New OS 10.2.1 incoming call screen gets pictured

By Adam Zeis on 12 Nov 2013 07:36 am EST

We've just heard about all kinds of new things that may be coming with the OS 10.2.1 update. In addition to the Dashboard, Fuse Mode and Pic Password there appear to be some other UI changes as well, one of which is the incoming call screen. 

This screen has shown up in the latest leaked OS and while we can't say for sure that this is what we'll see when the 10.2.1 update becomes officially available, if the rumors hold true we may be in store for a totally different call screen.

As you can see, this one favors a left / right swipe over the current up / down version for accepting or rejecting a call. It's cleaned up a bit but we're not totally sold on the idea that the screen needs revamping at all. 

So what are your thoughts? Love it? Hate it? Like things the way there are? Hit up the comments and let us know!

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New OS 10.2.1 incoming call screen gets pictured



I agree on the three items at the bottom of the home screen ... I too keep launching the camera by accident ... Swipe left/right is ok ... I prefer the up/down however..

I don't really like what they're doing with all these new updates. For example the old loading icon was nice but now it looks like a cheap android loading icon. They've changed a few things like looks but I don't like where they're heading ESPECIALLY this new call screen.

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Yeah, they should bring back the squircle. But at least that was only in a leak. It added a visually appealing animation that was unique.

The call screen has been how it has been since BB10 released. To change it now in this radical departure would be criminal. I don't see how it can be an improvement and is simply changing things to be more like the competitors, which is a bad idea.

Not keen at all, I personally think if they release this there will be a backlash.

I like the shake they added to 10.2. much prefer the current up/down method, this new view doesn't add anything.

I don't mind as long as there is a choice to pick. I do like the idea BlackBerry is hard at work to continue bb10.

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Give us the choice. I like the up/down motion more than the left/right.

The up and down is easier on the Z30 than the left/right

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This looks like change for the sake of change. I prefer the current screen, so if they release this screen I hope I have the choice not to use it.

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JuiciPatties I couldn't agree more. Its backwards. Right is more user friendly.
The current display is better and a choice would be best

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The one that's currently present is fine. I hope they don't go through with this and make something uglier like they did with the loading circle

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I find the swipe up and down difficult on the Z10. Two handed and have to swipe too large of a distance. Left and right is more natural.

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I definitely prefer the current up and down. The 10.2.1 call screen looks like some android shit.

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Well for me I don't like the current call screen because some of the pictures I have assigned to specific contacts gets cut off. So I am wondering if this could resolve that issue.

Left or Right is suitable for Q series.
Up or Down is suitable for Z series.

Let's make Q and Z a bit different on the operating system, that's would make blackberry devices not too bore enough.

Adjust feature for suit the display, that looks much better for some small display or large display, and it should be an awesome.

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I hate it. The current one looks a lot better and I've never heard anyone complaining it's not intuitive enough.

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Love the up/down method. There is nothing wrong on how the current call screen works or looks like. The new call screen looks like it's adapted from Android and it's ugly. BlackBerry please don't change it, just leave it the way it is.

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Don't like it. Vertical is much easier for one-handed operation and uses identical muscle memory, regardless of which hand I use.

Posted via Z10 on the best touchscreen keyboard.

Looks like crap. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
Come on CB community..we got BlackBerry to change the size of the icons in the past let's get them to keep this the same.

My thoughts too :) Unless the old one is broken in some way, don't add something new. A BlackBerry doesn't have to look or feel like an iPhone or Android to sell - otherwise, folks will just call it a clone. Uniqueness differentiates, and that is critical in creating a market for your products.

current one is great, up down swipe, the swipping bar vibrating, you already have the caller's picture in the background. I like the current one a lot.

HAVING SAID THAT, let me get home after work, load up 10.2.1055 and see it, feel it personally :)

I prefer the current screen, the new one looks more like a poor copy of Android, if the new screen is implemented it should be a choice type system

Posted in a Z10 Quintessential

Old one is nice.... All we need is the Name of the Caller AND THE COMPANY'S NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nooooo pleasssseeee!!! Don't change it!!
The actual vertical swipe gesture is great! ...and more natural...
the one in the picture is absolutely horrible and too much similar to Android

I enjoy this new method since it seems blackberry phones are getting bigger and bigger. maybe this new screen will only be offered on the z30 and the current screen still available on the remaining models.

