New Official BlackBerry 6 Teaser Video!

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Jul 2010 10:59 am EDT

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With all of the pre-release hardware leaks of late that have showed off glimpses of BlackBerry 6, it's nice to see RIM up their game with a new BB6 promo video.  Over at the official BlackBerry blog, Andrew Bocking, VP of Handheld Software Product Management, expressed his excitement for the updated operating system. RIM let us know that:

In addition to the new fluid user interface, the new video illustrates a few of the new applications and features in BlackBerry 6 that will provide users with a mobile experience that is both fun and approachable, yet extremely powerful including:

  • redesigned home screen
  • universal search
  • context-sensitive pop-up menus
  • revamped BlackBerry Browser powered by WebKit
  • new applications like Social Feeds (which integrates all your news and social networks into one destination) and more

Check out the the video above to get a better idea of the new look and new features coming in BlackBerry 6. All I want to know now, as we all have for months, is which in-market devices will get the BB6 update? Is 6 only going to be made available to devices with 512MB of memory (or more)? Or will we see existing devices like the Bold 9700, Tour or Storm2 also get a BB6 update in time. I **think** I know the answer to this question, but it sure would be nice if RIM just told us. If we're going to need to be buying new phones for BlackBerry 6, I'd rather know sooner rather than later so I can start saving my pennies. Be sure to sound off in the comments with your reactions to the video!

Source: Inside BlackBerry

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New Official BlackBerry 6 Teaser Video!


Hey Kevin

If its an official promo vid, how much longer do we have to wait for a release.

Getting stoked for its arrival in the UK but will it run on 9700 ?

OS6 runs amazingly smooth and fast on the BB DE (Dosen't Exist) simulation. It's actually as smooth and fast as BB5 running on the DE.

Great post and so true. My Blackberry Storm 9530 4.7 looked so fast and great on the DE and we all know how that turned out. Truth be told RIM loves to show potential and get everyone all excited but the finished product is going to be laggy and underachieving just like the rest of their offerings.

same thing i saying, how come they not showing it off on a phone for a official release....they keeping showing us these fake vids...thank God for leaks

I can see where the Viigo purchase went - into the OS, now that's nice. All these Social features built into the OS is going to be sweet.

FINALLY! A soft keyboard that isn't hideous!

Fun with a business edge. The two go like ham and cheese! Anyone know if this thing has a physical keyboard? I sure the heck hope so!

Yes........just give us the product already............

Assuming they are waiting for back to school.... August???????

While it looks great.. I gotta say, I'm not a fan of companies doing tease type of videos to drum up excitement. If they're going to release it... great.. but teasing people isn't my idea of that cool.

Also, they could at least release a rundown on what friggen devices it's going to run on.

^^ Exactly. Got our Storm2s back in November, and based on the screenshots & videos they keep showing, I'd ASSUME they'd not skip the Storm2, but one never knows.

They may not want to do that for two reasons - it hasn't been finalized or stress tested on all the devices to see how it performs. But more likely, just like with 5.0, the carriers may have something to say about it so RIM might not want to say all new devices will get the update when the carriers will deny the update - that will just piss off even more people.

Dear Sirs, please, please, please release 6 to all via your website. It may surprise you to hear that some of your carriers in the UK (see - Orange UK) seem to think that OS 5 is still too futuristic to risk releasing it to users (yes, a year later and non-9700 users are still on 4.6). I understand that you want to consider carriers, but please also bear in mind how bloody useless some of them are (see - Orange UK) at sharing updates. Hopefully (but not optomistically) yours.

As you guys recently discussed on your podcasts, RIM seems to be marketing this more. Granted, only to the web users, but this could potentially reach farther. I'm also really glad RIM is leaving these teasers. They show that they are trying hard, and that they are trying to keep up. Sal recently said he guarantees the new browser will be the best, and I don't doubt that with RIM's patents.
Also, on the blog, it says
"...I’ve never been as excited about a BlackBerry® software launch as I am for BlackBerry 6, which is on track for release this summer."
This summer. Hmm..

and I am looking for a release that actually works well. Just hoping it will be Summer 2010 versus 2011 (or longer). Too many times we have seen mention of these releases, only to not be released for MONTHS after expected and not even work on the newer phones. Hopefully this will be out soon and I can stop hearing all the Verizon Reps telling people to move to the Droid when they are looking to upgrade.

"This Summer" is RIM speak for "By The Holidays" which means the end of October at the earliest, more likely sometime in November. Then we wait for Verizon et al to certify builds as we all load the leaked versions on our phones.

Very nice vid, but what about the non-storm users? Unless there are more touch screen devices coming about across the board it appears that 6 geared toward storm users...

I doubt that was even shown on a Storm. Most likely they've only been showing this OS on the Torch/Slider phone.

I have to admit, the OS looks good so far. I was going to jump ship at the end of the year, but this new OS has me considering sticking around. Now that being the case, I don't know if I should wait for the possibility of a Storm 3 or just get a Storm 2... if OS6 will run on it that is. Time will tell.

Depending on the release date, I might just stay on track to jump ship and join the Android family.

Have there even been any specific rumors about the Storm 3 beyond the fact that Storms 3 and 4 are planned and have further refinements of the SurePress tech?

