Another location added to BlackBerry Jam Camp

New location added to BlackBerry Jam Camp
By DJ Reyes on 3 Jul 2013 08:07 am EDT

Back in June, BlackBerry invited students to participate in a developer event called BlackBerry Jam Camp. Students could apply to the nearest location to them and take part in a two day intense course to help them get started with developing for the BlackBerry platform. The course is limited to 200 students per location and you have to apply to attend.

At the time of the announcement there were only three locations announced. I'm happy to report that another location has been added. It's good to see the LATAM area be included. 

BlackBerry Jam Camp locations

  • Bandung, Indonesia - July 4th - 5th (Application deadline July 3rd)
  • Madrid, Spain - July 8th - 9th (Application deadline July 5th)
  • Kitchener/Cambridge - July 16th- 17th
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina - July 17th - 18th (New location)

The Camp aims to help students create a Built for BlackBerry app. If you pitch your app to a panel of judges, you can be in for chance to win a trip to a BlackBerry Jam event near you. As well as that you can get yourself a BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 for successfully submitting an app to BlackBerry World and achieving Built for BlackBerry status. More details can be found within the Terms of Conditions on the application form.

If you are interested in attending, apply now. The deadline for Indonesia, Spain and Canada is July 3rd 2013, so get applying now. If you are successfully chosen to attend travel and accommodation will be paid for depending on how far you are from the venue. All details can be found in the Terms and Conditions. Please read them carefully.

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Another location added to BlackBerry Jam Camp


You can apply to the nearest one to you. Travel and accommodation will be provided if you are accepted to attend

The nearest is in Argentina(a nine hour flight) do you think Blackberry could pay for that? :-)

Terms and Conditions state that if chosen to attend and you live more than 100km from the venue, travel and accommodation will be arranged for you

I applied 2 weeks ago and still no word from BB. Does it mean that I wasn't excepted or you think there is still some time before that? I applied for Kitchener location

Me neither, don't worry I'm sure they'll notify everyone last minute like they did with the free BlackBerry Live passes for developers...

Posted via CB10

If you read the Terms and Conditions, deadline for applying to Canada, Spain and Indonesia (I updated the post), is today, July 3rd. So, I presume all applications will be processed after this and you should hear something by the end of the week

I'm just going by the T&C's

Thanks for clarification. Brandon, hope to see us both there, and everybody from CB who applied.

BBM is jammed too today.. only in Indonesia!!!! So we are spesial, in a twisted kinda way....

Posted via CB10

Only had this happen once in Canada and it was because my mobile service provider was down, not because of BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Oh, blackberry has officially announced the problem is at their end.. second time we had this since i got my z10.. so twice in 3 months?

Posted via CB10

I am in Canada and I had a situation where my messages were not delivered, but it happened just one time

No it's not. QML preview crashing bug will be fixed by their very own engineers, and the software will become more mature and solid day by day. On the other hand, you need young minds, developers with enthusiasm to develop and enrich the ecosystem. This will create 200 (plus their influenced friends back home) coders willing to experience BB native coding. Every original app will make your platform better. You need to invest in these areas.

Use the draining money to hiring qualified engineers to fix the dev tools bug !!!

Each fixed bug worth at least 10 jam locations/events.

Without fixing the bugs BB is basically spreading its image of bad quality.

Please fix the QML preview crash bug. Numerous graphics are tried according to BB's suggestion, still it is crashing.