New OS 10.2.1 incoming call screen gets pictured

By Adam Zeis on 12 Nov 2013 07:36 am EST

We've just heard about all kinds of new things that may be coming with the OS 10.2.1 update. In addition to the Dashboard, Fuse Mode and Pic Password there appear to be some other UI changes as well, one of which is the incoming call screen. 

This screen has shown up in the latest leaked OS and while we can't say for sure that this is what we'll see when the 10.2.1 update becomes officially available, if the rumors hold true we may be in store for a totally different call screen.

As you can see, this one favors a left / right swipe over the current up / down version for accepting or rejecting a call. It's cleaned up a bit but we're not totally sold on the idea that the screen needs revamping at all. 

So what are your thoughts? Love it? Hate it? Like things the way there are? Hit up the comments and let us know!

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I prefer the current one, more unique

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I already got accustomed to it lol. But I dont mind the idea. Although what will happen to the bottom half of the screen?


I prefer the actual screen ! But if We can have the choice to choose : Better :)

Editor of


I agree. Having a choice is good.

But is it just me, or is the layout wrong? i.e. the direction seems backwards. For right-handed folks (who we mostly care more about due to majority ..haha), wouldn't you want to answer the call by swiping to the RIGHT? Or do most people ignore phone calls so they are putting the most frequently used action on the right? :)


Made to match the call and end call buttons on legacy devices.

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Love the idea! :)

Can't beat a Q10 keyboard!


I like the current one more, but it feels more natural to have the answer on top, not bottom.... so it's similar to the swipe up you do to unlock the phone...

I've hung up on a lot of people because of this mixing up

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Either give me a choice or keep the original!!

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Yes, I too would like a right swipe for accepting an incoming call.


You're out of luck. It looks like a swipe to the left to answer the call.

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Agreed. With the vast majority of people being right-handed, it makes way more sense having a right swipe to accept a call. A right swipe is a more natural movement when holding the phone in your right hand.

crucial bbq

Grab your Z10 or what-ever, hold it in your right hand, and perform a right-swipe. Now, a left-swipe. The left-swipe is more comfortable, no?


Im right handed and I agree with the design perspective.. a swipe to the left feels more comfortable to me for answering. I don't however like the interface .. its too blatant.. atleast for the z10 but if it replaces the lag on the current version I welcome it. it is sometimes sticky swiping down to answer a call.


I agree. With the current version sometimes I have to swipe down a few times to answer my phone. It doesn't always respond the first time.

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Both with option to choose.

Zed 10 - In your face VZW


that screen seems to be from Q10.


Yeah, it would be fine for the Q10 as its a different form and would make sense but on the Z10 it'd be taking a step backwards. Either way options would be good.

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I agree with Dtuivs.

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I agree about taking a step backwards. That seems to be a constant thing with BlackBerry...especially when introducing these new devices.

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did you even use this feature? It's like bashing BB without trying out BB10. for me current one is not that convenient, it takes too long to swipe down and sometimes it freezes when I swipe down to the bottom. I'm not saying that this version is better but we have to try it personally to properly judge it.


Agreed. Ours is pretty damn cool already. This looks like something out of Android. Bleh.

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Bleh indeed. This is not aesthetically pleasing at all. I think the current screen has plenty of win the way it is.


I completely agree, the way it's designed now by taking up the entire screen is really, really cool--it makes it much easier to use the gestures. This design looks cramped.

I do, however, agree with LostOnThePiano about having to swipe up to answer and down to ignore the call...just seen a more intuitive: up = yes, down = no

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I personally think that the current swipe down to answer arrangement makes sense to me. It's the motion of moving the thumb towards the palm as accepting, and away as rejecting. That applies to swipe right to accept and swipe left to reject (for right handed). I guess it's really a personal preference, and being able to customize is the best :)

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You are now in my Bingo Book



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So many things for BB to be doing and messing with features that are just fine isn't one of them.


Wouldn't this screen be better for the Q10?

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Totally concur.

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Me too

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I don't know... I don't think it looks bad or something but they should definitely concentrate on other stuff than adjusting things that doesn't need adjustment!