Last year we were hearing info about S2 way back in spring and had fairly detailed info on it by now. I have no doubt that the continuation of the Storm line is still in the pipe but I will be really surprised if we see it this year.

Rumor going around is that they are waiting to announce it until after Big Red officially announces their LTE network upgrade, and hopefully S3 will work on that and not 3G alone. These and other similar rumors say they will have S3 ready on or around Black Friday.

im liking it, the new UI looks very nice and functional.
also looks fast and snappy
but, I hope there is an increased measure of OS stability, while maintaining proper battery life and no memory leaks.
far too many times, and i think alot of people can agree with me that us blackberry users have to resort to the good ole battery pull.
lets move forward from that, RIM :)
oh and also, can we see some higher resolution displays and beefed up hardware

Memory leaks are a fact of life for BlackBerry users and probably always will be, a side effect of the JDK they are built upon. All they can do is minimize them.

As for battery pulls, who do people even bother with that anymore. Alt + RightShift + Del works just as well for keyboard devices and QP works great for touch devices.

can't wait to try it.. this will blow away competitions

come on RIM... tell us when and which device will have 6.0

Oh wow how many previews does it take?! Release it already! Oh wow its an official video..... Wow wee.... I know kind of Dan downer but damn it RIM. Enough procrastinating, teasing and release it already! Don't give us that coming soon cr@p. Announce a date! Sheesh!.....

Amen to that. Big BB supporter here (switched from an iPhone I had that was crap) but really, I am getting sick of this teaser stuff with NO RELEASE DATE IN SIGHT!!!!!! It would be nice to see this video if we knew the release date of a product that had it, like Aug 15, Sept 15 or even November 15, but this is really getting annoying!

You seem to forget that OS releases are dependent on the carries NOT RIM. RIM makes release candidate os builds available to carriers but the carriers take their time testing (and rejecting them) until they find one that they think is good enough.

That's a limitation of the system and given the commercial nature of blackberries it's not gonna change any time soon if at all.

Even with Android devices we have to wait for carriers (along with individual phone manufacturers) to certify upgrades.

If you want a release date so bad co back to crApple or Palm... oh wait you cant because Palm is effectively dead.

We will get it when it is ready and not before.

I hope that RIM will not shun the Bold 9700 users from this update. Also Blackberry 6 looks like it is heavily focused on touch screens, so will the trackpad be able to keep up with the OS?

RIM, you are losing customers to android and iphone left and right. Stop teasing us and just release Blackberry 6! This could be the OS to safe Blackberry from the tyranny of apples and robots!

It's not a matter of shunning them, it's weather the new OS will run (well) on the 256 RAM/ROM the 9700 has. I personally think the odds are 50/50.

RIM- I love the teasers showing us what you all have up your sleeves. I want to know what is going on-but want you to release it when you feel it is ready. That being said- I AM READY- and so is my Storm 2.

you don't know that. It will run it, VZW already has a version in testing. Granted its crap from what I hear but the 9550 will run 6.

It has enough memory, it just won't have nearly as much available for apps. Based on what we have seen, it appears that OS 6 will take around 200 MB.

OMG this video looks amazing. I feel like the Crackberry Podcast was just talking about having a commercial just like this and here we have a sweet video showing what you can do with the BlackBerry. Totally looking forward to using this.

OS6... man...I love it, of course. I just hate the teasin. It's killin me here. I don't want any Blackberry out of the Storm fam. I've been rocking the Storm2 since December and I'd love to get OS 6 on it if possible. Problem is there are conflicting reports that it won't be possible. So what's a Storm Trooper to do if this fantastic looking OS is a no go?

this is great, but id like to see what this is gonna look like for phones with actual keyboards? like the bold or curve.

I'd like to also see a video or description of what OS 6 will be like on non-touch screens like the Bold 9650.

I've already switch to an Android device and have not looked back since. Seeing these teasers of OS6 makes me think I still made the right choise. I still vist CB for the info and i still have a BB for work.

i soon will be in your exact situation. i cannot wait to go android!

also, they need to show this running on a device. not a teaser full of edits faking "how fast" they're trying to make it appear.

Same here, I got an incredible and I do miss small things like sound profiles but its sad when the only thing my storm did better was make a cool clock when it was in the cradle. OS6 was getting teased when I still had my storm and I wasnt impressed enough to wait for it.

I can't wait for this to come out. I wonder which "device" that's supposed to be on, I like the look of everything.

What I've heard is they are building an OS for Storm 3 that is similar to OS6, but specifically for touch screen. A lot of the stuff is based off OS 6, but will be refined so its not just a slight modification to OS's pushed to other devices.

Again though, rumors only.

OS6 isn't even out yet and the default theme is already looking tired and old. There are so many (bad) os6 themes out right now. That is going to be the first thing I replace when OS6 finally drops.

Sombody please show OS6 on a non touch device. AS of this moment there is ONE touch device on the market for RIM. Any other device that gets the 6 upgrade will look much different from this. There will not be pinch zoom. Please someone show this on a NON-TOUCH device.

