New pictures of the BlackBerry X10 surface!

By Michelle Haag on 29 Dec 2012 07:05 pm EST

Those of you anxiously awaiting the QWERTY version of BlackBerry 10 will be more than happy when you get a look at these new photos. Previously we've seen the BlackBerry X10 (as it's rumored to be called) in a couple of blurry shots and from behind. Today some awesome shots popped up that not only show the front of the device, but in nice clear images that don't look like they were taken through a film of vaseline.

You can see another shot of the front as well as one of the back below. Tell us CrackBerry nation, what do you think of this beauty? Will you be holding out for the keyboard, or grabbing the BlackBerry Z10 with its wonderful full touchscreen in January? Let us know in the comments!

Source: N4BB

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New pictures of the BlackBerry X10 surface!



Oh c'mon, even if you see it in print or online come January 30th, don't tell me you won't formulate an opinion and cast judgement then...

Look at it this way, people: How many posts have we seen about the Z10, where the author was absolutely gaga and gushing about it? I have YET to see a post about the X10, where the author gushes about IT, other than those where they drooled over the now MUCH better looking concept designs!!

Wow! The QWERTY really was an after thought wasn't it? BlackBerry 10 looks HIDEOUS on that! Seriously, that looks really really bad. WTF is the row of dots indicating the page you're on doing ON TOP of the bottom row of icons while there is wasted space above the top row? 2X4 icon grid? That's terrible. This better be some early alpha build or something cause that's just not good enough.

How are you supposed to peek on that thing where there's 3mm between the top of the keypad and the bottom of the screen and they couldn't even manage to format everything on screen correctly?

Come on, this isn't amateur hour here. This is do or die, and some one needs to kill that with fire!

I think its pretty clear that the OS has yet to be optimized for the X10. This is likely running some modified software from the Z10. Considering the amount of padding around the icons I think we can expect something a lot better than 2x4 icon grid.

Furthermore, since its not an official release, I'm surprised at how critical you are being - its a leak! What's wrong with you?

I can guarantee that the bezel on the final X10 will be sufficient to be able to 'peek'. You're just being ridiculous to think otherwise.

Since the back is saying it's an evaluation unit I'll hope it's the Dev Alpha C. The phone seems incomplete, screensize is smaller than anticipated and I see a lot of landscape to use. It's okay but it's lacking the 'POW' the Z10 has. That's my 5cents

... Also, the back of this phone strangely reminds me of the shitty plastic seat I used to stare at on my childhood bus. All around not impressed at all.

It's now painfully obvious why this is the first time we are seeing "leaks".

Seriously Blackberry ! You can do better than tha!!. I had hoped for something in line with the TK5 Justice size and styling as a way forward , even if you ever hope to capture the market for those who still prefer the physical key . I sincerely hoped the final version does not even come close to looking like this evaluation unit. Hey Thorsten ..hope you are listening !

When we do see a screen shot of active frames in their half size I think it is going to look poor looking at the huge icons now. RIM should use the rotating app screen on the X10 like the PlayBook.

I like the idea of having the "rotating app screen" as the active frames for this phone. I'm very curious to see how they implemented active frames on this guy ...

Frankly I was really hoping the qwerty style BB10 would be more like the torch. I don't think I want to sacrifice the screen size on this phone, but I'm a little bummed.

I know this isn't going to make people happy but RIM is building a phone (BBZ10) for the masses not a bunch of die hard qwerty folks. I am ready to graduate to all touch. In my opinion this phone is an apeasement effort for all the die hard qwerty people. The z10 is going to be sexy and wow everyone. the BBx10 is an " oh yea we have a physical key board"

I agree too, but they can certainly do a lot more to make the X10 pleasing. I mean, if most people prefer the 9900 already, make the icons smaller (so it has the same # of app rows as the 9900), remove the shadow boxes, but keep peek and flow ... how could it be worse then?

as do I....exactly right on. And RIM knows, "Oh what? You're gonna go to someone else with a QWERTY? Oh wait....there isn't anyone." And then they're gonna flip you the bird and laugh and laugh and laugh

You're exactly right, it is an appeasement. and as one who needs a keyboard,I see it as a betrayal. For RIM to sell out to the "masses", well, drop the m.

I was hoping that they would have made the screen much bigger!!!! What's wrong with downsizing the screen from the z10 only as much as the keyboard needs to take up?!!! This better have excellent text to speech! I cant see with these small ass screens. I hate typing on touch screens this was my way out of the iphone...maybe not!

Why in the world is it so top heavy? Anyone wanna tell me why that top bezel is so big? Couldn't they have moved the brand to the bottom and used that extra space for more screen? Just look at this X10 device next to the Justice in the above link I posted. I mean, come on! Geez, give this device a modicum of sex appeal, please...

They need to make room for the camera/flash, speaker, etc. Look at the back of the phone. You'll see the top bezel has to accommodate those things.

Almost every phone needs to have something to put those things. The iPhone has a large bezel on the top and no one ever complains about it.

They decided on a 1:1 screen ratio so if they wanted more screen they would have to increase it by an equal amount in the horizontal direction.

The icons are obviously too big for the screen size, they either have to make them smaller or remove the text from below the icon.

Wow, this suxxxxxx. Am I the only one that feels like this is just a knock-off of the Motorola, or Palm phones from a few years ago?????

One of the things I am worried about, is the keyboard looks quite a bit smaller, from top to bottom, when compared with pics of the 9900. That keyboard was the best I ever used. It seems to be shifted down more, to compensate for the larger screen. Proof is in the handling and using though, we will see.

Its easy to design the tk justice and not have to worry about fitting parts into it in the right spots lol looks great to me aside from only 8 icons. looks like a curve on steroids.

The fact that you say it's a Curve on steroids, rather than even a Bold, should tell you right there that this device isn't even worthy of running the new OS, considering the fact that the Curve is BB's mid- price range device. What's more, is when that "family picture" came out earlier this week, the white phone that was pictured in that photo, the supposed new "Curve" phone, even THAT device looked better than this one!

You are correct it is easy to design a phone without worrying about the internal parts, but its not hard to fit them in there with the proper engineering as apple as proved. And to everyone complaining this is only a Dev alpha c devices and not final hardware.

This back in this leak"with no evaluation unit sticker" looks a lot different from this device.

Anyone who thinks this is final hardware is as dumb as the people who thought the Dev alpha A and B were final hardware/design.

