar events) 

OSXLike sells for $7. There's a video after the jump so you can get a better idea of what it looks like in action. And there's more pictures and videos and info on the store product page - with so many options you'll want to do some thinking first and make sure you pick out the layout that best suits you!

BlackBerry Bold OSXLike Theme Video

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New: Premium Hedone Design "OSXLike" Theme


I like the look of this theme. The only problem I have is looking at the description and requirments, it only lists "enough free space". How much free space is that??? How much space does the theme take up?

This is one of my biggest pet peeves with the software store and software reviews. How much space an application or theme requires is rarely ever listed. If you have an 8830, or an older Pearl or Curve, you daon't have the same amount of free space as the Storm or Bold.

As much as I would love to add more themes and applications, I have to judge how much space they will take up first. With free trials, I can at least start the download process and see how much storage space the application wants before actually downloading. The same can't be said for themes and other items that require purchase first.

I would really like to see the site make it a requirement to list how much space is needed for the application before it is posted, and definitely required when it is being blogged/reviewed.

I like the look of the theme. I just wish that when the theme was posted in the app store, it listed the space requirements instead of "enough space to install" which is quite useless information. The information above should have been listed instead.

600kb is about normal for 8xxx series. With my 8830, it pretty much means I keep one theme on my BB to have enough space for the apps I have loaded.


Does anyone else find it ironic how sooooo many BlackBerry users desire, love, long for, need, want (etc) a Mac OSX theme for their BlackBerry.

But, at the same time they are highly critical and negative about the iPhone... and BlackBerries are a pain in the "you know what" to use on a Mac.

I have been a Mac user my whole life, I have nothing against the iPhone, I have gotten my Berry to work well with my Mac through different methods, and whatnot... just saying that this is ironic. haha

So the creator took icons that Apple created, and is selling it as part of a theme? Seems questionable from a legal standpoint.

Hey there!
The theme looks great! Am a long time apple user and would love to have a symbiose of Mac OSX & Blackberry!
Unfortunately, my device (BB Curve 8900) is not listed. Guess that means it won't work and I would only waste money...
Does anyone know when this very theme, or any other with calendar information on the home screen, will be available for the 8900???