RIM is fighting on 2 fronts, they have us keyboard lovers, and they have the touch Lovers, and the touch phones are the ones they are losing customers because of, all the teasing and playing will be touch based, for sure.

I do hope the menu's are the same and really the only feature different with a keyboard is no pinch zoom,

I just looking at the video I am hopeful that the trackpad navigation works smoothly if so I have no fears that this OS wont perform better than OS5,

I'll have to theme it up a bit I like more info on my home screen but I'm excited!

Like every other major OS upgrade out there it is highly likely that the menus will be more or less the same with a few refinements. Compare 4.2, 4.5, 4.6 5.0, etc. RIM does this because they want someone familiar with BlackBerries to be able to pick up a BlackBerry device and be up and running on it in a few minutes. A lot of the reasoning for that is the fact that businesses don't want to have to retain their staff every time there is a hardware/software upgrade and let's face it, what they have now works and works well.

Also, I believe that OS 6 was designed for touch devices and will be ported to keyboard devices just as older OS's were designed for keyboard devices and ported to the touch screen. RIM knows that there will always be a strong market for physical keyboard devices, bit that ultimately, the future (especially in the consumer realm) is touch screen.

probably wont be available on the older devices , say pre tour (9630) if even the tour gets it probably will be a lite ver. of it.So plan on getting a new device of blackberry if yours is very old if you want to use it .

Looks like we finally get an official RSS reader, and it integrates with other apps. Can't wait till this OS is released.

I saw the new iphone two weeks ago and immediately wanted it. It was amazing. I was playing with my friends droid the other day and couldn't believe how good the browser is. The adroid os is being developed at a breakneck pace and, except for the messenging, is better than the blackberry in almost every way for most BIS users such as myself. RIMM is putting in things that should have been there by now. They should have been doing incremental upgrades. If I can't get os6 on by storm2, I will seriously contemplate changing my phone. I'm waiting until Android 'cupcake' os and windows mobile 7 to make my final decision. Sorry to be so negative.

I think these are correct : "cupcake" is 1.5OS, "dounut" is 1.6OS ,"eclair" is 2.1OS, which is what it is now out of the box, "froyo" is 2.2OS which is being released this year and "gingerbread" which is 3.0OS

I skip 4play because I can't stand the teasing. Why don't we jus come out with the device on both GSM carrier and CDMA, and call it a day. It not that hard to do, work up RIM and kill the market!!!

I skip 4play because I can't stand the teasing. Why don't we jus come out with the device on both GSM carrier and CDMA, and call it a day. It not that hard to do, work up RIM and kill the market!!!

I'm hoping the 8900 gets it I mean if the tour *might* get it than the 8900 should get it as well since they are virtually identical (internal-wise). If the 8900 doesn't get OS6 (We haven't even gotten an official OS5) I'm considering going to Android when my contract is up in May.

I meant an official release from T-Mobile but considering that they don't even sell it anymore I doubt they'll officially release OS5 which means that even if OS6 is supported I wouldn't be able to get an official carrier release. However, if the 8900 is supported I'll definitely just take it from another carrier's release even though that isn't my preference.

I'm all for RIM giving us a clearer date, better description of the highlights of the OS and what devices it will inevitably be released for. However, I am in NO RUSH for them to fling this out the door. Otherwise, we get a debacle like the Tour. And we all know everyone was was squirming in their seats crying out to RIM, "RELEASE IT ALREADY" ... "I CANT WAIT IM GUNNA PEE MYSELF" ... then everyone cried over that mess. Then we cried about the Bold and how the Tour was supposed to be that. Now we cry about RIM releasing an OS they probably aren't done with. Even when they are done with it, those of us on Verizon should expect it sometime late 2012 (maybe just after the end of the world) after they are done making sure it is compatible with their network (i.e. cram all of their crap software into the OS.)

Please just release something that's going to keep up, surpass or innovate something that's already on the table and BE STABLE!!! I love crackberries as much as the next guy/girl on this site ... but I kinda see this as a last ditch effort for them before moving on to the other side of the Droid fence, cuz man, the grass does look greener.

I completely agree that RIM and VZW wont release it till it is ready (though I personally expect early 2011 for the Bold 9650, not 2012).

I personally liked the Tour except the OS that came with it. If they had waited say 3months and put OS 5 on it instead of that crappy 4.7.1 I think it would have been great (Wifi or no Wifi).

I think they learned their lesson from the Storm1 debacle (and a lesser degree the Tour) and we will get something quite stable. I don't think we are going to get anything really revolutionary, rather EVOLUTIONARY. RIM has ling had a practice of improving their devices but in the long run there are very few changes from major os release to major os release and I don't see that changing. This does, however, appear to be the most change they have done since 4.5.

Wow, if I upgraded to a Storm 2 in March and cannot get OS6, I know I would rather waste money and get a new phone now then wait another year and a half before I can upgrade again. I can wait RIM, but the wait better be worth it.

its Sad when your new OS looks like the first generation iPhone that came out in 2007 . . . RIM please catch up, this should have been released in January and you the video above should be for OS 7 leak video.

