New iPad vs. ASUS Transformer Infinity (Android) vs. BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0

By Team CrackBerry on 7 Mar 2012 04:15 pm EST

With Apple having now taken the covers off their "new iPad", the folks over at iMore have been rocking out the news to the masses. If you're into that sort of thing, you can head over there and check out the craziness for yourself. If you're more comfortable right here on CrackBerry, you can at least have a look at how the new iPad stacks up against the BlackBerry PlayBook along with the ASUS Transformer Infinity. No matter what you think of Apple though, if nothing else -- that display is packing some serious pixels.

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New iPad vs. ASUS Transformer Infinity (Android) vs. BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0


I disagree, if meh is your reaction I would like to here what your reaction is in regards to OS2.0 2 and the playbook in general if your were evaluating unbiasly.
You have to give it to apple their products are absolutely beautiful. I have never had hardware issues with my phone or tablet. I bought two playbooks and have to send one back due to the volume buttons not working. You don't hear of bulging backs or sunken power buttons, etc. The quality of their products are top notch. That's why people buy them, and they are one of the top three company's in the world.

One of the things that Apple does really well is keeping things simple. It's one of the first rules in sales. RIM mean while, over-engineers their products. While all the features are good on blackberry devices, many people are too dumb to realize the benefits. The management at RIM are giving way too much credit of how intuitive most people are. People are dumb, you may not be one of them, but a lot of people are. They want things to work for the purpose that they were built. If it doesn't, they move on.

Apple products are mostly based on simplicity (and perhaps, design). They don't invent new things but they make things work better and easier.

RIM products started simple, then they got way over their heads, and looks to remain that way. They try to be the best at everything and it's impossible to do so.

On a spectrum of form and function, everyone lies at a different point. Buy what you want; nobody has a gun to your head. If it serves your purpose, why does it matter if it's Apple or RIM?

Say what you will about these tablets (and perhaps some smartphones), but they are, and mainly have been, a novelty. There are problems on both platforms and the list is likely long and boring.

If anyone was offended by what they read on this post, there's only one conclusion: You are one of the dumb ones.

Quick question,

If I buy "the new iPad" and then next year the "iPad3 or iPad4" comes out and you buy it. Will I still have "THE NEW iPAD"?

Really bad name choice if you ask me. But, Apple gets away with it! if it were RIM coming out with an outrageous name like that, all hell would have broken loose. Am I the only one that feels this way?

If it where called just "ipad" was that not the 1st one? I agree if this is "the new ipad" the next version will be "new" when IT comes out so...

sad that apple barely updated the iPad and now we're behind again....

The next Playbook better be good and come out soon or RIM should only focus on either the handset or the tablet since they are so slow in releasing things and the specs and features are either outdated or almost going to be outdated as soon as it's released....

Though the current size is definitely an advantage...a 10" tablet would not exactly be portable unless you plan on using the tablet at home may be lighter and thinner but if the tablet is bigger than my notebook and does what my phone already does, I may as well just carry my notebook and/or my phone...

I know you are a troll, but I thought I'd point out that the fact that your post is so pathetic makes it clear that this iPad update really disappointed you.

Well Jack now you know a but what it's liek to be a RIM fan. Apple has just come out with a heavier product that is a flat peice of glass that is made for holding in your hand and reading etc. .... and it's heavier?

I'm sorry Jack but there is only one label for that: #Fail

What are you talking about...I'm saying RIM should not do the rumoured 10" tablet. The only person who is close to being a troll here is you who takes the time to post these useless comments in every article whenever you see a negative comment on the site.

1.) RIM is in trouble and is severely behind and have a very difficult time catching up. The entire world is not delusional and you are not the only sane person on Earth.

2.) People who do not like BB would not bother going on this site and post suggestions and comments.

3.) People on android/iphone/wp/etc sites write about functions they want and functions they are disappointed with all the time. Shutting everyone up and naming them trolls to prevent any discussion concerning the phones is ignorant, using the mildest term possible.

4.) If everyone are not allowed to make suggestions or comments on a fan site except empty praises then RIM would have no need to release Playbook 2.0, no need to buy QNX, no need to add in all these features that people asked for in the past few years but they would have shutted down long ago. You think RIM's new CEO allows crackberry to interview him for no reason? You think Crackberry get these information for no reason? RIM wants feedback from the community and you are killing those feedback.

RIM has strayed from the path that could possibly save them multiple times...e.g. Storm & Storm 2; Playbook as a tablet less functional than the software of a lower end handset. People are passionate and hope to say stuff to help RIM turn around the situation or make the best of the situation, yet you keep posting these comments and asking every to shut up and not make any suggestion, in other words, passively watch RIM dies. When RIM is closed down for good one day, remember what I said today and remember that you helped push RIM off the cliff.

Im not behind. I dont see anything on that list that makes me think I would be ahead if I owned an iPad3. Maybe I overlooked something. Explain it to me Jack, what specs are you reading that make you think we could get more done, faster and better if we had an iPad3?

blue tooth, data connection, screen resolution, need I say more?

Unless you think only being able to work in wifi coverage area without cloud syncing and slower bluetooth transfer between devices as well as looking/editing things on a screen with less resolution would get more done, faster and better, I don't understand what are you hinting.

Almost double the RAM and Better bluetooth connectivity standard yes but yet another data package is hardly a plus.
Better graphics have their place too but honestly the 'new' update is reminiscent of the 4S, hardly earth shattering.

That's why it's called the new iPad not iPad can't do earth shattering things every year...they are new useful features...

If people find it necessary to dis the iPad model launched this year because it is only good, useful, and have the updated specs that are useful and they honestly didn't market this as something revolutionary then BlackBerry would be flamed every second, since BB doesn't even manage to do any of it and market itself as revolutionary...

You said a few minor hardware updates on the iPad put Blackberry Playbook users behind. I asked for an explanation. You didn't deliver. Hint hint.

so you do think that only being able to work in wifi coverage area without cloud syncing and slower bluetooth transfer between devices as well as looking/editing things on a screen with less resolution would get more done, faster and better?!?