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I agree. While I'm not going to complain about any improvement they make, it just seems like there are plenty of other things that they could be focusing on in OS10.2.1 that were in previous versions of legacy BBOS versions.

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The problem is people like my boss, an old school BlackBerry user, can't get through their skulls the concept of swiping up or down to answer or ignore calls. So then they get angry at their bb10.

BlackBerry is trying to reel it back to their legacy versions as much as possible, because their core users are, unfortunately, slow. Very slow.

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Gord Cluthe

People fear change .. and fear tends to manifest into anger.

I feel the same way when I try to use an Apple product after years of Windows and BlackBerry.


You're dead right here. The people who have clung to their BBOS phones over the last 4 years are some of the most change averse people I have encountered. And I say that as someone who has to work with them, not just from reading here!

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The thing is, if this new design still needs a swipe and doesn't let them click the green or red button then it is still liable to annoy old school users.


How are you so sure about that?

BB Adict

Careful there king. One day, you too will get old and slow. Very slow.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.


Exactly! One of my biggest problems in compariosn to legacy devices: Key rate! So annoying...

TX Jedi

Many other things need attention. However, I do like the "legacy" acknowledgement, and would like to be able to just tap on the icon instead of sliding. That would be even more "legacyish".


I know where you're coming from but I think this is, since the era of the smartphone, a way to avoid accidentally picking up or hanging up whilst taking the phone out of your pocket.

TX Jedi

Makes sense. I forget about everyone else. I use a holster.

TX Jedi

'looks down on others' ;)


Correct! They should focus on making the OS smooth and stable instead of changing things that is less necessary..

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Correct! They should focus on making the OS smooth and stable instead of changing things that is less necessary..

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I don't get why people keep making comments like this, the people doing ui work would not be working on new features if they didn't have these changes to make.


This might be a matter of opinion. As a Designer I was completely happy with the 10.2 Design. If they need to change something I think they could rather be changing the stock icon's design because it's very oldschool'ish, in my opinion.

I don't want to sound complainative though, I'm perfectly happy with my Q10, it's just my point of view.


Current one is good but like the addition of the green answer and red hang up buttons.

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I don't think they are buttons, it looks like you slide the grey dot with the exact same functionality as the grey bar ;)

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Just another thing to confuse people. They should leave well enough alone.


Hate it! So android. I love the current one. Makes my phone unique!

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+400, or some other big number

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Are you listening BlackBerry? Consider scrapping this

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I don't see why they should change something that is perfect as it is.

BBM rocks, WhatsApp sucks!


Looks too much like the Android call screen I'm not fond of that at all.

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The one we have now is good, I'd prefer them to work on the current one by tweaking it.

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I prefer the up/down. More importantly - when are they going to allow us to customize the 3 icons on the quick launch bar?? I'm so tired of accidentally launching the camera with my thumb fat lol.


So annoying when I hit the Camera button like that. Keep the down swipe, works well, why mess with it


I agree about the camera icon. I launch the camera all the fricken time and it annoys me every time!


Hate it. I'm happy with the one we have now.

As it is Zed, so let it be written, so let it be done.


Neh... keep current!

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I'd prefer the current one, makes it unique... but seeing them continuing to tweak the ui is good

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I agree with a previous comment... nothing wrong with the current incoming call screen and they should put the time and resources into other areas.

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Crrent one is good :)

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I'm really liking the current implementation of it. Looks so much cooler than the other devices.

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!


Just got the last week!Now iam being tempted again?kwaaaaaaaaaaa! BlackBerry what are you doing to me!

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Vithulan L Nathan

Absolutely hate it. I mentioned this in the forums, and I'll mention it again. It was unique, it was new, and it was cool. One of the best subtle things of BB10. they should NOT change it, OR they should give us the option to choose. either way, the old system works, and works well. why would they want to change it?


I like the one we have now. However, I'm good either way.

Speaking of call screens has anyone noticed that since 10.2 their proximity sensor doesn't work as well and you end up hitting buttons when you're on the phone.

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Nope call screen works perfect here, proximity sensor is the same as 10.1.

