New official NFL themes for your BlackBerry available now!

Official NFL themes
By Michelle Haag on 16 Oct 2010 05:35 pm EDT

Airborne Studios has just released something exciting for the 2010/2011 NFL season for all the football fanatics out there. Not one but 32 new animated themes, officially licensed by the National Football League, are now available to purchase. Turn every day in to game day, and proudly show off your love for your favorite team. Each theme is custom made including a sharp set of football icons that blend perfectly with the colors for each team. Brand new battery/signal meters and message indicators show that no detail has been overlooked. And one of the coolest features is the animated homescreen with hidden dock, configured to only show the animation when you scroll around your homescreen so battery life is conserved.

All in all I think any BlackBerry owner would be happy to have such a well built theme on their device, and any football fan would be even prouder knowing they are supporting their team by sporting team colors everywhere they go. These NFL animated themes are available now for $5.99, and a wide variety of devices are supported. Check them out, I think you'll be impressed!

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Reader comments

New official NFL themes for your BlackBerry available now!


Anyone who pays that much for a theme shoud be punched in the junk.

I know that this point has been made SEVERAL times, but those devs who make apps and themes and charge so darn much for their stuff are insane... but not as much as those who pay.

BUT???.... I refuse to pay $6 for an App. Especially a Theme. But Man I Love Football I might Reconsider for a Steelers Theme

Punched in the junk wow.Dude its six bucks,I spend that on coffee every morning lol.But really good theme on my S2,no memory bleed or lag well worth the enormous amount I paid for it.

"punched in the junk" was typed with a smile on my face. Of course, I don't mean it literally. It's just that I think it's crazy for someone to spend that much just for a simple theme.

But it's your money, not mine. If you've got the money to spend on stuff like this, and it makes you happy, then cool for you. I wouldn't spend $6 on coffee, either. Does it have bourbon in it (PF ref)?

However, by people accepting these prices, devs will continue to offer them at these rates.

Just to give credit where credit is due, I heard Airborne got Cocky Culture to develop these themes!

Big up New England!!

But to give them credit, I'm sure if it is an official licensed theme the NFL probably demanded some cash (either upfront or for each sold).

I would hope that there were no memory leaks and a non-lagging theme for that price though.

I like it but, I don't like the distraction of that profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen... Is it possible to remove? Is there an option to remove this that I may be missing?

Thanks all

Fnord, thanks for the reply. Maybe I am not fully getting what you say but when my screen is showing just the team icon (go Saints) it reads "sounds virate" which disappears after a few seconds but the profile icon still remains. Is there another screen you are referring too? Thanks

My bad! Think I need to get my eyes checked. Seems the profile icon is always there... (like that it's a megaphone though)

edit: go Patriots!!

I'm not paying six bucks for a theme where the icons have the Chicago "C" mirrored and backwards on the icons' helmets.

Since I found the error, and perhaps the other Bears fans out there will flock to this theme and buy it in droves, maybe the developers will give me a free version after they fix it.

Anyway, I was looking for a cool Chicago NFL or NHL theme. Obviously this isn't it right now.

It is NOT Hunter Green as the Jets are. It is more of a light green. The colors look very dull. Its only $6, not going to break my bank.
But I wouldn't recommend it to a Real NY Jets fan.

This is really tooo much for the theme. I love my football but this is insane.....Good luck to the purchaser.

Nice job. Why is this stuff allowed? Torch is the latest and greatest but people are permitted to make apps that don't work. Get off your ass rim and Start forcing these people to make apps that are compatible for all BB's gimme a break what a joke!

RIM has absolutely nothing to do with theme development other than providing the kit to develop the themes. A theme developer is free to choose the device(s) they want to develop for. There are literally hundreds of themes being developed that will never debut on the Torch. That is the developer's choice, not yours.

Not my point.... But I wont waste my time justifying my comment, I'll likely be wasting my time. IMHO theme developers be able to do whatever they want. There should be some Rules that apps will work on all "newer" devices.

Hey Chief,

As a theme developer myself, I just want to point out that RIM controls the only software we can use the create themes. When I new OS comes out (like 6.0), we have to wait for RIM to release an update to the software, which will only come out, at best, weeks after the release of the new phone. Even then, the release for the Torch is only a Beta and quite buggy.
I personally wouldn't want to put out a premium theme using buggy software just to get a bunch of people complaining after they purchase...

This is a fantastic theme! I loaded the Giants theme on my Torch even tho it says it's not compatible with OS6... Graphics are Sweet & the Animation on the home screen Rocks! Works just fine, so far so good. It's worth the $$ Go for it!