Hey Derp, you should read the Steve Jobs bio. There's a great part (as with many great tellings of his life throughout the book) that when the iPhone was designed it was designed before the thought of fixed placing of the CPU, RAM, logicboard, and antennae. Once the design was solid they then began work on the engineering aspects to bring it to life. The genius designer Dieter Rams, most notable for his work with Braun sketched and designed on paper and said pretty much this is how a Braun product will look. The engineering design team takes this and works with it. There are design considerations that I too follow, in fact I have a check-list to make sure I haven't jumped the gun. They may not be visible, but that would mean that's just "good design" according to Rams.

Show everyone how easy it is to design a forward looking phone to the degree that DHB has... Details and everything. G'head. I'm waiting.

+1 Billion - I'm still waiting for all the bashers to submit a design worthy to show. I guess it's easier to play the advocate card and comment than it is to take the time and effort to show your own vision.

It's fake. Probably a Dev phone. The guy in the picture has big mombo hands which makes the phone look small. The back should be like the touch phone. The touch phone looks amazing. This one needs a bit of tweaking.

This has to be a smoke screen. After seeing the Justice concepts and then someone at rim deciding to go ahead with this relic - defies belief. They would not offer this crud to the public with so much riding on its success.

Guy Bridges, aka "The DigitalHomeBoy" is an individual (not affiliated with RIM in any way), who created the "TK Justice" concept - it is not a RIM concept design.

I only wish RIM designed something like the TK Justice....

This leaked design looks plain awful.

The Icon tray is weird. The dots that show what page you're on overlaps the icons and makes it look very cluttered.... More so than the big icons already do... I wonder if the dots are constantly on the screen and you have to scroll to see the rest of the icons? I'm assuming that's how it will be for active frames (2 per screen) since you have to scroll on the Z10. That's my reasoning for that very messy look. Still pulling for this one to really get some love design wise, but more importantly functionality wise.

I have the playbook and I don't really see the point in having a 4.2'' screen and a 7'' screen. Also, I realized I only use my phone for communicating (I'm a teacher and respond to parents, teachers and students via email from my phone), GPS, mobile banking and other "practical" things. The playbook's for exactly what the name suggest... I'd like to keep it that way, but they are pushing me towards the z10 (not too upset about it). Crossing my fingers for some needed revisions (to me) and clarity on January 30th!

Love the phone BUT, please change the back of the phone to something more elegant and more icons on the phone screen! and i would like to have more icons on the screen at once rather than have extra pages

Correct this can"t be the new BB10 Bold , the screen looks to small, its a Curve social power phone with a good price point.

The TK Victory
Bold is perfect with a 3.5 inch screen and the ergo friendly smiley face Qwerky keyboard. Christ I would pay an extra premium for the TK Victory 3.5 inch screen.

Maybe RIM can surprise us and make a unique track pad that is functional with the BB10 gesture features for the BOLD track pad junkies.

Either way I will be buying both the Z10 and Qwerky and I am not the only one buying both.

Come RIM the Qwerkys have been waiting 2 years and the BB10 Bold Look alike phone does not stack up to the TK Victory.

TK Victory:

it is easy to design a phone without worrying about the internal parts, but its not hard to fit them in there with the proper engineering as apple as proved. And to everyone complaining this is only a Dev alpha c devices and not final hardware.

This back in this leak"with no evaluation unit sticker" looks a lot different from this device.

Anyone who thinks this is final hardware is as dumb as the people who thought the Dev alpha A and B were final hardware/design.

Thank you for saying something sensible. It's just an evaluation unit, something that RIM typically sends out to carriers for network testing. This are not final hardware or design. Why is this news?

This may be an evaluation/Dev unit; however, if you recall with the Z10, it didn't change much since its inception.

Well, yes it did change alot. The Dev alpha (L-series) is quite a bit different from the presumed final product. Front and back, hardware and software. As noted above, evaluation units are built on the cheap and are used for carrier testing. This is not news.

Exactly, rim would put the final product in people's hands yet. And just meatiness the Dev alpha c going out weeks ago

Now this looks like some Kids' Toy. This is utter disappointment!!
Guys Though I am Crazy about BB I find this sheer Ugly and total lack of vision from Team BB.. If this is what they are going to bring out, I must say this is the END, doesn't matter how great the OS might be. There is something call attractiveness which matters to People people these days. They are not going to Buy this piece even if it is below 100 $ price tag. I am sorry being for being so blunt. I am disappointed!!

I'm still excited about the new BB10 physical keyboard device. I will hold my judgment till I can hold it with my own weary hands. I liked the look of the 9930 when I saw it, but it was when I held it and started using it that it was my new favorite. I'm hoping the same for this device. Let the other all touch BB10 play with the beauty contest, my BB has to work so well I don't have to think about it.

I actually had to be convinced by my best friend into choosing a device based on practicality and need, rather than going for the flash of the more huge screens out there. Having switched over to Android after the motherboard on my Torch 9800 died on me, I'm not happy with the keyboard on my MyTouch 4G Slide, as it is NO WHERE near the quality of the BB QWERTY. I was actually considering buying a Note 2, for the simple fact that it might be big enough for me to type on (for a female, I have wide thumbs). But I have such an aversion to the on-screen keyboard and its lack of tactility, that I'm convinced I wouldn't be able to type on even the Note 2, whether it be in portrait or landscape mode, for that matter.

Also, I'm just tired of Android and "fandroids", and being party to their chest pounding, saying their phones are the biggest and the baddest, all the while calling Apple users "sheep", and "lacking innovation". Oh, and fandroids could give a rat's ass about BB, lol. I always see, "What's a BB?", or "Are those still around?". Moreover, I'm fairly convinced that Google, AKA "Big Brother", participates in data mining, trying to get all the information about us that they can. So aside from my need of the keyboard, I also like BB's security. But if the above device is what they'll be introducing on January 30th next to the Z10, I'll be thoroughly disappointed and utterly disgusted.

That's because your MyTouch 4G Slide is a landscape slider, which we all know is for 16 year old school girls who want to type "lol, omg, wtf" all day long.

The Torch slider is a sleek, professional looking phone with a decent sized screen and multiple input options (keyboard, touch screen and trackpad) that lets people work the way they want to.

Ugh! I wish I could yell at RIM sometimes!!!
I am the proud owner of the Bold 9930 which I think is the best looking phone on the market; it is a classic beauty. This phone, however, screams CHEAP. Please RIM let this be a demo/test model. It does not look good at all.
I always proudly hold my Bold 9930 because it looks and feels confident. I was so excited to buy (and pay full price) for what I thought to be the next Bold but if this is it I will be first in line for the full touch screen which looks premium.

I really dont mind it. Reminds me of my 9900, though im goin with the Z10! Gotta try out the full touch!

I am sorry but after reading through almost every comment on here...yes there is the disappointment but goodness sakes it is not even the finished product. I hope these whiney people I am reading these comments and postings are little 15 year old spoiled brats throwing tantrums......if not it is embarrassing, really..

