Checking out the competition: Read the new iPad (2012) review at iMore!

Apple New iPad
By Adam Zeis on 26 Mar 2012 10:13 am EDT

Read the iMore review of the new Apple iPad

While all of the CrackBerry Nation is still enjoying the benefits of the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 software, over at our sibling site iMore, they are loving the new iPad. Here at CrackBerry we are all about BlackBerry, but the iMore team tackles all that is Apple. Rene has been hard at work putting the new Apple iPad through the paces, and now has a amazing review posted for your reading pleasure. Even if you're not interested in what the new iPad has to offer, it's still a good read so you can see how it stacks up to the BlackBerry PlayBook. Some say new iPad isn't a big upgrade from that of the iPad 2, so let us know what you think.

While we're still in favor of the BlackBerry PlayBook for its small size, portability and ability to Bridge to your BlackBerry smartphone,  the new iPad isn't a bad choice if you're looking to add to your tablet arsenal (that retina display is pretty awesome). So sit back, head on over to iMore and see what the new iPad is all about.

Read the new iPad (2012) review at

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Checking out the competition: Read the new iPad (2012) review at iMore!


Isn't there enough iPad news out there on other sites?

I come here for BB news. Can we please stick to that?

(And yes, I have an iPad2)

Yep. I come here for BB/RIM info. I visit appolicious and other apple related sites for istuff.

^^ Agreed. If we want to learn about the "competition" all we have to do is turn on the TV, go on any gadget website, or read the news. We are BlackBerry users for a reason and we come here for BlackBerry news.
I'm sick of seeing the media drool over Apple. Yes, from what I hear the iPad is a great tablet, but lets keep it all about BlackBerry here, please?

"He's not letting it take over for his tablet needs, but I'm pretty sure he'll still use it here and there."
Much like the cheating spouse who simply needs to go somewhere else for physical needs, while emotional needs are still met at home ;)

Seriously, stop apologizing for it. Technologists accumulate technology.

How is Kevin BlackBerry Fan Boy #1 if he bought an Ipad on launch day SORRY BUT FAR FROM #1 Fanboy. I would never give $.01 to apple, Thats a TRUE FAN

Check this out from a few week ago - it is the Smackdown between the PlayBook and the iPad. There were some areas where the PlayBook totally ruled and these did not change with the new iPad.


I am a proud hater. I see enough of Apple in my everyday life. Why display the "new" iPad on the front page of the primary BlackBerry fan site? Shows how in touch with the BB faithful you guys really are. And no true BB fanboy would pick up a MaxiPad on launch day.

There isn't any hating going on. Its simple. You don't go to a ford website to check out Chevi. You won't see apple showing off their competition. I don't find it offensive but for a site that aims to have about ten articles a day this better not be one. I couldn't even open it. Not hating. Just not interested.


I usually do not comment much, but seeing iPad article popping up in here does not seems right. Call me haters or whatever, but it it just my opinion.


You need to know what you're up against in order to beat it. You also need to be able to talk intelligently about something if you're trying to win someone over. Not doing those two things got RIM into trouble to begin with We are Blackberry's best supporters. The reason Apple and Android fanboys fear people who are educated about what something can do is because it removes the marketing hype and replaces it with fact.

Cases in point -
- the iPad has finally caught up to the Playbooks cameras.
- The "New iPad" still can't do proper multi-tasking.
- The interface is the same - no change there - win for RIM.
- The New iPad" overheats if running certain games/apps.
- The dataplan using LTE will cost you more than the iPad down the road.

It's also slightly thicker and heavier. Knowing your enemy is not a bad thing. I'm just as sick of the hype as everyone, but I'd rather get my data from here than the Apple marketing machine.


Do you remember when Ashley Esqueda, who does the weekly mobile nations video, admitted to never owning/using a Playbook and continually bashed it? How many of us were quick to dismiss all her comments because she had NO FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE of what she was speaking? Same deal here. You have to know your competition's strengths and weaknesses in order to capitalize on them.

"You need to know what you're up against in order to beat it. You also need to be able to talk intelligently about something if you're trying to win someone over. Not doing those two things got RIM into trouble to begin with We are Blackberry's best supporters. The reason Apple and Android fanboys fear people who are educated about what something can do is because it removes the marketing hype and replaces it with fact. "

I agree with you on these points.