Jack I understand what you are trying to say. I even agree with the screen resolution, however that is all that is better.

iOS devices don't utilize better Bluetooth as they don't have object push services. Meaning you can't transfer a file to or from an iPad just because you have Bluetooth. That added speed is best used when transferring files.

Also working in an area with out wifi...really...most everywhere you go now a days has wifi. Coffee shops, fast food places, your friend's home. In addition, as a BB enthusiast, my playbook is never out of data range unless my phone is out of network, in which case the 3G/4G connectivity is moot.

The new iPad upgraded to meet the specs of the playbook in my humble opinion. It now MATCHES the ram at 1gb. It now MATCHES the camera at 5mp. It now MATCHES the 1080P recording capabilities.

So I don't think we are behind... we are just different.

Its also made of aluminium, has a huge battery, and has a bigger screen than the playbook, all adding more weight.

Its also still thinner than the playbook.

Different market for different people.

Thinner than the PlayBook? 0.4 versus 0.37...Haha, are you kidding me? You call that thinner? That difference is insignificant. Also, Mr. Genius, aluminum is used because of its lightweight characteristic.
I love how the iTrolls can't keep away from CrackBerry.

Repeat after me. "My playbook is fine. It does everything I want. I don't need anything better." Ad infinitum until RIM goes bust.

Seems kind of cheap to not list all the sensors on the Playbook. I know they are there because I use them in various apps.

Ya, mine definitely sense changes in the light. Leave it to crackberry to diss the playbook.

Wow it's heavier than the old iPad?? That is seriously stupid.

I bought a playbook a couple of months ago for $200, zero regrets :)
but that new ipad looks pretty awesome

I watched the iPad presentation live blog/video and it was impressive. I want to feast my eyes on that Retina display. But I own 2 playbooks, my wife and I use them and my kids love the Playbook. And we both have Blackberry phones... I have a torch 9810 and my wife has the torch 9800.

I have to hand it to Apple for making a nice new iPad. No denying it has some awesome specs. I think people who are in the market and willing to pay will buy it. But probably not a reason to upgrade from iPad 2, unless you get some decent cash for your old iPad. I think it is worth the money for the new iPad HD, yes. But the Playbook is also worth the money, perhaps it is even under-priced for what it can do at $199. There is no denying that for $499 you can make a better product than $199, and the price difference is justified and people see that. But not everyone wants to spend on a tablet what they could buy a laptop for with much better specs. Although you will not find a Retina display on any laptop right now, so iPad takes the cake.

I am convinced iPad and Playbook are not really truly comparable... They are different devices for different uses. Many people have BOTH an iPad and a Playbook will admit they are different devices. I think they can co-exist in the market. For example, NOT everyone will buy an iPad because they are equally happy with a Kindle which is all they really need from a tablet. And they are not willing to pay more than $200 for that. Same goes for Playbook, which is small and portable, fast and easy to use, has an increasing number of free and useful apps, and is a functional business-friendly tablet (for presentations and contact/calendar organization) which is what I use it for. I wouldn't be able to lug around an iPad with me and have it in my jacket pocket. I would leave the iPad at home and reach for the Playbook and phone much more often.

I see the iPad being marketed as a PC-replacement for the majority of people who may want a more portable laptop-like device. Many people want a device for internet-content delivery (web/mail/social/media) and light office productivity. It is also good at media editing and has some nice apps for this. I wish the Playbook let me edit HD video and music in-tablet also (App developers listening? Any Android apps to do this being converted over?). I also wish the Playbook had a fully-featured office-compatible suite (it is ok for editing but making totally new Powerpoints on the fly is lacking). Having said that, meanwhile I still enjoy the Playbook for everything else. It outperforms all other $199 tablets in it's the class. And honestly I prefer doing the heavy-duty stuff on my laptop with not an iPad 10" screen, but more like a 16" screen. But for some people, the iPad will be their "laptop" replacement and they are paying for it because it costs almost as much.

Bottom line, you can buy 2 playbooks ($199) for the price of an older iPad 2 (new price $399), and 3 playbooks which you can bridge to your phone for free for the price of a new iPad 4G ($629) for which you will have to have a separate data plan through your carrier. So they are DIFFERENT devices and meet a different market, and priced accordingly! Comparing Apples to Blackberries!!!!

I'm sure the Retina display is awesome, and amazed they kept the entry-level price at $499 even with all the improvements. I am sure Apple is counting on their profit-margins to improve over time as the cost lowers on their production line, but they keep the $499 price-tag constant over the next year. I am sure that the profit-margin on the iPad 3 is less than that on the iPad 2 initially due to the higher component costs, but they are betting on averaging out so when a year from now they are still selling them at $499 and have decreased component costs, they make up for it.

Long live the competition! Good for all of us consumers! Let's step it up!

I agree with you. Quick story; today at work the wi-fi connection went down and no one could surf the internet on their tablets. They saw me surfing on my PB and said that I will spend a lot of money if i continue to heavily surf on my tablet, I said naw, my tablet is bridged to my phone so i am using my phones unlimited data plan. I love my PB and my wife loves hers too. ;)

hmmm...correct me if I misunderstood none of your co-workers' phones could tether and all of them subscribe to limited data plan for tablet only and they bring their tablets to work...

not only that...but the employees in your company usually bring their tablets to work just to surf the web during work hours...


I get the same reaction. The bridge is one the best selling point to me. For $199 it's the best tablet and to me the 16GB for $299 is good. I totally agree the "new iPad" is nice. But not extra $300 nice. for that I only get better display, more apps (that I can't possibly use them all), and bluetooth 4.0. IMO not worth $300. All I can say different tablet for different ppl. I love the PB portability I take it everywhere and don't feel awkward. To me it's great as RIM's first tablet. Can't get worst right!

sent from my olskool os5

wow now is time to rock n roll something Thorsten!!! Not much has changed with the ipad. Rim you need to CAPITALIZE LIKE NOW! PUSH OUT SOMETHING SOON RIM ON WITH THE WAR!!!!