~Saddened BB user who cant wait till Thursday for Droid X

I really hope this comes to my 9700, it looks sick. I don't care what the haters say, this look like BB is gonna go there own way and not copy other os'. If I wanted something like the iOS4 or Android...I would buy one of there device, but I(and you) bought a BB, and they don't have to be like the other two. Looks like BB and Palm are more rivals then anything. BB has a lil of everything, and more grown then Moto Blur. If this don't come to the 9700...then I'll just have to buy the 8900.(plus os 5.0 isn't bad to have a lil longer anyway.

What does Motoblur have to do with Palm? Motoblyr is an overlay for Android made by Motorola and the Droid X does not have Motoblur (Devour and other older devices do), they just stole some of the widgets and upgraded themm.

And RIM is not a rival for Palm. Read the news Palm is Dead. HP bought them and fired almost everyone but the WebOS dev team, but they are not gonna focus on phones, they are gonna use WebOS on netbooks and other hardware and maybe just maybe they will get around to releasing the Pre2 sometime next year, but I wold not count on it.

I meant that it's as social friendly but not as kiddie as Motoblur, I know that MB is a layout over Android. BB6(to me) look a lil like WebOS and I always looke dat Palm and RIM as rivals then RIM and Apple, even with the pullout keyboard. But that my opinion. At the end of the day, I lkie it and hope my phone gets it, if not then I'll have to wait for Tmo to release it :(

It is quite clear what RIM is doing, and I don't like it at all. They are releasing tidbits of teasers every so often like dangling a carrot so that they can try and keep us on the platform always hoping for the release of OS6. Meanwhile it is taking them 4 times as long as it should to actually get the OS finished and ready for release. By the time they actually get it done it will be nice, but already outdated. Personally, I like the way the current OS is except for the lame azz browser, but if they want to keep others on the platform they need to get their behinds in gear, get OS6 done and ready, and make it available for at least the devices released within the past year. I'm still hanging on, but if there is a 4G Android phone around the end of the year and it beats a 4G BB touchscreen with OS 6 I could very well jump.

I totally agree,
OS 5 is stable and lacks only in browser.
I am sure other manufactures are looking at RIM's move and by the end when BBOS6 comes they will have something better to offer, then
RIM will be in same old situation.
Standing back in innovation queue.
I already jumped to ip4 but office BB9700 keep me reminding me about poor old RIM.
RIM is like boy with broken legs walking with old wooden stick.
RIM is a failure, they can only impress BB blinds, see beyond BB horizon.

Meh, maybe its time for RIM to license their email system and stop making phones and OS cuz they're really falling behind.

do you think will be on the bold 9650 with 512md the new os 6 saying that need memory and other berry dont have much can someone tell me

thank you

do you think will be on the bold 9650 with 512md the new os 6 saying that need memory and other berry dont have much can someone tell me

thank you

Looks great and promissing. I really like the RSS integration.

One thing that I will NOT like though. On my current Storm 1 running the default today/zen theme the Home Screen shows. Messages, Phone and Calendar. If any of these fields are blank the section is still displayed. ie no new email, the messages title is still showing. Big problem with this is, Facebook, Twitter will NEVER have anything listed for me so I hope that there will be an option to not include these.

Other than that looking for to it soon, and hopefully on my device. :)

I would be willing to bet the farm that the Storm 1 does not get OS6, it is going to be HUGE compared to OS5 and I don't think the S1 has the memory to support it, the S2 is the gamble, will they bring it to revitalize the Storm 2 while people wait for the Storm 3? will they use OS6 to get people to upgrade from Storm1?

Looks like I picked the perfect time to not extend my AT&T service. Already sold my 3GS, now just need to concentrate on what BB personal device I would like to get.

Because people have been making OS6 themes for Months

PLUS, RIM makes a consistent look, which I like, I don't want gloss, and RIM doesn't force it down my neck,

I am sure there will be pretty themes to make it look less "dated"

but the integration of all social media and RSS's into a single spot is hardly dated, that is something fresh, maybe not new, but certainly not dated.

Is it is true as Kevin suggested that we maybe need to buy new phones for OS 6, man this might really be pushing it. With just getting the storm 2 6 months ago it might be awhile before I am able to qualify for a new BB and by that time who know Verizon might have the iphone....... Choices, many choices....

.. interesting is the direction towards consumers RIM has clearly taken. So many people call the iphone or android platforms toys and such (they aren't) for providing an all inclusive user experience (gaming, media, and social as well as productivity), yet rim is clearly trying to follow the same model. it's all about the consumer right now and providing them an all encompassing os with all benefits that a smart phone can provide.

this os6 and it's features are a step in the right direction in my opinion. much like the other platforms can do it all.. rim has realized resting on their business market laurels is no way to grow.

my lone issue with this preview and the browser preview we saw a couple days ago is this: if you are a qwerty (non touch screen) bb user.. you arent the target here. the platform appears to be moving away from you. sure there will continue to be qwerty devices.. but the best features will be left behind in those form factors. that essentally makes all storm users and the 9800 (coming to att) future users as the lone benefactors.

for the rest of the crackberrian nation.. this preview means very little. considering that.. why wouldnt people look at other platforms eve more now. to get the full rich experience.. you need a touch screen anyway so that big "pro" that bb users have always touted (their keyboard versus touch screen typing) is becoming irrelevant. i mean are people really gonna trade full functionality within the os to keep a qwerty keyboard??

