New Must Have Game: Pinball Deluxe for BlackBerry!

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 May 2010 01:02 pm EDT

W00t!! Pinball Deluxe for BlackBerry Smartphones is now available!! We brought you a sneak peek of Pinball Deluxe from Orlando at WES 2010 last month. I was excited about it then and I'm even more excited now to see it released. BlackBerry has been lacking a good "pinball" game and the great thing about Pinball Deluxe is that the developer Mobigloo has made it available for pretty much every BlackBerry device model, touchscreen and non-touchscreen, from OS 4.2 and up.

The game graphics are bright and clean and look good. The game play smooth and physics are realistic. They've packed in lots of features. There's language support for English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. If you own a BlackBerry and have found yourself always coming back to BrickBreaker to kill the time and not trying anything new, I think this is a game you'll definitely enjoy. It's easy to pick up and just play. The cost is $4.99. The only bad news here is the lack of a free trial, but after the hours I've already spent playing on it I'm pretty sure it's a game purchase you'll be satisfied with. Follow the link below for more info, screen captures and to buy. Don't blame me if you kill your weekend playing it. ;)

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New Must Have Game: Pinball Deluxe for BlackBerry!


We simply divided the keyboard in 2 parts. So any key on the left of the keyboard will activate the left flipper, and right side for the right flipper.

Space also allows to nudge the ball.

nice, so T/G/V left, Y/H/B right, sorta thing?

Only use one thumb so having the keys close together makes it much easier to play :)


Yes, exactly but i use "s" & "l" config coz is much place for every finger :)

Also, we waiting for new version with some new tables ;)

I love Pinball and already playing with Pinball Deluxe. Nice smooth animation on my BB 9700, nice sounds, mini games. I recommend for every Pinball fan :)

Yes, Pinball Deluxe works on the Storm 2, using the portrait orientation. It uses the full screen and you control the flippers by touching the left side/right side on the screen. Shaking your device will also nudge the ball.

As an old pinball wizard (stress the OLD part), I have to say I am pleasantly surprised with the game play (BB 9700)!

Absolutely worth the $5 to me.

it really does work smoothly and once you get used to the very simple layout, it has no impact whatsoever. If there's something that will make you dizy, it's the upside down mini pinball game.

Works really well on 9700. I though it would be a little weird having the screen follow the ball, but it just feels natural. Def 5 stars.

no free trial...I've downloaded too many things for my blackberry that ran like molasses. And i'm not gonna spend $5 on this only to find out it does the same. The makers should consider a free trial.

i am interested in this game but i am wondering if it can be transferred over another phone. i currently have a curve and in 3 weeks i am getting the bold 9650. also anyone know if this will work with 6.0 around the corner?

If you buy through the Crackberry App Store (or any other Mobihand storefront), it's pretty easy to swap devices. You just change the PIN on the site.

BB Appworld (AKA Crapworld) is far more difficult.

Not sure what OS 6 will bring, but Mobigloo has always treated customers fairly. I would predict a half-price upgrade when the new OS comes out.

Anyone got his on their 8330 yet? I am thinking of purchasing it,...but not forsure yet although I love pinball :p

This looks like a winner!

Can anyone tell me if I purchase this now for my Storm 1, but in a couple of weeks I purchase the Bold 9650 (assuming Verizon actually releases it!), will I need to purchase a new copy or can I transfer this to the new Bold as well??

It's available for Storm and non-Storm phone. There is a download option for either version in the link below the video.

"If you want a toy go get the iphone." I see that a lot here. But guess theyre willing to throw down $5 for a pinball game. It amazes me that with the limited apps and games that are available for BB's, that they charge what they do. When it comes to apps (useful or downtime apps, free or paid), BB's dont exactly have the upper hand. Paid for two games on my BB, Bubble Army and Bubble Defense. My brother has the same games for free on his Droid. Course they look prettier and go by a different name.

I'm a firm believer that developers that take a lot of time and effort to make quality applications like this one should charge $5 at least. Maybe if developers notice they can get $5/app in BB rather than Apple's race to the bottom win $1 and free apps may be more encouraged to try out making apps for BB.

I had no problem with the $5 price tag. It plays terrific and is worth every penny. Everyone compares prices of apps to Apple's iphone, which isn't what we have. I've bought a ton of themes from this site from 99 cents to $7 and many apps at all kinds of different prices, some of which I don't use anymore. The bottom line to me is that it's far cheaper than Pinball games I've bought for the computer and they pack a ton of punch in a much smaller app size, which takes more talent than when you can create a program without regard to size limitation.

Dear Mobigloo, is this going to be released on Blackberry App World? If so, when? I can't wait to buy it.

