New: PhoneFace Speed Dialer for BlackBerry!

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Aug 2008 10:40 am EDT

Electric Pocket has just released a fun new BlackBerry app.... PhoneFace Speed Dialer!

PhoneFace's easy interface makes it a snap to flick through your favorite contacts with your trackball, then press the ball to start a call, send a text or compose an email. PhoneFace shows full color photographs of your friends, or you can pick a picture from the included art to represent your buddies.

Best of all, if you are a Facebook user, PhoneFace will go online and find your friends Facebook picture! That's right - you'll get the picture they chose on their Facebook profile right there on your Blackberry - how's that for a conversation starter! Features:

  • Get fast access to the people you call most often.
  • Pick full color, full screen pictures from your BlackBerry or storage card.
  • Connect to Facebook to find the best pictures of your friends.
  • Take photos with your BlackBerry camera.
  • Pick from included images for home, office, sweethearts and more.
  • Flick to the friend you want to call with your trackball.

You can pick up a free trial or buy PhoneFace for $9.95 from Give it a go and let everyone know what you think in the comments!!

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Reader comments

New: PhoneFace Speed Dialer for BlackBerry!


No, doesn't replace phone book, its best used as fast way to call the few people you call or text most often... works especially well when you map it to a side-button, or turn the "add PhoneFace to all menus" option on.

For the moment, PhoneFace (optionally) pushes these photos into your address book, so they show (albeit small) when a call comes in. We'll be looking to add full screen pictures in a future release!

Looks like a cool app and easy to use which is good. I wonder how much space its takes up. My damn Pearl with it's limited memory.

i have a problem appear this message :
uncaught exception: java.lang.ilegalargumentexception

what can i do ?

i have a bb 8120 with

ok so i gave in and bought it and I have to say i like it so far easy to use and very clear on how to use it
i wouls recoend it .....

Good idea! Works like the description; simple, intuitive. Good feature, allowing one to search through all folders in card as well as RAM to select pictures. Downloaded trail yesterday - fully intend to buy it. The only negative comment is the low quality of the sampled pictures, but it's good enough to work with. Perhaps future versions could have improved image display.'s a memory hog. By far, the worst memory hog I've ever had on my phone. Before I downloaded this I had 24 mb free on my BB Pearl. After downloading and adding 10 contacts...17 mb, and after just scrolling thru the pics and playing with it for just 2 minutes, 14 mb!!! I'd love to keep this, the interface is beautiful and the scroll effect is top-notch, but it's eating my phone's precious memory slowly away =)

when I go to the icon I get this message...

Uncaught exception

Whats going on ???
I have tried reinstallng and rebooting but it will not work at all

Went to Blackberry's website and found this information for fixing the problem above. It worked!

Here is the link for the website:


Uncaught exception java.lang.illegal argument received when sending SMS messages on the BlackBerry device

Doc ID : KB13378
Last Modified : 2007-07-16
Document Type : Support

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BlackBerry® devices


When attempting to send Short Message Service (SMS) messages from the BlackBerry device, the BlackBerry device user receives the following Java® error:

uncaught exception java.lang.illegal argument exception


First, perform a full backup of the BlackBerry device data:

Connect the BlackBerry device to the computer using the USB cable.
Open BlackBerry® Desktop Manager, and then double-click Backup and Restore.
Click Backup.
Save the backup file.
Run the application loader tool and erase all data on the BlackBerry device:

In BlackBerry Desktop Manager, double-click Application Loader.
Click Next.
On the Device Security Password screen, type the BlackBerry device security password, and then click Next.
On the Device Application Selection screen, click Next.
On the Completing the Application Loader Wizard screen, click Advanced. The Device Data Preservation screen is displayed.
Select the Erase all application data check box, and then click Next.
Select Do not automatically back up and restore the device application data during the loading process, and then click Next.
Click Finish. The BlackBerry device resets. This might take several minutes.
Warning: Once the BlackBerry device is backed up, do not restore the data.


Additional Information
If the issue persists:

Test using a different Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card in the BlackBerry device
Test using the existing SIM card in a different BlackBerry device