New photos of the BlackBerry Torch 9850 & 9860 emerge with Verizon branding

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By Michelle Haag on 22 Jul 2011 03:04 pm EDT

We've seen evidence of the BlackBerry monaco coming to Sprint, and rumor of it hitting Verizon as well, and today we got further confirmation via pictures posted on BerryCN. They have posted up a ton of pictures of the BlackBerry Torch 9850 (CDMA) and 9860 (GSM), highlighting the major difference: the buttons! According to these images, the 9850 is going to have the physical buttons we've seen in other photos, and the 9860 will have the capacitive buttons a la the Storm 2. More pictures and video can be seen after the break, with the full gallery at the link below. Thanks for the tip dsquared2

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BlackBerry Torch 9850
BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry Torch 9850/9860 Verizon
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New photos of the BlackBerry Torch 9850 & 9860 emerge with Verizon branding



You got it wrong. The 9860 will have the buttons. The 9850 will not have them. Look at the end of each video when he shows the device info screens. The vid with buttons is indeed the GSM version 9860, while the all touch is labeled with CDMA 9850.

I'm not sure if someone already said this in the posts, but I wasn't gonna jump through each one due to there not being an update labeled in the post.

Either way, I'm eager to get my hands on these phones.

Definately! I wish they had the 8GB of internal memory like the 9900 though but still definitely my next phone. Don't care about front facing camera, would never use it, but the more memory the better.

They do look pretty I'll definitely agree with you there. I'm a little worried if they will FEEL as nice as they look though. The front is clearly all plastic and that kind of turns me off a bit when there are so many new phones doing some awesome stuff with glass like the HTC Sensation and Nokia N9. kind of feels like a step backwards from the Storm and Storm 2 to have a plastic face.

The back looks classy though. All chrome bezeltastic and aluminum.

You can't really be doubting the ability of RIM to make high quality buttons can you? They sound like they click just like the regular BlackBerry keyboard buttons do.

Looks nice and smooth and fast though but I seriously doubt it will silence the critics as visually not enough departure from OS 6 and the icons look as though some one got half way through redoing them and then said "fuck it, good enough, I'm tired of this shit" and just stopped. Half are totally unchanged from OS 6 and it looks halfassed. Get TAT on that shit ASAP and get them to do every single icon and graphic on the whole phone and call it 7.1 and get it out the door by Christmas.

Honestly, I'm not concerned with the fact of it's near identical appearance to OS 6. It works FAR BETTER than anything OS 6 had to offer. The 9900 browser beat out the iPhone 4. The phones is incredibly smooth and visually appealing. Significantly more powerful processors and specs on all of the new models. There is a lot to be happy about and hardly any reason to complain about something that can easily be changed with a theme.

Jeez I'm getting sick on new devices leaks...they seems already old old news and still they havent been released yet. What's new that we havent seen like a gazillion times?

Let's hope this comes to T-Mobile.

Did the battery cover sound like metal when he dropped on the table/desk?

I hate being teased like this...I am due for my New Every Two on July 30...I hope these phones come out no more than two weeks after that date so I can get one. I been dying for a new Blackberry for a year.

Make sure you go to Verizon and do a battery pull. Let's see how long that bad boy takes to turn on. If it takes more than a minute, it's the same BS phone.

The carrot continues to be dangled in our face. Still waiting on the overdue Bold Touch 9900. By the time they are released the iPhone 5 or (4S) will be released and that doesn't help RIM's marketshare...

Weird - we've already seen the AT&T version with the physical buttons on a recent leak. ATT and Tmobile both HSPA+. Now VZW with physical buttons on CDMA. So who's getting the nice one w/o the buttons? It lloks like physical buttons on the VZW phone? But post says no. Maybe it's my eyes.