I know, like really? When did people abandon maturity? They could also be 40 or 50 year olds. God dammit. I'm 27 and what is this?

Well, it's pretty late in the game now, with only a month left until the devices are launched, and the Z10 looks more finished than this one does. So, unless RIM is planning separate dates to introduce each device, then this must be it, with maybe minor, cosmetic tweaking. If so, FAIL. And it's not whining,when the core user base of your product expects premium quality, instead of selling out to please the blind "masses", that need to make themselves feel good by compensating for whatever is lacking in their lives (phallic size, perhaps, gentleman?... that's what I think about "fandroid" bums) with a big, shiny, feature-packed phone, a good majority of which, I venture to think, won't even be used.

See that's we're your wrong as rim as stated they would be getting Dev alpha c devices a few weeks ago, that is exactly what this is, all they need is one finished X10 to show on the 30th. And before you seem the final Z10 the dec alha a and b were all leaked first, its the same thing here, just a Dev alpha device.

This back in this leak"with no evaluation unit sticker" looks a lot different from this device.

Anyone who thinks this is final hardware is as dumb as the people who thought the Dev alpha A and B were final hardware/design.

Wouldn't it be really f'd up (awesome) if all the leaks we've seen are just decoys? In the mobile phone tech world, which company really releases leaks of its device(s)? I know the BB10 OS is a selling feature, but the physical device needs to appeal as well.

A lot of these people don't realize anyone can make a render design of a phone, not having to worry about the internal parts

Sure, anyone can make a render, but not everyone can design a phone. You seemingly seem to be quite forgetful as you mention that Apple follows this formula: (Design)+Engineering to which you mention as well. Along with being quite repetitive proclaiming the above leaks to be "Dev" not "dec" Alpha C units. You may want to try a URL shortener to the repeated incomplete link that you are posting to your every reply. :)

Apple has been design the iPhone for years now, and like I said do engineering first and blackberry isn't at that point yet there still refining there OS. Blackberry is releasing the z10 to compete with iPhones and android, and kept this design for current bold owners. And Its not my fault there comments thread canny display the link properly anyone can easy copy and paste it in google to retrieve the full link, but ill shorten it just for you so you can this is only a dev alpha c device, witch RIM said was going out to developers 2 weeks ago. I was one if the people commenting on your site when you released your tk victory(etc) designs, I do find them way better then the phones being released by RIM, but RIM is not apple and I'm not surprised they didn't go that far in design, and think it has more to do with cost. I actually hoped your photos would get to RIM some now and they'd pay you for the designs, but knew it was high hopes.

This is the shortened link and link to a leak a few weeks back, with a different much nicer back and no "Evaluation Uint" sticker.

Possibly a dev alpha C from the looks of it.
I'll wait until the final one is in store before I get to try it out myself, but my playbook will help me with that! :D

Yea .... that's probably true. It's no different then the test touch units.
The Keyboard version has to be great. It will blow the socks off the little green men.

I don't like the green background. Please change it to the nice blue colour. Thank you.

The worse part about it is that you would expect these idiots to remember that the QWERTY version will NOT be released to the public at the same time....the all touch has already been optimized. The first time a photo of it was released, the reactions were pretty much along the same lines of stupid. This keyboard version is hardly yet in the hands for evaluation before the bitching and bellyaching starts......honestly sometimes I just come on look at the pictures, read the information and leave without commenting. It is ridiculous to see grown folks act and write like these nitwits do

Dude, seriously... no one else here is resorting to name-calling and insults, like you are. If you don't like what you're reading, then EXIT STAGE LEFT. As consumers, we have the right to voice our opinions and satisfaction or DISsatisfaction with what we see. So, I think YOU'RE the one that needs to grow up. Thanks... And by the way? It's WORST, not worse. So, you wanna retract that "idiots" and "nitwits" comment? If not, that lack of knowledge of the English language makes you come off as both. :)

How old are you? Never mind, whatever I might say will just add ammunition so that you can continue your childish tirade....carry on. Lack of knowledge of the English language huh? Nice insult. I am very touched actually that you seek to correct mi writings (sic). Thanks, I think ;). Can't take your 'correction' seriously when you begin with dude, seriously....nope. Pity that what you tried correcting shows a lack of understanding of the nuances within the language you accused me of butchering. Let me help: ....if I was speaking in the definitive/superlative (the absolute) then yes WORST would have been appropriate, the word WORSE-as used is highly appropriate in this context.
Still in your attempt to insult my limitation using the English language you failed miserably to appreciate that in order to correct mistakes made, it is essential to grasp the correct grammar and usage of comparative adjectives......nice try though.
I do sympathize with you. Despite teaching the language for more than ten years sometimes even I struggle to eliminate grammatical errors especially when I am excited about something. Cheers

With your attitude, insulting and aggressive behaviour, and abusive tone, I would be very surprised if you were a teacher of any sort. And very sorry for your students.
Grow up, youre acting like a child.

You're a teacher? Are you kidding me? Do you tell your students to shut up? Do you call parents idiots and your co-workers nitwits? I gather CrackBerry is your escape and even if it is, your disgusting tone, behaviour, and attitude isn't welcomed and the nerve to call people by such names is truly uncalled for. No one here is acting childish or immature. Everyone including myself feel like we have been on this exciting journey with RIM and it goes to show that it has in some ways consumed us to which I will admit that I truly don't mind. The excitement is amazing! Don't you even dare think that it's ok to come off like you're better than anyone here. You commented earlier telling people to "shut up" and here you are commenting again some 50+ messages later. Clearly through some sick fantasy you are being turned on by reading CrackBerry comments.

I know you are but what am I?
Am you are...uh-huh...are to!
Dude I teach middle school....I can do this shiz aaaaalllll night

Good observation! Even my own students say, "You never really mentally progressed much past 15 did you?" So I say, "Be quiet poo poo head!"
Sorry, just a humorous way to defuse people from getting upset. I actually DO teach chemistry and general science in New Mexico, AND I rarely take myself seriously....which is probably the main reason that I can't work with adults....choking co-workers is illegal, I'm pretty I just don't put myself in that situation

A bit of regret but I know it's not the final hardware. They have to shrink the icons, look too big 4 this X10. Remembering just that we are all presuming... I know RIM will do better.

Wow, the front looks really nice... but the back looks like a crappy iPhone! Please give us the back the touchscreen has!

Remember long ago when we saw the first leaked pics of the L series? WE HATED IT. Hmm guess what? Wasn't the final version thereof. Guess what else? NEITHER IS THIS. Get a grip, and lets see the refinements show up in the 3rd and 4th iterations. And by the way, we knew going in that the screen was only going to be 3.2 inches compared to 2.8 inches on the 99xx series. Why are you so surprised? I for one am very much looking forward to the refinements in the evaluation units we will be seeing in the near future.

