New Pink 8130 Pearl on the Horizon?

By James Falconer on 3 Dec 2007 10:51 am EST

New Pink 8130 Pearl on the Horizon?Rumors have it that a new pink edition of the 8130 BlackBerry Pearl are on the way.

I've whipped up a quick 'mockup' of the phone here to the right. As you can see it should be a hit with the ladies! (I would think?)

It would also be a tremendous fund-raiser for breast cancer and/or cancer awareness should RIM want to get into something like that.

The NHL used pink sticks in a few games last year... Why not raise money with pink blackberry's to raise money for a good cause? This really seems like a great win/win situation to me.

Just a thought. What do you think?

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New Pink 8130 Pearl on the Horizon?


I agree, more choices for the public and a chance to do something positive for the community. My only question is why new colors are so sparse... it can't cost that much to produce with a new paint color.

colors are sparce because you have to build a new assembly line thus increasing costs. Or change the color in a current assembly line which means you have to stop the line to make the adjustments and do any cleaning procedures thus losing productivity and turn out, leading to lower sales, etc etc etc

But anyways, for more choice we need better data rates to begin with before blackberry is more heavily adopted. RIM / the carriers can create a huge market share increase by reducing these ridiculous prices especially in Canada which has the highest blackberry penetration

I wonder how long it will take Sprint to come out with a new color such as this. I am considering purchasing the Blackberry in a couple of weeks. I'm so afraid that as soon as I purchase they will come out with a pink or red or another color one. Don't know if I should wait or buy now.