Leaked: OS for 9500 and for 9530

By Adam Zeis on 3 Sep 2009 10:17 am EDT

More OS love floating around early this morning. Storm users get all the glory today, as OS for the 9500 and for the 9530 popped up on the interwebs overnight. Not the newest OS versions, but still some fun to play around with for Storm users. Check out the links below to download.

*Be sure to go to Control Panel > Add/Remove after installing and remove RIM Internal Tool if the application is present*

*OS Disclaimer - This is an unofficial release. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *

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Leaked: OS for 9500 and for 9530


How it reacts. I will download but not use yet. FB probably won't work, but there is a new one of those coming out soon.

A1 is a carrier in Austria. This not a beta version. This a carrier approved/certified version.

As per acnt's comment above this is NOT BETA. Its an OFFICIAL release from A1 carrier in Austria.

I installed but it does not read the new software in desktop manager. What am i doing wrong? Do i need to install the version without the extra RIM tools?

I must say. Ive been with crackberry for about a year now. Read everything and upgrade everytime there is a leak. So far this is The Best leak yet. It is super fast. I mean instant. So far everything works like a charm. Only time will tell.

Good news - I am downloading it but not sure if I want to install. Last update, the camera stopped working.

Ultra fast. The transitions (zoom in, zoom out) from .151 are a ton smoother, and can really be noticed on this build. So far, that's the biggest difference. The speed, all around, is noticeable too.
One thing I am getting though is every time I start the phone, it seems I send a message with "Device Status Information" to a certain e-mail address. That can't be good, can it? Anyone know what I did wrong?

Is it to a quincy ? if it is , it is sending a restart report to there server. If this is happening you forgot to delete the recomended files

It's probably because I downloaded it with RIM Tools. When you push the blackberry button, you get a "BugReport" button too. For anyone wondering which version to DL, I would imagine go with the version WITHOUT RIM Tools.

All is good so far. A noticeable performance increase. The transition when closing a program has improved.

Everything seems to work great, still have Facebook and BB messenger so that is a plus. lol Only thing is that the restore process failed to reload all of my SMS and email messages and gives me an error everytime i retry. Any suggestions on what is causing this error?

well i see that the upgrade for the 9500 is official and should have no problems but how is the 9530 responding? is the OS stable or does it have a load of bugs. any any try it out yet

I just installed the "mirror w/o RIM Tools." Everything is working fine. Facebook, Poynt, Stormlock, Camera (faster, Weatherbug, AppWorld and memory is running at 42.2 MB of Application Memory. Transitions are very much improved over My advice.......UPGRADE NOW!

Is anyone having problems viewing email after installing? The notification symbol is there but when i go into the email folder it shows No Message.

I am having that problem too. It appears in my "overall message" folder, but Not in my specific email folder...?????? So far that seems to be the only issue, otherwise it is nice!

go to options, advanced options, host routing tables , hit blackberry key, then register now. that should do it

I am having the same issue with my emails. It seems to show up on the actual email icon, but when I open up my email it is empty, but inside of my All message folder it works fine. A little annoying, but as u stated it everything else works fine. Much faster. Also what version did you download .167, .167 mirror, or .167 mirror w/o RIM tools?

The only problem i have is when I recieve a text I can open it with the today on my theme but it doesnt show up in my sms folder. Just rebooted and seeing if that fixed it. Anybody else have that problem?

Never mind....I just read jessysshameless posting above. according the him/her, BBM 5.0 is working. I may have to install this one tonight. Would rather go with the, but sort of like using my camera and FB.

everything works on it even BBM 5.0. It runs fast and smooth. it looks like 3rd party aps work on it also. i just used quick pull and works fine. definetly worth a download. I used the one with the RIM tools removed.

I have the hybrid installed on my 9530, and in the hybrid are files using .167 files. I have been using the hybrid for 2 weeks now.

after three or four battery pulls its pretty smooth...vibrate and sounds wouldnt work originally as well as I couldnt edit my calendar..now both work

Does anyone know if BBM 5.0 works with OS
And if it does, does anyone have the link for BBM 5.0 for the storm 9530?

I'm running and BBM 5.0 runs very well. Not sure about 167. I got the link to BBM 5.0 somewhere here on CrackBerry several weeks ago. Have you searched the forums for it?

No i haven't, I'll search for it right now actually. i just wanna make sure if it works well or not cause i dont want my phone freezing on me every 2 seconds. i just finished downloading .167 and its really fast. there's a huge difference in the speed in which the applications open and close. its worth it

I just installed .167 a few hours ago from running .151 and am loving it so far. cam/video/apps & BBM 5.0 r working just fine. So YES to everyone asking if 5.0 BBM works on the new .167 leak.