I'm hoping this is the Dev Aplha C. My 9900 looks much nicer from the back.

"don't look like they were taken through a film of vaseline" ... maybe not, but then again it looks like it has vaseline on that backside.

Back does not look nice. Can we have a back like the Bold 9900 or 9000? And luckily, since the back does completely cover the back of the phone excluding the top, it does open a lot of doors for custom battery doors. It would be a good balance if you want to customize your phone without having to put a bulky case on it.

I really love the classic design cues kept alive.
Bring it on RIM!!!

But, I still feel the Blackberry name could ve been brought below the screen and the curvey design of the keypad would have maintained as it is really amazing to type on this old design.

Front looks amazing! Screen still seem small. A lot of wasted space along the top that should have been used for screen space. People need to understand that curved keyboard is a waste of space without the track pad. AND the track pad days are over. The screen is your huge track pad....On another note, the back looks cheap. Clean that up would ya RIM?

To be honest, it looks ugly... I don't like it.. I will keep using my favorite 9900 if the QWERTY BB10 really looks like this..

I think if RIM showed us the finished model at this stage it would be foolish, they need to hold some things back for the big day.

Wat's wrong with those ugly icons? It's huge & taking up lots of space. I think current icons on 9990 is not bad.....looks original BB.
Device is beautiful but no " TrackPad" is huge downside for me. RIM should have tweaked BB10 OS to include trackpad on X10. I think physical keyboard goes hand in hand with trackpad.

Unless that person has some huge mitts, that is a wide phone....I am sure it will invoke memories of the Bold 9000 with its width.

i have to agree, i was so looking forward to the qwerty model but this is just miserabel. Maybe a Torch like Model makes more sense with BB10, but this screen is tiny no matter how big it's resolution is.

About the tk victory designs,t it is easy to design and render a phone without worrying about the internal parts, but its not hard to fit them in there with the proper engineering as apple as proved. And to everyone complaining this is only a Dev alpha c devices and not final hardware.

This back in this leak"with no evaluation unit sticker" looks a lot different from this device.

Anyone who thinks this is final hardware is as dumb as the people who thought the Dev alpha A and B were final hardware/design.

You've got to be a bloody robot. You are literally repeating the same thing. If you're not a robot, how about fixing those spelling errors rampant in your copy/paste text.

Since English is not my first language, I'm just gonna be an adult about it and ignore your ignorance, especially since I was a fan of your designs. Lol, I can only laugh when men act like children.

Everyone keeps saying "Oh the TK designs aren't easy to make but easy to draw." Some of the TK stuff would be impossible, but the TK Justice's screen and keyboard could be implemented. All the other specs maybe not but I'm pretty sure RIM could put that screen and keyboard on a device and make it work. This just proves what someone said earlier, the "x10" was just an after thought.

Rim is not apple and even though 2.9 billion is a lot of cash, they have to still watch what they spend even if its on the design. I liked those designs but didn't expect rim to use them, unless rim and digitalboy were in talks. I do expect there next phone dubbed "Astrio" I think, to have a more iphone quality design. I have a iPhone 5 and will be switching to BB10. iOS has gotten boring, and I left android cause it felt like a toy OS, thinks I don't and won't need, like widgets.

Horrible, if this is what RIM is bringing out as the QWERTY version, they might as well stop now - too little icons accomodated therme, it will be a marathon just to get to some apps. I think this could be a photoshop job

RIM, can you get rid of that stupid straight keyboard?! Who, in their right mind, would choose this keyboard over the Bold 99xx keyboard? The OS can be fixed, but the phone needs to look aesthetically pleasing. Please take design cues from the TK Justice phone. Thanks.

Grumpy grumpy here. Why you want swiping an app tray when you have a keyboard!?

As long as you can type the app name and the icon tray updates to the subset of apps matching the sub string.. (or use immediate customized alt-key as an app short cut, no need swiping ). Just what people miss from win8 compared to win 7....

Well not sure bb10 has this feature yet, but shall be no brainer.
I hope that app designers that a keyboard offers a whole lot range of interactions and really build the app user experience with the keyboard in mind. Even a track pad can be emulated simply with using the surrounding letters around the J just like early games were using a pc keyboard.

VHS is dead to the world (insert other examples here - I hopethe cd/dvd is soon to follow). Physical keyboards are clinging on for dear life. Sooner or later users of a technology have to realise it's obsolete.

Kwyhoard isn't dead: i live in a nordic country, and by -15C the last thing i want is removing my glove to touch a cold screen. Yes there are are special gloves for touch screens, but seriously how much you want using them for texting...
When i need larger screen i have the 7" tablet.

I live in Canada. It boils down to personal choice. For those who do not have tablets (yes, they do exist, much like some of us don't use Facebook) a full screen phone sans keyboard is perfect :)

I can understand VHS is obsolete, since it has been replaced by better technologies (DVD/BR). Same for music technologies which have evolved over the years.

However, why the physical keyboard is obsolete? I mean we still have physical keyboards on our desks. I use any physical input I can get when typing on my Playbook. I simply don't see why it is obsolete. To me, that virtual keyboard is just a workaround to have larger screens. Nothing more. In virtually every case I prefer to have real buttons to work with, rather than pounding a glass surface.

I should have clarified. I don't think it's necessary on a mobile phone. If it's there this is not the design that we need. Yes, I know it's a Dev device.

This is a good step in the right direction. I would like to see the bottom bar with the call, search, camera options smaller. The icons on the bar can stay the same size but get rid of the dead black space above the icons. As long as I can still make folders then 8 icons a screen is ok. I had everything in folder on my BB9900 and have everything in folders on my iPhone5.

If what we've seen of both devices is not the final design of either, this might be the biggest decoy in... How many decades?

Trackpad will be missed. But i will miss "folders" even more. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the lack of them in the leaks. But maybe they will show up eventually.

I like it, I am just dissappointed that it is the same design than the 9900...they could have made closer to the porsche one and something.

Definitely going to be going for the Z10, as much as I like the keypad on the BB, The big icons and the back cover just don't look that great to me.

Come on RIM, wtf did your designers do with the back of that device? Is it just black rubber plastic? After giving the 9900 a stylish backplate, you cannot be serious to convince people buying the new flagship device with an inferior design. You only got one shot or the game is over!
I can only hope that this is not the final product.

omg im soo not feeling this device guys lets hope its a early build looks disgusting :| and the desighn :/ omg how plain do you want it :S bb10 shud be more upbeat CMONNN RIM YOU CAN DO BETTER!!

full touch bb10 all the way!!!