This one sucks, I prefer the current one which is a lot cooler. Don't make my BlackBerry suck like an android phone please!

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I love the current one. There is no need to change it. But if it is changed then the option to switch between the two should be available.

Love the current answering calls motion. Changing it would take away the uniqueness.

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Personally, I like the current implementation better. Unique! The side-to-side action makes BB look like an Apple/Android variation. OH MY GOD. Please tell me this is not what BB is thinking. Besides, if not broken don't fix it. What's wrong with the current screen that needs to be fixed!

It's great they have updated the features of answering or rejecting the call,
But they should give the end user the ability to use while of the 2 they want to pick via an option on the device.

Build to keep you moving!!!

White Rogers Z10 10.2 Dark Theme

I prefer the current one. I used the left - right swipe on the S2 and found it clumsy and fussy. I've had no problems with the BlackBerry.

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To me this looks very unpolished. I much prefer the current call screen, a lot more attractive. I would much prefer BlackBerry be working on other nuances of the OS (like adding dashes in the phone numbers of the contacts app), BB10 recognizing an email address in any app( for example in legacy OSs, on facebook if someone put an email address in their status all you have to do is tap it and you jump directly to messages ready to reply). Stuff like that.

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Not nice at all. I prefer the one we have now

Posted from my awesome Z30 on O2 UK with

I like the one we have now, more unique. But of course it would be nice to have the choice between the two.

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The actual answer is awesone and particular. BB10 is unique don't has to be mixed with android and other. Also others and IO's are charging toward Blackberry. I'm talking as an ex android user.

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Ugh this looks like android and I swear if or when I get this update and if it has the android looking crap on it i just throw my phone at the wall. Lol

Posted via CB10 via My Q10

I like my current one but that's an opinion.. realistically they should have an option to select either one.

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Hate it. The current version is so much nicer to look at. This doesn't need changing. Leave it as is BlackBerry.

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Keep the original screen,I find when people see you unlock your phone with the swipe down motion they take notice and want to know what phone you have.

Posted via CB10 with my Z30

It looks fine, but degrading for BB10 revolutionary designs. There's a need to re-layout the placements of gestures in Q10 & R5 especially in the Call app since you tend to put your finger for swiping, above the center of the device which stresses most of thumbs. While in Z10 & 30 works the answer gesture pretty well, qwerty devices might gain the edge of free stress gestures by focusing them on the bottom of the screen or in the middle part of the device. My suggestion is to use the same layout (10.2.0),but the gesture goes for answering from left to right. And sorry for making this comment too long c:

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It would be great to have a choice. My main wish would be a speaker phone direct answer button, maybe even linked to if the phone is sensing motion (like when driving) !!!!it can be tricky to accept a call and than tap speakerphone while driving.

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I prefer the current call screen. It was different, I could be wrong but I don't know another device that was answered like that, I liked it.

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This is the most disgusting call screen ever created. Please let the BlackBerry people know that this shouldn't be approved. It is difficult and frankly highly frustrating to accept some shitty update like this. And it is taking a lot of self control not to abuse the shit out of those behind it.

Posted via the ultimate mobile I even need to mention???

No BlackBerry, NO! Leave well enough alone. The current call screen is great. Swipe up / down to reject / answer is great. There are some other areas of BB10 that need attention. Work on them!

Posted via CB10

I like the current one. It feels unique and I get excited whenever I get a call so I can look cool by swiping the bar down :)

I hope we have the choice on which one we want

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

I thought the incoming call screen worked perfectly fine, I don't think it needs to be revamped. Anyone else?

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Crackberry.… make it a poll so we can see how many users love the old call screen and how many the new call screen!

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I like the left/right one handed swipe better then the two handed up/down. However I think I'd prefer the swipes go in the opposite direction i.e. swipe toward my hand to answer the call and away to decline it (at least for those that hold our phones with our right side) .

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What BB are you using?I I use 1 hand to swipe up or down easily enough, anyone else with me on that one?

Posted via CB10

The current one for me! I also agree with the swiping concept for right handed people however I understand BlackBerry decision behind it.