Alex32 -- you're on a 9530, correct?

Other than quicker transition speed, are you noticing any other significant changes yet?

Web browsing is quicker/switching from app to app much faster/taking pics much quicker. Overall ill stick to this update till the official 5.0 comes out. I downloaded the 5.0 leak and i didnt like @ all. .151-.167 are by far the best OS ive downloaded yet.

Much faster: camera, transitions, overall

BAD: "Uncaught exception error each time bat pull
No alert sounds coming through
Emails cannot be found in individual email folder
SMS show new, but cannot find messages in any folder
Cannot update/edit calendar (won't save)

Going back to .151. Fast/smooth transitions are not worth all these other glitches/fails.....

ok, the only alerts to come through are for BBM and phone. I get no alerts when i receive emails, SMS, facebook.

Using stock tones, no customs.????

Any ideas?

I don't have any of these issues. I've also tried it with custom ringtones/sounds, and also tried creating my own custom profile.

Anyone get a chance to try Pandora or Slacker on a 9530 to see if they run more than a few minutes without crashing?

I removed the vendor file from the program file...phone would not update. I restored the vendor file back to the program file and the update went smoothly!

This is a lame question from Portugal: What are the languages avaliable in a leaked OS? Can I put it in portuguese?

Thank You! :D

Overall a great build!!! The overall speed of my berry has increased close to x2 fold. All 3rd party apps work fine.

Only problems I encountered was during the restoration of my applications and other device settings. DM solved this problem later after installation and two bat pulls

install working nice the camera works really nice the music plays all email folder are there.
the only thing that not working is the back up and resync of the back up
bbm5.0 works great
sound is working
screen lock way faster now
everythings seems find i off to work going to see and let you guys know what else i find

because I got a database error. Something wrong with Tasks. Could not sync Tasks with Outlook. Tried restoring and it would crash with an error code on Tasks and said to refer to documentation. Wiped and tried again, still failed. Went back to 151 and could reload the database without a problem.

I thought was the latest and greatest? sounds like a "downgrade" to 5.0. Other than not having a camera I'm lovinggggg the 5.0!!!! It's about time the SMS chat "conversation" showed up!

So, why are they posting now??

I was having the problem with the desktop manager not finding the update. I took "Sailmaker's" advice and kept the vendor file and it finally worked! Updating now! Thanks a bunch Sailmaker.

I haven't been able to enter my key it will not switch to letters. Anyone else?

Also no sounds on email notifications.

I'm a little confused with these leaks in general. It seems that they always change what languages are available. I used to have Russian on my phone but have been living without it for awhile, i use German almost as much as English but that's been around almost every update. I am now in a Russian course in school and would very much love the Russian keyboard again. I have this leak opened in my app loader and it appears that the only languages are English, German, Italian,French, and Spanish.. before i go through the whole install process is there a way i can add Russian to this? Thanks in advance.

Does this work? Any issues? Who has updated their Storm OS. Def want to try it but want to hear what others think first.

SO, this was the first time i have EVER installed a leaked os and i must say it is AWESOME, i did my phone first which worked out pretty good. i had to go back on to DM and restore my data which was no biggie. I dont know why but i still only start up at 32 MB of app but the phone is so quick now and all sounds work.

My wifes Storm was running very slow and crappy the last few weeks so i just installed it on her phone to. She has been very very mad at it lately because it was always so slow but now it seems to be very very very fast and everything works on it also. She starts up with 47.5 Mb of app memory!!!!! I have no clue how.

Overall, everything works on both storms very well. Im very pleased with this and the CB tutorials were great. Made it easy to install this. I just wish i could start up with as much memory as hers, but in the 5 hours ive been messing with my phone i have only lost .3 of a MB running this OS.

Get it while you can!

If you happen to have downloaded the .167 with the Quincy Bug Reports you can use CrackUtil App from your PC to delete them from the OS without having to completely reinstall the new version .167 without it. You must delete the the Quincy files as well and the the bug report files.

.167 IS FREAKING AMAZING. Only had it for about 20 mins but WOW the speed is ridiculous. Havent had any issues at all. Everything works. Camera works very quickly....going to different apps works great as well. I have BBM 5.0 and no issues either. I did noticed that it downloaded whats called Battery log and Quincy in my downloads file. Dont knwo what they are and am not sure if i need it.