For what its worth here's my input. Trackpad is essential, if there was not enough space then I would have prefered a larger phone albiet with a trackpad which I feel is essential for navigating such a small screen. My major complaints with the current model (9900) are battery life, low resolution, and slow cpu + ram. I would happily upgrade to a phone that would meet these criteria. Let's face it os10 alone is not gonna change the game. Blackberry needs to go back to producing reliable no nonsense phones that work well at their intended purpose, primarliy texting and surfing. The picture seems pretty clear to me with the two new phones they haven't addressed enough of the issues to make a big change. Releasing phones that are running on last years hardware specs such as 8mp cameras with dual core last gen cpus just aint gonna win back many who have left. This year specs are easy to see already, flagship models should have quad core krait or better cpus and 13mp cameras. People like specs whether they use them or not. So as an end user what will this mean to me? I am and always have been a fan of berry products but I am also a technology nut so when this phone comes out I'll pick it up. Will I go out of my way to get one or am I dying to get my hands on one? The answer is no. I will indeed pick this up to replace my 9900 and it will be an improvement in certain areas such as general speed and browsing and page rendering but in this day and age I was hoping for more. My androids and iphones from years past had no problems with waiting for screens to render and didn't suffer from all the little bugs that is inherent to berry. But at the same time I'm sure I'll be cursing trying to navigate this little screen without a trackpad and such poor pixel density. Blackberry needed to release something that wasn't catching up such as this phone is once again. I was really hoping that they would have released something that I felt I just had to have. Once again I scratch my head at this. I mean when they were in deep crap last year everyone knew what the specs of 2013 flagships would be, why are they now introducing flagships that should have been introduced q1 2012? It's just puzzling to me. But I won't be so harsh after all I will finally own a blackberry smartphone that I can actually surf on and be efficient at that with a boost in battery life too it steps...sigh*

The phone is ugly but you do realize that the n series is 330ppi right? Which is higher than your precious little iphone's ppi. And the Z10 is 356ppi. So although the phone is ugly which I agree with, the specs are no way inferior. The os has to be abled to compliment what's under the hood. Don't be caught up in how many core processors you have. Its the os that will utilize its full potential. Bb10 qnx is far ahead of the game in capabilities where as your starting to see ios kind of cap out hence the 4,4s and now 5. Its all the same with minor upgrades. Same ui, os, even the icons. So don't think bb10 is just "catchin up". They've also set a platform to excel and go beyond. Remember, These are the 1st devices.

For example, blackberry's legacy os is about 15yrs old. There was only so much u can do with that no matter what kind of specs the phone has. That old ass os couldn't support it. Its like having a hotrod on balded tires. This bb10 qnx is by far a superior os to date. Its capabilities will go as far as todays technology can push it. But not many people know a thing about specs. They see numbers and names and think oh ok that's what I need. Not realizing if that os isn't capable of supporting that, the performance of the phone will struggle. Right now bb needs to wow people with 1st a great look. Most will look @ this n series and say just another bb. It doesn't "pop". The Z10 however looks great and I believe people will pick it up in stores. 2nd is its performance. And they haven't dropped the ball in that department. Let's just hope this isn't the final look for n series and they have a great marketing stradegy with celebs etc to get people wanting to @ least look into bb again.

Ugly, ugly, ugly. So glad this isn't the final phone.

I hope they do some MAJOR work on adapting the bb10 experience for the smaller screen, because that screenshot looks like a pain to use.

To RIM: Please start with the 9930, then stretch inn vertical direction by 1". Lastly, add BB10, and front facing camera. Done. That is what people want for X10.

To all the people saying that you can't design something like the justice because its not easy to do - I say this "setting a low bar" attitude is what got this company in trouble in the first place. They have been getting their ass kicked for two years in the media and by the public. They HAVE to come out with a sexy product that functions well. Where does it say that it is an either/or situation - you can have both - thats what successful companies do. They have had two years to come out with this and they seem to have produced something that would have looked great back in 2005. I say this as a BB owner and someone who has alot of money invested in the company as a shareholder.

Even if its a Dev C - It still is way closer to finished product than we would like to admit. What with launch date 6 weeks away give or take. Hope I'm totally wrong and RIM design is having laughs at our expense but if its close to finished this will be very bad for the company.

Rim is not apple, they may have 2.9 billion in the bank but I think the design choice has more to do with budget then anything, the justice designs are iPhone nice, but would rims manufactures be able to manufacture that device, and if so at what cost to rim? This is the dev alpha device, and even though the X10 is not iPhone nice, I as an iPhone 5 user think the Z10 is, and they later rumered "Astrio" will be nicer. These are Bb10 version 1.0 devices/OS, and are way nicer then the first generation android and iPhones. RIM has always been good on design and quailty, the "9900 for example", and I believe there saving it for the real high-end device.

Ugly indeed.
Need to do some changes for this smaller screen, which I hope RIM will do in time.
Definitely, I will go for X10.

okay Collinc 93 , your right we wait two years for a phone but your right we will just hide in silence !
Hush hush sleep sleep, dream sleep !!!


It can't compete!
Where's that Nice/Premium/Mature feel? This thing (Interface/Hardware) screams "Junior", Entry-Level, & Unfinished (maybe it really is). This can't really be it. At least, I hope not.
So far, unimpressed!

I'm sorry, even the Bold 9900, complete with its glitches is by FAR sexier than what we see here. Even if this is a Dev Alpha C, or what have you, it's still closer to the finished product. And unless you tell me that this will be classified as the "cost-friendly" mid-range device, this just DOESN'T cut it-form-factor wise, and from the looks of it, OS experience-wise. It just DOESN'T.

One could only hope. But then again, that white device that we all saw was supposedly the Curve replacement. And even THAT Cha Cha-looking device looks better than this.

With NO trackpad, the icons have to be larger (so we can select desired icons with finguers). As far only 8 icons per screen, keep in mind app hungry people the z10 is more appropriated!

As far the verrrry ugly back, for sure it is not final.

Qwerty phones are on their way out. BlackBerry will be pretty much only one making them. Guys, Times have changed, it's 2012 we have keyboard options like swype and swiftkey which are so fast for on handed typing, even the BlackBerry 10 virtual keyboard looks great and let's not forget about voice to text functionality. Once both BB10 devices are released, I think the sale numbers will clearly show that physical keyboards are done for.

Well, unfortunately, for those of us with wider thumbs or thicker fingers, it would look pretty unattractive and silly for us to pick at the virtual keyboards just to reach a single letter, with how cramped they are. And options like Swype and SwiftKey don't really help when you have wider finger pads either, cause you end up making errors anyway. AND, I don't feel the need to buy huge devices, such as the Note 2, which still doesn't help me out, whether it's in landscape or portrait mode. Huge devices such as this require huge batteries to power them up and run them. And that requires more and more money on the company's end. That, for them, is an inconvenience.

