A new must-watch BlackBerry TV ad

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 May 2012 12:00 pm EDT

Just as I was putting up the poll asking CrackBerry Nation what they thought of the BlackBerry Australia's Wake Up ads, BlackBerry UK posted a sweet new BlackBerry TV ad to their youtube channel. Watch it above. This one, I like a lot.

BlackBerry People Do.

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A new must-watch BlackBerry TV ad


Agreed. It was a really fun commercial with a fun beat.

Good job Rim.

Porsche Carrera S 997.2
Porsche Carrera S 991 (Coming soon)

I'm actually surprised this is a RIM ad.

This is proof that RIM gets it! It IS about the device and it is about the PERCEPTION of the device.

Every frame of this ad could be isolated and be an independent ad for BB. Each could be expanded into a whole ad on its own.

The glasses piece is brilliant
The couch versus the "drop zone" cranks up the comparison
The mimes and sheep SCREAM at the competition
The donkey piece is not even split screen and it is my fave!
The only time you see the BB is when they send out a brief and message and the juxtaposition is perfect.

Keep it up RIM. If they can roll this message out in North American and get it to stick BB will succeed.

/Device agnosticism or bust!

Look again. In one scene the donkey or horse is played by 2 people; one the head and one the tail.
The water glasses is the classic metaphor of half empty versus half full.

/Device agnosticism or bust!

I liked the binoculars part. If you look at the dude sitting on the left, you can actually see the other guy up on the mountain with his binoculars... LOL

No. I don't think you guys understand. The real hammer, like blackberry, is a real tool. While other phones are toys like the toy hammer.

Porsche Carrera S 997.2
Porsche Carrera S 991 (Coming soon)

A lot better than the Wake Up ad. I think many people have said this before but I guess I should repeat this. The branches of RIM besides North America tend to know exactly how to advertise the Blackberry brand and what it means (i.e., look at the Indian commercials, other UK ads, etc). The North American marketing people need a major shake up or they need to start bringing over some of the marketing people from the other branches.

Love it, love it, love it.

And the ad not only appeals to everyone, but also is in parity with RIM's new BB People approach.

I'm looking forward to seeing the ad here very soon. :)

I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy, borderline giddy. Loyal BlackBerry user, but first time I've truly been excited in years! LOVE this ad... (clapping)!


It helps that BlackBerry didn't go too over-the-top with that one (otherwise, it would scream desperation), but the "Be Bold" one acts almost like that reminder to Apple, Android and Windows Phone people that BlackBerry still exists. It's like that guy waving in the distance unassumingly saying "hello".

BlackBerry people DO. They don't consume, they create. They don't receive, they provide! BlackBerry creates success. They don't follow, the lead.

RIM has to go hard on this BlackBerry People strategy. Because the solution is not for everyone (yes, I called it a solution not a device), it's for those who want to get somewhere.

Don't like BlackBerry?... It's not for you and you will never understand it so move along.

And when some of the major/top apps used by and required by business people in order for them to be successful are no-where to be found on a Blackberry device, what would you say then?

It's fine to be supportive of RIM and of Blackberry, but at the same time we can't turn a blind eye nor be willfully blind to the issues that RIM is facing.

To put it another way, there are people who DO want a Blackberry phone/tablet but because the respective products is missing (or lacking) the apps (native or thirdparty)that they REQUIRE for their employment, school, or whatever else the case might be, they are forced to move on to another platform.

RIM needs to have their ecosystem in place and then clearly target this group of people. The message should be clear; "hey, I know you didn't think we could do these things before, but take a look at us now!". In other words, convince those people that have left RIM that there is indeed a reason to return.

Hence why the new platform and developing tools for the playbook are available now, developers alpha devices are in developers hands and upcoming blackberry 10 phones are coming soon, for the new developed tested apps.

The important thing with this messaging is to make sure it stays positive on Blackberry without going explicitly negative on the competition. This ad definitely succeeds on that count, though.

Light shades and Dog and Sheep were my fave. Lots of symbolism in Dog and Sheep.

So encouraged to see the new RIM.

As a sheepdog owner, I totally loved that one. Sheepdogs lead sheep, manage them. As I hope RIM will.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the ad!!!!

Except that not all BB users do, and not all Android/Apple users don't.

While it's better than the Wake Up one, this painting other users as mindless losers (and since I own an iPhone as well as a 9900, it's good to know that RIM thinks I'm a mindless loser too - nice way to paint your customers RIM) is tacky and classless. I don't like it when Samsung does it, I didn't like it years ago when Apple did it, and I don't like it now.

Turn out the lights and go to sleep, troll. You were probably calling lights out on RIM in the first place. Baby need a pacifier? Somebody throw this particular crybaby out with the bathwater

FYI - I'm a four year member of this site, have owned multiple BBs, and currently use both iPhone and a 9900. Troll? Hardly. You on the other hand...

