New: PatternLock for the BlackBerry Storm

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Apr 2009 10:45 am EDT

A new app popped up over the weekend for the BlackBerry Storm that has attracted a lot of attention within the Storm forums. PatternLock, by Tafasa, offers a new and fun way to lock your BlackBerry Storm...

The lock screen shows 9 dots in a 3x3 grid. Before using PatternLock, you define what your lock pattern will be. The next time you see the lock screen, you trace your finger in the pattern you defined before and your device will unlock. Any other pattern and in any other order will not unlock the device. The application allows you to either use the default wallpaper or to pick a different background image stored on your device. You can even set it to autolock the device whenever you turn it on. You can also set it to autolock when the device is inactive for a time period of your choosing.

Take note that this will not replace the BlackBerry lock functionality when pressing the lock button. Tafasa recommends you assign this application to a convenience key for easy access, or you can rely on the autolocking system. An icon is also available so that you can easily lock from the homescreen. [ Note: if you intend to use the autolock feature, you should disable the built in BlackBerry automatic password lock as it will still lock your device (even if automatic PatternLock is enabled). If you require maximum security for your device, you should use the built in BlackBerry password lock. ]

PatternLock sells for $2.99, but if you purchase it via the CrackBerry App Store on your device you can get it for 99 cents until April 20th (no coupon code required).

Reader comments

New: PatternLock for the BlackBerry Storm


This app is one of the most useful and functional apps with a very fair price! It is right up there with quicklaunch and soft reset!

Best 3rd Party Locking application. Now, if DMG and Tafasa could just get together and combine the coding of Tafasa's app with the UI of DMG's slidelock...

the update to 1.0.1 added more time intervals and a few more options. I just hope they can add the ability to cross over another dot thats already been used. The fact that Tafasa has found a way to integrate this is awesome and opens the possibility to more apps like this such as the stormslider!

I set it up to 10 seconds autolock and when i press the unlock button i see the patternlock.


Am I missing something.. You just added an extra step to unlock your phone?
So I have to press the convenience key to launch the app AND swipe my finger in a certain pattern to unlock? Seems more cumbersome than pushing the unlock button.

Is this a pure coolness factor app?

it is actually a security unlock. u really dont have to set the convienece key as the new update you can set it to 10 seconds to activate. you just press the lock button and in 10 seconds if you go to unlock with the lock button its already activated.

The pattern lock is cool, but it has been around a while. It's been on the G1 for a while and future Android phones. I first saw it on a video review back in January. Hope Blackberry owners enjoy as much as I have on my G1.

I remember it from my back in 2004/2005 when I had it for a Palm 3. I was wondering when someone would make it for the Storm. Good to have for people who don't like entering a password or can't remember a truly secure password.

Ive had this from the hour it launched and because i have broken the original lock button you cant get any better than this. Its at least 10 times faster than the normal lock and yes i do have it on the side key

looks pretty nifty. but im gonna stick with the bb password lock. so i dont have to waste a convenience key on it, since theres already a lock button and all.

yes it would be a waste of a convenience key for me. because i enjoy clicking one button and my phone being locked. you can use as many buttons or icons as you please :)

Hmm...a swipe-based lock on a touchscreen phone...unless you clean the screen every single time, it's got to be pretty easy to follow the smudges and unlock. Seems fairly useless.

haha, pretty clean actually but unless you cover your fingers with talcum powder, smudges are pretty unavoidable. I find that the "naked" screen does pick up a lot of smudges, and the screen protector from Verizon doesn't help out a lot...

I like this application for the flows well going from one dot to another...Addressing the smudge on the screen factor...if it was the only app that I touched the screen to open, then you probably could see the pattern, however, I unlocked the phone, checked weather, checked my schedule, etc. With all of those smudges, you couldn't make out any pattern on the screen. As well, any sensitive info on my Storm is protected with a password from that particular app. However, to get into the phone with this form of security for me is quicker...A nice update to this program would be to be able to touch a dot that has already been touched to complete a pattern if you so desired. For 99 cents, this app. is OK by me. As well, I used MeterBerry to check for memory far it has been negligible after several hours of use.

So I bought this thing but I guess I am a novice to downloading apps onto the storm via DM. When I downloaded, it was saved as a jab file. What am I doing wrong??

if you already havent deleted it from your phone there is a link in the email!! i did the same thing. follow the prompts

I love this app...even though I wish it was free...damn G1-ers get their apps for FREE...anyhow the app is great...i changed my "left convenience key" to PATTERN LOCK..this allows me to lock to phone at the touch of a button..try it, its great!


hey everyone, i do not have a credit card to charge a $.99 app for my storm, so could anyone send me the zip files or a copy of patternlock and in return ill pay with paypal or some other way. thanks so much!!!!!!! :)

Other than some lag this app works great (cant go too fast when swiping your pattern) and for those out there who are concerned about wasting a convenience key watch the video again. you can set it to go on automatically when your phone blacks out or on a time delay. something that all other lock features i have tried are missing. one up on this would be accessing the lock key with the app. can't wait to see that.

i had the feature on my G1. no one can fool around with ur phone with the pattern lock on( nosey boyfriend/girlfriend lol

have they found a way to route it so that you do not need to have two keys on the storm devoted to locking the phone?

I would get this app if i could lock the phone w/out having a convenience key devoted to it since there is already a lock button on the phone...

i really hoped this type of lock would come to BB after i saw it on the G1

Great secure way to keep the content on your blackberry private, without the hassle of having to enter a password with the keyboard every time. when I push my device into my tight pockets or its flip case I might catch the lock button. Not good. Pattern lock prevents this whether the lock button gets hit or not...It's slow? nope My screen settings are all at their highest and from from the end of my unlock swipe to the phone being ready is less than a second (this is with other apps running in the background) No lag, no bugs. I have stopped using themes on my device as I think these contribute to the phone running more slowly, my 9500 is a LOT less laggy and bugged without them (I am on Vodafone UK 9500 using v113) Rip off of G1? Get over it and stop being so petty. It's an app that works and works well. How many other apps are similar or exactly the same as apps on other devices?! Only fanboys come out with statements like this! You DONT need to assign a key to this! I run it from my home page like you would the original lock and it works mint. In a sea of useless buggy apps this is one of the very best !

if u already purchased it, and have since got a new phone, example through insurance or something like that how do i get the app back that i already purchased?

Guys...i am new member on this site..While purchasing Patternlock app i was asked to accept for the international duties for shipping.

Can anyone help me in telling what is this duties?
I am currently in Ausralia, Melbourne.

i love this app. i enjoy using my pattern and i love the fact that if i lose my phone there is a good chance whoever finds it won't be able to see any of my private information. great app