New Javelin Images!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Jul 2008 07:34 am EDT

Ronen's "Secret Agent 001" came through with some sweet pics of the BlackBerry Javelin. Click the image above to see more images. Is it just me, or do you agree there's something about pics of pre-released devices that's just soo sexy?! Not much in the way of big news here, but the Secret Agent offered up a couple of tid bits:

  • preference for the Javelin form factor over the Bold form factor. I'm not surprised by this, seeing how the Javelin is more akin to the Curve as the Bold is to the 8800 series.
  • the Javelin features a microUSB port instead of the traditional miniUSB. We actually pointed this out when the very first Engadget video surfaced (you could tell it was smaller), but it's nice to have a second confirmation.

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New Javelin Images!


Like I had mentioned in the 200k member contest thread, I wouldn't mind to wait to get my hands on the Javelin even though it might not have 3G. It's sexier than the Bold!! Woot! Looking forward to the release of the Javelin in time for Christmas!!

Hot looking phone. What's going to be the full price of the phone and is it going to get to sprint this life time. If so I will have to put my curve to rest because the keyboard looks great on this phone. Oh well I'm pretty sure it will just might be the last carrier to release. I hope some one can get a laugh out of that. Peace

The fact that it has a microUSB port instead of the traditional miniUSB will cause me not to buy this phone. I said to myself as soon as this phone comes out, this is the phone for me (over the Bold), but the microUSB is a big deal. I have way to many chargers to get rid of. Now if there is a simple solution to this (other than replacing six home/office chargers and two car chargers) than ignore this post. I am so disappointed...

yes, buy the adapter. i hope that since it is using micro, this means that it is thinner. don't like bulky items. 5th gen ipod 30gb > ipod classic 80gb. hope 7th gen is 200gb, and as or thinner than classic 80gb. $$D

The RAZR2 was shipped with a micro-to-mini adapter, i'm sure this will be available for the javelin as well.

I sure hope so because it makes no sense to release so many devices with the mini usb only to switch to micro after many like my self have multiple wall, car and pc usb cables. I like the fact that I can go almost to anyone's home, office, car and use their charger too since the mini usb is the standard for a range of devices, not just phones.

Anyone hear anything about a CDMA version of the Javelin which I've heard around the forums being linked to a 3G Niagra for Sprint and Verizon? I'm really digging this one. The size, form factor, booger green numbers that just make sense, and the improved camera (although with some 8MP cameras being put into phones, I would like RIM to step their game up) make it more attractive than the Bold as long as the processor is on par with the Bold.

that I noticed was that the shift/caps buttons were reduced to the miniature size of the letter buttons. Now why would RIM do such a thing? If it was still the same size as the curve's shift/caps buttons, then the buttons would fit in better. Anyway, just a little thing that was bothering me.

The more I see of this thing, the more I see a Curve painted in black. Why anyone would upgrade from a curve to this is beyond me. The Bold, maybe.

Same reason why people want to upgrade from 1st gen iPhone to 2nd gen even though they look exactly to same (to me at least). Because it's FASTER! Faster processor, new OS, and a screen that kicks the crap out of the current bb's. It's not the Curve with a new look, its a Bold with a different look.

Looks sweet!

I'm sure Verizon will take at least 3 years to get it.

What do we know about this so far?

I'm hoping the screen is as nice as the Bold's. :)


I'm thinking I like the looks of the Javelin better than the Bold. It just looks so inviting to the touch. Smooooth..... plus I think I like the green numbers better than the red ones that are on the Bold. Still planning on getting a Bold tho :)

Uh, that screen looks WAY too small. :(

nevermind...I just saw the other pictures. Looks like the same screen (size-wise) as the Curve. Whew!

I just noticed this but, the Javelin screen is bigger than the Bold screen, right!? Is AT&T gonna get the Javelin too? I still prefer the Bold tho!!! CAN"T WAIT!!!!!