Exactly but that's always the case with the iPad. Basically, the iPad is always like the preceding iPhone, in this case the 4s.

Yeah, but the media and all those with vested interests (ie, APPL stock holders in the media) will tout the new Ipad as the greatest invention in the face of modern history and people will follow blindly ....

I've read now on 4 publications that the "new iPad" has a quad core CPU, when in reality it has a DUAL core CPU and a quad core GPU.

This is why Apple will never fail. Even though they lay the facts out there.. others are so blind that they hear or read what they want and spread that.

So unfair and disappointing.

Agreed. I also love how almost every media outlet and person thinks that its actually called "the new ipad". Its called bloody iPad, thats it.

There is still a banner saying "the new MacBook Pro" on their site, but no one goes around calling it that do they?

Comparing the specs of all three models (not including iPad2), it looks like the BlackBerry PlayBook has the worst specs. Correct me if I am wrong please.

the specs are almost exactly the same as the NEW ipad, but the playbook came out a year ago and is $300 less per model.

from what i see, right now, the only thing better in this NEW ipad is the screen and more RAM... if the processor is 1.5ghz or more that will be an improvement, otherwise this is just like the iphone 4S and apple will find a way to con people into upgrading... like saying it is a quad core CPU and not GPU

Yeah, saying it has quad-core graphics is pretty shady. I bet the specs on the CPU are vague for a reason. And they avoided the fact that the front facing camera is still terrible too... "FaceTime camera with VGA-quality photos and video at up to 30 frames per second" - [from]. Imagine Facetime on a super high res, and VGA camera..

It needs a quad-core GPU because there are so many (irrelevant) pixels. It looks like as soon as Steve Jobs left, Apple started riding on its coat tails and stopped real innovation.

On the flip side: RIM needs to make their bluetooth functionality a lot better. There's very little solution-wise that I can do with it right now.

Huh? Please learn to read:

SCREEN SIZE: iPad wins, PB loses by 2/3

CPU: Asus wins, iPad and PB lose

GPU: PB loses


DATA CONNECTION ENABLED: iPad wins, Asus and PB lose

MICROSD EXPANSION ENABLED: Asus wins, iPad and PB lose

REAR CAMERA: Asus wins, iPad and PB lose

VIDEO RECORDING: PB and iPad tie, Asus loses

BLUETOOTH: iPad and Asus tie, PB loses

GPS: Tie

TV OUT: iPad wins in terms compatibility, Asus and PB lose

BATTERY: taking CNET's data, iPad wins...but PB loses anyway regardless

Huh? Please learn to compare!

While I could say a lot about the other stuff.

TV Out - 10 dollar micro-hdmi cable = PB win you still haven't learned to read...compatibility wise, iPad won...and if you say micro-HDMI, then you can clearly see on the chart that Asus also is compatible with PB still didn't win...

The original chart made it very clear, and my comment pointed out the obvious to you...and you suddenly say PB win because it together with its competition can use micro-HDMI...uh...

There you go again. Honda Toyota Mazda. Who cares, get the one thats best for you. Not the one you think will win over the others. There is always room for improvement, but cheerleading releases like its some spectator sport is childish. Get over it. Playbook users like the Playbook for a lot of reasons. Some Playbook users also use iPads. Win? Lose? Figure it out.

so... its the same as the playbook but a better/bigger screen.
and the playbook came out a long time ago (tech wise)

money grab anyone?

I am not against iPad, I am against the philosophy of Apple Inc. I rather see Microsoft rule the world with open ended hardware and OS combinations creating jobs for millions around world than Apple Inc's dictatorship. Period.

Apple Inc probably use Chinese slaves too. Looking at how Apple can re-invent things that has been invented already and get away with it (Siri for example has already there and it is called voice recognition) while suing anyone who come even close to stupid iPad is sad.

I will never buy an Apple product just to keep the world population safe from Apple's cooperate terrorism.

It is certainly bad, but Apple is not the only company who makes use of cheap labourers, ever wonder why a lot of RIM handsets are made in Mexico? Where do you think the parts are made before they are assembled? There's really only 1 country that the parts are coming from. Everyone except the Korean handset makers assemble parts that are mostly made in China under pretty much the same working conditions. So good job Samsung and LG, and no, RIM, many android and wp handset makers do not have the moral high ground.

If you had half a brain, you'd know that components are made by machines and are rarely touched by humans. It's in the assembly that the Apple staff is treated like slaves, forced to work OT, childrean are made to work in sweat shops, etc. There is PROOF to show that the Apple employees are treated like slaves. There is not a single ounce of proof that RIM participates in any of that yet you are accusing them of it. You are nothing but a troll.

Thanks for making things up, last time I checked, Foxconn has no children labourers. Read newspapers other than the ones in UK and the States. Apple is being targeted because it's big. It's certainly a bad thing, but no one should only target Apple, because all handset makers except the Koreans are not clean of this. You think BB are made in places like Mexico for what reason? They would pay the labourers more and give them happy lives?

RIM should make a commercial saying no human ever kill or injure when making PB just like the credits in some movies. :)

Wow. Apple does it again. Mega hype, which will transform into mega sales because they've what?, put in a faster processor, increased the camera and screen resolutions and bumped the price for a 4G 64 GB model to over $800.00?! the iPhone 4S launch all over again. I don't know of another company EVER who coud literally upgrade nothing other than hardware and create the hype over their products...kind of disgusting.

Kind of pathetic really, that people lack the common sense of actually verify that what they are buying is the same thing they bought last year.

Other than the resolution, the iPad didn't really change in any particularly dramatic ways. It's still the best for media and games, just now has a slightly bigger lead. The PlayBook is still the best for PIM, messaging, and portability.

