New pictures of the BlackBerry X10 surface!

By Michelle Haag on 29 Dec 2012 07:05 pm EST

Those of you anxiously awaiting the QWERTY version of BlackBerry 10 will be more than happy when you get a look at these new photos. Previously we've seen the BlackBerry X10 (as it's rumored to be called) in a couple of blurry shots and from behind. Today some awesome shots popped up that not only show the front of the device, but in nice clear images that don't look like they were taken through a film of vaseline.

You can see another shot of the front as well as one of the back below. Tell us CrackBerry nation, what do you think of this beauty? Will you be holding out for the keyboard, or grabbing the BlackBerry Z10 with its wonderful full touchscreen in January? Let us know in the comments!

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New pictures of the BlackBerry X10 surface!



This must be a joke by the design team... Atleast where the OS is concerned. 8 icons on 1 app tray??? Really? My Bold has 6 icons in 1 row and 24 icons showing on the screen. This means a whole lot of swiping to reach 1 app even with the quick scrolling way.. Ur gonna end up with 15 app trays with this design. It needs work, must be an early build. Even apple understand the importance of an extra app row.

This is worst than the in and out paradigm that RIM talked about. This looks like the constantly out searching for 1 app paradigm. Not that i wasnt already set on the Z10 but this makes it absolute.

I thought RIM read crackberry?? Did they not see TK Victory? Or maybe they are really trying to slowly ditch the qwerty models..

That's a bit harsh, but: Yes, what the icons concerns, exactly what I thought. Look how many screens there are indicated on the bottom!
Hope the'll change that! A smaller icon size should not be a great problem...

The appropriate solution would be to make the icon size user selectable.. with the default much smaller then this, and for the number of icons displayed to automatically increase as the size of them is reduced.

There's nothing wrong with having the option to have icons this big, especially for the elderly or the vision impaired.. but do not make it mandatory or default. The icon size on the 9900 is fine.

Totally agree, I really believe this is customizable in BB10. I would hate to think that QNX is unable to handle such a minor GUI task.

Universal search is good, but I don't want to have to type the name of the program I want to run every time.

Actually, come to think of it, MSDOS wouldn't be a bad phone OS. That way, everything cna be launched with just a handful of keystrokes.

I agree. This Z10 makes my Bold 9930 look like a Cadillac. I hope for RIM's sake this is a dev alpha device, if fug-ugly is too nice to describe it.

Correct me if I'm wrong my friend but did you just "diss" BB.Flow?

"Worst than the in and out paradigm"

Flow is awesome!

This has to be the worst possible design for a combination touch-screen and physical keyboard smartphone. Why is Research In Motion shooting themselves in the foot yet again? The screen size makes any touch-screen interface functionality an exercise in frustration. The BlackBerry Z10 (Zero) with a slide-slider keyboard makes more sense from an aesthetics and usability perspective. Not impressed.

When you criticize the screen for being too small, the conventional wisdom is "this is for Blackberry Purists".

Why make a phone that less than 4% of the market wants?

Why not give it a taller 3.5" screen like some of the Crackberry reader generated ideas? How many consumers would be interested in having a phone with EXCELLENT Bold keyboard, yet with a screen big enough to satisfy slab users?

I can't help but think...and hope..that this is really just a Dev version and the real Bold (or X10)is coming soon. If not, this is a HUGE opportunity MISSED for RIM.
RIM needs handsets that make consumers say "holy s**t!!! I GOTTA have that!!!!" And this device misses by a country mile. This device looks like a device a Corporation issues to you over your objections.

if they were to leave it as is, I think it'll be fine but I too would like to see them shrink a tad more and fit more icons.

I'm liking the size of this phone and this will definitely be my next blackberry device.

I really do not like the back though. a bit too smooth for my liking and a bit boring. Wasn't a big fan of the material on the playbook though It was a lot more grippy.

Would have liked to have seen the logo on the back up a little higher but that's just me.

zensen, thats the first thing that came to my mind also. Hopefully, this is not the final version. Perhaps its a soft touch back, that is a bit grippy, like what they had on the sides. Does look a bit smooth.

If they were to leave it as is, it WOULDN'T be fine. I know this is not the final UI but, there are some issues that need to be resolved. For example, in the second picture, you see that the dots that indicate how many pages there are overlap over the dark background that cover the icon. It looks so unfinished. BB definitely needs to clean this up.

Why would you want smaller icons? People need to realize that there is NO trackpad on this device anymore, which means you do not have the accuracy to select super-tiny icons anymore. It would be super annoying to try to finely pinpoint with fat sausage fingers your facebook app.

The bigger icons make sense, since you are forced to use the touchscreen without the trackpad.

Personally, I think it looks good and I'm happy that it's consistent with the Z10.

But some people are complaining because you only have 8 icons? Really? 8 icons is enough space for the apps that you use 90% of the time! The other apps that you use just 10% of the time can remain on the other screen(s). It's not really much of a problem folks.

If you're still complaining about the number of apps displayed (and do not want to swipe to see more apps because somehow that's too difficult to do), then you should just get the Z10.

I agree with what you say. But in some form I feel with BlackBerry claiming BB10 to be in and out these extra pages seem to detract from that statement. I am not saying I am complaining as the universal search is probably the alternative I would be using.