Def. Recommend the new update. Also just realized and am starting to like the feature where if you are in any screen besides the home screen and you do not touch the phone for a while that after about 30 sec. or more it automatically goes to the homescreen. Great feature.

THis OS definetly makes the phone work smooth and quick. Scrolling through my photo album is like as smooth as a Iphone no lag whats so ever. Just do it download it!!

Anyone else having problems with saving changes to your calendar with this OS? When I installed it, none of my calendar entries made it over, but I was able to sync up with google sync. However, I can't get my 9530 to save changes made to my BB calendar. I've done 3 or 4 battery pulls now and it's still not working.

I used CrackBurglar's OS Install post -- great stuff. I also used Lyricidal's Shrink-a-OS, but didn't mess with the calendar while installing.

I had 13 stations cached on Slacker that didn't make it over for some reason, so now I'll have to restart that process. I guess maybe you have to re-cache after upgrading your OS -- anyone have a work around for this? Slacker appears to be playing fine while streaming though.

just a short question, im on BES and have installed the update a minute ago and noticed that it activated itself at the server, without any BES Activation Password to enter

is this a new feature of BB that u dont have to reactivate it after an upgrade of the firmware?!?

If I did the update, kept the radio off, installed all of my apps first THEN restored my data, and turned the radio back on, it did the BES activation on its own.

Works fine - noticed much less memory leakage; programs seem to load faster. All the programs I have on it seem to be working. The only thing that has stopped is I used to be able to watch the small video clips that various TV stations put on their mobile sites (LSN video on the go) and now of Browser ID is Blackberry, videos do not show; if I change ID to IE, I see the video option but I get a message in the browser that the device does not play these files and it used to - any ideas?

Just got it all set up and so far so good!Very fast! BBM, FB, MSN still all there, just have to re-enter some passwords and activation codes for certain apps.

I installed the new OS, and it was phenomenal! Everything was fast, I was digging the transition between pages, and the photo viewing was awesome; but none of my alert sounds worked, at all. I would get audio on incoming phone calls, but that's it. After 3 battery pulls, same thing. I even went as far as reinstalling .148 and then trying .167 again, still no dice. I'm seeing some of you guys are not having that issue, what's the deal? I installed the mirror w/o RIMtools, I get no error at bootup, but still no audio....

I'm having the exact same problem. None of my alert sounds are working nor is it vibrating. I have checked the settings and they are correct but it is very annoying. I also just had to do another battery pull because I had the star icon that I had new messages but when I pulled them up there was nothing new. Doing a battery pull showed that I did indeed have new messages. Looks like there is a bug in the email part for some reason.

I also had an issue earlier where after I checked my messages the star icon wouldn't go away.

I am getting the java error on bootup. I have no clue what this one is.

I had to go back to .151 because of this. My emails are much more important than the transitions. Not sure how some people are saying they are having no issues....?

After switching to the original Theme, and removing the one I had installed.. My sound and indicators worked fine.

No alert sounds or vibrations for text messages, email, etc.

New message indicator star present but no new messages are found (both in SMS and Gmail folders). However, messages do appear in the Today preview list.

I'm ok with this, but the SMS/email alerts and indicators not working IS annoying. I only use LED for alerts and found that downloading the Blink trial does work, so I now have LED indication. Also found that you have to open every email and text before deleting it and that will stop your phone from leaving an indicator that you have an unread email or text when you've already deleted it.

I was having these same issues with a today theme, but when I reverted to the orignal theme, I have had no issues whatsoever with texts, emails, and alerts.

That could very well be, but if I have to chose between my findings or the default theme, I'll take my fixes. Otherwise I was going to downgrade tonight because the default theme is boring and the reason I love this phone is the personalization. I still may downgrade. I have a 9530 and had .147 before this, I missed the .151 OS and it sounds like that one was great.

I'm actually not having problems with that. I thought I was at first because one of my daily alarms was missing, but I think I might have accidentally erased it. I added it back without a problem. I did reboot my phone about 5 times after installing too. But with every OS leak, we see some people having X problem and others don't. Maybe I was fortunate. I'm still thinking about trying .151 tonight since I never did that one.

i downloaded the build on my blackberry storm 9530 and its fast and everything is working no problems at all im loving it so far thanks for the leak!!!!