WOw! "Kevin and Crew" as you continue your MORPH into becoming "Endgadet Deux".....Enjoy your ride to oblivion. If this type of reporting continues - you will lose a once "Loyal" fan.

Oh, and when will you start the "RIMM BASHING" as part of this questionable metamorphisis?

Knock it off...People can go read about iToys on the other "sell out part" of your site.

Really disappointing....

Makes me think of The Who song Won't get fooled again and the classic lyrics.

Meet the new boss.
Same as the old boss.

Really We all know about mobile nations. If we want news about the other fruit company we all know how to use a search engine. I would guess that most of us have phones with web browsers; many of us have tablets with web browsers, virtually all of us have access to desktops or laptops with web browsers. Of all the sites on mobile nations is the only one I NEVER visit.

/Device agnosticism or bust!


Time to leave this sight and start spending your time on Blackberry Cool, Berry, Blackberry etc.

This is becoming an " iToy Fanboy Sight" and part of the "iTard Distortion Media Field"...


Sad really....

Well said. Berryreview is fast becoming one of my favourite sites for BB information. I don't like the direction that Crackberry has been going over the past year.

Did AAPL even give you any money to comprimise and destroy your, once, sterling reputation?????

Just wondering if it was worth it???

What does an iPad review have to do with BlackBerry?


But.. I'm not loyal to any one brand.. that's just dumb. Calling out "loyalty" is cheap and overall a lazy comment, come up with something better because you're claiming I should be loyal to a brand is weak. I love technology as a whole, not any one brand.

I write for iMore and AndroidCentral as well, what's next.. you gonna call for my writing privileges to be revoked on CrackBerry because of it?

Get a grip on reality, you CAN like other products you know. It's OK to be educated, instead of being an uninformed user who scoffs at every other product out there because of something as weak as "loyalty. Also, you keep referring to RIM as RIMM.. sounds like you're invested in RIMM stock.

For the love of all things technological, I can't take you seriously if you're going to type in all caps.

Yes Bla1ze, since you write for other sites and use other devices, please change the name of this site ASAP. How dare you.


How so? I am not telling everyone here that is quickly becoming more relevant than I???

Please explain to your readership how if someone takes exception with you content, as do many others here, that they should be attacked and maligned by the staff of

Please - the floor is yours....

Wow, just wow. Those of us who are loyal to RIM are "cheap and lazy"?? Nice coming from a regular contributer to Now I know what you guys think of BB enthusiasts.

His comment was cheap and lazy. Targetting loyalty when I never claim loyalty to any one brand. Again, brand loyalty is dumb.. the brands should be loyal to you, not you to them.

Exactly. is a brand. Please be loyal to us, because we sure as heck don't need to be loyal to you. Especially when you come out all guns "blaizing" to criticism from your otherwise loyal readers.

You REALLY think Google, Apple or RIM are going to be loyal to anyone ???? No they are only loyal to the mighty dollar and would sell out all their customers if enough $ is involved.

OK, let's pun...

One of the news editors of posts a blog about Apple products on

Some RIMM loyalists were disappointed in having to read about Apple gear on a sight that, heretofore, claimed to be under the auspicise and leadership of self proclaimed #1 RIMM Fanboy.

When RIMM loyalists call news director out on hyping iPad on site he replies by calling them

"cheap and lazy"

Couple of questions:

#1 - Where is self proclaimed #1 Fanboy, Kevin, during this debacle? He is reminding me of another "leader" I know who likes to vote "present".

#2 - For posting AAPL propoganda on and then insulting the loyal readers of this blog site should Adam:

A. Be Fired
B. Apologize

And what of Blaize? Who should, also, respecting the views of the readers on this blog and is, also, being disrespectful....What should be done with him....

For the CAPS impaired....

I said your comment was cheap and lazy, not a reference to you as an individual. Apparently you missed that in all your anger but thanks for attempting to misconstrue my words to make me look bad. :)

Your loyalty to technology can be respected. I appreciate your wide range in taste because your articles have some validity to them. With that said though there is no need to post a "check out the competition" article. We don't want to see it on Crackberry. I'm hoping as readers our opinion matters. No offense Blaize since I've enjoyed your articles many of times even when you were hard on RIM but when you ignore what the consern is and just keep bashing the guy for going nuts with the caps then you're missing the point. We want to read everything blackberry. If we wanted variety we could be on bgr or engadget which has news for all the devices.