On my BlackBerry Z10 running 10.2 on Rogers

I actually like the swipe down to answer and swipe up to ignore. Since getting BB10, I've gotten used to the fact that swiping up is like "get rid of this app" since that minimizes apps (when done from the bottom edge of the screen) so when ignoring calls, I kind of automatically have this same reaction, swipe up to "get rid of it" while swiping down to answer it.

HSTE it. The current one is different from other smartphones and is intuitive

Posted via CB10

That one looks corny! Sorry for the secular response.... love the current one... clean and unique... possibly include a side swipe to one side to possibly text reply or set a call back time in phone instead of send a text response back...

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I must admit, the current call screen was just fine! I like how unique it is and it was quite fresh. No need to be revamped

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BlackBerry if you are reading this......learn to give us a choice. I actually like the current one better....

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You can tell this is because of the Q10 and the Z30. One handed answering on those phones was awkward (IMO) because of the size and position of the screen.

I prefer the current one...looks better and it's different. BlackBerry is wasting their time on these minor and unnecessary changes to features that are already good. What they need to do is add more features or change ones where people are actually making lots of complaints.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

I hope they give us the option to keep the current call screen.. It stands out from the crowd and I feel it has a lot of possibilities for introducing new features...

From the Z...

Swiping up to dismiss a call on the Z30 is a two-handed operation. Do any of the hard buttons work to dismiss a call, because winter is coming and being able to dismiss or answer a call without having to take off your gloves would be nice. Oh, for a device with hard call send / end buttons...

I prefer the current one cause it's unique but I think I understand why they want to go left/right: it's because on the Q5 and Q10, it's difficult to reach the swipe up and down since its much further than on a touchscreen

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TBH I think BlackBerry did a terrible job with 10.2. Despite a few bug and lag issues and some neat features, there are a few decisions that they made that were horrible.
1. The new loading bar looks like something off crapdroid.
2. When the phone (Z10) boots up, it doesn't respond nearly as fast as it did when you tap on the BlackBerry logo to see the percentage. It doesn't respond for a few seconds then goes ballistic trying to compensate for the taps.
3. Some new icons (not on the home screen) look horrible. (like the ones on the top of the orange bar if you're using a BB10 device.
4. Where's the option to switch off flight mode from the drop down menu?
5. No dark theme for Z10.

I know these might seem like nitpicks, but they really do change my experience with BB10 and I hope BlackBerry fix these small things soonish other wise I'm going to get fed up with the decisions they're making.

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Prefer existing, though can easily adapt to new format, especially if it will benefit BlackBerry in any effort they are making to ease the transition of legacy device owners to BB10- even though it is still swipe gesture (versus press/tap).

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I wonder how can i use one hand to answer the phone,while i got a small hand,swiping left or right is a bit difficult

Posted via CB10

I'm not agree because the things more beautiful of mobile is the way to answer the phone that appears like a iPhone I don't like

Posted via CB10

Love the current one. It's blackberry. The new one is so android. Please done revamp it....

Sent from my oreo Z10 running 10.2

Keep the current one! I really love it. The uniqueness is awesome and the gestures make it insanely fast to pick up a call

Personally, it's perfect the way it is, it's just one of many reasons why the UI stands out from other devices, if BlackBerry start changing the way the phone operates to replicate the other brands, then all they will be doing is falling in line with every other handset out there, I like BB10 because it is different from the rest, not the same.

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While I do prefer the way it is now, I can appreciate that the left/right swipe is more consistent with the other gestures we use to navigate our BB10 phones. I imagine that's one of the reasons they decided to do this. I do like that the way it is now is unique and it looks better imo.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible Q10!

I don't care for it. I like the current method with the up-down motion. That looks way too much like a legacy device (even the middle looks like a trackball). Don't make BB10 look too much like legacy devices nor Android and iPhone devices. Uniqueness is important. If some users are completely dumbfounded on how to use it the way it is, then give them more visual cues but don't change it on us current BB10 users that like the way things are.

would have preferred BB put out a dedicated button ( or a reassigned vol. down button ) to accept a call on my Z10 or future full touch devices

That's a very android way of answering the phone. Maybe for Q10 but I like the BlackBerry Z10 way. It's different. Plz don't

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I prefer the current screen - very different. The left right swipe is VERY reminiscent of Android!

Posted via CB10

I really like the current one. It not only stands out, but it makes good use if the Q10's screen real estate.