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I've noticed it a bit. I never had an issue before the update.

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Hi adam I do not see this update in india..

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Vithulan L Nathan

its not available yet. this os is a leak.


I'm used to that one that we have already now :/
Why thus stupid changes?
Just make the OS more faster and less laggy!

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Don't really care at all. I just want 10.2 on my Z10 and enough with all these leaks and teases!!! SMILE!!!

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Actually... as long as improvements are made all the time I am happy... this is just cosmetics... a huge fan of function over form, as long as form looks good... :D

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If it somehow fixes the screen automatically turning off from the sensor, I like it. If it doesn't, I still don't mind the change.

Fitze Fatze

keep the current one. it fits all needs.

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Curren one is awesome new one looks ugly... don't copy android and iPhone....!!!!!

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I'm so used to swiping down to answer and up to hangup!!
I don't know if I'll like this...


Is that white bar shown for sending text in case you don't want to answer?

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Ahmad Kaddoura

Why not. I love to change. Hope to find more enhancements.

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I am still waiting for 10.2.0 from T-Mobile USA and there is a newer version ;(

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Already used to the current which is fine. No need to mess around with it.

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hamode 192


WAY THAT I Hate that way

I hope there'll be an option to get back to the old one

From my lovely Z10


Easier for one hand on Z30

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For one hand in any device, that's one of the point I guess, other main one as to try to keep unwanted answer/call...from pocket for exemple, since the move is verticaly.
But as majority here, I quite prefered the old one (using the last leak, then bye the old for me :)
Maybe it need yet a lttle UI revamp...
Overhaul that leak is simply fantastic!


It will be the same for the Z10?? NOOOOOOOOOOO


Current one is still better

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I like the current call screen but do find it difficult sometimes swiping up to cancel on my Z30 due to the screen size.

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The current call screen is just fine. If anything the should add the option to reject call and send text by an additional gesture like a left or right swipe.

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Never thought about it but you're right, that would be awesome. BlackBerry is about getting this one, add this feature pls

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Keep the current one.

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Looks ok to me. Now just add a sound when the call ends and it would be perfect.

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Not digging it at all

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Current one is better.

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I like the current one, this one is so android wanna be

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I like it!

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I prefer the current one It's different this is just like android

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Love it, it has a bigger contact picture

Posted from my Z30.


Looks quicker and more efficient, especially for the right handed.

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Agree it has advanced point. But does it need to have a look like Android?

~ it's not a phone, it's a BlackBerry


It's more intuitive. The whole os should be intuitive enough that ppl are not scared to try it. I've seen many not take time to learn it get frustrated and say "this is dumb" and walk over to a Samsung.

I like the os and the swiping but there is a learning curve and many ppl just don't like learning. So make key parts more intuitive and it will be less intimidating to people.

This is one step in the right direction.

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I definitely agree with this. Swiping is feat for me but I think a lot of people

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Woops hit enter by accident. What I'm trying to say is : put a home button and people would adopt it faster and easier!

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Update is nice but if not available for STL100-1, then it is bad. :(


Yes your are right the update looks very promising and full of new features.
But if the update is not available for STL100-1, then it will be a big disappointment for STL100-1 users... :(


ugly android look. Im so sad.

Is there any options to keep the current one?

~ it's not a phone, it's a BlackBerry


Current method works very well. Now if they build the option of choosing in the new update of which method you can use, that would be great!

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WOW New one looks ugly as! Please don't changee it Blackberry!


Leave it the way it is and focus on more important features!

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Prannoy Sarkar

Current is better, no need to change things which are already awesome.

Yeah if they put it as options to choose, then its awesome, that increases the customisation list of the OS.

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I like the one used currently, different to other OS'

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I can see how this may be a better use of screen space on a Q5 or Q10, but I'd rather keep the up and down on my Z10.

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I hate it! But if you're rocking a Z30, it would definitely be more efficient.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Tim Maclennan

Don't hate it too strong a word but I will say that I prefer the current set up don't fix something that ain't broke.

Plus like other people have said I bought a BlackBerry to be unique and different from the Isheeps and Android robots :P

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I find it ok, its easier on the finger..