@ El

Well said. I find it very intersting today that so many of the fine readers of are so much more in tune with what has transpired here, today, then the staff of

They really don't understand what happened here today...And, that, is the most disturbing thing of all...because if they did they would be retracting the iPad article from the section of this sight and apologizing to us...not ridiculing us....

Of course it matters, however.. one article pointing to another one of the Mobile Nations sites is hardly something to cause a huge fuss over. It's not like we redirected everyone to read iMore and then redirected everyone back to CrackBerry. We run multiple sites, we often cross-post some things, no big deal. Hence the name.. Mobile Nations.

Blaize business wise I understand but if you run a fruit store and customers say they will continue to come only if you put out "blackberries" and you deside to display "apples" and then call it no big deal when your customers are considering it to be a big deal. I guarantee that Kevin is all about what brings the money in and you already have people talking about boycotting. When that stuff is mentioned its a good chance that its considered a big deal to some. I know you guys are wanting to integrate the sites but....well I'm not going to try and advise you guys on how to do your job. You guys are the experts respectfully so. I just hope the cry of the many has been stamped all over the site. Why don't yuu guys have a servey on how many people care, want, need or don't care about integrating the sites like that? Maybe that will help clear the air.

If we really wanted to learn this much about an iPad then we would go to iMore to check it out or maybe go buy one.


There used to be one call "", but they sold out and really lost there way.

Started promoting AAPL...

Dumb, really.....

Anybody got one???

I'm not really interested in reading about the competition. I won't complain about the fact that Kevin is posting apple stuff on crackberry. I just hope Kevin doesn't do like the RIM of old and overlook the desire of his followers not to see this stuff. We know there are sister sites and are all for visiting them as needed. Thanks Kevin.

@ Habs

Great point and by the "grace of God" a court ruled, recently, that BlackBerry owned the rights to the term "Crackberry"....Can you imagine these guys owning that term with what you are seeing here today...

Court system, actually, did the right thing here, thankfully....

Wow. The narrow-minded d0uchebaggery espoused here makes me ashamed to count some of you folks as members here. You folks go bury your heads in the sand elsewhere, and stop pooping on our beach.

I...just...*smfh* You ain't worth it, and you won't listen anyway...

Hmmm let's see

10 stories on the main page

9 of them are BlackBerry related

4 of them are PlayBook related

1 of them is Apple/iPad related

Oh, but I guess that makes CrackBerry an Apple-haven. Clearly makes sense to me.

And for anyone too lazy to read, ALL of the Mobile Nations websites do this, so grow up. If you don't want to read anything anything iPad related - don't read the fricken article. It's that simple.

Keep up the good work guys!

You clearly have no understanding of how journalism or blogging works. Don't comment on things you have no clue about.

Your complete overuse of an Ellipsis is prime example of this.

Yep, one article clearly means they don't report on BlackBerry related news.

Again, no one's forcing you to read the article. Skip over it, but naturally, that's too difficult for the small-minded.

ChrisK is turning this into a chatroom. lol, I never seen so many replies from one person in such a short time-span.

Maybe he gets to see " XYX is writing" and quickly responds back.

who knows, maybe he'll reply back to this message before I hit post comment!

Small-minded enough to know there are other websites (like the one linked to the article) to go to if I wanted to see non blackberry related subjects.

I never post any comments but this is not acceptable kevin u are self proclaimed BB Fanboy #1 we know you are the chief media officer or something like that of mobile nations I be got 2 questions

1:- when was the last time Rene Richie or Georgia go out to buy a BB phone or playbook on launch day

2:- self proclaimed BB Fanboy #1 u actually wore imore shirt and stood in line to buy an ipad vow u are really BB Fanboy #1

We want to know about the new ipad I go to other websites in wouldn't come to crackberry

@chriskerrigan: ohhh i am sooo sorry if my grammar hurt your feelings soo badly btw english is not my first language

@ChrisKerrigan *LIKE*

You people act like, if given the chance, you wouldn't frak Christina Hendricks just because you *prefer* blondes. Get it together and try to represent, people. You're making us look bad.