RIM needs to start playing "Leap Frog" better, and not "Sesame Street - One of these things just isnt the same" ;P

I believe whole heartedly that is the delay for BB10 et al, not the wait for processors. They will put out an industry busting tool/phone/software that will leave all else in the dust. With Apple and Samsung preoccupying themselves with lawsuits all over the planet, RIM (not so) quietly has the opportunity to emerge with the best. I just hope that all the negative American (and some canadian) media hasn't soured the general opinion to the point where no one will be buying in 6 months when this all comes to market.

this shows one thing. the playbook was INNOVATION at its best. it came out a year ago and is pretty much on par with devices that are being released now and in the near future!

No, Playbook was on par with specs of tablets from late Q3 last year and before Playbook os 2.0 made very poor use of the specs, making the specs unnecessary. Hardware wise, the Playbook is clearly behind this new iPad and Apple's mobile products (phone/tablets) are always slightly behind the mainstream products hardware wise and make up for it with exceptional features. The one good thing about apple is that their products always make full use of the specs.

No matter how big a fanboy you are, saying the Playbook was an innovation in all caps is just senselessly ignorant. The Playbook was neither the first tablet, nor the most useful ones...I'm sure any company could put in any available specs into their products, but if they put it in and don't use them, it's probably worse than not having the hardware in there in the first place.

"Playbook was on par with specs of tablets from late Q3 last year," which was still how many months after the PlayBook was RELEASED? Don't forget that it was announced way back in Fall 2010. I don't recall the initial specs but to concede that the PlayBook had as good specs as tablets made available in the later part of the calendar year 2011 isn't saying much.

I agree with you that there is more to hardware than just having the best and brightest, but at the same time you are doing exactly what you're accusing other posters of doing here. Software-wise the PlayBook was lacking in several places, and nobody can argue that iOS provides a great service to its users. But upping the rear camera to 5 mp (which the PlayBook already has) with no mention of the front-facing camera, really Apple? Alas none of this matters as this thing will still sell like hotcakes.

But when did you get to use those features--February 2012. Any handset makers can put in any available specs and not use them. None of the specs were exclusive hardware from RIM, they were all available at the time RIM released Playbook but were clearly not necessary. Including things that you cannot make use of is not a selling point. Up until the release of Playbook os 2.0, Playbook is not a product, it was only a beta product severely mislabeled and marketed as a commercial product.

In terms of features, we all know that Playbook os and even os 2.0 is still severely behind, if RIM does launch a next-gen playbook this year, that only means the original Playbook contained specs that were completely unnecessary and RIM has no idea how to make use of and merely included them for the sake of including things.

Severely mislabeled!? Nah, severely mislabeled, to me, would be the "quad core" (dual core) CPU/GPU nonsense.

That is the most uninformed statement I have ever read. "merly included them for the sake of including things" really? "Hey let's include those 5MP cameras we have laying around the office! Why? Oh, just because, we don't use the anyways..."
You don't like the playbook? Great, get yourself an iPad and stop whining about it. Frankly your posts are not even worth the free space they occupy here. Instead of writing some kind of troll answer to my comment , ask yourself this: why are you trying to prove that the playbook is 'not a product'?, do you get money from apple? do you have some personal issues with RIM? Hate the new CEO? Has the playbook wronged you in some way you hate it so much?

I am not and did not say it IS not a product, I made it very clear that I said it WAS not a product before Playbook os 2.0

You're entitled to your opinions, but this really doesn't make much sense to me. So basically RIM, realizing that they can't keep a deadline for diddly squat (and they really can't; I was pleasantly surprised with the OS 2.0 release), should have shipped the PlayBook with HARDWARE components that better suited it's lacking SOFTWARE issues? Nevermind that at the time that the PlayBook was release it was priced at the same level as the equivocal iPad 2 versions (with these same hardware components, mind you), it was ultimately reduced in price and is now a bargain compared to other tablets in its hardware class (the Fire doesn't count). Poor features or not, I spent more on my iPod Touch 4th gen than I did on my 32 gb PlayBook. Apps aside, I can do MUCH more with my PlayBook than I can do on my iPod, but I love my iPod for what it does do, which is to primarily play music (it IS a music player).

Again I, or anyone else, should not tell you what to think or how to form your own personal opinions. To you the PlayBook seems to be a waste of potential. To me, I see those specs at the time I bought it late last year as an opportunity to be able to use whatever new features BB10 provides. I can't tell you how many of my friends and colleagues were irate when they found out that Siri only worked on 4S'. Hardware-related? Hardly, or else the jailbreaking community wouldn't have been able to get it to work on earlier versions of the iPhone. What's more, the (new) iPad should be able to use it, right? I'm not going to get into WHY I think Siri is exclusive to the 4S, I'm just going to say that the mentality that you should only use incremental hardware updates leaves you exposed to situations that Apple found themselves in with Siri (though I honestly believe they didn't NEED to be in that situation).

The PlayBook is obviously not the tablet for you. That's okay. I'm okay with that and I don't think any less of you as a person. You may believe that the people here on are just as blind as the people many refer to as "iSheep," and in many cases you might be right. But most of us are educated and self-motivated to LEARN about the offerings that various tech devices provide, and we are particularly found of electronics made by Research In Motion. We don't leave our tech choices to the "pick of the day" that the media seems to be boasting about at the time. But you know what, that's okay too. We still give respect to the other products where it is due (how many people here have actually blasted the new Retina Display?) Like I said, I have the latest iPod Touch, and I pre-ordered that bad-boy. I give my colleagues advice on what alternatives they have in the smartphone world based on what they tell me they're looking for. It's okay to like different things and to base your purchasing habits on what you NEED at the time.