Personally not a fan. Love how it is now


I prefer the current answer screen. Much better really.

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looks too "androidish", like what we have now

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I think the current one is great, it uses the whole screen and not just a small amount at the bottom and I prefer that. Plus, as previously said, they really should focus in things that need improvement (marketing !!!) instead of some details that already work great.. at least for me

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Maybe guys this new call screen will have additional features ie send text when call is rejected.

I'm liking it altho I like the current one too but snazzing it up is always a welcome addition.

Keep rocking BlackBerry.

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That feature(priority calling) is ready available in and some of the earlier leaks

Mike Duncan on my Z30

Marco Mecelli

I like our current call screen. I think it's sexy! Although, the left right swiping means it's easier with one hand...for me anyways.

My vote would be to...change it to left right swiping. I like that, much easier for persons with smaller hands.

On my Z10 somewhere in the GTA.


The current one is very nice. I've had android and iOS comment on how cool it looks. This one does seem a bit like a knock off. I guess if it changes, we'll have to change.


Hate it, love like currently.

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I prefer the current one myself, but then why not have the option to have one or the other?
Just have the current one as the default.

Mike Duncan on my Z30


What if they keep it as an option to choose for call screen ??? This one and the current one. Select as per your liking.

I think that would be nice. :)

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It should be confriguable...i can see the reason why they would have done people like my dad and mom would find it much easier to use the new one as opposed to current one...i prefer the current one.

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i think the current method is pretty darn cool....don't know why folks just want to be like iOS and Android....

i hope its not implemented in the official release


Having the Call screen like this takes us back to BBOS7

Sameer Mirza 786

I like it up and down but rarely right and left....

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I'm accustomed to the current one as well, definitely can't pick it up by mistake.

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Disappointing! I hope they at least they will give us the courtesy of choosing between this and our current one

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The new one looks like sht. Even the flatter design on 10.2 is sht. I really love the original, skeuomorphic, shiny one.

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Making us choose would be better.

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I prefer the current one!


Can they please just release 10.2 first before making additional changes. It would be nice if they focus on actually getting their product out the door first!! We were suppose to have 10.2 in October, then I heard November not I hear January ... Ridiculous!


10.2 is not yet released completely on official basis, and here talks about 10.2.1..phew

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It is released officially. It's not BlackBerrys problem that the U.S carriers are slow.

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It will safe keypad and protect paint. Current style is no good,you scrach top buttoms all the time. I took nice photo session of BlackBerry Q10,check it out at

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Prefer the old one....

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Grrr......I do not like it

Lilly's hand stitched frankensteined Z10 powered by 10.2.1.(latest leak)


Definitely hate it

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Sayumi Whisp

I know what you feel...

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Theme control.. and options to choose is what I would say

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Not sure why we need that change when the current one is just fine.


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Sayumi Whisp

I like the swipe up more @.@ why changing?... nothing to do?

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current one was better

Ka Nos

I think BlackBerry should start giving multiple THEMEs choices in different apps, just like they are doing with dark and light themes in the calendar, bbm etc..

Give the user different styles and customization to choose from, be more opened and you will get more customers back!!!

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I vote actual screen

Posted via CB10


I hate it, I like up and down version.

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Hope they give the option. I quite like pulling down to answer.



Are we going to have the ability to choose which option to use? I like the current but wouldn't mind trying something else.

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They should give us the choice. :) best of both worlds cause I personally like the current one. :)

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I like the current one. Very unique to BlackBerry. Looks classy actually. Very BlackBerry. The side swipe looks very much like the competitor

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I like the current one. Please don't change.

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I like the design of the slider, but I think we need to hold on to the up/down for accepting/declining incoming calls. I've gotten too used to it.

Also, on other smartphones accepting a call is typicaly a swipe to the right. I can imagine plenty of people accidentally declining a call out of intuitive habit.

But like i said, the design is very sharp.

Sherif MHD

Is there any water marks??!?

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Current one is the best. No need to follow the Samsung version.