Love it when the crackberry crew F's up and then doesn't admit it. :D

And what's all this "you nedd to know the competition" crap. Playbook is "the competition" of the iPad? That's a joke. I'm a playbook owner. My wife for various reasons I won't bother to explain has been given 7 iPads as gifts (you guessed, Chinese gift giving culture). I don't want to use Apple products, I used to own them all including the iPhone and have wised up to how fundamentally crap they are (I'm tlaking basic things like control over file transfer).

Bust honestly the Playbook is not competition to the iPad. I don't think anyone seriously goes into a store thinking iPad or Playbook, I can't decide.

So this blog post is a waste of time for the vast majority of people on this site and worse it just pisses people off.

Crackberry you f-ed up..... AAAAgain! LOL

Your comment was a waste of my time.

And yes, shame on you CB for not apologizing to this fellow for posting one silly Apple story.

Then you should have skipped his comment and not read it. After all thats what people are telling us we should have done with the article .....

Seriously, I'm pretty sure if anybody wanted to look for a IPad review I think they would already know where to look. I love CrackBerry and always will but I'm pretty sure nobody comes here to read ipad reviews. I'm sure apple is doing ok with out you guys advertising for them.

I mean was this article even needed when we already have the top and bottom of the site filled up promoting the other Mobile Nations sites.

It always amazes me that people are surprised to find BB fanatics on a BlackBerry enthusiast site. How is this any different to sports or music fans? In Rims case, there are also huge social and economic consequences if they go under. Their impact on the economy of Waterloo is enormous and their downfall would impact thousands of people. This is not a game to those of us who understand how crucial it is for RIM to succeed.

"Their impact on the economy of Waterloo is enormous and their downfall would impact thousands of people. This is not a game to those of us who understand how crucial it is for RIM to succeed."

Funny you mention this because this is something I TOTALLY agree with you on and have mentioned numerous times.

To those of you who disagree with the "know your competition" slant, answer me this: what things can your PlayBook do that the iPad can't? What made you choose the PlayBook over the iPad?

Oh. Right. You can't. Because it's definitely not important to know your competition. *rmfe*

If we were selling playbooks then there is a reason to "know the competition." How much do I know of the Ipad? Well answer much does it matter? I mean next you know we will be swarmed with Android tablets so we can "know our competition". It really doesn't matter what I know of apple. I know that I don't like their products and could care less to read a review on it. I know quite a bit because I do read articles on different sites but one thing is for sure, when I'm done reading about their products I come to Crackberry to read about my awesome devices, not read a review on the Ipad. I know what you're trying to say but it doesn't matter on this site and that's why so many are pissed off.

So now we are "small minded" and "cheap and lazy" because we don't want to see non blackberry related subjects? Well since a few thinks it is perfectly fine, let's post more blogs on non blackberry related subjects. How about a blogs about shoes? Don't like it? Then stop being "small minded" and "cheap and lazy" and just don't read it. Yep, makes sense to me.

I read the article. She writes well. I laughed when she stated that the new iPad has the best web experience of any tablet.
There are fundamental differences in how Apple-centric journalists write about iproducts versus other products. iproducts: everything is great; any shortcomings are insignificant, the product changes lives; etc. It sounds very religious IMO. Whilst writing about other products, any positives are meh, shortcomings are unforgivable, they are always playing catch-up, boring, etc. the BlackBerry Playbook has a better, denser screen than the iPad 2 yet not a thing was said about that when the product launched.
I have never owned a BlackBerry product. I've owned three iPhones but I've finally broken free of their spell and can see clearly that Apple products truly are not the "absolute best, with no competition" as many claim they are. They are great at what they do, but that's it.
The article was well written, but I'd like to see less bias towards the shortcomings when compared to writing about other products' shortcomings.

Excellent analysis of that article. I agree absolutely regarding your general observations of Apple-centric journalism.

@ scrap. Did she mention anything about an 'overheating sensation in her naughty area' after prolonged use of the iPad resting on her lap and reaching its peak temperature of 116 degrees F? Didn't think so...Lack of 'Flash' video capability? ... List goes on...

Wow, just wow. These comments are the most pathetic I have ever read. Crackberry readers have hit a new low. The hatred exposed here is just sad.

Ok guys, time to get those heads back firmly in the sand.