I agree with you digitally404,

I think most people commenting are comparing what they would normally do with a full touch device with this one. It doesn't appeal to the same crowd and not designed for the same use.

If you look at the leaked picture 4 of the 8 icons don't need to be on the screen. With the hub showing facebook, twitter and linkedin and the camera icon in the lower right this free's up a lot of real estate. Add to that the messages folder and the dedicated phone icon in the lower left and you can see that you actually have many more functions (hub + 8 icons).

I don't mind it and don't care for looks. I thought it was all about getting things done? Seems a lot of apps, cosmetics and media people are slowly coming out of the closet. Nothing wrong with that, stick to the full touch and don't look back.


I agree with most. Icons are to big. I also would not and need not a camera icon on screen. I hope there is a button on side of phone.

I couldn't agree more, Birdman (and others). "Ugliest. Icons. Ever. Exclamation!

I'd actually replace that pack of fugly with a seto of original 1990s Windows 3.1-style icons. In a heartbeat.

And, whether 'alpha or beta or omega vs. pre-/ production' device, this regurgitated Curve-Bold is a 7 year step-backward in terms of design - even for a tester/eval unit.

In the absence of a (pre-)announced BB10 "slider" device, I may just have to upgrade my current 9800 to a 9810 to get at least 2 more years out of a current full-size touch-screen set-up WITH a full-size keyboard (THE perfect combination!!) and interface that, incidentally, also features MUCH more appealing icons.

I like the physical look of it... as everyone mentioned, the icons need some obvious work...

seeing as RIM listened enough to shrink the size of the icons on the Z10 a while back, I'm hoping/anticipating that feedback from the Dev users of this device will ring just as loudly...

I was already pretty set on the L-Series/Z10 before this, and I certainly hope the QWERTY does well, but I'm not really seeing anything here to draw me away from the full-touch.. Depends on how big this screen is though, if it's 3.2"+ a la the current Torch, I might re-consider...

Hate to say but this looks awful. Two years in development and they come out with this low end design? The bb7 bold looks way nicer as do several of the concept designs. If this is the final design or close to it....they will get ripped by all the tech rags and the public.

I agree.. It looks fugly.. Hopefully this is not the final product to be released. After seeing this, I'm not really looking forward to own QWERTY phone. :(

This isn't final design.. It's approx. Hardware Version 3 and there is at the very least a Hardware version 4 to be released in January at some point. Remember when the Z10 started leaking? People hated it and then it got polished up and better looking.. Same deal here.

Come on Bla1ze at this stage of the schedule the final design should already be established and ready to go to manufacture. RIM has no time to dabble in mediocre design. If I wanted this smartphone I would have bought the BlackBerry Bold 9900 in 2011. This is ridiculous.

Not sure why you're so surprised by this design. It's not as if it wasn't shown off before. You knew what it would generally look like months ago when that internal video leaked.

Like I said before though, wait till the polished version appears before you hate on it too much. That's the problem with leaks. The Z10 is a prime example of that. So many people hated it and then as better images came out, people started to change their minds about it.

I'm not saying you're going to love it down the road indefinetly but what I am saying is that until it shows up in a finalized form, it's not really a complete look at what the device will be. If you're anything like me, you can hate a design one day and then love it after having got it in your hands.

i have to agree, i was so looking forward to the qwerty model but this is just miserabel. Maybe a Torch like Model makes more sense with BB10, but this screen is tiny no matter how big it's resolution is.

I was going to say this exact same thing.There's always the flagship device which I personally think is meant to drag over dem ungrateful IPhone users to blackberry, then there's the step down which is the one that most blackberry users say "Oh its not as good as (insert name here) though it cost less, and it's better then (insert name here) so I'll get this one. Then of course there's the cheaper model which I think was that white blackberry. All in all, there's the chain, Flagship To Bring the customers-Step Down for die hards- and the cheap model for those who can't afford either

RIM should NOT even have a mule like this for whatever reason. If thats the final design (more RIM confusion), then this is very disappointing BB Qwerty design.

This does not look amazing. This does not look good at all. Icons are way to large for that screen. RIM must want everyone to get the full touch screen. I wanted the keyboard one but looking at all these pix. It is full touch screen for me.

Oh come on! Your a true die hard fan of BB huh!? No matter what they put or create, even you know its ugly. You would still claim it " Amazing " That's why RIM is falling bec. Of a fan like you.

I'm a fan since O6, and this design is a Joke! Even this could be just for a dev alpha for developers. For me its f.. Ugly and a fail. Either this guy on the photo has a Huge hand, or the phone just simply shrinked. How the hell can u perform well to use the gestures, swipe, flows. I'm sorry I don't mean to say this negative comment. Just beeing honest.

I wonder what the swipe gesture will be for moving the cursor around between letters in typing fields.

Not having a trackpad will really hurt people who do a lot of typing.

Totally agree with you. Trackpad is a must when typing long emails. I always use my Torch instead of my PlayBook when typing long emails. Horrible not to have it anymore :/

that's the one thing that worries me especially on a qwerty device.

you've also got to contend with a much smaller screen...