Also, the little lag between calling and answering calls should be fixed. Drives me nuts don't change the screen either

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Either one works. As to whether people like the new over the old, it'll depend on how important "the old way" is to them. I'm with Adam, not sure a change was needed.

I prefer the current one, too. They could give it as a choice, but IMO it would only cause confusion/"fragmentation"

I've gotten used to the current swipe on the Z10, and yes it is original; keep it. Thanks BlackBerry for listening to those who in the past have complained about difficulties answering calls but by now too many people are used to the current method. I agree, the best thing would be to allow the user to decide which method.

BB10 IS the best!

I don't know what was so hard about the current screen - I've never once had an issue swiping down to answer.


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As said by others, having the choice would be nice. I for one prefer the accept and receive call orientation as it is, I think it is more practical and less chance of "accidents" as I think the lateral move is more sensible on less trajectory (which for others may be a plus though)

What I like is the silence "button" setup though

"Hey that is my Q... 10... via CB10

One problem with the current design I've come across is while scrolling a Web page a call came through while mid swipe. The call got cancelled which is a bit of a design flaw. I like the current design more than the one shown in 10.2.1 . Maybe all that's needed is to make the swipe required different like swipe and hold at the bottom/top or swipe all the way up/down. Anyone else had this problem?

One thing I would like to see is a setting to choose which view when opening the phone app (call list, contacts, dialler). For speed going straight to the dialler would be handy rather than the current double press.

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if they make it must to change to this incoming call , i swear i will not even update ....this pissed me off , such a lame ui

maybe bucking the trend, but honestly this seems potentially better. Frankly I find the answer call system on my q10 currently does not always work, and often takes 2 or 3 attempts. This look far less likely to cause that problem as it is not dependent on that bezel gestured swipe. I say well done blackberry

What bezel gesture swipe?

Not sure how it works with the q10 but you swipe from middle - to the top or to the bottom. Doesn't rely on any bezel swiping

Who hit BlackBerry with the ugly stick?

If their reason to change is due to people not understanding.

Pretty much saying BlackBerry users are stupid

Leave it alone!!!!!!!

I also hate the look of the new one; it looks bleh and like an Android. The BB10 call answer is sleek; it's pleasing to the eye; my friends always wonder what phone I'm using when they see me answer a call. So a couple users can't figure out how to swipe down; those same users just don't understand touch screens at all so swiping left or right is going to be no easier for them. What they want are buttons; what I don't want is buttons. Leave it as is so blackberry; please don't change one of the best parts of the BB phone that we got to see from TAT. I want BB10 I don't want Android, if my phone becomes Android why not buy a Samsung? I bought a Z10 and a Z30 because I wanted BB10.

Now come on! The current incoming screen is both unique and absolutely works!! I would be really famished if they do away with the current screen.

Building in a custom incoming call screen with 2 options, one of them being the current screen might still be acceptable!

Posted via CB10

I like the current one. Best not to change what works and people are comfortable with. Unless there is a really good reason to change it. Patent/copyright infringement?

Posted via CB10

I don't care what they pick but whatever they choose will be better than what I have on my Note 2.

Posted via CB10

This is'nt quality change its poor. As many are saying the current method much,much better.If you want to add swipe to the side let that be how to divert calls and whatnot.This looks like ios,android subpar stuff sort it out BB.

I like the original one but choice would be nice...but they had the one only the right decision should be to answer the calls

Posted via CB10

i prefer the current swipe up down, it stands out and feels classy, swept left right is old school android!!!

I prefer the current screen for taking calls. It's different and if there's going to be change, I'm there should be choice on what best suits.

On my chosen one... z10

I have used it for almost 10 Hours, though I don't like the look and feel compared to the previous one, this one is convenient and fast to operate as it sits right at the bottom. I haven't used an Android phone since my Motorola Milestone and that was decades ago so I can't be in a position to compare with Android.

I love the current u I for incoming or rejecting calls the gallery should be cleaned up though as locating a a photo can be a bit frustrating!

Posted via CB10

This design would be better if they let users having the ability to answer/hangup using:
1. Left/Right swipe gestures
2. Pickup/End Call buttons => acting like the physical phone call buttons.
Thats my 2 cents!

