New Jumping Jacks sticker pack arrives in the BBM Shop

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By James Richardson on 6 Jun 2014 05:58 am EDT

Just a quick heads up that if you are into your BBM stickers then you may want to start the weekend off by downloading the latest edition - Jumping Jacks, which have been designed by Amelie Wentrup Alptun. Amelie is a swedish virtual artist whose love for design spans from crazy illustrations to sleek user-friendly interfaces.

I can't say I'm a huge fan of stickers myself, but maybe that's just because I haven't seen any that I feel warrant me spending my money on. I'm sure as time goes on we'll see not only more characters popping up in the shop but also brands - such as sports teams or maybe even rock groups. I think I've said it before, but I'm saving my money for a KISS sticker pack!

The Jumping Jack pack is priced at the usual price of £1.50. Hit up your BBM Shop to grab it.

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New Jumping Jacks sticker pack arrives in the BBM Shop


There have been a few free ones, but that region locking is a killer.

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Well, if theoatmeal(dot)com came out with a pack, I'd gladly pay.

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This is really getting silly now.

The man with executive ability wins always in business.

I won't pick this pack up, I will buy em when they are worth it I have seen little interest then the basic smiles pack

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Still don't get the use of stickers. They seem like a fad, just like mullets and parachute pants...

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I agree with you. If a person can't convey their thought with their language, how are stupid stickers going to help them?

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Particularly when you can't use them in conjunction with text. I don't get why it's either or.
Not that it really effects me....I can't think of any pack of images I'd be interested in buying.

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Totally agree... so far I think all stickers are waste of time and effort... non of them can help me express my expression and language...

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Agreed, not to mention they're quite large and overwhelming. I sent one sticker just to see what it was about...that will likely be my first and last. Not my cup of tea.

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I use them just to mess around. My nephew loves the stickers so much that he wants a BlackBerry phone now

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Need more high-profile popular stuff like the Disney stuff (Toy Story), South Park (love'em or leave'em), etc.

My favourite I'd LOVE to see. Say it again, The MASK cartoon stickers, crazy mad face action!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I've bought a few packs, don't mind paying 2$ cause i only use bbm anyways. But lets get more popular stickers, bands, movie charactors, hell even a playboy P.G edition. Get some catchy ones and others will be interested. Also please make it so i can include my sticker in my txt before i send. Currently i have to type message send message then switch to stickers scroll across find the one i want send it by then the other person already replied to my txt. Remember, BB10 is about productive not added steps. Just saying.

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Still waiting on the rage comics. I really think they would be a huge hit with all age groups.

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I know this $1.99 a pop is getting out of hand! I've collected all sticker packs to date but I rarely use them for chat. I do see potential in stickers but we need more mature audience type packs.

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I buy them also, it's less money ( a lot less) than I pay for coffee. And, if stickers sell well, more people will make them. I rarely actually use them, but I want to encourage third parties to see bbm as a revenue stream, because that's when others will start promoting bbm.

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I like the impact of the stickers (i.e. a REALLY big hug for that special someone), but I won't pay for any until they venture away from the overwhelming cutesy style. With the size of them, I would hope they'd be more detailed, as well.

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Why even put the effort in to make dumb stickers. I would like to see NHL, CFL, NFL, MLB


I have sent Gene Simmons a few tweets about a KISS sticker pack. He so needs to do this!!!!!

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Very important that the designers of these stickers take time to read our feedback, I think.

I happen to love stickers, BUT most of the new ones are not close enough to emoticons - they really do need to express something. People aren't really interested in sending random images...we don't want to send a picture of food...we want to send a picture of a great character expressing they are starving by eating the food in a hilarious way...

Hopefully things will get better. It's early days...

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It's $2 you bunch of cheap skates. Skip your coffee for a day. This is one of the better packs.

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Wow, that's a compelling argument. But, let me just say that if you think this is one of the better packs, then there really is no hope.

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Fantastic! Stickers that look like ugly versions of characters from South Park!

The BlackBerry turnaround is now complete. Mission Acomplished, Chen! Haha

Only problem with stickers is when you wipe your phone you have to purchase them all again... so I had about 5 sticker packs and fill a bit ripped off

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I agree, I just paid less for 2 excellent films on Playbook Video Store, I don't get these stupid things?

The stickers need some sort of context so that we all use them in the same way..'hello', 'love you', 'fun', 'see you soon' anything!! Check out the free stickers in the VIBER App!!

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Yeah, some of the Viber stickers are kind of weird and decontextualized, but many are the way you describe. I like Viber a lot actually

Zzzzz.. If "BBM Stickers" qualifies as a hot topic these days, BlackBerry is beyond doomed.

How about a few exclusives on what BlackBerry is (or isn't doing) on the marketing front? How about sending a few undercover BB journos out to a few AT&T stores to uncover what's really happening with domestic carrier support? How about digging beneath the rhetoric and finding out why BlackBerry is sitting on its hands?
If for nothing else, that content would be entertaining.

We can do better than celebrating passing fads exclusive to BlackBerry phones (e.g. "Stickers". Let's jump into the vast mobile landscape and rejoin the race!

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If blackberry reads the comments on this website then.........
Talking stickers !!! Get into it before all the messaging apps have them.
You have been told! :)

Whatever happened to the extra BBM sticker that go with the free ones, you know the BlackBerry made emoji stickers? They were selling some extra for 99 cents not long ago and now they are no longer around.

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I'm wondering when they'll release a rage comics pack. Just a thought.

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