Honestly...I have a 9930 with both a touchscreen and a trackpad. I came from a storm 2 so I was used to using a touchscreen. I tell you that I use my trackpad 90% of the time these days. It makes everything easier including scrolling (especially without accidently selecting something), precise clicking on webpages, selecting text, editing text...EVERYTHING! Essentially the only thing I don't use the trackpad for is selecting my icons from the homescreen. I am seriously contemplating not switching over to the X10 because it will be missing the trackpad. :(

For the record, I have a playbook so I am very familiar with qnx touchscreen control...and I still prefer the trackpad.

I agree. Also the track pad works with gloves on and the touch screen on the 9930 doesn't. Cold weather crackberry.

I 100% concur. I too use the trackpad almost exclusively. My wife has an Android phone and prefers the tactile keyboard / trackpad over the full touchscreen. She is demanding a BB for her B-day next yr.

The thing we Bold users need most is still screen real estate, and why they did not get rid of the blackberry logo from the top and lower the keypad slightly (reducing the size or removing the Cell provider logo) would add plenty of screen space.

(Edit: Like the TK Justice and Victory)

I will miss the trackpad, but I will adapt. Looking forward to Jan 30th.

Yeah, we can adapt I guess. I loved the trackpad. As previous commenters said, it makes it much easier to enter a cursor to edit an email or document. All I know, is on my iPhone, I have to enlarge the email or doc to enter a cursor within a document. At least I finally figured out an acceptable way, but it is indeed, an additional step I would rather not have.

I concur with that. The touchscreen experience for text entry on the Playbook is not appealing to me and so I, at this moment, would handily prefer the trackpad.

Man, that looks awesome. I really cant wait totouch all the keys. Lots of BB users maybe thinking of an all touch device....but for those of us that really were wanting the keys, this looks lovely. Really I can't wait

I've been wondering if the keypad itself is going to read swipe gestures. Like if you run your fingers over the keys it will sense it just like a touch screen, and then you can depress the button to type? That might partially explain why the qwerty kepboard is going back to the straight design.

I'm a one handed user, and it just seems like it is going to be awkward type with the keyboard below, but then move one hand up the device to select or change the cursor etc.

I agree with all of the sentiments regarding the trackpad being essential for finer movements. How about this for a solution: a virtual trackpad in the center of a bottom menu bar that shows up as result of a gesture from the bottom-left toward the center. The menu could be similar to what shows now - [phone][search][camera], but could be something like [phone][search][trackpad][back][camera].

I agree. I much prefer the textured back of my Torch. BUT that's what they make cases for, and since I'm accident prone, I have to say mine will be in a case asap, so the boring back doesn't bug me too much

I agree. The back actually looks like a cheap Chinese plastic case.

Does anyone else notice the subtle tear drop? The top of the phone's corners are slightly wider, and as you go down towards where the volume rockers would be, the body-line seems to taper.

Agreed! Looks like some cheap rubber to me. Here's hoping this is not final.

I'm going with the Z10 myself and am quite happy with its new textured back. But I also want all you X10 fans to be happy too... :-)

this, exactly what i was thinking, what the hell is wrong with them, rim was always good at design, this must be a joke.

What's the point of this leaked image if we can't say how we feel about it...only if the "real deal" is different from this poor design will the criticisms/sentiments b this stage that top bezel is so thick it's makin me sick!!

Let them finish the device, it's obviously Delv Alpha C.
Relax, it will end up looking like Bold 9900 without track pad and buttons and a bigger screen

Fair enough, but with that (seemingly) fixed action bar at the bottom of the screen, do u really feel the screen will b that 'bigger' than the 99x0!! O n is it just for 'aesthetics' that the trackpad is ditched whilst makin the top bezel thicker than the 99x0?! May as well keep the trackpad n make the phone taller or top bezel thinner!

Often the RIM test devices have non production back covers. I wouldn't worry about it too much at this point. Having said that I do miss the 9780 back cover :)

Its a nice looking phone but it does look weird without the trackpad. I wish they would have done a side by side with the 9900/9930. Im using the 9930 but I have to say im gonna go with the Z10.

The back looks kind of cheesy... Hopefully it releases with the carbon fiber'ish look that was shown in the previous pictures. Either way I am getting it.

I thought when they got rid of the trackpad the screen would be a little bigger than my 9930, but it looks like the upper bezel is bigger on this??? maybe its just me

The upper bezel (earpiece and Blackberry logo) seem to be on par with my Bold 9900. The trackpad (line) only covered about 1/3". So that should be the screen size increase which will be hard to tell in pictures. To answer your question, YES! the screen is bigger (vertically).

No its not just U! That upper 'bezel'/useless space is in fact bigger than on the 99xx..With the supposedly fixed action bar at the bottom of the screen, that screen looks d same size as the 99xx...I'll take my chances with the Z10,,,O how many active frames are gonna fit on that screen...seems like a scrollin (*swiping) spiral to get to your apps and frames!!

It was said that with Thor's leadership RIM was listening more to consumer sentiments re "beta" projects etc,,,but like many here who see this n r disappointed I'm keepin my fingers crossed..if the hardware is finalized a while now, then I don't suppose the 'real deal' is much different from this (not the front at least)...I mean ditching the trackpad then having the top bezel that thick is a ridiculous tradeoff for screen real estate that doesn't seem will b there!!!