It's ok 4 a change but it kinda look like Androids screen phone call. Just my observation though

Posted via CB10

Hate it... I have a galaxy s4 for work and half the time I accidentally hang up because it thinks I'm swiping to the right when I pull it out of my pocket (my palm touches that side of the screen)

Posted via CB10

Hate it. I love what we have already have. Unique and perfect, why change it. It's really not an update we really need.

I prefer current one! This seems like Android. And also, if you prefer to answer the phone with just simple thumb gesture, this would not be convenient (specially for hanging up gesture) .

Posted via BlackBerry

There ya go, Blackberry...change the one thing in the BB10 interface that ACTUALLY looks slick. . The phone app/interface however is really very cool. Sorry fans, I know there are some real junkies for the BB10 interface in here. My personal opinion is that it's kind of wonky design. It always strikes me as looking like polished cheapness. Frankly I think the Playbook OS looks more slick. Even the icons on Playbook look slicker! The BB10 interface looks like it's a beta version of Playbook OS. They nailed the phone app 110%. Now they're changing it? That right there is signature modern-day-blackberry. They don't do anything right anymore. Brink back the days of RIM, when blackberries were set apart from every other device in the industry. Today it's just a so-so OS....installed on midrange phones. Really sad.

Hate it!! Why are we dumbing down the unique gesture?? If I wanted an android or iPhone or WM id buy one. If nothing else give me an option in settings to choose up down from side to side.

AT&T Z10 Z10STL100-3/

Gross! I hate it. The current answer screen is sophisticated imo. This new design is not only ugly, but is not as easy to swipe. I don't know why BlackBerry is making a change like that, but we should at least have an option to retain what we like. One of the reasons I decided to buy my z10, was because I liked the UI as it was demonstrated at the unveiling. These types of changes are turning the experience into something less for me. I'm sure others will disagree with me, but give us the option, and everyone (who likes the screen and hates it) will be happy.

Posted via CB10

Keep it the way it is unless like in the settings they have the option to change it if they please,its unique the way it is in my opinion all other phones are left or right

Posted via CB10

Hate it! I prefer the current one.
Also if it's to happen the left/ right one, I prefer to take the call swiping right, than left.

Posted via CB10

Hope that this will be just for QWERTY devices, makes more sense on the square screen, and for the full touch the keep the up/down.

I think this one is a bit uglier than the current one - but didn't Apple completely rip off the call answering gesture in iOS7 anyway? No harm in changing things up a bit.

Totally love the current one!! There is no need to revamp it, or simply let the user choose what he prefers through options.

Posted via CB10

If they can implement the option to choose one either swipe up or down or left to right with the option for left handed and right handed it would really be loved by BlackBerry users

Posted via CB10

Easier for users to swipe left/right as opposed to up/down. Many of our corporate users (especially those who are less tech savvy than average) will appreciate this change.

Posted via CB10

Of things that need improvement in the OS, the call screen is not among them. I like the current screen just fine, though I do find the screen is sometimes unresponsive when I go to hang up a call (or I frantically need to open the right active frame to hang up if i've been doing other things while on the call).

Posted via CB10

Really don't like the new screen, not sure why there's a need for a new one anyways ... Current one is awesome and unique!

Posted via CB10

The current BB10 incoming call screen is perfect. Several of my iPhone- and Android-using mates have seen it and have said "wow! that's so cool!". Its unique and really functional, plus the large caller image looks great. This new concept looks ugly and outdated. If it comes with 10.2.1, I hope they give the option of staying with the current cool version.

I don't like new call screen very much, I can swipe up/down easily with just my thump on left/right hand. With new call screen, I always use two my hands, left for holding device, and right for swipe right/left. I cannot use just with one thump, as you see, it's difficult to use just one thump (left/right hand) to swipe left/right.

I prefer the current version. If neccessary I would like BB to make me able to choose. BlackBerry needs more unique features rather than copies of Andriod or IOS!

Its kind of convenient, but honestly I loved the swipe up and down option. I wish that BB allows me to choose which method i want... No offence meant to anybody but how dud does one have to be to not be able to understand the orignal BB 10 way of handeling incoming calls??

hate it. reminds me of an Andriod devices' call screen. Our up/down gesture was unique to us. I enjoyed swiping down. But I do see how this would be better for the Q users (after seeing a comment about it being reminiscent to legacy buttons) but as a Z user, I prefer the original call screen