When I look at the video I ONLY see pinch zoom as being a feature I can not use with my keyboard and touch pad. everything else is single entry, AND they keyboard is for the data input, I need a keyboard for e-mails and since e-mails are half of my use if not more doesn't matter what most of the OS is optimized for as long as reading and replying to emails remains as quick if not quicker than it is now, no touchscreen exclusive from me.

I do agree it looks like RIM has spent more time developing the consumer end of things, which will be nice, I really really hope they did some more with the Calendar and contact list as I feel both of them are lacking in what they could/should be, not that anyone since Palm really has done the Calendar well...

to sum up this
"i mean are people really gonna trade full functionality within the os to keep a qwerty keyboard??"
More correctly stated
"Are people going to trade extra user enhanced features for to keep a physical qwerty keyboard"

This user, and I'm sure many other would answer YES.

I have the Storm 2 (9550). I hope it does apply to the Storm 2. If not, I'm going to the IPhone when it goes to Verizon. I'm tired of Blackberry always trying to play catch up with Apple. You would think someone from Rimm would be more proactive rather than reactive.

The video I saw sucked...anyone can make it look good on a promo it in action without choppy blocks.

And so far the storm 3 and 9800 are the only phones that can really use until then. No Dice.

I don't think the video Sucked at all, looked great for a theoretical impression of OS6 and it's features, with out people looking at the hardware.

I love the look and what they have added, do I think it will run like that on my device? NO I'm sure it wont just like I can't get my iPod touch to move as fluidly as they make it look on TV, because I'm sure everyone knows that they run simulators for the commercials and not record it live off the phone.

I really want to see it in action on the 9800, from boot, to add a contact, to sending an email, and receiving one, to talking to "Jim" on BBM to checking my monthly schedule. but chances are I'm going to be doing that in store someplace!

I'm still waiting to see how this actually runs on a release device. All of the 9800 videos I've seen with it running in real time shows just how glitchy the UI is right now.

Hopefully that is just because it is in beta, but I'm not going to jump on the wagon just yet calling it great.

That said....if they get the kinks worked out and the UI is as fluid as it is in that video.....then I'll be ditching my iPhone 4 to make the jump back to BB when the 9800 releases.

Oh wow, this looks amazing. I wasn't expecting such a revamp of the OS...This will be soo refreshing....

Why does everyone get their panties in a twist over RIM not giving a release date? Are you not aware by now that's just how things roll? They're a massive company talking about an overhaul on an entire operating system. If something gets caught up or they need to change their plan, they should be able to without letting down each and every customer they told "this date". Few can ever be satisfied. They listened and are releasing a new OS. I am happy about the "teaser" vids because it gives an insight into what I can look forward to, which I'm really excited about.

for people who have said the sole benefactors of this new OS are the touch screen devices, seriously...go find yourself a cliff.

Just from looking at this video preview, I would be stunned (and mad) if OS 6.0 isn't released, in some form, for the Storm2. I love my Storm2, but I noticed the other day when I went to Best Buy that it was no longer one of their featured phones. With Storm3 still probably minimally six months away (but probably more like a year), you'd think RIM would want to do something to keep their current touchscreen phone viable when going up against iPhone 4, Droids, etc. My wife has the Nexus One, and she is forever playing with the thing. I <3 my Storm2 (I personally love the SurePress Screen), but I must acknowledge that it is behind the best touchscreen phones by a good bit at this point. In short, RIM would be crazy NOT to make OS 6.0 run on the Storm2, since they are stuck with the Storm2 through probably the holidays.

It's more likely that the webkit browser and some of the nicer features will be back ported to newer builds of the 5.0 OS as from what I have read BB6 takes up almost 200mb for the OS itself and would slow the S2 to a crawl.

OS 6.0 looks very nice. I'm really loving the universal search features, as well as the Social Networking app.
I truly hope this comes to the Bold 9650. If not, I'll have to wait nearly 2 years to get it.

I am sure we will hear more about this tomorrow (July 13th) when RIM holds their general meeting for stockholders.

It's getting harder and harder for me to stay loyal to Rim. We wait for months for hardware and software and then it's buggy beyond belief (Storm I, for instance). I can't believe I still have to pull the battery. What's up with that?

They need to either tighten security at Rim or tell the marketing staff to stop leaking stuff so early. It's too frustrating. When the Droid X comes out, it's getting a hard look from me.

My favorite part of this video is at :40 when he is sending a BBM, he types 'Cool, Jimmy, you want to join her?' ...' and when he hits send it shows up in the message as 'Cool, Jim, you want to join her?'

Does OS6 know that the friend likes to be called JIM not Jimmy and changed the text before sending it with its AI? Now, that's intuitive!

Just upgraded to Bold 9650...watched the video and now I find myself wanting this NOW!!!!!! Cool video, upbeat, fast passed, holds you attention. As a marketing and sales guy...this is pure genius!

Looks very touch based, that gives support to releasing a touch screen bold imo... I certainly hope so anyway.

