New Jawbone Bluetooth Headset in Stock!

The New Jawbone
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Jun 2008 03:24 pm EDT

Just a quick note to let everyone know the new Jawbone Bluetooth headset is now available for purchase from the store! Read the overview of this highly-anticipated BlackBerry accessory after they jump...

Jawbone Bluetooth Headset 

The New Jawbone is the next step in the integration of best in class noise elimination technology with personal design that is both humanistic and minimal.

In the tradition of bringing together beauty and science, the new Jawbone is a miracle of miniaturization and 50% smaller than the original award-winning Jawbone. Every effort has been made to contain best in class noise elimination technology in the most unassuming, yet richly detailed product.

No Visible Buttons
The "invisible button" policy at Jawbone accomplishes a clutter-free look. Touch-surface technology allows the user to operate switches by lightly pressing the outside shield.

Premium Materials

Constructed with ultra-smooth medical-grade plastic, the new Jawbone also comes with optional fine leather earloops.

The Experience
Comprised of an outer shield and inner surface, the new Jawbone experience is two-fold. The outer shield, curved and rectilinear to follow the face, is lightly textured in a sound-reflective progressive relief, a three-dimensional texture visually representative of noise abatement surfaces. This unique surface becomes animated as light creates highlights and shadows when worn. The inner surface, the one touching the face and creating contact with the Voice Activity Sensor, is gently curved to be ergonomic and comfortable on the skin.

The Black-colored Jawbone headset is in stock (Silver and Gold to come) and can be purchased for $129.95. Keep your eyes on the blogs for a full on review of this awesome new headset in the near future.

Reader comments

New Jawbone Bluetooth Headset in Stock!


I can't get this thing to fit right. The medium ear bud is too big and the small too small. Also people are having a hard time hearing me. I'm sure it's something I'm doing as this product has a great reputation. Any help or advice would be great.

I had the same problem; just like the JawBone I, the small rubber nib at the end of the device *must* touch your cheek when talking. The smaller size and the less sturdy ear hook has made the JawBone II a non-starter for me and I returned it, even after swapping out for a second one. I could never get the nib to consistently rest against my face. I just bought the Blueant z9i and love it. I still use my JawBone I.

Well,just got it and tried evry ear pice and ear loop and I can't find a match to allow the Sensor to "rest on the side of my face" it just wants to dangle around loosly..
I don't think this is going to work...