So from a business standpoint, it serves the companies better to make devices LOOK better on the outside, since most consumers don't pay attention to the internals. And once that device is bought, what happens after is on you, as the buyer. The company will feel that they did their job by making the device look appealing. That being the case,you'll be charging the phone constantly, more than you actually use it.

So, the solution? The BB QWERTY. And if this is what RIM has to try and keep that loyal user base, while catering to the "masses", again, they fail themselves from a business standpoint, by potentially pushing out a product that is anything BUT visually appealing, no matter if the internal side is top-notch or mediocre. And with an UNPROVEN OS, it can go either way. This DOESN'T cut it. And I see it as a betrayal and an abandoning of your core consumer.

I'm with Bla1ze that this is not the finished product esp software wise. So chill out everybody and pass judgement on the final device when it's out. I like my 9930 and this seems an improvement so far of that phone. That phone has has the best hardware keyboard out there.

I am still interested and will see how it looks and feels like when I have one in my hand

I agree except we don't need BB10 to be released in N. America to realise qwerty is finished going forward (at least in first world countries); hence popularity of the iPhone and Samsung series.
@girl_interupted unless you're 6'2" I'd say your thumbs probably won't be as big as my sausage digits. I initially thought I'd have issues upgrading to a full touch but I use the physical keyboard on my Torch9800 once in a blue moon. :)

Lol ok, well, I'm 5'1, with thick bones. I still have my Torch 9800, actually. I still use it to listen to music on the go, even though the motherboard is fried. And that's another thing with BB that I liked- the easy music transfer. Now, I don't know whether or not it'll be as easy on OS10, but it can't be anymore difficult than it is on Android... yeesh!

Great things come in small packages. Still I love the drag n drop capability with BB instead of being tied to iTunes with my iPod.
On another note, I love how passionate people are about this "stuff".

Lol, thanks. :) And yes, drag and drop is the best. I was honestly scared when I first tried to put music in it, but wow, it only took less than 5 minutes. I also agree with you on the passion aspect. I'd much rather keep up to date on things that are actually of use in life, rather than spend mindless hours on Fb, Twitter and the like. Those are the same "masses" I keep referring to, when it comes to the " a bigger is a better phone" idea.

Seriously... I so wish the TK Justice design was a reality. I can't stop staring at it! And spec-wise, it packs a powerful punch as well. Who could ask for anything more than what you've come up with in a QWERTY device? Argh!! lol.

Trackpad. I know many people will disagree, believing that RIM is moving forward, but there is an old saying "if it is not broke then do not fix it". With the trackpad my 9900 works flawlessly like a keyboard and mouse combination on a computer.

Yes the L series works all touch but that function like a mini tablet. If the functionality of the trackpad like device wasn't required why add it the Blackberry mini keyboard for the PlayBook, with its much larger screen. In fact typing this much on the PB I bridge it with my 9900 and use its keyboard/screen/trackpad combo as it is a far superior typing experience.

Loss of the trackpad for a professional user or heavy typing consumer is a HUGE fail and leaves the door open for the competition to create a keyboard experience more suited for those people that needed to type a lot.

I want, no I need RIM to succeed I need RIM to remember what makes it RIM. Yes its great to bring out the all touch device that will b**chslap the competition in the face but let's not forget our roots....... The BEST typing experience on ANY mobile device. RIM your N series typing experience has to be superior to even your own L series and to do that it needs a trackpad.

the front of the phone looks nice, the back of the phone looks hideous (I know it's not final build)
the icons look worse than they do on the z10 Please change the icons

I'm a longtime very satisfied BB user, many phone upgrades, now the 9810 Torch slider w AT&T.

I need the larger screen and can't do without the QWERTY keyboard. That's why I haven't gone the iPhone route to date.

There's nothing I can see about either of these two new BB10 models, even with a spanking new OS rivaling iOS, that would lead me to give up the 9810 as long as it works. I know that the BB OS 10 will be a huge improvement over 7.1, but that won't make the small QWERTY BB 10 model acceptable, and won't make the Touch BB10 model more attractive than the iPhone, other than, perhaps, the push mail notifications available only on the BB for POP email servers which, in any case, are becoming rare compared to IMAP.

Bottom line is that there are a lot of consumers like me around, and we'll all likely come to the same conclusion when it comes time to get a new smartphone. This is very bad news for RIM in terms of recapturing some of the market they've already lost.

I repeat--I love BlackBerry--but RIM will have to show why BB10 is better than, or at least equal to, the iPhone and some of the Android models.

Unfortunately thePC world was hijacked by Apple's idiot Jobs and IBM who refused to allow its PC to reconfigure to Dvorak keyboards. IF Blackberry really wanted to make things easier then they would allow the user the option of a Dvorak keyboard.

Yes, it also has a 3.2" screen, 720x720, ppi is 331 (or something awesome), it has a straight keyboard, and it runs BlackBerry 10. Not sure how you missed all that! :p

Just referring to how it looks, I want something that will WOW me and not something refreshed from an old one.


This is like the Dev Alpha A situation all over again. We need to be patient and let the final design be shown. I agree with venting, but some of the comments have been quite harsh.

What would RIM gain by showing a final product of their now? That would give the competition a heads up on what is coming. There needs to be a wow factor on January 30th. In my opinion that wow factor will be that of RIM's signature of the market place.

These pictures I assure you are of the dev alpha c. It is nice to leak a picture showing the OS can be ran on the device. Also the device pictured reminds me of a 97xx series device. It was the smaller 9900 not released in the states. I was jealous find my friends in other countries with it. I should of bought it unlocked at BlackBerry World last year.

I agree, what ever the final design maybe, the icons should be a bit smaller. As other have mentioned universal searching available, however, 10 screens of 8 applications are a bit much.

We have seen how far the device alpha a has come. Let's at least see where RIM will take us on Jan 30th. Then should we march to Waterloo with pitch forks if deemed sup par. Thor, has brought RIM a long way forward. I truly believe he wouldn't allow a the company's staple in the market to crash and burn.....

9930,64GB PB, Dev Alpha A,Dev Alpha B, and Z10 Tech Preview owner

I don't remember having a post which got this many comments. I would be extremely surprised if this isn't a Dev Alpha C (since we haven't even officially seen pictures of that). Why would we see the final device BEFORE the Dev Alpha C?!

In any case, Thorsten has always said that he wants to build a device that people lust over. No doubt he knows this is not it and there will be another device whose hardware will be final.