I just upgraded from the S1 to the S2 on the release of the S2 because of how much I liked the functions of the Storm... Please tell me I don't have to wait till the S3 to release in order to use this much more sleek OS!!

Wow, OS6 looks great! I had a few BlackBerrys, considering what I have experienced with them, I'd guess that running OS6 at least requires 512MB (1GB perhaps) RAM and 1GB CPU.

512MB (1GB perhaps) RAM: Agreed( this will true after 50 years, RIM's innovation team can be beaten by snail)
and 1GB CPU: ?????????( or you mean 1Ghz, RIM's coming with tablet, hope this is 1Ghz.)

I want to know, if older devices will be getting any OS6 Love. I suspect maybe not. But why not tell us early on so we at least know, that way we can upgrade or bitch about it.. get it out of the way...

I've gotta say I'm much in favor of all the new features while staying true to the no-nonsense BlackBerry interface. After playing with some Android devices I think their interfaces are just too "fluffy" or "pretty". I want function over pretty glitzy crap that ultimately slows a device down. That's a fine line for RIM to walk, and I'm sure it's been an intense debate. Let the theme-building community go to town making pretty and flashy.

I'm still waiting for an official BB Curve 8900 OS 5.X for AT&T!!! Hell will freeze over before AT&T releases OS 6!


Not really anything earth shattering or mind blowing, although the nicest feature shown in this vid, IMO, is the social integration of BBM/Twitter/FB.... Seems nicely done. The real test for me will be to test out the hardware once it ships, to see how smooth and fluid the touch OS really is in the real world. If it's like Android, I'd pass (ie. laggy, even if subtle). If as snappy as iphone OS - then watch out. This could be a winner.

I'm seriously baffled by this?

you want it for non touch screen devices, if not you'll move to another platforms touch screen device?


I got a android touch screen device and love it ,I got a curve 8330 and its just ok but,, I would never have a blackberry touch screen tho ,, they suk lol :p

yes I want os 6 for the bold because I had a Storm2 and they are horrible! I dont want a touchscreen bb I like keyboards but if I have to get a touchscreen it will NOT be a bb. It will prob be an android. and if os 6 dosent come out for non touchscreen then I want an evo.

Wow. Can RIm not make it look anymore like an iphone. The call screen, the threaded sms, pinch zoom... all basically copy/pasted from the code of apple's iphone.

That being said, I'm still looking forward to os6

I don't like this at all...why dangle this in front of us like candy. If RIM is going to release this then they should...they need to stop trying to hype this up. I hope it will be on major blackberry phones because there is no way I would be buying a new BB just for the BB6 not especially when I just got my 9700 about 4 months ago.

BB is not losing me as a user. but they are losing my attention. I have found myself caring less and less about OS6 as well as any other new BB devices. I think i'm going to finally give Android a shot this week if i can get an X on launch day. Never fear though i plan on keeping my 9650 as it does work real good for me when i'm traveling out of the country.

the problem is, on a 9700, it's going to look/feel more like OS 5 than what we see here as OS 6 for *touch* devices... since 9700 is non-touch, there won't be half of the gestures and the like.... and the small screen on the 9700 would/will also hamper the true feel of OS 6...

indeed, but platform push will be great, integrated new apps would be delights, and not to forget web kit browser, must needed......

I like the look of the RSS reader. I like it overall but as others have mentioned, I wonder how well this will work on non-touch phones.

Is it me or was there a lot of shots showing FB but nothing showing someone actually using it. If this version does not have a decent FB app that includes chatting then it is worthless from the start (Twitter - whatever, RSS - dont use it either, Media interface - nice but I have an ipod....). Also give me a browser as fast as an iphone.

Where is the video of this running on a Blackberry with a keypad? If I want touchscreen there are better phones out there. I use a blackberry because of the great keypad and the great email system. BB messenger is already great just give me a way for non BB users to communicate with me and a way for me to send BB messages from my pc. Oh and did I mention (yes I did) a better FB app. Ask any BB user under the age of 40 what they want on their BB and they will tell you a FB app as good as the iphone.

The FB app on the iPhone is very overrated. As a former BB user and a current i4 owner I can tell you that the push notifications for FB on iOS is best.

No worries....I am really thinking I'm going to bring my 9700 out of retirement already. The iPhone 4 is truly an amazing device.

Unless you need to use it as a phone.

All the notifications on the iphone are spotty. I like features (apps, browser, multimedia) of the iphone 4 but i just think it sux as a phone and messaging device because of the subpar notification system.

does it perform great too?
are boot time increased?
is there anything new about it?
will BIS/BES be free now?
what is the big WOW feature?
push??? any iphone or android does that
VPN.. same thing..
security? jajajajaaj get real

We need to know if 6.0 will support our existing high end RIM devices not so we can save our pennies, but so we know a little more about RIM's product support. If they dump support for new phones this quickly, I will definitely not be buying a new RIM phone. Fixing a crippled browser looks like the main goal of 6.0. If RIM can't figure out how to run a webkit browser on devices that have more memory than other companies' phones that have been running a webkit browser for much longer, something is obviously wrong with RIM's abilities to provide solid software. The enterprise/business world will only put up with so many end user complaints.