Awesome but still L series for me. The fact that pics are here of the device, shouldn't be too far off from the release of the L.

Definitely getting a Z10 but the ability to touch type on my 9900 will be missed so might end up getting one of these later down the line too.

yes same here z10, as awesome as the x10 looks i think im gonna try something new and get the z10. I think it would still have been good to have the trackpad in there. Then again RIM is trying to bring about some change and try something new right?

I agree with you on pretty much everything. I'm not so sure about the screen resolution though, hopefully you can resize those icons. I am really leaning toward the QWERTY for the same reason you want the Z10, something new. I've been using WP7 for the past 2 years and a 4.whatever inch screen gets old. Everytime I see a 9900 I get a little jealous and wish I had one too. I also will miss the trackpad. Loved it everytime I borrowed someone's 9900 for something.

It has to be big enough for the camera, face detection sensor, speaker and bezel gesture. It doesn't look as bad as I thought it would. I'm glad that it doesn't look like that gross HTC Cha Cha

That was the first thing I noticed as well. Makes me think the back is not the final build. Every "bold" type phone has looked great I expect RIM will have a great look when finished. They see the same things we do.

+1 the one in your link does look better, I agree this is a Dev alpha c device. Remember the Z10 was in a ugly case for the Dev alpha A and B, rim just got the Dev alpha cs out the weak so I expected leaks of them. Looks good for a dec device can't wait to see final build, the crack berry members have seen the final version and they know this isn't it.

Its the perfect marketing strategy, put ugly Dev Alpha devices out there to stew things up, then release a beautiful final build on the jan. 30 2013. Look how good the Z10 looked rim wouldn't be dumb enough not to release a good build witch they've always been good at.

Definitely looks better in these pictures than in the other pictures I have seen, except the back.

I hope the back has a textured feel like on the bold 9790. In that picture it looks like the material used in the curve line, but I think the bold (assuming this is the next generation for the bold line) deserves more luxurious material.

Like I said on N4BB.
The back should have texture, and I have that same sticker on my Dev Alpha B.
I think this is just the Dev Alpha C.

I bet you 10 it isn't a dev alpha.

It doesn't need to be a dev alpha in order not to be the one we will end up buying in the stores.

RIM could still surprise us, all I can say is that if this is what is releasing, I'm disappointed that the RIM design team couldn't have drawn up something better.

Totally agree, they're going the way of Apple with theyr're iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and prob 5S. Since this is a whole new OS I was expecting something extraordinary to make me wet my pants like the TK Victory or Justice! I'm so pissed right now!

[QUOTE]...I was expecting something extraordinary to make me wet my pants like the TK Victory or Justice! I'm so pissed right now![/QUOTE]

In other words you've wet your pants as you desired with this BlackBerry smartphone design. Bravo! The bathroom is down the hall at the third door on the left.

is it me or is the bezel to thin to be easy to use? compared to the bezel on the Z10 and that other white phone it's too thin

Dude holding the X10 needs to clean his finger nails, can't we get hand models for these pics. ;)

Z10 is my pick.

I think they strategically pick folks with nasty hands to give it the ugly friend effect. You know how some women have that one friend they love to hang with because it makes them look even prettier?

Is it just me, or do the keys look a TINY bit curved? I was very afraid as to how the straight keyboard might work but it looks like it'll be decently comfortable.

Its just you. But, I never read of any complaints about the Porsche edition (which also has the straight keys). It is a minor learning curve for us Bold users :)

Pretty much what I was expecting - it is the N when the virtual keyboard is active. Will be interesting to see how the Apps react.

Looks great. I love the lock screen and the keyboard. My only concern here is that with a 4x2 app grid, that would entail quite a but of scrolling left and right for apps

I'm looking at the lil dots at the bottom of the screen going across the icon set...looks like a lot of screens to thumb thru. Still...this phone looks really good! Now I have to choose which one to get. SMH, First World problems! LOL!

True, although if it's the same as the full touch a particular page can be jumped to without scrolling through them all. Small consolation but it helps. It bugs me that the dots overlap the icons a bit. I do hope there is an icon size option for the X series users.

yeah that's true. I think the compromise is a custom grid size for every user because otherwise its just too many pages regardless of whether you know what number exactly you need. And I also wonder how the active frames look like on this screen.

It is starting to become a difficult decision which of these 2 phones to grab. I like the use of the physical keyboard. I do like the looks of the Z10 as well.

Bigger screen would be better , 3.75in size would be perfect, plus the same keyboard like the bold 9900 or slight bigger keys to the bold.
Backing should be the same like the Z10.

This is definitely a Dev model ,

Hope this is the Dev Alpha C device. The final version needs the BlackBerry logo below the keyboard (too much space above the screen at the moment) and textured back - make it more similar to the Z10.

This doesn't look at all like a Bold BB10, It looks cheap like a Curve BB10. I would have liked it better to look like the TK Justice or Viktory. Even as a Curve BB10 I would have liked to see a bigger screen to see more apps, media etc. The disappointments just keep on coming.