The GSM/HSPA+ 9860 has the physical buttons the CDMA/GSM version has the capacitive buttons. The videos are mislabeled. If you pause the video labelled 9850 at 8:50 you will clearly see the phone is the 9860 and there is no mention of CDMA. Same with the other video around the 6:42 mark you see the phone says 9850 and CDMA. Some one just swapped the back covers from the two phones but it seems those of us waiting on the Global HSPA+ version better get used to physical buttons. Personally I like em so it's all good to me, it just needs to get out the door next month or I don't know what I'll do, i can't wait much longer for a new BlackBerry. If they don't come out soon I might have to do something crazy like Import a Nokia N9 to play with for 7 or 8 months while I wait for QNX phones. Don't want Android, iOS or Windows and had the current WebOS hardware even though the OS is really nice. I'd like to stick to BlackBerry though in spite of the sacrifices

The second vid (9860) does have Verizon branding on the back, but it doesn't say CDMA on the About screen and the 9850, the one without physical buttons, does. Did they swap the branded battery cover?

EDIT: Vids are mislabeled, btw... first video is 9850, second is 9860.

Sure are... thanks for catching that, I really didn't want to get the one with physical buttons. So I'm glad to see that the 9850 is the CDMA one that will replace my Storm2.

Now I can stop worrying about how bad the one with physical buttons looks. Now I can begin to complain about how it is not a 4G LTE. No wait, I've been complaining about that the whole time.

RIM, what happened that you couldn't make 4G version of your newest lineup?!?!?!?!

I don't like the physical buttons so the capacitive buttons are a nice alternative. I love the big screen, I want to get a 9930 but if the screen is too small for me then the 9860 will do. Does anyone know the specs on these?

Cool I need to know when the VZW touch screen blackberry is coming out. LOL my storm2 needs a serious upgrade. I hope it comes out in August or Early September...

Cool, but ONCE AGAIN, no browser demonstration! You can see in the video that it was deliberately avoided. That's supposedly the one major upgrade from OS 6, and none of these OS 7 leaks ever shows the browser. Everything in these videos (from a software standpoint) might as well be OS 6. Oh, and of course we don't get any kind of release date or even an official announcement. More of the same BS! More of the same...

The browser was used in the video of the torch with physical buttons, wasn't it? I thought the person visited the blackberry site and some other site with videos...

If they are smart and actually are preparing to launch the way of the future then YES. If they are not smart and feel like pissing off everyone forcing us to leave then NO

All these acquisitions better be for a good reason that we can all benefit from. It would be very stupid on their part to make us wait so long for devices that are never going to be upgradeable to what they are promoting to be the way of the future for RIM.

Then they're stupid, because both CEO's on numerous occasions have already said that none of the OS 7 devices will upgrade to QNX. It's been confirmed multiple times, but for some reason everyone keeps bringing it up as a possibility.

You do also realize that none of the OS 6 devices will even upgrade to OS 7, and that's a relatively small change. The plan is to have both OS 7 and QNX out simultaneously in 2012. QNX will be the new flagship, while OS 7 will be the "cheaper" workhorse and third world "flagship".

The ridiculous wait for these OS 7 devices is what's killing RIM right now, and it's looking like it might be too little, to late at this point. The iPhone 5 and Android ice cream sandwich will overshadow all of this. If only these OS 7 devices were launched in June and July...

@Camera531- Actually that's not a bad idea having both OS7 and QNX. When you think about it makes sence and that will thrust them into Smartphone supremacy once again because that's how Nokia became #1 Phone maker in the serving to the poor. I'd like to add that I'd like to see a new version of the Style but in GSM (preferable T-Mobile) and remodel it.

and no screen shot of the available APP MEMORY. Poor demo. I just hope it's a good phone. I am so sick of this ancient 9530 that I keep carrying around. And I can't wait for these yahoos at RIM to get their QNX stuff done, I need a new phone now.

I have a 9530 myself and am definitely going to be picking up this new Torch. I would love a QNX phone, but 6+ more months with my current phone ain't gonna happen. BB0S7 and the faster hardware is still gonna feel like a great upgrade.

@CrackBerry if you pause at around 6:34 in the video labeled 9860 (GSM) the About screen says CDMA. But the phone has capacitive buttons.

The phone in the video labeled 9850 (CDMA) the About screen does NOT say CDMA, however it has the Verizon battery door and the phone has physical buttons.