So it is only a mayor theme rev! WOW!
Super... super lame...
They should be calling it OS 5.1 there is nothing mayor about it.... well... a mayor lack or R&D probably

I am patiently waiting for this as I have no plans to upgrade until LTE. Anyone who would get a Droid X or similiar and lock in for two years right now is nuts, the next technology is right around the corner.

But what if you have a crappy Storm1? and all i see everyday is a spinning clock? and I've had it for almost 2 years?

The DROID X does everything i need it do RIGHT NOW! keep on waiting for your phones. There's always gonna be something better around the corner.

Who would waste their 2 year upgrade on a crappy BB that doesnt show any promise of getting better?

rim is showing lot of love to touch screen, following steve(blow) jobs path.
trying to make money in that corner.
but they are forgetting their worthy old keypad peeps, i have jumped to ip4 and for coming 10 years my office is not planning to change 9700 to new devices.

You mean old technology that Android\iphoneOS\webOS has already been doing (webkit browser) is right around the corner for RIM? YAY! What particular feature are you waiting for? Adobe Flash? A lot of the current phones from other companies will do Flash with a software update... Looks like RIM may require new hardware.. but they're still not letting us know. I'd say you're nuts for waiting on RIM to produce features that other phones already have a jump on. The next technology you speak of is here, but it's still around the corner for RIM.

I am looking forward to OS6 and hoping my Bold2 is viable. Lots of new stuff to play with while waiting on my upgrade in January for ATT.

If you think RIM is going to Support your old Device, you are incredibly wrong! Those devices don't even have the processors to support what OS 6 brings. Can you imagine the freeze-ups on a Storm2 ? And the videos CLEARLY show they dont give a F about you non-touchscreen guys.

I used to love BB. But they are moving at a turtles pace with the software upgrades AND the hardware upgrades. I can live with 1/2 but BOTH are lagging behind????

We've already seen proof that RIM is running OS 6 on the Storm2. The questions, of course, are whether the test Storm2's have the exact same hardware as the ones for sale, AND whether or not the S2 will be successful in passing all the tests, allowing OS 6 to be released for it. But, we know it's currently running it on a few of them anyway...

Ok Kevin and company, here is what we know.

RIM has been working on BB6 since early this year. They are now saying late summer release which really means for the holidays.

As for devices, RIM only mentioned BB6 in the context of one phone on the market now and that is the Bold 9650. I think it is safe to say that the new slider and flip phones that are on the way are going to get it and maybe the new 3G Perl if it has 512mb or memory (I'm not up on the specifics because I have zero interest personally).

Now Kevin I know you are in love with the 9700 and particularly your new white one. The fact that RIM is coming out with a white version of the Bold 9700 could be take as an indication that BB6 will also work on that and other 256mb devices like the Tour and Storm2, HOWEVER they have also done it for the Bold 9000, and while I know a lot of people who would love the new OS to work on the first Bold, I just can't see it, it happening. This new os seems to have a lot more to it than the older builds and even if you were able to get it on the 128mb devices, I would think that there would not be much room left for apps. Yes I suppose they could get around this by making apps to SD card as the default (or at least an option) but that seems like a stretch for a two year old device no matter how popular.

Now here's my gut feeling: The Bold 9650 and other devices released after it will get BB6, and some of the features of the new os (ie the browser) will be backported to newer builds of OS5.

How long might it be before carriers release an official version of OS6 for each phone type....

How many are still waiting on OS5??

I mean no one knows what's going on and I know by now they definitely can give a projected amount of possible phones could utilize this just baffles me when they show a video and don't use the browser or show a promo vid but don't tell you exactly how it can be used or user on an actual device....them showing this 6 months ago would have been fine.


Don't get me wrong looks amazing, but that happen to me to with my old S1, tested at the Store and work fast and smooth and after one month it was far i am happy with the S2, i am really hoping we get B6 on the S2...

Tell us the release date already!!

Looks like a new theme with some slight improvements. Nothing major at all. The Storm 9350 looked smooth in those promo vids too. I'm sure this will have the typical Blackberry OS bugs. Booooooo RIM.

I'm really not liking the new UI changes. It also seems to be too focused on touch devices. :( How about a non-touch sneak peek video RIM!? About the only thing I'm looking forward to is the webkit browser update.

I find it interesting that people are saying if it doesn't do x or y, then they are going Android or iPhone. I'll be honest with you, go and give an Android device or the iPhone a try right now. What is the wait for? I seriously doubt that OS 6 is the reason for waiting. If you don't like the other smartphones, you can return to Blackberry before OS 6 is even released. While I would like to have some changes made to blackberry as it is currently, I know I'm not leaving when OS 6 drops simply because my device isn't supported. Actually left blackberry for Android and now I'm back to blackberry. Those other devices aren't for everyone just like blackberry isn't for everyone. RIM doesn't need to make everyone like it. They just need more people to want to purchase a blackberry device than last quarter/year.

This is me being honest, for some reason it just looks to be a new theme I could be just judging way to early though.