Room for expansion, moderation, growth, and balance. Also consider, you may put in these specs now that are not being used, but when updates occur to utilize these specs you don't have to buy a new tablet and sell your old one. Just saying. :)

Nope... may be $50 less than the original price. May be be $100 off at max. I know this because iPad didn't go down in price a lot when iPad 2 came out.

that awkward moment when you realize: the ipad2 had a 0.92mp camera.
i mean, i never hear an apple-fankid complaining about that. it's like "well... that's fine, i'll buy it anyway. it's apple! SOO COOOOL!!!1111"
and now they start pointing out how badass their camera is >_>

Using Blackberries: Bold 9900 (regular), Curve 8310 (out drinking), 7230 (Good Luck Charm), Torch 9800 (broken beyond repair) + my beloved Playbook

You may want to movie into a country run by a dictator too. Because Apple Inc loves to control others.

Posted by "Gussy" -

“The new iPad will have an A5X chip, which is a quad-core processor. It delivers four times the performance of the iPad 2” Translation: I hope it has a bigger battery.

“The camera on the new iPad has a 5-megapixel center, optics with an IR filter, and some nice controls to maximize picture taking. As you may expect from the camera and the screen, you can shoot 1080p video with this baby” Yes because something the size and shape of a magazine is the ideal form factor for taking photos and shooting videos. Seriously?

Apple confirmed that the new iPad would have 4G LTE networking. That's a great thing, because it means the next iPhone will absolutely be 4G. Would be great if LTE were more prevalent, affordable and reliable across the US (not Apple’s fault of course).

Cook called the iPad the "poster child of the post-PC era," and says that for most users, it's the preferred device for email, Web browsing, e-reading and gaming, activities previously done by a range of competing products. This is still such an oversimplification. Maybe some tech journalist should put a tablet up against an Ultrabook first (I know the latter is more expensive but the gap for a high end tablet and medium range Ultrabook is narrowing).

“Before Cook got to the meat of the event, he covered the success in Apple's retail operations worldwide” But no comments on the success of its manufacturing? Shocking.

" “Before Cook got to the meat of the event, he covered the success in Apple's retail operations worldwide” But no comments on the success of its manufacturing? Shocking. "

Apple manufacturing had 14 successful suicides in 2010! Way to go apple! Your PROFITS are skyrocketing!


The playbook does actually have a magnetometer and a gyroscope and with the right app it can be used as a compass

Please include it!!!

Kevin, Update that LTE 4G on the PB. Yesterday at Rims breakout session in Toronto Bell let it slip that they were using a 4G unit on LTE and it is going to be released in April 2012! I also want to mention that they were using the 4G playbook for demo, and kept pulling the menu down where you could see the nice Green 4G in the top right corner.

Why should we put up things that's not even confirmed yet...and who knows, RIM does a very good job at delivering the unexpected, both in underwhelming-ness and delays

What are you afraid of Jack? Where is your sense of sport? You going to wake up tomorrow aren't you, but has it really been confirmed? No. Take a chance, see what happens.


So you think it would be more fair to compare unconfirmed devices' rumoured specs with a device being released with confirmed specs...

RIM never said anything about this next-gen playbook and we know nothing about its specs...and you are asking us to compare it with a confirmed device...and you think it's more fair to do so?!? WT....

How do we even compare an unknown unconfirmed device we know nothing we make up the specs for this next gen Playbook?

Chris was right. People buy tablets that are related to their phone. Those specs look hot but it still doesn't get my attention. Only thing I thought was "man when the playbook 10 inch comes out I'm sure it will destroy the ipad 3(?)

Why does everyone keep thinking Bigger is Better. If that was the case why not take your laptop to work over your IPad? Or may leave them at home b/c they are a chore to take them to work. :)

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Marty DiBergi: Why don't you just make ten louder and make ten be the top number and make that a little louder?
Nigel Tufnel: [pause] These go to eleven.

Why not list All Of The Specs for the PB and IP instead of 10 or 11 for both. I am sure their are more things going on with both tables, like gyroscopes, and retina scans, bridging, and Siri. I am just saying. We really can't totally compare Apples to BlackBerries. :)

Well damn. This is posted on iMore too. So it's safe to assume that it's on all the other mobile nations sited good to know that they really did their home work when putting it together.

Some of you fan- boys or girls are just too much. You are so full of envy. Why do people buy the Ipad ? Why do they not buy the Playbook? I have both of them and sorry the Ipad is better. The screen on the Playbook is too small and the browser is laggy. The Ipad has the perfect size and the browser is very smooth.
"The new Ipad" looks nice . Can't wait until I get one to play with.

How can one be envious of something that (except for screen pixel density) is not any better?
People buy the iPad because the media have been shoving it down everyone's throats for the past 2 years... well that and moron iSheep who think everything that has a half eaten fruit on the back is worth 2 to 3 times the amount an equivalent model from a competing company costs.
If you have problems with your Playbook, I'm sorry for you because in actual side by side comparisons (except for the number of Apps) the two are pretty well matched... but an iSheep wouldn't see that.


And the iSheep say: "Baaaaaa"

Quick Question; did you like the pictures the Ipad took or the PlayBook took? Also, what did you think of the video quality of both, and the sound quality (from its original speakers, not headphones) of both? One more thing, what did you think of the multi-tasking of both, and flash and HTML rendering of both?

Thanks Dude. :)

There's a lot of stuff missing from the playbook entry and in my opinion the playbook is the best or one of the best tablets out there.

Know what a real comparison would be? How many times a consumer has "upgraded" to a better Apple device vs the competition.

How much money have you spent in the last 3-4 years vs your neighbor/co-worker/significant other and their Android, Blackberry, Windows devices?

And you're wondering how Apple posted $500 billion in market capitalization?

I have a friend that owns 4 generations of Mac laptops, 3 generations of iPhone and both Ipads...

Considering the time frame, Apple's iMarketing is the real winner.

Good point, I'm sure the apple fanboys should be happy with their countless versions of their Apple product. "Gotta get the next iPad and sell the old". I wonder on average what that iPad has really cost an average apple user with all the yearly upgrades? Essentially over a grand for that 16gb oversize IPOD. What a laugh! I'll stick with inexpensive playbook and that still today works well and in certain instances better than the competition.