Full disclosure. I have owned the last 7 BlackBerry smartphone models by choice. I also have a significant portion of my investment portfolio in RIMM stock.

What I am gleaming today is that, perhaps, this is a bit of a "Canadian thing". I have listened to the last few years of earnings calls with the co CEO's of RIMM "stumbling and mumbling" about launch dates, technology that will "blow you away, "10's of thousands of corporate clients buying Playbooks etc.

Also, RIMM has, probably, had the the worst marketing in the industry over that time period.

So the bottom line here is that, perhaps, the fact that Adam and Blaize don't understand the insult that they bestowed upon their loyal readers today is more pandemic than it appears.

Canadians, associated with RIMM to this point, are "tone deaf" and defensive in a number of areas.

For the future of RIMM, my portfolio and "future RIMM products" that I hope to enjoy - I pray that "Thor" from Germany can change this....

I will probably never understand people's inability to skip over posts that don't interest them. Instead, if we post something a person doesn't like, they take personal offense to it, call us names, assume CrackBerry is selling out, Kevin is a traitor, and on and on and on.

If you don't like a post, don't read it. How hard is that?

Why does seeing the word Apple (which is the brand by the way; AAPL is the stock name, as is RIMM - irks me when people get that wrong yet you don't see me ridiculing the people writing it that way or telling them their loyalty is misplaced because they can't get that simple thing right) incite such rage in some of you? I don't like asparagus but if the grocery store is promoting it I'm not going to yell at the store manager. Some people spend a lot of their day hating on things that are inconsequential (such as a blog post on a website). I'd rather spend my day doing something more productive. :)

Holy cow!!! There's no supervisor for the crackberry team, that does PR damage control? People spending their day on things inconsequential such as blog post....rather do something more productive??? This has to be the most asinine statement ever. If people didn't read and sound off on this blog site then this blog site wouldn't exist.
The bottom line is content was posted, a huge percentage of the people that commented didn't like the nature of the post, and this needed to be fixed. Not ridiculed, not made to be less than the tone of the members made it out to be.When your constituency is not happy you fix it you don't give them the finger and say deal with it, don't read it.
I understand the mobile nations umbrella, but maybe there should be a mobile nations site for the lovers of all things tech and have links to the other sites there. (I would never be mad at the manager of a grocery store if they have a promoting asparagus but I will complain if there is a promotion for a sale on peaches and when I go in there are no peaches but there are oranges at a very inflated price. Or if I'm told what I want is in aisle 5 but the aisle signs are switched around.

"The bottom line is content was posted, a huge percentage of the people that commented didn't like the nature of the post, and this needed to be fixed. Not ridiculed, not made to be less than the tone of the members made it out to be.When your constituency is not happy you fix it you don't give them the finger and say deal with it, don't read it."

Is this not the whole point of be able to say and express anything despite what anyone has to say? even the thought that anyone should have to censor themselves, what they say, their opinions, etc. because of the pressure from the masses, or to keep people coming to the site to make money off of ads, or as you put it, keep your constituents happy...that's selling out. Nobody here is running for office (although I would put a Kevin and Bla1ze bumper sticker on my car). This is a blog...the real news not CNN, Fox News, CP24 or CBC. This is real, honest to goodness, baked-beans-in-a-can blogging. The content is sometimes questionable...the opinions are the opinions of the writers-agree and disagree as you see fit, but to bash the site for this?

And all the talk of other sites, etc. I would put up CB against any other site on the planet (and I really and truly like and read them all...well, most of them) article for article, story for story and see where most of the meat and potatoes other site brings as much info on the BB community as CB...there's a reason Kevin, and not any of the other sites, got a call from RIM's new CEO...

I say FTW!!! Blaize and Michelle got it right. I think I speak for all the sane and level-headed members of the CB community when I say that I come here to hear about new things that could help me enrich my experience with technology, to expand my knowledge and share my experiences with others. I choose Blackberry and RIM because they fit me and they work for me...and I choose CB because it does the same. I don't come here to sit around bashing other companies/products or to glorify and praise products in an infantile effort to legitimize any of my purchases or 'loyalties'.

Get a clue folks...The polar opposite of trolling is just as bad as trolling.


Dude. Feel free to take your ten minutes a day spent on elsewhere. I dont know you, but from that paragraph, I doubt you'd be missed around here.