I have to agree with you here. I don't find it "sexy" at all. Just because us QWERTY users are loyal, it doesn't mean we should expect anything less than something on par with the Z10 in a QWERTY device. I'm so hoping this is a Dev Alpha, especially since I can't stop staring at the TK Justice concept design, that I would RUN and STUMBLE to get my hands on. I understand from a business standpoint the focus being more on the full touch model, but this just doesn't do it for me. Attraction in all forms starts with the EYES, RIM!! It's all in and with the eyes...

THANK YOU! I'm so pissed I wanna punch the genius who decided going with the same old design was a good idea.

Oh, I know... I switched to an Android slider (with a horizontal keyboard that is NO WHERE near the greatness of the Bold 9900 keyboard) after my Torch 9800 bit the dust, but little did I know Android wasn't all it was cracked up to be. The reason why I decided to come back was of the BB keyboard, since it's a must for me, but damn. In launching a whole new OS, this is what they've got? I may as well just get that Bold 9900...

Don't get me wrong I love the 9900 keyboard, specially after coming from the small 9700. I will have to warn you though, the 9900 has so many glitches I don't recommend it at all! I just hope the BB10 version doesn't have the same problems (i.e. ramdom reboots, constant freezing, running out of RAM memory).

Thank you, yeah, unfortunately I've done my homework on the device after holding it in my hands in store, and I've read about the glitches, as well as the lack of a camera(really?). But at least the look of the phone, even with the 2.8in screen, and the silver boarder made it look pleasing to the eye, to where I'd give up my 3.7 in Android MyTouch 4G Slide, just to have that BB QWERTY. And mind you, aside from the flatter, rubber keyboard (ugh), the phone is made really well. I'm thinking (and hoping)that the above design is a Dev Alpha.

You guys gripe and whine like a bunch of old is nauseating to the read the comments some of you make everytime there is a screen shot of a device. You all did the same thing when the full touch was shown but then all began to say how lovely it looked. SHUT UP!!!!

Is this not the reasoning to why there is a comments field? It's great to hear feedback from everyone and how everyone is perceiving the images that are shown. With so many users with different habits it's very interesting to see the wants. No one is forcing you to read past the post so please don't tell anyone to "shut up" it's extremely rude.

What's also rude are comments like "I wanna punch Thorsten in the face", and calling the designers of the phone names(whether it is a final build or not), and acting like this phone's design just ruined their life. I think he was commenting on the exaggerated tone of the remarks and not the fact the phone may not have been their cup of tea. Constructive criticism is respectful. Bitching and whining, in that capacity, are for children.

As you are replying on my comment, I'm not sure where you came up with "I wanna punch Thorsten in the face" as I wouldn't dare say that! I did say to another commenter who went on to falsely accuse my design work methodology that I'd slap him, but he was being a daft prick and deserved it, lol. Not sure why he's reading past the post? clearly comments aren't his cup of tea!

Sorry I wasn't implying that you said you would punch Thorsten in the face, merely that they were said, in rebuttal to your remark about the poster telling people to "shut up" was "rude". The "punch Thorsten in the face" thing happened in the comments right above this one. I was sticking up for the guy telling people to shut up because they aren't just sharing their opinions of what they may dislike. They are insulting people as they do it. Not everyone is insulting but numerous people are and those people do need to learn to be adults or they should definitely STFU. Sorry about the confusion.

I was sure that I wanted the Z, but now I'm unsure. I'm still scared of the touchscreen keyboard though. So that may tip the balance.

I don't care what anyone says. This phone looks absolutely AMAZING!!

This is a BlackBerry phone. This screams BlackBerry on steroids. L series looks awesome but you can't tell its a BlackBerry from a few feet away. This phone however says. "I'm a BlackBerry and I'm a bad futha mucka" I like it...I like it a lot

This phone looks quite boring compared to the "BB10 QWERTY" and "TK Victory" concept renderings that we've seen in the past.

I'm still holding out for the slider.

Again, I agree with you. I drool over the TK Justice. Even the Victory, which I find to be flimsy looking, due to it being so thin and tapered, I'd take IT over what we see here.

There hasn't been any indication of a Slider format for BlackBerry 10. The Rogers Pre-Reservation is only for the Z10 at the moment. I'm in position 1100 because the Rogers site is sooo not mobile friendly.

I do wish the trackpad was on this model.
I have trouble with touch screens and if I had a trackpad (essentially a mouse) I could be more precise in clicking the screen. I waste too much time clicking a typed sentence fixing the typos on my SGS3 (only use it now to play games now) and clicking links that I do all my typing on my Bold 9900 and use the Open on PlayBook feature to browse.

I guess this is touch and type like the Bold models. But I suggest a bigger screen would be great, plus a slightly bigger keys to the bold and with the same backing with Z10 or an improve backing of the Bold 9790.

Better if this version could have a slight increase in width and much increase in length specially on the screen than the Bold 9900. I would rather see it as an improved version of the Bold series.

This would definitely cater to people, like me, who prefer touch and type devices rather than a full touch screen devices.

Hope BB would consider the need of people like us. Am pretty sure there a lot like us in the market.

This is disappointing to me. Come on, RIM, even the supposed white "Curve" model looks better than this. You're launching a whole new OS, and this is what you have for us? I understand trying to sway Android and Apple users with the Z10, but this is nuts! I may as well just get a Bold 9900; I love that QWERTY keyboard on it. I SO hope this is a Dev Alpha. If not, I'm holding out for a slider.