And there's probably a good reason why Apple has not named the ipad3 as such and left it just ipad.. Re-releasing essentially the same product every year gets to be pretty embarrassing and the number only serves to remind everyone on how many times everyone's been suckered.

I'm impressed with the new screen, but the real site to behold here is Apple's marketing department...

I can buy 2 PlayBooks and have some money left for apps for less than one of the "Old IPad2"

I can buy 5 PlayBooks and have some money left for apps for less than 2 of the "New IPad"

Am I missing something in this comparison?

And the "New IPad" is 2 ozs heavier than the "Old IPad2"

Also related: can you Americans please learn what a gram is? Everyone else on the planet gets it. Please add the gram equivalents CrackBerry; this site is global.

/Device agnosticism or bust!

Dude really, gram? That's like telling me I should learn Spanish b/c we have Spanish speaking visitors from Mexico. Dude just convert it. :)

Anyone with even the least idea of what an oz is knows that 2 oz would be undetectable by normal people...

Why would anyone need to know the exact weight in grams? Are you using it to calculate the exact load you would carry?

For Americans, metric is the way of the future, for everyone else, it's just the way things are.

Cause it's so easy knowing that there are 16oz in a 1lb and 14 lbs in a stone....

Actually if everyone else on the planet spoke Spanish then yes you should probably learn it or risk becoming a third world country. (And every Spanish speaking "visitor" in the US also knows metric!)

/Device agnosticism or bust!

Its iPad madness!! who can stop it!!! Hahaha!!!! This comparison has 76 comments so far in CrackBerry, 31 in Android Central, and dun dun dun... 10 in iMore. Ha! The enthusiasm cant be squelched.

Apple should have COOK'D up a better name. What will happen next year when the NEW NEW iPad comes out? Will this one still be considered the "new ipad"... or will the new one be called "NewS iPad"... Horrible name choice if you ask me.

All the isheep will run out and get one. Can't see a company make any crappie product and the masses get it. Apple got to be the Devil, got all the people in some kind of mind control. Please people wake up, life shouldn't be about getting the next new thing. Someone say hey this cool, and if you don't get it you not cool. On the comparison didn't it look apple tried to catch up to playbook. Since the beginning of time wasn't the Devil and the Apple started all this.

All the isheep will run out and get one. Can't see a company make any crappie product and the masses get it. Apple got to be the Devil, got all the people in some kind of mind control. Please people wake up, life shouldn't be about getting the next new thing. Someone say hey this cool, and if you don't get it you not cool. On the comparison didn't it look apple tried to catch up to playbook. Since the beginning of time wasn't the Devil and the Apple started all this.

Hahah really? That's all apple came out with? Seriously the only thing they got us beat on is the weight and mine cost less then half! Someone please remind me why developers aren't coming to our side?

Sent on a BlackBerry Playbook!

Well, yes if you ignore the transfer speed between bluetooth devices, being able to use the tablet in area with no wifi when you are not using a BB, data connection speed in non-wifi area, screen resolution, all software components of the tablet which iPad is known for, cloud syncing between devices, compatibility with computer from the same brand, all media/books/music/app content available, and the hardware components actually being used and not just sit there in the machine...then yes, I guess you could say that.

" being able to use the tablet in area with no wifi "

Having a second data plan

"screen resolution"

Unnoticeable to the naked eye

"cloud syncing between devices"

Please see my comment above about data plan

"compatibility with computer from the same brand"

Compatibility with all branded computers!

"all media/books/music/app content available"

All Hail it who controls all that I do.

There are actually quite a bit of countries in Asia where tablet data plan is an added service with mobile data plan.

If you can't notice the difference between 264 ppi to something beneath 200 like the 167 ppi then it's not "unnoticeable to the naked eye"'s "unnoticeable to the blind eye"...Everyone on Cnet is commenting on the display...If you can't notice something with 2/3 higher pixel density, then you have to get you eyes checked...167 and 180 ppi may be hardly noticeable, but 167 and 264?!!!?

Cloud syncing can also be done through wifi...the point of cloud syncing is that the devices automoatically syncs information and in the case of iPad, also apps and other really has nothing to do with data plan

Apple's products are compatible with each other to the extent that anything you do on your iPad is automatically sync to your notebook...according to what you said, any tablet would be compatible with any computer if you manually sync data and not synchronize any of the content between the devices....

content clearly does matter to a vast majority of people when using a media device

1. CNet is well known for their biases, using them as a reporting example (specially since they initially reported the Quad core processor) is a moot point
2. Whatever you might say, the increases in pixel density in the size of the screen we are talking about, is unnoticeable unless through a direct comparison. You will not, by picking up an iPad New, honestly say that you see differences between the two latest iPad iterations.
3. Your argument regarding data availability wherever you are trumps your wifi clouding argument, and by automatically syncing information between all your devices will just mean your data usage will be in the order of - Actual data = data use by 1 device x # of devices. And lets not forget that ISP providers are also discontinuing unlimited internet programs, the data hog which is iCloud will mean that to operate all of your devices with this service will cost you considerably more on a per month basis then anything else out there.
4. While content is important, Apple is just a middleman. While the commodity of having everything in one place is enough to compensate all the drawbacks involved with that methodology for most people, there are much better options available in many places.

After saying all of that, I still think its a nice device and will probably be picking one up as I currently don't own any of previous versions. But to make blanket statements based on media hype.... mieh.

Owner of a Bold, a PB, an iTouch and a Mac Desktop.

1 and 2, 2/3 of the pixel density....that's like saying you can't notice the difference between HD and SD. It's obvious to any individual even with a bear glimpse. That's like saying when you go on Youtube, anything below 480 looks exactly the same....