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Dear BlackBerry please leave the incoming call screen as it is and focus on the stability of the contact list..that's all I want for Christmas ;)

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I agree with everyone else. I don't like it at all. It looks like it's from a cheap android from 3 years ago. Leave it alone...everyone else swipes side -side to answer. let us be different and set us apart from the herd!

...we are all connected...


Honestly I prefer the Up & Down Swiping

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Steven Bolen

My primary gripe is if the phone rings while in my pocket and I pull it out to answer it. My finger touches the screen which mutes the ringer and takes away my ability to answer the call.

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I vote to keep things the way they are! Call screen is great how it is!



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I only have a word for this - Ugly.

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You should be able to choose which way you want to swipe. options for the win!


This is stupid. Up and down was easier to use one handed.

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Just keep the current one and focus engineering efforts on other things.

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I hate it, looks like an android knockoff! The current one is cleaner and implemented better, so keep it the same.

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I think this new thing is better since the Z30 is out there, you wouldn't have to reach the middle of the screen to single handedly answer the phone. Not a lot of people have big hands and owning a big screen phone

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doxa sub750T

Not a fan. They should keep the current one the way it is.

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I prefer the current one. Even my iOS and Android friends thinks it's cool. This looks like something out of Galaxy Android skin. Yuuuk. But one thing is the one we have is different but new users might in it hard to use.

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Hate it! The current one is awesome.

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I prefer the current one. If you want to make it like on Android - do it like on Android - swipe right to accept the call. Having both (BB and Android) phones in my pocket I would always need to think first which side to swipe :-/
BTW, swiping thumb to the left is very uncomfortable with the left hand, while up and down gestures are comfortable with any hand.
One more time - would be happy for it to stay like it is now.


I much prefer the current screen but also I don't think this screen looks better or worst and welcome the "option". This is perfect if only BB10 offers this as a option in a call screen setting somewhere in the system settings area. As previous folks in the thread have communicated there are other areas that BlackBerry devs can be focusing on in 10.2.1

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Prefer the current one. However the pic could show up larger.

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I prefer the current one

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I don't like it

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Wow, that ugly.

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nick canada

I Like the original version but j would like the option to choose too

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Prefer the current one.

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I'm assuming BBRY was getting feedback that folks were having issues with the call screen. I guess they couldnt figure it out (i know, sounds dumb), so they made it more like the other OS'. I liked the other version better, but this is still nice and pretty clean. This OS is coming together quite nicely. Crazy thing is that it has not even been a year and we have seen so many updates. Imagine what this thing will look like in another year. I would say next up is make some Hardware innovation as apple and the rest seem to be working on some curved screened phones. Is that the next thing people are going to demand?


I really prefer the current one I hope it's just an optional.....

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mac swimfan

I guess they want the answer phone gesture similar across platforms. I have sometimes noticed no BlackBerry users looking lists if u hey see my phone ringing...not knowing how to answer it...although it seems quite obvious to most BlackBerry USERS.

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Don't like it

Posted via CB10


It's a step backwards from where we're at now.

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The z30 screen may be too long for some people to swipe one handed from top to bottom and this is an alternative.

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BB Super Junior

I like original. Does this do something different? Why the (potential) change? Let's see some customizable profiles like that of BBOS.

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Hate it...leave it be

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Left right will be easier.

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I do NOT like the new incoming calls. I'm get use to the current one and have got NO problems with it. Furthermore, it makes my phone different from others.


10.2.1 bring us good looking screen lock please.....!!

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Noooo please, I love the current one!

Proudly Z10 owner...


The current one is better.


Ugly! Why need to change the current one? It's unique!

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I like the one we have now. I want squircle back please.


I will have to say that I prefer the current look and use of the up and down. Already used to it. They can add other things I'd they want to, just keep the swipe up and down

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I don't get many calls but the vertical is unique - that being said this looks a bit easier for the Q series. As well there is room for a caller ID picture for your contacts. Maybe other options like direct to voice mail or other responses. If it's optional it's all good.

Via my Mighty Z10


I prefer the current one. Although, sometimes when someone calls me and I pick my phone from my pocket, I would sometimes hang up by accident.