I am extremely disappointed with this phone, at this rate i'd rather go with the z10 or stay with my 9900 ... that screen just looks wrong for some reason and don't get me started on the back! Christ i hope this isn't the final model.. but in any case i'll only be able to properly judge it when it's in my hands..

P.S. has everyone noticed that the bottom of the phone is always hidden in the pictures, my guess is either there's a bar code indicating it's a dev alpha device or they're going to be branding these as ''bolds''

I guarantee everyone here that if they launch this it will be a major fail. The reason being that since it won't have the trackpad anymore you'll have to zoom in all the time to enter a password and such. I'm not personally attached to my trackpad and I like where RIM is going with the gestures but the screen is way too small to be surfing the web. Even now I have issues using it on my 9900 and hate it even though I love my 9900 but for BB10 I was totally expecting more. To be able to view pics, movies, youtube in landscape vs now. AYAYAY, RIM I love you but you're killing me! Please make something closer to the Victory or Justice design!

jamaican BB fanboy
I like the look of it. But to be honest I think the qwerty version will disappoint. I don't see how this will function without a trackpad. The full touch will sell like hotbread though.

Looks great. I'm assuming that the grid layout will be changeable like the Bold. Hopefully be able to get 5-6 icons in a row on the home screen. I'm definitely going for the all-touch, but if I know myself....I'll own both before long. :)

Love to see a side by side with the 9900/9930. I would buy it if they stretched it in both directions as I love my 9900 now!

See, I have a problem with this. That screen is definitely longer vertically, but looking at these pictures and my Bold 9930, I'm positive we lost some horizontal screen real estate. Get it right, RIM.

I am really glad that RIM isn't using this as their flagship device this time around, as much as I love my BB keyboard I also love the screen size of my 9810. The slider is nice, but I will be willing to scrafice the keyboard for that beautiful 10Z in a heart beat.

Hmm. This is so tough! I really like the BlackBerry keyboard...but I think I'm gonna be going with the Z10. I just don't think this one looks quite as lovely...

I please ask those of you that say you love this device not be blinded by your loyalty to the brand. You HAVE to admit this device just DOESN'T cut it, especially with the launching of an UNPROVEN OS. RIM, you haven't gone from rock bottom to Apple heights yet. Sure, the iPhone is simple looking too, but IOS is PROVEN, which is why their users camp out and stand on lines all around the world DAY and NIGHT to get the latest models. Apple users don't care what Android does, and people on those 2 platforms DISCOUNT BB altogether. I only considered coming back to BB cause they best fit my need for the keyboard, but seriously, this is it? Get with it, really, people!!

Is it that time of the month? settle down... i agree it doesn't look as nice as the touch device but i am sure that design will get better... the only thing that made me think this design-in-progress device is that the release of the qwerty device will be several weeks (and not few) as many people are hoping... so maybe we will see the touch device on feb and the qwerty device on march or later... but who knows...

I'm a proud Bold 9900 user and I knew this resolution was 720x720 meaning it was only going to increase in screen size with the trackpad and call buttons removed. I don't like it @ all. For this to be a rebirth and "come back" of bb, this hardware needed to be along the lines of the justice. Too much wasted space @ the top. 9900/9930 users would NOT feel like they've upgraded with this phone much despite the dope ass os. Ill be getting the Z10 version until they drop another qwerty version with taller screen. PLUS the phone itself looks small like a curve! Wth? No thanks.

THANK YOU! If we were all told right now that the TK Justice was going on sale in the morning, my ass would be camped out in the freezing cold right now, just so I could get my hands on it. This? Not so much...

Hmmm...still not sure. The back of the device isn't bad. The front...I'm not crazy about that straight keyboard. I love the "smiley" one on my Curve. If this is the final output, I'm going with the touchscreen with the predictive keyboard. Please say it ain't so, RIM, that is it! I prefer to have a QWERTY if I can help it.

OMG, where does one even begin? This is just terribly wrong. Sure the 99XX was/is a great looking phone, but c'mon RIM, shoot for the stars as you have done with your BB10 OS. This design just lacks dullness altogether and this could have been a way to bring newness back to RIM's most famous and favorited models.
Being top heavy looks like a loss of screen real estate (maybe decrease the friggin' BlackBerry logo). They could have taken further design cues from Porsche Design and followed the P'9981, but better yet align the design to the Z10 for some BB10 consistency. The way too curvy framing looks childish going forward.
On the back - this could just be a temp place holder, but the continued curving tear drop as mentioned above looks like it didn't go as planned.
For those saying that this is the Dev Alpha C, I'm highly doubting that as RIM is so close to the finish line (as in Jan 30th*) also there are applications as yet available in the Dev update. I'm thinking this is a leak from someone doing a carrier test. Everything I say is opinionated and *do not reflect any of my concept designs I have done in the past*

Omg, I've seen some of your concept designs for the device. Can I just say an unequivocal NO CONTEST? THANK YOU for the TK Justice. I salivate over that one.

That makes two of us! I have a refresh of the TK Victory and TK Justice along with the TK Nyx that's still under way. I hope everyone agrees with the changes...