Not to mention I recommended and sold 2 new BB's to new clients yesterday alone (that makes 17 in the last month)- clients who came in for iPhones and thought RIM was going under. Yep - totally a RIM badmouther. I just despise negative advertising.

I also dislike people who can't contribute anything other than calling people trolls and babies. Of course, if you have nothing constructive to say in counterpoint, well, I guess I can see why you had to resort to that.

I think that accuser had no idea who you are Reeneebob. :)

But while I do agree with you that insulting other platform users is not the high road I also feel that low brow advertising seems to work.

What doesn't work is ads that convey a message that isn't strong, so to have an impact. That ad wouldn't have worked if their message was "Most people use other platforms to mostly don't or half and half do and don't. Blackberry users mostly do. Would you like to mostly do?" -I feel stupid even writing this but I hope you get my point.

RIM UK can only be blamed for exaggerating and giving half truths but that's the same with everyone especially your turf, Apple. Advertising, in general, is full of half truths and in some cases blatant lies. But consumers lap it up and turn it into their own truths.

So is it about hating the player or hating the game?

I hate the game too btw. Just my two cents.

I think you all have it wrong. I don't think RIM is after the user but the platforms. Think about all the people that left blackberry and how they can relate to this commercial. This is a stage setting commercial for the upcoming platform. So for those that Do will keep their eyes open when BB10 comes out.

So there are doers on all platforms you see. RIM is fishing to bring them over to the best platform to do so.

I agree that going negative would be dangerous. Don't think this ad is really that bad, though. I think it tends to focus more on the positives.

The negatives here are all by implication. I don't think you could say there's anything explicitly insulting here.

Why so serious?

It's not like other competitors haven't done the same. Remember Apple's "I'm a PC" vs. "I'm a Mac" ads? Windows Phone also made an advertisement, guaranteeing that people can walk into a Windows Phone store with their old phone, and walk out with a Windows Phone every time, after doing some kind of comparison. (They swore by it.) I can't say I recall Android doing the same, but the hype seems to have spread about it through all the major outlets.

Besides, let's look at the facts - BlackBerry is the most business-friendly device in the market. Some businesses are only turning to iPhones because of employee demands. Androids can't deliver on security, even though they're partnered with Google, who is best known for an extremely secure web-browser. And Windows Phone, as far as I know, is hardly a business device, aside from Office apps integration and PC compatibility.

BlackBerry is also the default device used for the military, and is commissioned by the Department of Defense. Surely, they wouldn't use them if they weren't any good. I understand the business vs. consumer argument, and BlackBerry even said in one of their ads that "BlackBerry is not for everybody". But business is the act of being busy. And being busy means you do stuff. DO, being the operative word.

This is not meant to insult other consumers, but meant to draw in an audience who would feel proud to work like business people. The best thing about BlackBerry, based on all the devices I've used, is that it's the most intuitive device of them all. Granted, BlackBerry's history isn't that of the most user-friendly device, with buggy OS releases in the past. But, BlackBerry 10 will send a clear message - you can have a device that combines all aspects of your personal life and work life, without the clashing of the two. You can have your cake and eat it too. And soon, you'll have the best of both worlds.

But you don't have to take my word for it - time and hard work will do its bidding.

Want some cheese with that?
I think it was a great ad and sorry but I don't think blackberry should have to weigh everything and worry that maybe someone has a idevice or an andriod device and we might hurt their feelings. Furthermore, this ad lets you draw the conclusions.
Good job RIM!!!

I think you may be reading too much into it. I didn't get that at all. Sure, they're poking fun but not in a mean or nasty way.

I share your dislike of negative marketing but think this ad is fun and upbeat. 99% of viewers won't even get the sheep reference.

Much better. No direct trash talking, but the sheep image was priceless. They're creating their own niche, and this time it's much more clever - something a Blackberry person can enjoy.

loves it. thats is pretty good. that is the first BB ad i like actually :)
love the mouse eating chease, the soccer and the mountain thing and the couch vs roller coaster thing

sheep vs dog is too obvious and sound pretentious. though

This ad is more feel good. I think it will resonate with much more people. Yelling to get your point across doesn't have the same impact.


LOL...if some people is going to take this commercial seriously and get all butt hurt, i just have to say wow, then you really need to get out and see the world a little bit more different. it's just a commercial.

Love the ad and RIM keep on pushing.

I'm not picking on you in particular but:

Explain... Why is it a good ad? What about it says Get a BB device NOW! It might be clever but whatever team came up with this just wanted to be clever not advertise Blackberry. MAKE ME WANT ONE!