Dear Mobigloo. Nice game but its a bit pricey for a pinball game. Its really good development and I think its 3D, correct me if I'm wrong.
But do have a discount coupon for crackberry regulars? Its quite a steep price!

We've dedicated the last 5 months of our life to develop Pinball Deluxe which is the biggest production we did so far. No coupons are currently available but if you are patient, I am sure some discounts will be available in the future.

Looks good but I agree I think the price is too steep for a smartphone game. Yeah Yeah, $5 doesn't sound like much, but when comparing to other platforms this wouldn't get $5 over there, why should it just because it is BlackBerry?

So if the devs are still reading this thread, does this support/use the OpenGL hardware on devices (8530, 9550, 9650) that have it?

Yo need to score 100 copies and do a giveaway!

I agree price is high. I do enjoy playing it. Word Mole was getting old for me. This is the frist game I have bought for a storm

I'm playing on a Storm 2 and keep accidentally pausing the game. I have no idea how I'm doing it, but from best I can tell clicking the left and right screen in quick succession (or right and left), or sometimes pressing and holding, result in pauses. I sent an e-mail already but thought I would post here in case there are others. It could, of course, also be user error. But I didn't see documentation on how to pause for touchscreen devices so not sure how it was implemented (or if it was).

It's a relly awesome game, perfectly smooth and fun, but the german translation is really funny. Nothing seems correct translated. Seems like they used Google translate. Funny

Purchased this game last night (9700 version), well worth the money.. Well done Mobigloo and CB for showcasing it here!

Greeaatt game! By far the best game yet for a blackberry. Smooth action, no hourglassing, easy controls. Love it!!!

THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER FOR BLACKBERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this game soooo much!!! Worth the $5.

Just wish they had different levels and not just the one theme.

Love Pinball Deluxe! Runs great on my Storm 9530. Took a chance on getting it without having a free trial and I had no problems. Worth the $5 to me!

the smoothest running game I've played on the storm. Greatest game ever . . . ? It's pinball. O_o

I'm stuck with an 8520 Curve myself, it's a BlackBerry and I'm happy for that, but god do I want a Bold so bad. I've only ever owned a Curve and a Storm 1 (Long gone, thank god. Keyboards rule!), and I've gone so far as to buy a big plastic case for my 8520, just to make it feel that bit bigger, bulkier and heavier, so I can feel that I have something nicer, so that I can feel in some small way that I have something as good as a bold, even if that can never be true of this device, and even though said case restricts my typing and trackpad use some. I would be absolutely overjoyed if you'd throw (Figuratively of course) your 9700 this way, Kevin!

I love the current high score is 1million plus points. Sharing high scores on a common board would be great...

I bought last night based on this blog post. It's my first and only game purchased or installed on my 9000 device.

I do get a tiny bit of lag here and there. I don't know if that's related to my OS (5.0 - WB hybrid 5.01) or other apps installed, but it's not that often at all and is tolerable.

If there's a problem, it's hand cramps from playing it for a long time. Also, it says to use the left and right side for flippers. That's not the convenience keys. I thought it might be the shift keys. It's a usual key on the right and left side of the keyboard. So, I find A & DEL keys for flippers works best.

I have wasted money on games that end up being deleted. But this one is a keeper. Best game I have ever purchased on a cell phone.and worth every penny. I highly recommend it.

That's five times more than I've ever paid for a game/app on my iPhone. RIM needs to get their s**t together if they want to succeed in the consumer market. Having the highest price per app in the smartphone market and taking extra from devs is not how it's going to happen. This is a large reason I dumped RIM, their AppWorld is insane, and at only 7,000-ish apps they need all the help they can get. Almot everything paid in AppWorld is free on the iPhone and even Android. What a loss of a previously strong platform.....

I finally purchased this after a hard thought of whether to wait for it to be discounted and decided the wait started when it was previewed earlier on YouTube!

Its a good game, kudos to the developer, loved it. Could have more action. Perhaps a free upgrade in the near future?

I'm on a Storm2 using Vodafone Egypt's official OS .580. Contrary to what others reported, I faced an occasional lag but that did not affect much gameplay. Had a second to breathe actually! Left - right response via the screen was good. However the tilt on the Storm2 as reported by the developers doesn't work, perhaps it worked in a different way that was not known to me.

I still think the US$4.99 price tag is a bit steep, especially for a game like this that worth half of what it is if its released for the iPhone or Android. And you won't get much Asian interests as the money equivalent is enough for 3 meals and people in my part of the world do not believe in paying too much for apps, even US$1.99 for an iPhone app. The developers should have a serious thought about the pricing. I bought this cos I liked the game and the developers actually respond to comments quick swiftly here. Strangely I've emailed them previously via their website and never gotten a response though.

As they say, one man's meat is another man's poison. As I say, one man's wallet is deeper than another......