3, well, I see plenty of unlimited plans here in Asia. What you said is quite irrational, because people chooses to turn on cloud syncing, so if any sane individual doesn't want to use up the data, he would simply disable it. It doesn't make it better that you can't do it. I wouldn't say a brick better than a phone because a phone has call functions which mean if you do choose to call, you will have to pay. Moreover, an average user who uses iCloud to sync everything would certainly use up less data than someone who stream videos all the it would be quite perplexing that someone you think syncing would cost so much that it would be more than anything out there. Even if you download a lot of apps and photos, most apps out there are smaller than a movie...and photos are obviously much smaller than movies...what you said was just odd in so many ways

4. Media device--people use it for media...and it's not even just a simple middleman, which is already enough a reason for a media device, but a lot of content are simply inaccessible/unobtainable on the playbook

Which of my original comments are blank statements? You certainly haven't made it very clear.

Might want to further correct the Playbook specs for 1080 HDMI... Since it was pointed out on other devices...

Straight Up F@(k apple. I'm sick and tired of all of you apple sheeps and your i maxi pads, tools not toys baby! Next is their appstore- F@(k your 500,000 apps especially if 100,000 of them is the same thing just different developers. I'm sorry that's the old me, I will not be putting any money into apple's corporation.

Tisk tisk tisk, and they say RIM is playing catch up when the competition is adding to their 3rd gen what we have had in our gen 1's (with the exception of that gorgeous screen). Ahhh.... :) can't wait to see those super power devices that RIM will be dropping soon. Let apple enjoy their time, every dog has his day.

In this economy I would never pay 500 for any tablet. I think RIM has it right as long as it is still profitable. The playbook is a great product and will satisfy all tablet requirements and allow us poe folk to enjoy the experience. We haven't reached that point in life where these things are essential, although my grandson will disagree. So it is still a fun thing and a luxury unless your company is picking up the tab. (pun intended)

Lol. Couldn't help but notice the new iPad AND the iPad 2 are both listed as coming out this year on the Ides of March. I guess the Playbook was being compared to a ghost machine all this time. I was afraid the iPad2S was coming... Looks like my fears may still prove to be true after all. How am I going to justify to the wife that I need to spend nearly a grand to have a comparable device to do the few apps my sub $300 device is missing? :(

As long as we're comparing devices that are due to come out (why list the unknown Asus?) we might as well throw in that 4G Playbook someone mentioned about in the previous postings.

LOL! Overclocked dual core ARM A9, more GPU's, and a non-crap camera and same OS, oh and a new display with too many pixels. The next gen Playbook will likely have dual core A15 and dual core GPU. At least apple finally caught up to the Playbook on 1080p recording a year after the Playbook. Also interesting the specs on the front camera aren't mentioned. I'll take OS2 and the future BB10 over ipad2s. They'll be a lot of geeks and hipsters with huge forearms though after holding that thing up all day!

LOL! Overclocked dual core ARM A9, more GPU's, and a non-crap camera and same OS, oh and a new display with too many pixels. The next gen Playbook will likely have dual core A15 and dual core GPU. At least apple finally caught up to the Playbook on 1080p recording a year after the Playbook. Also interesting the specs on the front camera aren't mentioned. I'll take OS2 and the future BB10 over ipad2s. They'll be a lot of geeks and hipsters with huge forearms though after holding that thing up all day!

Don't really like how we are comparIng the asus transformer infinity when it isn't out yet...
Let's compare the PlayBook 2, not OS 2 but mark 2. Put that in the mix and then let's compare :P

The only two we can really Compare is the IPad 2 and PlayBook 2.0. They are actually out and are tangible. Talking about comparing Ghost Tablets. lol!!!! Just saying. :)

Hey, You are right! I just realized that the only tablet available to buy right NOW in the above 4-tablet comparison is the Playbook. The other 3 tablets will be coming out either March 15 or unknown.

It is actually a compliment to the Playbook that it is even being compared to 3 brand-new tablets. The Playbook is a 1-year old tablet that is holding it's own and able to stand up there against 3 other brand-new tablets that have had a full year extra to develop and incorporate the latest technology.

And the Playbook is less expensive, and is able to hold it's own in a bunch of those spec categories listed, and it's available NOW and has been around a whole year already.

The major hurdle and continuing hurdle that RIM needs to correct is the integration of it's phone and tablet systems (which it is working on now), streamlining devices, improved marketing, and develop a content store in-house, like iTunes did for Apple, to deliver content for us sheep. Once it has integrated this "Blackberry universe" like Apple has done across all of it's 3 devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) it will be able to keep and draw in more blackberry phone users and hence tablet users.

Remember, Apple is a bigger company than RIM, it is older, and has an entire computing line and legacy of major hardware design. Apple has a very small core group of "portable consumer" products right now...3 devices right now dominate... iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, which all run iOS capable of using iTunes store apps. Apple entered the phone business AFTER their iPod product, and essentially created a larger iPod with the iPad. RIM started off in the phone/messaging/pager business, then launched the Playbook years after Apple already had the iOS app universe and iTunes created, along with iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Apple is going to continue to push into the TV market as well with Apple TV. If they make the right deals with cable companies and media outlets, you will all get an Apple TV box instead of your PVR. Many of us already use Boxee, Roku, WD Live and many other internet-connected media boxes and have streamed HD 1080p video for years. But Apple has the fortitude, money and media connectivity (and most importantly, the fan-base) to negotiate with cable and media companies to deliver the goods. Everyone will deal with Apple because of the numbers of loyal "locked-in" users it now has in it's universe... users that have demonstrated their ability to pay big bucks $$$ in that Apple universe. That universe will attract more developers, more media, more of everything. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer in this case.

First the iphone4s and now the ipad2s. I thought jobs wrote them a detailed plan on how to run the company after he died.

To the posters who asked what would happen next year when another ipad come out...maybe there won't be one? Maybe this was all he wrote.... Lol

I'm just very happy today regarding my investment in a pb.

the ipad is amazing for the bigger screens. but for better portabilty and browser performance with hdmi output i love my playbook. just need help with more android apps and netflix??