They're marking out branding territory, mostly because there's no product they can show that hasn't already been dismissed by the buying public. Many, many companies do advertising that doesn't focus on a specific product.

It's an image-builder. Not a bad one, at that.

I think it's great, watched it twice and laughed harder the second time around. I don't think there's anything wrong with poking a little fun at the competition or it's audience. Nothing was particularly rude. It's a view a lot of Blackberry user's share.

It's just a generalization, nothing to take personal.

Loved it. Sent it along to several others too. I'd like to see it on US broadcast. I think the wake up ad was funny. Whether you like it or hate it, the end result is that a buzz is created. People are talking about it which is what noticing something is all about.

I hope these ads marks the start of a lot more ads to come.


Nice concept but this ad above as well as the Be Bold ads still don't capture how BlackBerry helps you "do" things better. Much like BB10, it's still stuck at the concept level. I'm a BB user so I know how it helps me do things faster and better (I can't imagine going without my Bold 9900!). However, is that getting the message across to those on the other platforms? I guess we'll find out!

I'm going to go and say it... I don't get it.

I don't get what it has to do with BB, nor do I get why it would make anyone want a BB.

Then again, I just might not "get" what passes for good advertising these days. I avoid television in general, and find most commercials I happen upon ridiculous.

Fun video, if it's a "good ad" then so be it. :)

I'm afraid I agree with StriderNL - RIM needs to attract new customers not give existing ones a laugh. It didn't show potential customers anything to make them buy.

My take is they're trying to create a new image which appeals to young, progressive upbeat customers. Once we're closer to BB10 release we'll see ads with more substance.

I like this ad, excellent. This is the difference between BB users and the competitors.

The sheep was the icing on the cake.

Many of you are wondering why BlackBerry/RIM hasn't promoted a similar ad campaign here in "the states" - it's quite simple, actually.

RIM, outside of North America, is a much bigger player in the international mobile markets. In fact, it's often more popular than Apple, because it's not outrageously expensive, and it's more practical to many others worldwide. BlackBerry is perhaps the only mobile device maker to have extensively signed agreements with many various foreign governments and government agencies, allowing them to choose how to run BlackBerry networks within their jurisdictions, to their specifications. Recently, India and RIM had a little disagreement over the monitoring of BIS traffic in/out of India, but RIM came to a compromise with India by assigning them their own separate BIS network.

Now, onto the most important details. See, BlackBerry has a ton of ammo with which to work with, and it would be stupid for them to hype the BlackBerry brand now well before BB10 comes out, because they will lose their credibility, and the efficacy throughout the North American markets of a BB10 release will be closer to nil than otherwise. They'll have a much tougher time taking out their competitors in NA, then. BlackBerry has to be patient, and given their confidence in their new product, put all of their eggs in the BB10 basket. Getting developers to try out and tinker with the Dev Alpha device is merely the first step; it is the right step. Once all the bugs have been fixed, apps been developed and all features implemented and mass production has begun, then BlackBerry can make their major advertisement splash here, and show that they are for real. For real. It's all about timing and execution here - stay tuned. Come Q4 2012, those cool BlackBerry ads will air on our television sets too! Then, you'll know that the moment of truth for RIM will have finally arrived.

RIM has to do this just right to protect their company and their future. They CANNOT possibly afford to screw this up. It requires the surgical precision of planting mines in just the right spots for the intended effect. It's pretty much do or die for them here. I'm confident that they will succeed.

Well said, I couldn't agree more. Unfortunatly, BlackBerry here in the USA (just by doing a simple overview of friends and family) has nosedived into an almost obsurity. People look at me and say "Wow! you STILL have a BlackBerry?, I thought they stopped making them a year ago" I always try and show them the great communication device it is (Sprint Bold 9930 here) and almost all do like it overall, but sadly, none said they would change over thier iphone, Evo, Galaxy 2 , etc. for a BlackBerry. IMO, when RIM FINNALLY gets the OS10 devices primed & ready, they need a POSITIVE campaign blitz, not "Tool vs Toy" crap. RIM NEEDS a next gen of buyers, and like thier "All You Need Is Love" ads or similar (brings in Babyboomers as well as GenX and younger.) Show off the BBOS10 in a postitive "Everyone" wants one ads, not these clique nerd "tool instead of toy" ads. Im telling you, If RIM goes the elitest route with this device, it will fall on it's face faster than the Palm Pre II. "BlackBerry...for everyone...for the World" :)

It's a great ad and all but I just can't help but think people aren't gonna get it in relation to Blackberry/RIM. You could basically substitute any device manufacturer name at the end and it wouldn't make any difference.
Feature the device! Let people know you're proud of it! Let them see it! Make sure they know it's a Blackberry, and make sure they want one!