ok so here what i found
if you use defrault theme your messages and call logs will show up(using default theme only)
music mute doesn;t happen anymore
when an alert comes in while you got music running it will stop the music but after the music will fade back in *LOVE THIS NEW FEATURE*
typing is faster
camera and video mode works really nice and faster too no crash or bugs in multi tasking
broswer is faster
screenlock works really fast and i mean fast
my berry took like 1min39sec to after quickpull reboot AWESOME
Doesn;t freeze up anymore
no memory leak either stay steady at 35mb
gave me more memory back.
bbm 5.0 works awesome
smooth switch btw apps and screens

sound is working(using default theme)
all my apps work
google apps
bbm 5.0
LIVE search
opera mini
all the documments to go programs
app store
forceradio on
stormslider* (i like the old screen lock better it so fast)

ok now for what not working
after installing
The sync doesn;t do my back up or restore it only restore my phonebook
But when i try and sync my calendar with outlook or restore from back up it doesn;t work it gives me error (maybe i not doing something right but need my calendar)
If not using default theme your messages and miss calls wont show up and sometimes sound don;t work
battery seems to run down faster but maybe that just me. (anyone else notice this?)
when i try and manually restore from backup still not working*if anyone can fix this let me know*

other then that so far so good i love how fast and how smooth it is now.

I updated after reading just a few good comments and decided it was worth the risk. Did a full backup for FUBAR purpopses. I have to say this one is all good money! I also installed BB Messenger 5.0. Very nice.

I'd recommend the upgrade by all means. So far the only error I had was getting BBM 5.0 to work with QuickLaunch. Not so much there. Otherwise, its all good.

i just installed this on my storm 9530 and it works pretty darn good...only thing ive noticed is that it wont let me edit my sound profiles...anyone know what may be causing this, i deleted the vendor file and although i installed the version without RIM TOOLS i still double checked my programs & features (using Vista) in my control panel to make sure it wasnt installed and if it was to uninstall it before connecting my storm and proceeding with the update.

any help will be greatly appreciated

Don't ask me why, but I had this same problem with .151 and I'm assuming the same trick will fix it here too.

I am noticing that when I am trying to compose a message and rotate the phone the keyboard is not switching between landscape and portrait. Other apps like the Browser does not have this issue.

Has anyone seen this?

The only way i can read a new message is to reboot my phone. Then i get to see about 1 message before it does it again. Showing the new message indicator with no message in the folder. Kinda sucks.

I have two POP3 email accounts on my Storm and they do not appear to be working. The Message box is getting the emails but they are not separating into their boxes. In addition, the 'mail waiting' icon is not changing back to normal after reading the mail. Battery life also seemed very short today. All other systems and apps are working.

This is the best leak for my phone yet! It is lightening fast, has much more memory available and all of my 3rd pty programs are working. Weatherbug, Quickpull, Poynt, Facebook, etc... they all work and even adding 4 new games I still have 29 mb of memory having not done a battery pull since I installed last night.

anyone here having trouble uploading pictures to facebook? i was in my picture gallery about to upload a picture to my facebook but the options menu didn't seem to have the option to do so anymore.
the only way i can upload a picture now is to use the facebook app but my storm freezes right after i upload the pic.

Upgraded a little while ago, this is amazing everything worked great and the speed it amazingly fast!!! I think now I love my storm just not ok with it cause it's not an iphone!!! You have to upgrade!!! You will love it!!!!

Has anyone had problems entering you're Quicklaunch key? I can't get it to switch to letters to finish the key.

Other than that love it. Works great, have to use the default theme to get the notifications to work.

Ok is it at ALL possible to modify this one for the brand new Mac desktop manager that came out? I have a feeling it's a no, but if anyone can figure it out, I would be eternally grateful (and impressed).

anyone else having an issue with bluetooth not connecting? when i try to turn it on the screen keeps flickering in and out of the connection screen.

i download the file and install it but i can't find it in my desktop manger to install it on my phone when i go looking for it. can someone please help me out?

I tried it and defin didn't work facebook didn't work but got reloaded and so did bb messanger 5.0 but the calendar wouldn't sync and also my messages where not comming through...

i may sound like a noob.. but whats the difference between .167 and .167 mirror and .167 mirrow w/ RIM tools removed?

looks like nays win, I will wait, Thanks to all the people who tried and left comments. Love this site and fans.. LOVE,LIFE,PEACE.

super fast, but the uncaught exception and missing email alerts this is what i did, i instaled without the rim file, then did a boot, i then had to go back and do a repair instal on bb 5.0 then i did a restore from the back up i did before deleting the rim and ugrading to .167 so far everything is awesome but i still get the missing emails but have the notifications, i think its from the call log because i can send a test email to my phone and then a test text message "from outside account or other phone" and those seem to come fine, so i believe the missing icon is from missed phone calls, hope this helps.

i went back with default theme rebooted, and holy crap this is awesome, bluetooth no problems, everything i use works, if that makes sense, havent tried calender updates, not a biggey on the calender making plans thing, but this one is fast and i like it, when i go to downloaded themes, i get the email alerts and when i go back to the default, i can then open and view the alerts.