Agreed...there's absolutely nothing stunning about this device. They totally missed on this one. All they can do now is drop a higher end model later this year with @ 3.5in screen. Smh...oh well. Z10 series, here I come (for now)! Lol

Had RIM hired you this wouldn't have happened. I'm sure there are parameters that need to be met, but I'm quite certain the mad dash to the drawing board has already begun.

My mad dash began back in October after the TK Justice. I would have loved to work on the design team and work together with the engineering team to bring a fashionable and aesthetic looking mobile to millions.

Hey digitalhomeboy! you still doing renders of bb10 concepts or has that ship left the port? As you may remember or not, I'm among the faithful in thinking the TK Justice had a better aesthetic and "wow" factor that the N Series seems to be lacking (at least in these leaked images - if that is what these are). That said, if you are still doing renders, you ever take requests? lol I have some ideas I would love to see you do your thing to!!!

Hey Doc, oh yes. My next TK design (TK6) will be called the TK Nyx. Gotta love the name. I'm back on the drawing board to change some kinks in the design to meet realistic levels. I don't want to be spammed here so send me a msg under the Contacts page - I like to keep things approachable and not too far distant.

I do agree your designs were a lot better then the final version but this is not the final version of the device. If you remember the Dev alpha A and B were Z10s in an ugly casing, this is the exact same thing its the X10 in a ugly case. As posted above if you check this link the back of this x10 device is clearly different and better then the one showed above, also there is no Dev alpha sticker on the one in this link.

Only 8 apps in the grid!! Really? I don't like the back, it looks like some cheap curve...n I'm baffled that there is more space where the logo is than there is on the 99xx...Too much wasted screen space there...the 99xx is fairly successful but for a company in the dust I was hopin for a more refreshing design..I'm unimpressed!

Pictures paint a thousand words, but physically holding this device in your hands and seeing how well the screen size is a + on this awesome OS will be the deciding factor.

I went from a Storm (my first BB) to a Storm 2 to a Bold 9930 and I fell in love with the keyboard. But it looks like I'm gonna go full touch screen again when BB Z10 comes out just so I can enjoy the full experience that BB10 has to offer. Doesn't look like the X10 is up to par. My 9930 is a much better looking phone than the X10

Agreed, I may as well just get a 9930, because I definitely won't be standing in line for this. I was thinking a straight QWERTY would be more convenient then a slider, having used a Torch 9800, but from the looks of it, I'll wait on a new M-Series model.

Which one is the M? I love my 9930 but there is only one design flaw and that is you have to take out the battery to take out the micro sd chip and mine snapped in half

I'll reserve my final judgement for when I see beautiful high resolution images, or the real thing itself. I'm getting the same feeling looking at these as I did when I first saw the Z10.

That's what I was thinking! It looks like a damn curve. Bb10 os is amazing. This hardware insults the software to me. Its like putting a hotrod engine in pinto. Stop with these little starter low end designs and slap everyone in the face with a monsterous qwerty that'll wow both casual and business consumers. Please!

Thought I'd be seeing something closely similar to the TK Victory design, a bit disappointing but, I'll keep my hopes up for the release in 2013.....#BB4LIFE

This is the big innovation you have for a brand new OS RIM? It wasn't enought to be disappointed with my 9900 now this garbage!

Dude, calm down. We get it; you hate the bloody phone. Repeating it a thousand times won't change it so get a grip!

Are you going to keep bitching and whining about the same thing over and over? We get it you dont have a go away.....

Looks like another boring BlackBerry. Same ol' same ol. Although I rather have a keyboard than an all touch, I also want it to look at least somewhat cool. This is just bleh. As much as it is the inside that counts, the outside matters a lot too. Just like with most everything else.

Probably might go with the full touch since it at least looks like I'm carrying around a modern phone.

I'll wait to see some official photos before settling on an opinion though.

Seeing such few icons has had an effect on me. My 9930 has 15 which seems reasonable to me.

I, too, will miss the trackpad, which I do use a lot. I hope the new OS has better fine-control functionality built in.

My plan is to wait just a bit after the introduction, partly because my 9930 is serving me very well and to hope someone introduces a slide-out keyboard accessory for the Z10.

Idea alert !!

For the Z10, a landscape slide-out keyboard using the 9930 / X10 keypad with a trackpad to one side and a pair of larger stereo speakers at the ends.... Hmmmm

The screen only looks marinally bigger than my 9900 screen - god, I hope I'm wrong - but it looks smaller than what's been shown in other pics here on CB.

Ok, don't bite my head off here....but....I don't understand why ANYONE would ditch their 99XX for this....I mean, if you have this QWERTY BB10, how are you going to do the cool word "flicking?" The screen looks just as small as the Bold....AND....the keys are straight, which I know many Bold users who are not too happy about that either.
I hate to say it, but I think this is BB's way of trying to phase out the keyboard without phasing out the keyboard if you know what I mean....they're going to offer a BAD ASS all-touch version, and then trot out this as your other....uh-hem...."option."

No one knows that to be fact, as of yet. You're ASSUMING it's superior. I, for one, don't care if BB15 OS is in play, if it's on a device that doesn't fit the billing of its supposed "superior" OS.