What I'm curious about, though, is the interaction on the X10. That's what's really got me torn between the Z10 and the X10. How do all those user interaction paradigms work on a QWERTY version? They work so well on the Z10, how are they all going to work on the X10?

Either way, they'll finalize the hardware and give us a beautiful device.


We have seen SOOOO much of the all-touch device and NOTHING on the QWERTY version. They've been doing one hell of a job keeping that a secret. They won't release something that jeopardizes their vision of flow with the QWERTY. It should be interesting, whenever we see it in action. Also, they won't release the physical device until they have a sexy design. Plain and simple.

That's exactly what I have been wondering....ALL the BB10 "features" are SWIPE and GESTURE based....I don't see how people are surprised that the QWERTY IS an afterthought.

Z10 for me for sure and I love typing emails on my old 9700 and GF's 9900.

Giving the full touch a shot for the first time.

I'm agreeing here with the above 2 posts. We have to wait until a month from now to really and truly judge. It'a just pretty hard not to judge and vent when you've come to the realization that all these other "it" devices out there are not for you, and you have to stick with what works best on an individual basis, rather than following the herd masses. People want and need something to look forward to, but yes, releasing a final version right now would not bode well business-wise.

I agree. Consumers should pick devices that best suits them. Not picking based off of what Bob in accounting has. I preach that to my end users quite a bit. Most are picking up on that.

I was in two minds until I saw the pic, I think I will keep my 9900 as a backup and try the Z10 when it becomes available, if the Z10 becomes a painful experience for tying like the playbook . I will just go back to the bold 9900 until RIM address the issue.

What doesn´t get in my head is why rim is wasting so much space at the bottom and especially top. they could´ve made the touchscreen bigger.
Now as I see the phone, I think I´ll get the full touch Z10. Never thought I`d get a full touchscreen phone again.

These are all cruel jokes. Nothing is real. Time to start celebrating New Years! (it's not too early to start, is it?)

Well, after reading all of the opinions and comments regarding the pics I think it is best to make a good decision after having the product in my hands. I have an android now and I will be very happy to get rid of it for a BB10. But I respect each comments by others and wish everyone a successful 2013

No panic , they made the l or z series really clean..
So why wouldn't they make this one clean.
Keep up the good work rim!

Blackberry by choice , bold 9900 & BB playbook

Sorry to say but this is very disappointing. Its one UGLY device. May be design team was too druck to be creative. Wake up Thorsten Heins, before its too late.

Since it says Evaluation unit, that gives me lil hope. :(

Bed and Blanket BlackBerry

I'm so enamored of the TK Justice concept, whether it becomes a reality (IT SHOULD!) or not, I've saved it to my photos. It's just THAT kick ass. To me, it's the perfect combo of the BEST BB QWERTY, with iPhone-like features and feel, which is what I've wanted for a LONG time.

The TK Justice phones seem a bit "Tight". They look awesome, but I'm not sure if at this stage of the game, they are yet possible to build. ( No different then the 3D hologram )

I'm sure that the keyboard version will function awesome. If all you are going on is looks, then you are living in Hollywood land !

I'm the first one to say the whole "as long as it functions well, I don't care what it looks like" deal. But come on, you're a company looking to launch a whole new OS and product, while treating your core customers to what seems like an after-thought design? In order for a product to be bought, it has to be aesthetically pleasing as well. It has to please you when you look at it, as well as when you touch and feel it in your hand. This here, even though it may be a Dev Alpha C, looks FAR from clean and polished. This looks more like it should be a Dev Alpha A. Come on, now.

Yup. At this stage of the game we'll also realise it's not possible for the "God" particle to be foun... Oh. Wait a second.... Damn. Spoke too soon. Seriously though. Take a really good look at the GS3's form. How is that possible and DHB's design not?

This is all of the evidence I need to say that we need a Slider. I think that the BB10 platform needs to be on a bigger screen, BUT I still want my keyboard. Slider. Boom. Both issues solved. (yes, I have a Torch 9810, and I love it)

I'm definitely a QWERTY user (Bold 9930). I'll be getting whatever the BB10 QWERTY turns out to be, regardless the looks; however, I really, really hope this has a self-focus camera. Maybe this has already been mentioned and I missed it. That is seriously the one and only thing I don't like about the Bold 9930.

With just a few weeks left before launch, how much can the final device really change? I agree that this a dev device, but I would not expect much more than finishing touches and materials. I fear the reason it has the huge icons is because they have not created a sufficient navigation tool to replace the old trackpad. We have already seen a few images and videos (i.e, the Ridley Scott and Lady Gaga ad) leaked directly from RIM, and they picture this very device. They are playing it way too safe here. This reminds me of when General Motors proudly launched the Chevy Lumina as their Accord, Camry, and Taurus killer. The specs looked good, but the overall execution was sorely lacking. The hardware design needs to be as fresh and innovative as the OS. It appears the corporate committees and bean counters won out over the designers. I'm praying to be wrong. Let's hope the Aristo serves as the inspirational halo device for the next generation.

Everyone needs to take a step back and breathe. This is VERY OBVIOUSLY a device sent to carriers for them to test their networks on. Starting with the fact that the back cover, made of very cheap plastic, will not be on the final x10. Secondly, You've probably noticed that you can't see "SOS" in the top right hand corner because it doesn't fit. Lastly, and the biggest give away, is the app grid. We know the final hardware will sport a 720x720 OLED display and the applications are 114x114, so you can safely expect a 5x5 app grid on the finished model. I, for one, am definitely be waiting for the X10 and i think it's going to be brilliant.

Finally ! Somebody that doesn't freak out. Also mentioned the strange sos symbol.

Blackberry by choice , bold 9900 & BB playbook

I'm 100% not interested in the full touch device. I'll keep waiting for this QWERTY Blackberry, that's what I've been doing since the amazing Bold 9790

if this phone had a small....jus a small but well-noticable border around the edges of the keyboard atleast, i think it wouldn't look so awkward. having the keyboard literally to the very edge like that, i think that's what makes it a weird design. they should have really made the qwerty version 1st. Life wud've been so much easier on them optimizing this and then bring it over to the full touch..........clearly the other way around is not working.

Even though it's a Dev Alpha device, an aluminum border, a textured back, SOMETHING that makes it look like they've actually been working on the design as well as the hardware. Am I wrong here? I'm not saying that performance is important, it's paramount, but geez, where's the innovation in design? Just because it's a QWERTY and not a touch, doesn't mean that they can't at least give us a HINT of "ooh, la la!". We'll see in the next 30 days, I guess...

Oh dear god, burn it with fire! This is one ugly phone. Have fun scrolling through 15 pages of apps.