I'm guessing since this is being tested in Asia, the man switched the battery doors by accident.

I'd rather the flat buttons. Physical buttons scare me as water may seep through the cracks. Phones in general are so sensitive to moisture and humidity.

These phones look very snappy and will definitely feel like an upgrade to Storm users. Yeah, that's me! I'll be very happy for at least a year. I'll certainly upgrade to a newer phone within 20 months as stuff will have evolved beyond the current technology. QNX is still down the road, so I won't worry too much about it. It will be better, of course, but that's still almost a year away. I'm assuming a May 1st launch.

Again, I think RIM should design their products to meet specific consumer buying dates: December 1st (Christmas), August 1st (Back to school), and May 1st (Graduation). It is so important to give consumers choice when they have money to spend, and reasons to spend it. Christmas is a given! It's unfortunate that the QNX devices will be later, but they'll hopefully be ready for May 1st.

I would like capacitive better but are you sure the gsm variant has capacitive buttons, because it looks like the person playing with the phones is pressing too hard for them to be capacitive (if that makes sense)

In other news, the Winnipeg Jets released their new logo today and it rocks! They did it faster than RIM can get new phones to market.

Compared to the Storm series, these phones are ridiculously amazing. I don't know why some people are hating on these phones. They are very quick, have a nice screen and hardware.

OS 7 may not be a radical departure from OS6 but that's hardly a bad thing.
OS7 seems even smoother than android and the OS looks nicer than android (in my opinion).
The only other thing android has going for it is the apps, and other android phones may have better specs.

The future phones running QNX will probably be better than the earlier models, but there is nothing wrong with these. It doesn't mean OS7 is garbage. It looks fast!

This is the perfect phone for me as it is a super-fast touchscreen blackberry with a fast browser. That's all I and almost every other storm user basically wanted. A front-facing camera, big-name apps, and some other features are not the necessary for me (although they would be nice). BBM, work email integration, fast browser over "4G" , decent camera, nice touchscreen and all those Blackberry OS menu button goodies that make BB phones seem limitless in communication functionality is what I need.

They should have enough memory to prevent any spinning clocks of death (keyword: SHOULD). Good job RIM! But I really really hope you keep it up!

I got excited when I thought a Verizon branded Torch 2 slider was caught on video. Watching more videos of the Monza cements my choice to go with the Bold Touch when it hits Big Red. That is, unless RIM comes through with a Torch 2 for Verizon...

it all good and gravy thou, but one question keeps going on in my head, if they're american companies branded phones, why are they being tested, or released for testing somewhere in asia (as per the language on the phones) ??? that only makes me think that they could possibly be knock off, running on leaked versions of os7, RIM needs to make an official statement and at the very least aknowledge this devices are comming, we can't keep living of scraps and that's what this teaser vids and photos are starting to feel like, anybody else with me on this??

are you guys sure that the one with keys isn't the blackberry touch and the one without isn't the curve touch? after all, they did say there's two full touch models coming on the CDMA roadmap a while back didn't they?

Whatever. RIM is done. As a long-time Blackberry enthusiast, this saddens me. By the time these phones even sniff the market, everyone will have iPhone5 and tons of new Android options, many of them with 4G (which these phones quite obviously will not). Also, no idea why they have completely abandoned the Pearl line, which was at one point one of their most popular models and really was responsible for getting them into the mainstream of casual consumers. Just bad business plans all around.

Personally the new torch i got some mixed opinions for it. For one I got the torch 9800 currently and I love it. The problem by the looks of this device and the torch in general is when you slide it open its like a foot long. But that' s really the big dis advantage to it for me overall. The 9850 looks a bit longer too overall and I personally wouldn't like that.

I love this phone, I actually prefer the 9860 because of the actual buttons and I can press distinguish them in the dark. I used the Galaxy and I hated not being able to tell where the button I was looking for was. I also hope they add (or in the near future) Swype as well as to the Playbook. Lastly, I was VERY impressed with the browser but it really is about time they add flash and add the ability to disable it as well.