BB10 on the TOUCH version is superior. What I'm saying is that many of the BB10 features aren't even keyboard friendly. Think about all the L-series videos you've will you do all these things with the keyboard version? Oh yeah...touch the screen....then, why not just get the touch screen....which is what they want to do.
Based on the fact that it is gesture driven, which do you think BB10 is most likely designed for? Touch or keyboard?
How many of the main features are for touch? Can you peek with the keyboard? Can you go back and forth to the hub with the keyboard?
And without a trackpad, it will be even MORE necessary to take your finger off the KEYBOARD and.....that's right...touch the screen.
Perhaps I am just not seeing it, and you can explain to me specifically how this phone will be head-and-shoulders above a 99XX?

Ok everybody, I looked again, this is someone playing a joke on all of us. I don't believe this is the X10 it's too close in size to the 9900 with the exception of the straightened out keyboard and the trackpad erased... I hope ...

So far, 9900 wins. =P

This looks more like the new Curve than the new Bold!

I just looked at the TK Justice pics again, and I see why everyone wishes the new Bold to be just like it.


I'm sorry to say, but this looks like RIM is also abandoning the QWERTY device AND its loyal user base, in favor of an all "pomp-and-circumstance" full touch version, trying to compete with and sway Android users. Like I said, there is NO WAY a loyal Apple product user will ditch that buttery-smooth, fluid and classy interface and OS for the unproven BB10. RIM, you WON'T WIN in the battle against Android and Samsung! At least be loyal to your QWERTY base by offering us a top product. I see this as a total betrayal. Am I being dramatic? Maybe, but that's how I feel, as one who finds a QWERTY keyboard a NECESSITY and not just a perk. FAIL, RIM.

RIM is not abandoning the physical keyboard and Apple and Android started with an unproven OS and have done very well, RIM can do the same and will because BB10 is superior to anything on the market.

Again, don't be blinded for your love of the brand. Yeah, Apple and Android both started with unproven OS's. But while they improved, with IOS being the "standard", BB has gone progressively and steeply downhill. It's all well and good to try your hand at swaying at least those that were lost or chose to go to Android by offering a kickass touch model, but not at the expense of the loyal QWERTY base. The look of this device does not feel like one that's churning out a brand new OS. AND you're not taking into account that the whole OS experience, or part of it, will be a bit different on the QWERTY device. To me, it should LOOK and FEEL on par. This, isn't that.

Go full touch and get used to the new keyboard then come back to qwerty when something closer to justice or even victory comes out. Rim has so far proven they've been listening to consumers on what we've been wanting and I'm sure they'll hear the rumblings on this one too. Until then, get a Z10. That's what I'm doin

Full touch and I don't get along, so that idea is out the window. I may as well just stick with my Android slider until I see something better. AND, I was tempted by the Bold 9900 when I was in a store testing it out. This just doesn't cut it.

I've always had a qwerty and it looks like that chain will break when I go Z10. Sometimes u gota try new things in life. @ the end of the day, if I'm not feeling it (which I'm sure I will), ill eventually go back home to qwerty when that damn screen is @ least 3.5in diaganol. Smh

Lol, the smoothness and reliability of IOS makes me wish I was able to fully use the touchscreen. Unfortunately, all it would take to be part of that ecosystem is not in my budget. Believe me, I'd have been quite happy with a 4S, more so than even the 5. And I'm sure I'd be happy now with the Z10. But I really do need the QWERTY keyboard. So, it's either stick with the MyTouch 4G Slide I have now, or wait for the next N-Series model or even an M-Series model slider, since I've used the Torch 9800 before.

Bb10 will be way smoother than ios. Trust me. And waiting for another n series to drop can be almost another year. @ least til the 4th qtr maybe. I'm not waiting that long. Lol ill try not to brag too much when I'm sportin that Z10 while your still rockin that android. Lol

For a while I was adamant I'd never switch to full touch. Now I wish my Torch didn't have a slider. I'd upgrade now but I'm waiting until next year for Baby10.
It seems you're addicted to your keyboard like a smoker is to cigarettes. I've been in both worlds. No more smokes or keyboards. I've been set freeeee!

It doesn't make sense to get the full touch "because the QWERTY doesn't cut it".

All you're saying to RIM is "I know you've dropped the ball on the QWERTY device, but I don't care and I'll be a good little sheep and be herded to the full touch"

BB10 Torch slider. Keyboard. Touch screen. Trackpad. Build it. Do it now. Now. Five, four, three, two... do it now!

If so then stop listening, of course I mentioned it more then once since there's more then one person complaining thinking this is the final device, when it isn't.

The UI looks very "meh". I never liked the shadows around the icons on the Z10 .... but it looks even worse on the QWERTY version. I love BlackBerry, but every time I look at the icons I get a little worried ... and despite what many say, RIM doesn't seem to want to change them?

It's not a good sign when loyal BB users are saying they prefer a year and a half old phone to their new flagship QWERTY ... and the date of the first picture tells us that not a whole lot will be changing ...

Does anyone else think it's funny how the author said, "Those of you anxiously awaiting the QWERTY version of BlackBerry 10 will be more than happy when you get a look at these new photos?"
Guess not, huh?