LOL, it's certainly not worth shelling out the upwards of $600+ outright that I'd have to pay to purchase it. I mean seriously, the Torch 9800 cost me $600, but in its day, it was worth it, value-wise...

Hello Everybody,

I am sorry, I had to log in and tell you what I think.

This not so smart phone, is absolutely ugly and sick. It looks like it had an overdose of Tylenol. HOWEVER, I Do like the touch only version.

Almost 500 comments about an unsure leak. Awesome. Best conversation in quite some time. Some of the really heavy posters look like you haven't slept since the leak yesterday.

Looks like the 9700 whitout track pad and bb button. I'm a bit disapointed to be honnest... I find that the tk justice and tk victory design are waayyyyy prettier...

Hopefully it won't be the final product...

The ugliest BB yet! i kept saying I would wait for the keyboard edition but if this is what they are offering then forget about it

I hope thats not the final product. the screen needs to be taller. there seems to be a bit too much space left off at the top. im a tiny bit disappointed with this one. TK Justice was a beautiful concept.

I was thinking (I know...careful with that...) that maybe the reason we have not seen many "leaked" pics of the N is that the only way we would like the icons and how it all meshes together is that we would see the finished OS look, too soon before launch. I still believe that TAT will have some amazing stuff for us to see. I will be waiting with baited breath.

Other than the back which looks like it will get smudgy as hell, I like this. I hate typing on touch screens, and even if I didn't - I already have a Playbook for that. I doubt that the UI will look like this, there isn't even indication of "paging" the icons. Only thing that will stop me from cancelling my L-series preorder and getting this instead, is if this comes out 6+ months after the L.

I completely agree. Looks great, other than the back. Touch screen typing is aggravating. I just hope the guy holding this phone is Lou Farigno cuz this phone looks small.

I'm very much eagerly waiting for the BB10 keypad phone. I'm very much disappointed with the design. AS it is touch and type with no navigation keys. lots of disappointment

Looks incomplete if this is how its going to look its very poorly designed. When will you strive for more than the physical keyboard?

Well it appears some of you are famous now.

"Even Die-Hard BlackBerry Fans Don't Like The New Keyboard Phone

Steve Kovach|Dec. 30, 2012, 10:59 AM|24,041|17
One of the recent BB10 keyboard phone leaks.

RIM's New BlackBerry Looks Great, But The Odds Are Against It

A few more photos of RIM's next keyboard-equipped BlackBerry leaked out today.

The phone will run BlackBerry 10, the new mobile operating system from RIM that will formally launch on Jan. 30.

Now take a look at some of the comments on CrackBerry, a site dedicated to RIM news and full of readers who love BlackBerry. The reception of the leaked keyboard BB10 phone isn't so good. Out of the ~300 comments posted so far, there's a lot of negativity mixed in.

Here are three examples that we cleaned up for grammar, spelling, profanity, etc.:

"This has to be the worst possible design for a combination touch-screen and physical keyboard smartphone. Why is Research In Motion shooting themselves in the foot yet again? The screen size makes any touch-screen interface functionality an exercise in frustration. The BlackBerry Z10 (Zero) with a slider keyboard makes more sense from an aesthetics and usability perspective. Not impressed."

"I am extremely disappointed with this phone. At this rate I'd rather go with the Z10 or stay with my 9900. That screen just looks wrong for some reason and don't get me started on the back! I hope this isn't the final model, but in any case I'll only be able to properly judge it when it's in my hands."

"I'm a proud Bold 9900 user and I knew this resolution was 720x720, meaning it was only going to increase in screen size with the trackpad and call buttons removed. I don't like it at all. Too much wasted space at the top. 9900/9930 users would not feel like they've upgraded with this phone despite the OS. Ill be getting the Z10 version until they drop another QWERTY version with taller screen. Plus the phone itself looks small like a curve! What? No thanks."

We point this out because BlackBerry fans have had very positive things to say about all these BB10 leaks until now. It seems like most are more excited for the touchscreen-only model as opposed to the one with the keyboard.

It's also important to note that this is just a leak. There's no guarantee that the final version of the keyboard-equipped BB10 phone will look like the one in the photo. And some people are saying this is just a test device given to developers, not the device consumers will get next year.

When "fenboi"s are disappointed, you know you did something wrong. Fenbois gonna fan, but even fenbois have a limit (except iSheeps). This device is not a step up. The higher resolution is offset by the bigger icons, and as a matter of fact, it's a downstep from BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 that allows 24 slots of icons. Even in Accessibility Mode, there are 16 slots. Here we see 8 slots. Of course people frowns.

A little research and you'd know the screen is 720x720 witch means 5x4 or 5x5 app grid. If you take a look at the top right hand corner of the screen you see the SOS is off the screen, that's because the OS hasn't be optimized to run on a x10 devices yet. Anyway who thinks this is final hardware or software is blind lol.

Now this is sad, I've not been able to say a word for days! As a complete sucker for the qwerty, this really broke my heart! This is one leak I totally regret seeing, its hideous! Just look at the size of those icons! Naaaa.....this can't be it, can't be anything like this....better not be! :(

I objectively say that this doesn't seem to be a step up. I mean, my Bold 9700 is only 480x360, and on my screen I have 24 slots.
When the screen is off, you see a lot of screen real estate. After it's turned on, 3 items take a bunch of space, and you end up with the usual 4:3 screen real estate we all know and love.
It's basically a straightened Bold 9900 with larger wallpaper area. Ironically while RIM dropped theme support, at this rate theme developers would make a ton of money rebuilding the UI, if somebody found a way to do it.

I am ok with the QWERTY version of the BB 10 phones as it has a bigger touch screen; however, compared with Bold 9900, the yet-to-release BB 10 model does not have a trackpad. I find the trackpad extremely useful on the Bold 9900.

I was hoping the screen would be bigger. I feel like the screen could take more space on top of the phone. Really wanted something like the TK Justice

this is a device alpha, I can also tell by the SOS in the top right corner being off screen, that the OS has to be optimized for the Dev alpha device/x10.

Seems like my BB9900 with a new OS ! This is what should have happened to the BB9900 just like Playbook.

Who will buy ? Some bored IT managers wanting to replace their firms old dying BB's. Very disappointed.

if this is it for QWERTY design...IM DONE!!! i was hoping to see something obviously better than the 9900...seems like RIM doesnt read what BB USERS WANT on CrackBerry though. Wow...just ugly and really bad! I DONT LIKE FULL TOUCH PHONES :( !!!!!

Fingers crossed this isn't final model and its done deliberately so when they unveil the final 1 later this month it has a bigger wow factor. Please blackberry

Would like to see a side by side with a 9900 series phone, gonna miss the buttons, they can get you out of trouble at times