We need more native apps...... We dont NEED netflix. Other than that If apple want me to own one of their products they had better give me one for free. Oh and dont forget the £30+ worth of adapters so i can plug it into my tv.

We need more native apps...... We dont NEED netflix. Other than that If apple want me to own one of their products they had better give me one for free. Oh and dont forget the £30+ worth of adapters so i can plug it into my tv.

hahaha i cant believe im sayin this but the wife just convinced me to pre-order the new ipad! if anything ill have best of both of worlds! now i dont agree with some of you who said PB is cheaper because last year on april 19th i spent the same exact amount of money on PB that i spent today to pre-order the new ipad!

Quad core GPU and dual core CPU - but still no multitasking. Sorry, but if that was the case I would have switched to the iPad. Thats basically the only thing apart from size that is keeping me on the pb. Apps like Browser, facebook or Messages constantly crashing when running aside and no support from RIM to get my Corp E-Mail running using self-signed certificates for authentication, no S/MIME support, no business application for writing notes, no print to go for the mac, no VGA for attaching projectors.... My love for BlackBerry is fading away. RIM really needs to move MUCH faster to really catch up, not much rocking so far :(

A non-wifi connection needs a separate additional data plan - that is, what, another $50 or so a month ($600 more a year, cost of another iPad)?

Or is there iPhone data linkage?

(I think I'm being rhetorical here.)

Asus is going to kill this field with the Transformer Infinity. The Transformer Prime is already amazing.

And nobody says anything about the fact that the new ipad still doesn't have a built in calculator, weather, or voice recorder! Get, PlayBook gets the shafts for not having calendar, push mail, or address book! You should see the people ranting and raving about the 5MP camera that the PlayBook has had since last year!

Now that's the new ipad launch out of the way it time to mix it up and get a new playbook out there- they've hardly moved the bar that far...

The iPad is nowhere notime comparable to the PlayBook. I don't need an iHouse device. I need something that is portable and functions when I am out. The iPad will never replace my laptop and it will never replace my PlayBook. The upgrade from iPad 2 to iPad 3 is weak again. And did I hear they have a bezel swipe now. Apple is at it again. . That must be their new big improvement. Rim will continue to gain ground on Apple as the App World grows and the best mobile OS QNX continues to shine. As for the Asus, the same thing size wise. And don't even get me started on the OS comparison because it's not fair.

The new iPad is actually playing catch with latest tablet technology: quad core (for GPU), HD display (ok, may be better than HD), 5MP camera. But I must admire the marketing team in Apple, they really know how to sell their stufss. Instead of HD (or QSXGA) display, they market it as Retina Display. Instead of 1080p video recording, it is "Cinema Quality" recording. Really clever marketing.

I had never realised that the ipad 2 was so under equipped. No wonder Apple makes so much profit. 512mb ram? 0.92 MP camera? Really?
On the plus side iOS is clearly not so resource hungry. They didn't even see the need to up the processor to quad cores but a better processor for their better screen.

I really think RIM needs a 9.X inch Playbook to properly compete in tablets. I love my 7" but Apple set the size standard.

With a larger Playbook and more tweeks and apps for 2.0 I think RIM can compete. I like my iPad but I use my Playbook more often, especially since it has mail now.

So if RIM put a little better screen of 720 resolution, put a quad-core CPU in, updated the Bluetooth to 4.0 and still maintained good battery life; I think the Playbook could give the "new" iPad a run for its money.
- The camera is fine, if you need more than 5MP go grab an SLR.
- I use to think no MicroSD was a big deal but with a data cable or bridge you don’t really need it
- 3G/4G/LTE will be a cool feature but we have all gotten use to not having it and use bridge

I enjoy my Playbook!! With the 2.0 update, I can now replace my netbook and cancel my data plan with Verizon...yay!! The bridge is a stroke of genius! I have a Mac desktop, iPod touch, iPod shuffle, and a Bold 9930. I like some Apple products because they do what I need them to do and I love my BB because it does what I need it do. Choose whatever products do what you need to get done...if it's not a Playbook, for heavens sake don't get a Playbook!! This whole bickering about what is better gets a little old...because in the end the 'perfect' tablet will be what YOU feel does everything you need.

Its not what a tablet can do it's what it does. Folks want to poo poo the good sized list of things the PB cannot do, I am not so quick to do so, because it affects my ability to use my PlayBook the way I want to.

When you discuss the current price of the PB most don't mention the large write off RIMM had to take to sell you the tablet at that price. I don't think the next series will be so aggressively priced but we will see when the 4G LTE tabs are available.

Apple understands why you buy a tablet and gives you the ability to use it that way. No side loaded apps that don't quite work. They didn't just give you a better camera, they gave you a way to manipulate the images/videos, and send them to places you want to view them. No muss no fuss, no compromises.

The PlayBook is a wonderful device and what it does it does extremely well. But IMHO unless and until you take the compromises out of owning a PlayBook, it's not in the same league.

To Crackberry team:
You should really invest in a few moderators for your comments section. You try and get relevant info but when half of the comments are hate fuelled, it makes it frustrating and I really want to support another blackberry website right now.

You know what I am enjoying the most. The number of Apple Mac users moan that the PB Print to go doesn't support their Apple device, maybe they would bridge to work on their Iphones whilst their at it. Eventually you may get the support you require, just remember you cant have all the apps. Lol

PlayBook 1 is as good as IPAD 3...
IPAD is SAD!!!

BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os

I can't quite read the credits on the graphic, but note that the PlayBook's dot-pitch is 169.3DPI, not 167. Minor point...

I love seeing the tablets side by side. Showed my PB to an iPhone user and he wouldn't give it back... He loved the size and function. My wife and I love our PlayBooks. Perfect size! The new iPad looks great, i'm simply delighted with what we have.

RIM950; Ho-hum; Curve 8320; Torch 9800; PB16G; PB64GB