I don't need my BBs OS to be flashy, or have Starburst/Skittles-colored icons, or do flick switching ad infinitum. I need it to work, to be reliable, be fast and be stable. If OS 6 brings that plus cool new features, great! Let my 9700 rock it!

i was hoping this would release on the 9700 but now im just waiting on the release of the 9800...i cant wait for BB6

Gang of BB users who reckons the OS6 has smooth UI transitions...

Less simulation videos, more real-life-hands-on videos. Unfortunately RIM, you're not in a position for us to believe videos like this really represent the new OS. Please refer to the Handset debacle for example:

Great video and i agree with you. But Blackberry doesn't stretch the truth THAT much. The OS actually is that responsive and all those transitions are legit. They just might be a little delayed. The Nokia thing is just complete false advertising.

The only devices I've seen in these OS 6 previews have been touch screen ones. RIM better do one that isn't touch screen cause i'm pretty sure the majority of their customers don't have touch screens on their blackberry.

Looks like OS 5 running on a different Theme. Droid here I come..... as soon as I am up for upgrade with VZW... I am gone. How disgusting you are RIM. Reminds me of the big 3 auto makers that were stunned they went into such financial ruin... because they DIDNT LISTEN TO WHAT THE CONSUMER WANTED.

other than ranting can you be more specific on your requirements and what BB doesn't offer. BB got the foundation right and they just need to provide easy transitioning with a good browser and that is what they are do with OS 6. RIMM is not a palm to completely reinvent their OS as there are high risks involved in integrating with their existing solutions, transitioning of the new API's for the APP developers will take time and hence a risk of no initial support by the developer community. RIMM's vision is to do a incremental solution and integration, now that they are on track sometime soon they will optimize the things everyone is complaining per the report they have spent $780 million dollar on R&D this year alone and with that said I assume things would be looking good going forward.

Boy guys, I mean this new OS won't wipe my ass when I'm finished and apply my herpes cream at night and rub my forehead when I'm sick and give me the overhand left hand job I'm used to giving myself before bed and at lunch time and BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!! I mean really, why do you droid, iPhone types even bother???? If I had a phone like yours I wouldn't need a girlfriend/wife either, but I enjoy my wife and my 9700 so does that mean I need to file for a divorce before I buy a droid or iPhone?? Thanks, but no thanks!! OS6 ROCKS!!!!

My sentiments EXACTLY!!!! Well said! Maybe they could create a forum on here for the less sophisticated types like you mention, but in reality they need our brain power to help them function because they have no real opinion or at least one that matters to most of us, kinda like a parasite or crabs or something along those lines that needs a actual host to survive.

Great another teaser, please RIM just give us the OS or at least someone leak out some new versions. I am about to move on to an Android phone is something new doesn't show up. We are still waiting for Flash as well...

If it matters to anyone, at 1:13, there is a link to a story about Paraguay beating Japan in PK's - This happened on June 29th (a world cup game), meaning not only is this video new, but it was shot very recently too...

I think this is a bit too late. I'm seriously considering going android with the Droid X released in a few days.
I just don't know if I want to wait after having the Storm (original) for.. coming up on two years now.
When I play with other phones, they just work really well. My phone is slow. It sucks. I want a better phone... and I don't trust RIM to come up with anything to beat the Droid X on Verizon in the next 5 months.

you people can keep on yelling all the crap and good..
but RI(slow)M will do what they think is correct.
so keep quite and wait for them to launch new device with os6.

All I have to say is if RIM would allow you to install/run programs from an SD Card in OS6 then all 256mb devices should have enough memory to be able to run the OS. This is my speculation.

Do you people honestly believe it's just a coincidence that the 512MB devices are starting to pop up just in time for OS6?
Didn't we just go through this not too long ago when OS5 came out and it couldn't run on 81xx's, 83xx's...etc. Of course they're going to force us to buy new hardware to run the new software.
RIM is a corporate business that wants to create's that simple. Is Windows 7 going to run on your 10 year old PC?....No. It's technology, it changes. If you wanna keep up with it, spend the money. If not, be happy with your existing device/OS and stop being greedy!

The Hater.

That video was weak. From what it's shown there a 83xx can run OS6. What part of that video screamed cutting edge to you? I know most of you don't know any better because you went from a startac, monochrome nokia candy bar, those blue 8 bit color BBs, maybe palm and then straight to 9700 or 9500.

I know the US only recently caught up with the rest of the world in terms of mobile phone technology, and most likely overwhelmed with plethora of choices after you open to outside competitions, but please refrain yourself from hailing a sub par OS depicted in this video as the next big thing.

Is that a Gibson 68' geetar leading in the video? That is the most real part of it. Will that OS really be that fast?

i have a bold 9650..the only reason i got it is because rimm promised that it would get BB6. however, i didn't know (at the time) that it was going to be about 200mb? is this replacing the 200mb that the current OS takes up or is it taking up an another 200mb? if so than that pretty much wipes out the flash memory! someone please help!

I do hope BB v6.0 is released soon and can easily be installed on my Storm 2. It looks great and can hardly wait.......


First, I just recently (within the past 30 days) got a new Bold 9650. Needless to say I would hope that the software can run on this device.

Second point. This would be the perfect time to release the new OS, while Apple is struggling with its antenna problem.

Timing is everything and there is no time like the present.