I really want RIM to succeed. I'm fairly new to BB (came from a 3Gs early this year to a 9860. Now have a playbook too and convinced 3 others to get playbooks) They are good devices and deserve a much better reputation than they currently have. So don't beat around the bush with advertising.

Advertise it properly damnit!

Ok, ninja edit:

Having thought about it a little. Maybe RIM are trying to play a little mysterious until the new devices with BB10 are released. Making people think: Ooh, whats this all about then?
Thats fine, but still I want to see the BB name in it more. Don't just hide it at the end, make people know what theyre missing!

On the right track. A little more showing the BB device would be good as it at times is hard to tell its a BB spot.

But it does work toward to improving BBs rep and style.


That was AWESOME, about friggin' time... Keep it up RIM, i literally burst out laughing because it is SO true and is exactly my thoughts, commercial spoke directly to me and said exactly what i have always been saying, rim is the best.

This commercial actually motivated me. I dont even watch tv, ever, so im glad crackberry posted it for us to see. Thanks guys and gals, i have never been "motivated" or "inspired" by any kind of "ad", until just now. Thanks again...

RIM 4 life,

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

Great indifferent approach. The sheep really brings the message home. No commentary says alot too and lastly If you make someone laugh they will remember you

While i feel its a 'hip' add, the thing that seems to be missing once again is showing the pluses of the devices and services.....just like i now know more about a cupcake maker than i do the phone....so in the end seems to be an ad to reaffirm current BB users...all that said, still a step in the right direction

RIM should use the split screen format as a series of commercial..just an idea..They could have someone gesturing the playbook on one side and a corresponding everyday event on the other. Such as swipe up to close a program (vs) someone using the same gesture to shu someone away. I think it would be a funny approach to show some features that some may have missed.

Love how the Mime was trapped in the box on the one side, and on the BB side he climbs out of the box, dusts his hands off, and rolls out! Problem + BB = Solution! BB People Rock!

For a company losing more and more people to iphones and Androids, AGAIN with "BlackBerry is a tool, not a toy" gimmick? Obiviously "TOYS" sell, period. And BlackBerry users in Indonisia primarly use them for the BBM, hardly a "TOOL". BlackBerry NEEDS everyone to buy thier devices. I have a Bold 9930, and I'm very proud of it, but to say it's somehow a class envey phone (especially here in the US, where ANY schmoe who has $200.00 can get a dozen comparible, if NOT better devices than a BlackBerry.) RIM NEEDS to show off thier best for everyone. Unless RIM has decided to just become a speical nerd clique device and be happy with 7% of the market.

The Bold 9900 has been on the market for almost 10 months. So no, it will not match specs with an HTC ONE X. But it is still the best physical keyboard packing phone in existence. So it has a market all to it's self as it is not trying to compete directly with the latest Android super phones. Just as the iPhone 4s can't hold a candle to the latest phones on the market that any schmoe with $200 can pick up. RIM needs to remind everyone that there are still selling great phones for what they are made to do.

But, since you want to compete in the super phone arms race, don't worry, BB 10 will have you covered later this year with a device that has very 2012 hardware and the highest resolution phone screen in the world.

Thing is, this is an ad from the UK where RIM is still a very dominant player, and for the audience this ad is intended for, it is perfect. RIM needs to keep selling Bolds Torches, and curves to make sure they have a big pile of cash on hand to give those super phones you're looking for the marketing muscle they need to be successful. Sorry that they can't be here sooner, but like your mom probably told you when you were young, good things are worth waiting for.

LOL, Sadly when I was younger $200.00 was a helluva lotta money, NOW it's almost less than a months allowence to some young people. IMO RIM really needs across the board appeal like they had, almost unintentionally in 2007-2008. Buyers knew od it's Corporate demand, and having one then WAS a status symbol. But NOW in 2012, that allure has all but become a faded memory. iphones & Samsungs and HTC sells why? because one of your friends, or family members has one. BlackBerry IMO, needs to have a campaign that encompasses 16-30 and another for 30-50. I don't have RIMM stock, but man if I did, I'd be wanting RIM to attract everyone. It isn't difficult, just practical.

Luv the ad, but with no new product launches until at least the fall, in reality, probably winter, why not save this ad with the launch of BB10 devices?

I believe that Australia has low BB market share. Since it is very removed from the main markets of Europe, North America, South America, and even most of Asia (culturally speaking), I think it is great for BB to test out their marketing there first.

For example - "Wake up" campaign - scratch
- "Split screen DO commercials" - Keep!

Hope to see these roll out more elsewhere.


I didn't get the sheep reference until the comments.

Great commercial with its subtle digs, but overall positive and fun tone.

I didn't catch the iSheep reference until I read the comments.

Contrary to some opinions, I found it to NOT be pretentious. It was pretty clever and witty, especially the water glasses.