I didn't know this was a religion. Lol. Shall we get the torches and pitchforks and run him out of town.
Throw away your iPad and repent!!! Heathen!!!

This site can be pretty creepy.

Woah - tough crowd today. Not sure what the big issue here is. Cross-posting reviews and big stories to other Mobile Nations/SPE sites is nothing new - we've been doing it for years (since like 2008). I get that lots of you don't give a rats about the iPad (or anything Apple), but if that's the case, then just scroll on and ignore the post. Nothing says you *have* to read whatever it is. I love RIM and BlackBerry just as much as the next guy, and I don't think having a post to another of our sites about a different product changes any of that. Everyone just needs to relax a bit from the looks of it. All is well .. we're still CrackBerry, we still love BlackBerry ... nothing has changed.

What you typed is a clear case of the tail trying to wag the dog. It isnt just that simple to ignore the piece. It's on your front page with a very large and shiny pic of that "thing" right in your face. Not like a little puddle to hop over if you get my drift.

The way this works is your readership doesn't like it. You can handle that any which way you want, but if the readership flocks to another BB website, then I suppose you are ready to deal with those consequences. I'd like to see the reaction of an endearing piece about the Playbook on iMore right about now...if that would even be done.

Readers here don't like it. They are not required to do anything except voice their opinion because non of them are required to even come here and give this site the time of day.

End of story.

we've been doing it for years (since like 2008)

-- Yeah it just wasn't so noticeable. It's a whole lot more frequent these days.

Unless a BB fan goes to read the new iPad review, likes it, goes and buys one, next buys an iPhone, stops visiting this site and buying all things BB, and lives happily ever after.. and then comes here and starts falming the Playbook over and over again.

But this is that sort of thing that only happens in the movies right? Right? :)

I guess since we have so many Apple and Android fans hanging out on Crackberry that love to tell us how much Blackberry devices suck, and how RIM is going out business, etc., etc., it shouldn't be a surprise that Crackberry is posting links to stories that might interest that group of people.

you guys are hilarious...I dislike Apple as much as the next person on here, but does this article really warrant all this whining and complaining?..having said that, it is pretty easy for us to click on the links at the top of the page to check out the other brands

I think this has got totally out of hand. I love my BlackBerry and wouldn't swap it for anything but that doesn't mean you can't appreciate another company's products. I only own BlackBerry devices but I still listen to all the Mobile Nations podcasts because I'm interested to know what is out there. As Bla1ze has said, if you don't like the article don't read it!

As so many others have pointed out, the staff of CB are apparently tone deaf to what their customer are saying. Yes we ARE the customers of CB. They sell advertising and our eyes on those ads are how they make money. If significant numbers of us get tired of content because it is of no interest to us, and we go elsewhere, perhaps they will understand. However, the staff has the mistaken belief that they can treat us anyway they want.

Is "mighty" iPad (the new one) in any kind of trouble? Why it needs to be advertised on a this BB exclusive site ? Happens to have a (firesale) HP Touchpad and few minutes ago ( posted same kind of article article as the one here and again pissing off web-os people with an iPad (the new one) praising story. Is Apple that strong to have moles everywhere or maybe they already own mobilenations? Hey Mr.Apple, I know where to find you if I want to know about you (God forbid), please stop knocking on my door with your Watchtower booklets.

Whether you like it or not, the PlayBook is a tablet, and the current leader of the tablet market is the iPad, thus it does make sense to see what the new iPad is like but not the new Windows tablet. If you don't like this type of article, skip it! I don't care for the theme roundups, or most of the accessory reviews, but instead of going to those articles and complaining I just scroll down a bit more to the next article (try it with Bridge Remote, holding the alt key and swiping the screen, it's really fast!). Why does everyone make such a big deal whenever anything not completely BlackBerry shows up here? I come here for news pertaining to and affecting BlackBerry. The competition affects BlackBerry. Middle Eastern countries being controlling of their citizens affects BlackBerry. If seeing an article which isn't directly related to BlackBerry on this website causes you such grief, maybe you have some serious issues (Try checking out the ZenAndTech podcast, which is also Mobile Nations).

Is this website called iBerry?
There's too many news about new iPad here
It's still relevant if it's about comparison
But this is just a plain advertising...