New Mobile Nations video feeds, and introducing Stock Talk!

Mobile Nations Broadcasting
By Rene Ritchie on 10 Nov 2011 08:19 am EST

Previously on Mobile Nations, Kevin told you all about our new network brand, and I had the honor of introducing Mobile Nations Broadcasting and the new Girls Gone Gadgets show. We've also been hard at work behind the scenes as well.

We've now got Mobile Nations United feed for both audio and video so you can get all your favorite shows, all in one place. Speaking of video, we've set up RSS feeds for all the video versions -- including Mobile Nations, Android Central,, Girls Gone Gadgets, iPad Live, iPhone Live, PalmCast, TiPb TV, and ZENandTECH with WPCentral coming soon -- so you can subscribe now right in your favorite podcatcher.

You can also find all our shows, including the video versions, on iTunes. Just head on over to the Mobile Nations iTunes page and subscribe away! (Please leave a rating while you're at it -- it helps encourage iTunes to feature us so more great people get to discover the shows). We'll be moving quickly to get them on all your other favorite platforms, services, and apps as well. If we're not yet where you want to watch or listen to us, let us know in the comments and we'll get there as quickly as possible!

But that's not all. Later today we're launching another all-new show -- Mobile Nations Stock Talk with Chris Umiastowski and Edward Zabitsky. Combining rock solid technical knowledge with cutting edge analytical insight, Chris and Ed are going to break down what's happening -- and why - in today's rapidly changing mobile market.

Mobile Nations Stock Talk premieres this afternoon at 1pm EST at See you there!



First. Not that it matters.
Great development, I think.

El Platanero

love the girls gone gadget. I don't even pay attention to what they are really saying. they are just too funny


Some great stuff you guys are doing here. I'm really digging it. I watched the first episode of Girls Gone Gadgets show. Good stuff. Although I'm all for the BB holster.


Sorry Rene, but not one person i know will put Itunes on a PC as its still horrible and borderline malware on a PC. itunes is not the be all and end all for podcasts.


I've always enjoyed Chris Umiastowski's articles....looking forward to watching his podcast :)


Noob q,can I get this on podcast and if so how?