New Managing Directors announced for BlackBerry UK and Africa

By James Richardson on 12 Nov 2013 06:06 am EST

The management structure is continuing to change at BlackBerry after the recent news that Thorsten Heins would be stepping down as CEO and John Chen taking his place. This time it is the UK and Africa that get a new boss. Yudi Moodley gets the MD role in Africa, where he is to take over from Alexandra Zagury - who is moving over to manage the UK side of things. 

Unlike John Chen, both the new MD's are current BlackBerry staff, which is a good sign that they still have a great management team in place across the globe. Sure, the re-structure is not yet over and it's been a real shame to lose BlackBerry employees, but if that's what it takes to get BlackBerry back where they were then so be it. 

Press Release


BlackBerry® today announced the appointment of Yudi Moodley as Managing Director for Africa. With this appointment, Yudi Moodley will be responsible for overseeing and driving the overall business strategy and growth for BlackBerry across Africa. 

Yudi Moodley is replacing Alexandra Zagury who is taking up a new role at BlackBerry as Managing Director for the UK and Ireland.

 Commenting on his appointment, Yudi Moodley said, "Africa is one of BlackBerry's key markets. As I take up this new role, I will continue to work with our local partners to serve all of our customers and focus on driving the ongoing adoption of the BlackBerry 10 platform as well as BBM, which is popular among Africans across the continent.”

 Previously, Yudi Moodley was BlackBerry's Business Management Director for the Middle East and Africa, a diverse general management role spanning commercial management as well as business planning and forecasting. Yudi Moodley joined BlackBerry in 2010.

 Before joining BlackBerry, Yudi Moodley spent four years with Cell C, where his last position was as senior national retail sales manager. He started his career with Caltex Oil.


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New Managing Directors announced for BlackBerry UK and Africa


I just found in the CB10 app I could only see 1 photo in this article. But the browser shows me 3 with a pretty cool photo viewer. Is this something new?

What's the update on the upgrade to CB?? Will it appear when 10.2 hits every country or will it be during 10.2.1?

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I don't see this as good at all. Out with the old bring in the new. What is the motivation to do well in BlackBerry????

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry has lost its uniqueness in discontinuing the BIS Service on BB10...I think they should put hve sum more effort on tht 2...lyk thy dd with BES10

James, when will CB fix the annoying scroll thing? Every time when you almost get to the bottom of a page, it would jump to the next page.

Posted using my awesome BBZ10

I was looking for a thread regarding this problem, couldn't find one. Glad I'm not the only one bothered by this

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In Egypt blackberry has tons of fans. And in return we don't even have TV ads, Street ads nor Accessories.
Samsung's been pretty much nailing it in terms of ads. Whenever and wherever I walk in the streets I find an s4, and a note 3 ad pop up.....
Don't be surprised because probably no one in egypt has ever heard of a blackberry 10 device because of the lack of ads... they even think my phone is and iPhone and they end up surprised that is a blackberry and sometimes they think it's a fake Chinese replica phone

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Excuse my typos, I'm still not used to the BlackBerry Keyboard.
I hope my voice is listened Crackberry.

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Same in South Africa. Large percentage of users BlackBerry but no marketing to them directly.

Hope this new guy can do a better job.

I think we have a chance of turning things around here. But we need to move fast because the growth in Androidb is exploding. Everyone saying BlackBerry is dead, which is far from the truth.

So here, I'm ready to help. Tell me what you need me to do and I'll sell BlackBerry for you. Even in this tough market

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I hope this change.
Btw Egypt is considered African so whatever the dude responsible for Africa does goes back to Egypt.

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Would love to apply, I just graduated, read industrial design, and I'm in Africa. I'm sure I can boost the BlackBerry system over here in branding and advertising. If you can connect, Pls advice.

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What about boulben? For a time I thought he had naked Pictures of thor, which is why he was never fired. Dunno about that anymore

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