(Did not see anyone mention this yet. If someone already did I apologize for the double post.)

Is it just me or is the color banding finally gone (fixed) with .167? My screen seems to have MUCH smoother color transitions than .151 ever did and OS's before that.

Maybe I am wrong but has anyone else noticed this too?

Please let me know what your visual findings are.


No alerts, trouble with camera, always having error notice each time I booted

real bumer I went back to old verison. Hpe to see improvements soooooon

Man I hardly every do anything unofficial with my storm but I took a chance and so far it's pretty Ill! "That's good" Its faster even my browser which is odd 3rd party apps working camera and sound.The system is responding nice this is crazy I like for real wanted 5.0 but I'll take this thanks a mil!!!!!!!!!!

After much thought I installed this today. Some things that I noticed.

1) After installation the phone boots as if its in Safe Mode and a row of small icons shows and pretty much the whole screen is empty. I thought there was something wrong but then I thought of checking the Themes and saw that the Precision zen theme was not showing as active. Once I selected it and Activated it, everything looked fine.

2) BBM doesn't work at all. I tried installing the BBM 5.0 that was running great on earlier .151 but it doesn't get installed. Getting an error that BBM 5.0 version is not compatible with this OS. Strange! Any ideas??

When I type in portrait mode and select number function there is no 0 minor but you have to turn the 9530 storm to landscape to get a 0 for inputting information with 0's.

I'm one of those guys who upgraded from .151 to find everything working great, but man my battery life has gone to hell. Anyone else find this, or is it because I've been in low coverage areas over the weekend? Glad I have a spare battery I can swap in...

Since the Storm is my first BlackBerry ever, I was a little skeptical about downloading this update to my phone. The last thing that I wanted was a bricked berry lol. But, I took a chance and gave it a try and downloaded the update to my phone yesterday. So far, I have no complaints. My apps have been compatible with the update and the browser runs faster than before. And I didn't have to change back to the Precision Zen theme for it to work properly. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied!

Well, installed .167, downgrade from 5.0, so far so good, really i feel like its .151 havnt found a diff yet both are fast, i use pattern lock so never really use screen lock but with .151 it locked faster but seems to unlock at the same speed, which is great either way, havnt used a lot of apps yet but the basics are working great: cam/vid, weather bug, quick pull, pattern lock, pandora,(side note with 5.0 pandora would stop playing usually at 26 sec left of the song, which made me have to press pause then play to finsh every song and move on to the next) still liked 5.0 but not camp with app world yet and ff starts soon and needed the yahoo app, overall .151/.167 seem the same so if you have the time then upgrade otherwise i dont think your missing much

I want to upgrade to the .167, I downloaded the file and installed everything. Now how do I get my phone to update?

My Storm stopped working this past Friday. I took it to Verizon to get a replacement and I go a new one with OS v5.0.0.154 (Platform 4.2.021). It works great. Runs faster.




I cant believe how fast and powerful this update is....im using the 9530 on bell and installed perfect, backed up perfect as well, all my apps work...get it installed :)

Upgraded from .151 to .173 this afternoon. Very little differences as far as I can see. One major annoyance is that, as described above, I cannot edit existing calendar entries and then save them. I also found that the process of saving the revised entry, discarding it, and restarting the calendar did indeed show the revised entry, but its a long winded process.

So I just ran quickpull for the first time since upgrading, with only the defalt theme installed. And the calendar problem is resolved!!! And, yes, before you ask, I had probably pulled the battery about 5 times without this effect.

The only other chnage I made, which should be irrelevant, was to reinstall the Device OS (ie repair) on my laptop BUT NOT ON THE PHONE! The phone was not connected to the laptop when I reinstalled the OS. And the Quickpull occured in parallel with the reinstallation of the OS on the laptop. So, I cant see how the the repair installation on the pc had any way of influencing the 9500. Thoughts?

I tried the quickpull approach above with each of my custom themes. Unfortunately, the calendar nonsense appears to be theme related, ie the calendar entries update when using the BB Storm default theme, but dont update when I am running another theme, irrespective of quickpulls.

Hi everybody,

1- I loos the SMS's veiw when I combine both messeges and emails in one folder. anybody can help in this?

2- Even when the sms and emails are seperated, sometimes I receive messeges but it will not be shown on the SMS folder, any ideas?