New pictures of the BlackBerry Curve 9360 appear in the forums, confirm NFC

BlackBerry Curve 9360
By Michelle Haag on 9 Aug 2011 03:03 pm EDT

Forums member danny28 has gotten his hands on an unreleased BlackBerry Curve 9360 and posted up a bunch of pictures in the forums. We're happy to see that the new Curve is equipped with NFC which we've only seen on the Bold 9900 so far. Check out the rest of the pics after the break for some comparison shots with a Bold 9700, and let us know in the comments or the forums if you plan on picking up this device once it's announced and available.

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BlackBerry Curve 9360
BlackBerry Curve 9360
BlackBerry Curve 9360
BlackBerry Curve 9360
BlackBerry Curve 9360
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New pictures of the BlackBerry Curve 9360 appear in the forums, confirm NFC


Odd, according to RIM NFC was not in the new torch phones as it was to be introduced as a new feature in their flagship phone the Bold and now they release it in the Curve.

If you ask me, this is a way for RIM to convince potential customers to bite. The Torch line will sell on it's own merit. If the Curve is made and doesn't have a feature that bridges the gap then it will be a failure. So whoever wants NFC but doesn't want to shell out " Bold " prices, then comes the curve :o)

The obvious reason is that they wanted to make as few mechanical changes to the 9810 compared with a 9800 and as far as the 9850/60, weren't they leaked as storm 3 a lot earlier than the 9900 i.e. their design might have been finalised before Rim were sure they would include nfc.

i think so too because if you notice all devices (Including this one) have glowing trackpads and the 9810 didnt, so im assuming they started on that one first and it was probable already to late to change anything

I'm so disappointed on RIM, they didn't ge NFC nor the lighted up trackpad on their "Premium Phone" torch 9810, but they do on a Curve -.-", that's pretty odd.

Must be the candy bar shape that makes it good for NFC, which explains why the 9850/60 didn't have it, but not why the 9810 wouldn't. The 9810 has a really flat back plate.

I still believe that it was a form factor issue. The curve and bold have similar shapes so it makes sense that they both happen to have it. Not to mention that, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I would believe that the top selling phones for RIM would be the BOLD as flagship and CURVE as economical.

your right about the flagship and economical part but why would they give NFC only to these two devices is beyond me. It doesn't make sense that the cheapest BB has a feature that the midrange doesn't.

no touchscreen, just standard curve..

browser is fast.....and now has a progress bar (pretty sure i didnt have one on os6)

Awesome! I suspect the new Curve and Curve Touch will come to No-Contract carriers like Virgin Mobile and Boost next year - can't wait!

full os7... inside is a Tavor MG-1 processor, according to the core frequency screen, running up to 806mhz....

has a 480x360 screen...

more to be revealed ;-)

My BB have all the apps i need! No one is gonna die because there are no stupid useless apps on the App World.

You are allowing RIM to dictate what apps u need. Still too many god dam phones that do the same thing. Push email.

RIMM does need to improve the apps but they have moved in that direction. However, when I look at the excitement over these phones, especially with my android buddies, I know your are calling it way too soon.
Blackberry is going to STRIKE BACK! Go RIMM!

Very Cool. The little guy seems to be nicely equipped. I'm hoping for the Bold but this guy should make many happy customers.

do i have left?? erm, no, only one i have....

got 132mb space left, but have not shrunk os...

and no, not touch screen

aaahh yes, finally gonna get my warm fingers on that phone. In time for my trip overseas. Now Im gonna have torch 9810 and curve 2. That was a longgggg xtended wait. Thank you crackberry n everybody


Thanks Danny. I love the Curve line, I have two and they have never done me wrong. If I can't afford the Bold I like this guy. It all depends on what Verizon charges.
Thanks for sharing.!

So...they put NFC, a feature RIM said was ONLY gonna be on the Bold, on the Curve and pretty much ignored the Torch line....



(And yes, I know the reasons WHY they did it. That's not gonna stop me from thinking that it's a mistake)

SS =__=

build quality is great.... no creaking unlike my old 9780

battery life is good... full charge last night @ 11pm..

spent all day at work bbm'ing, browsing,FB... 60 min phone call and its now 7.30pm and still 38% left...