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New Mini Banner Live – An animated theme for your 9900, 9930 & 9981!

By Kerri Neill on 2 Mar 2012 09:41 am EST

I’m a theme junkie and have really been hoping for something different to become available for my Bold 9930 besides the different color schemes and ditching the extra menus.

The other day my Twitter account quite literally blew up with tweets over a new theme. Intrigued by that much traffic, I decided to take a look. This is one amazing theme that definitely deserves some CrackBerry attention. Not only does it have the smaller banner at the top to optimize wallpaper (my other vice) space but this banner is ANIMATED! In the new MINI_Banner_LIVE theme by drkapprenticeDESIGNS and Lucky45 you get the coolest theme ever with scrolling BlackBerry B’s to the glowing red banner notifying you of any missed calls or new emails. Continue reading after the break for features and screenshots of this fun theme.


  • Scrolling Animated Banner Banner glows red on new email & missed call notifications
  • Mini Banner for wallpaper lovers
  • PlayBook OS 2.0 style icons and meters
  • Skinned Media player
Skinned Media Player
What makes this theme even better…it’s FREE! I know some users may worry that the theme could possibly drain the battery faster but the scrolling animation stops as soon as you open an application so it’s not constantly running in the background. I ran the theme all day on my 9930 with some serious email, phone calls and BBM usage with 28% battery life remaining by 8 PM that night. If you’re really worried about battery life with the theme, hit your keyboard lock button once you’re done viewing your message or whatever instead of waiting for the screen to dim by itself.

Watch the video above to see the theme in action or click the link below to see what our faithful CrackBerry forum members are saying about this innovative theme. Great job on this one and I can’t wait to see what this dynamic duo comes up with next!

For more information / download MINI_Banner_LIVE

Reader comments

New Mini Banner Live – An animated theme for your 9900, 9930 & 9981!


Love it. Got it now. Best theme I've ever used, but I've never found one that I like. This one is great. It's really cool to see some animation on the home screen, and in my opinion it's just the right amount. Not overly distracting and gives the 9930/9900 a little wow factor. This should be the default theme. :)
Boldly sent from my 9930

Hello, I wanted to know if you could PLEASE send me the link to download the "mini banner live" theme. My phone crashed & I lost my theme. I'd really appreciate it, thank you.

I've had this a few days now, I am really fussy about themes but this has become my favorite, very original and free, better than some of the premium themes. Thanks to the devs!!!

I just installed it and the only word i can think of to describe it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Superb theme

Also, love the playbook style icons

Could you PLEASE send me the link to download the "mini banner live" theme for my BB 9930 Bold, I'd really appreciate it.

Great theme. The only bug I've found is that is messes up my Youmail. The icon turns into a rectangle with a ? in it and renders it unusable. Hopefully an update will follow.

I have been running it for a couple of days on my 9930. Very nice indeed! I would highly recommend this theme as well. Thanks drkapprenticeDESIGNS and Lucky45!!

Could you PLEASE send me the link to download the "mini banner live" theme for my BB 9930 Bold, I'd really appreciate it.

Could you PLEASE send me the link to download the "mini banner live" theme for my BB 9330 Bold, I'd really appreciate it.

Oh that funny... I was going to post in their thread (how has this not gotten top billing yet) but i fell asleep. Wonderful theme! And no noticeable battery drain.

Sometimes i stare at my screen now. *blush*

Never mind. I found the answer in the Theme's thread. Texts and emails will only work if you have them integrated with the main messages folder. I don't and never have. And probably never will. However, really cool theme!

Anyone else having problems with whatsapp on this theme? first the red flower like notification wouldnt go away on my icon, so i did a battery pull hoping it will fix it, but after i restarted my phone the whatsapp icon is gone, and now i am left with a box with a question mark in it......

Great Theme, just installed it and already loving it. Only remark: too bad the red glow doesn't show up with text messages and BBM ...

Cool theme. Just one question: what's the little icon next to the battery meter on the upper left side? On my BB it has it with a red "x" next to it.

I've been searching for months for a theme i like for my 9900. and I have finally found it. Such an amazing theme. And the fact that its free is just icing on the cake. Love it

Could you PLEASE send me the link to download the "mini banner live" theme for my BB 9930 Bold, I'd really appreciate it.

this is the 3rd update to this mini banner theme by these guys,and as usual it does not disappoint!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVIN IT!

My favorite part is the Green Signal bars. And of course the moving banner. I like the icons too. I like it all except how do i turn the notifications off. I get an email like every 3 seconds and dont want my banner red all the time.

I am not one who has EVER liked themes (call me old school), because i just haven't found them to work as well as the OEM. But in this case.... DUDE THIS TOTALLY ROCKS. Thank you so much... finally a theme I can use daily.


uncaught exception index 1>=1
since i install this awesome theme i get this msg every time i restart my phone?
is this a bad thing?
also does anybody else have get this?

I just downloaded this FREE theme and to me this by far the best theme out there! Finally!! We Blackberry owners get to have an animated theme just like all those darn Android users. This is awesome!!

well it's great looking for sure but it slows down the UI experience slightly and the app weathereye don't work on it. Bummer.

If you like this free app, im sure you should try the FREE app called " 3D screensaver " by MMMOOO.. a spinning cube and options to change pictures... go try it, highly recomend it. works perfect on my bold 9930.

I love this theme and it makes my phone look like my playbook! Awesome setup and best app/theme to date!! Great job guys!! You have my vote for theme of the year award!! Thank You soo much for making it FREE!! Great review Kerri!! Thanks for bringing to our attention!

I just loaded this and it's killer cool! I was for sure going to pay for this one as the demo of it looked so great. FINALLY a new theme to enjoy and the animation is perfect! Not too much...not too little. Awesome awesome job to the Dev's. :) I dig this so much. Now just release a version for my wife's 9810!?? She's jelous. lol

Great theme. It's real awesome. love the slim banner, and the message indicator.

Not sure why... and I have had this problem with several OS7 themes... but "the weather network" app does not work with this theme installed. "uncaught exception: No application instance."

Maybe someone can look into it, figure out what the conflct is between this app and 3rd party themes. Caution the app developer from Weather Network (or theme devs) and ask for a minor update for a fix

I have never liked a theme, much less was crazy about a theme until now! I had to post how impressed and happy I am with it. A must have, especially for PlayBook owners!

Holy cow. I've downloaded many themes before but never liked them over the default theme. But this one...WELL ITS JUST THE BEE'S KNEES!

Man it kills. Your battery life though even with the Bold holster. If you take it our for prolonged use and/or combine with bridge doesn't last long.

Luckily I got a car charger, any sign or a non animated one though?

Can you PLEASE send me the link to download your "mini banner live" theme for my BB 9930 Bold, I use to have it but my phone crashed & I lost it. I love it & it's the only theme i used! This is the exact one I had just like yours & how it looked, just so you know http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36UJOOmavCg
I'd really appreciate it, thank you.