Also, they should keep the current one and just make enhancements, because I noticed some people still struggle trying to figure out how to silence the ring.

From zedten


What I want is a predictive dialer that as I dial by either name or phone number, pulls up several matches that then I can select.


I prefer the current up/down one! Feels more fluid in my opinion.


Prefer the current screen. If looking to improve something functionally, change the active call screen where the "End Call" button is at the bottom of the screen (on my Q10) and is often accidently hit (hanging up the call) as I use the phone when multi-tasking, e.g., while performing a "swipe-up" from the bottom of the screen to change apps. They could also make speed dialing more efficient, as it now requires one to navigate into the "soft" keypad option of the call app before a "hard" speed dial key can be long-pressed to initiate a call (as opposed to simply a long-pressing the speed-dial key from the keypad at any point).

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I don't like it, if they were to add/improve the current one to add more functionality like swiping to the left to use canned responses or to the right to go straight to voice mail.

Posted via CB10


Not bothered whether it's androidy or not

I'll admit that the only thing I dislike about my Z10 is the swipe down to answer. I never seem to catch it right when swiping down so end up manically trying do it again with the finger in my other hand before it goes to voice mail. I've missed loads of calls which is frustrating.

If true, then it would be nice to have both as an option.

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Needs to stay up and down. Android and iPhone are right and left. It's what distinguishes us from those terds.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Bikram Kochar

It luks like.. android one.. current one is gud... but its gud.. v will be getting great new luks..

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Hate it...

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Current one is fine. But if we had the option to choose which one........that would be awesome.

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I like current one better. This looks "too androidish" :)

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I think they are trying to target the more one handed use consumers. That is probably the one thing that I find had is to answer a call or reject a call with one hand. I think they should make it an option :D


I prefer the one I have

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This might be more useful for larger screen devices, but I really don't care. The uniqueness of the current screen (and the fact that I have a Q10) makes me prefer the old one by a long shot.


The people have spoken. This looks as unpopular as Rob Ford at Toronto's city hall.


I don't like that at all,Not even remotely. The current version is 200 times better and way more natural. Who can I complain to about this so it doesn't happen?

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Hate it, but haven't tried it. Old one looks easier to answer

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I don't mind the change. Considering that when someone calls currently, as soon as you touch the screen it stops ringing already. And for those who have shorter reach its easier to reach side to side instead of up and down.

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Like the current one.
It's more unique!!
Android ICS look sucks!


I found the current way very stupid so I am glad to see this simple switch. It doesn't need to be pretty just functional.

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I also prefer the one we have now (up and down). The only thing they should change is add arrows to show how to ignore the call. People have seen my call screen and could see how to answer but how to ignore was a question. Anyway, I also agree, they should be focusing on bringing legacy functionality that we are still missing to the platform and continuing to improve / stabilize the OS.

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Pilot Prop

I like the incoming call screen the way it is.

Posted with my Q10


Enhancement on the UI, they should focus on that instead..specially on text messaging..not stable, glitchy most of the time..

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Make it an option.

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I prefer the current up/down swipe. Feels more natural on the thumb.

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If it's an option ok but if it's not leave it alone!

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Nick Spagnolo

I like the up/down swipe to answer / reject call.

Rocking my Z10

Leecarl Liwanag

That's same as "viber". I like the original one. Up/reject and down/accept. More convenience for me!

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Prefer current, and would appreciate the ability choose between the two.

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I hate this new design! Stick with what we have it is unique!

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Don't change the call screen. Update the new user tutorial instead. I don't recall it mentioning how to answer/silence/ignore a call.

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Don't change it please!
The current screen is just fine!

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Well I dont think that current screen is a problem. There are lots of other more important things (at least for me) that should be taken care of

Like SMS problems after 10.2 (slower than before), making BlackBerry Link better, more customization options, sms response when rejecting call (now the phrase sent cannot be changed completely, only a part of it), and other tweaks and improvements


I prefer the current one. This one reminds me of android for some reason.

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Hate it current one better and unique otherwise ppl will say blackberry is copying from google android (sort of)

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I prefer the current screen....this one looks like pure Android!

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