New iOS4 creates features the BlackBerry always had

By IsaacKendall on 21 Jun 2010 05:48 pm EDT

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Today, June 21st Apple releases iOS4, the latest OS for the iPhone & iPod Touch line of products (visit our sibling site for everything iOS4). Many have called it revolutionary rather than evolutionary. I've been using this in beta since it launched in April and for me, I'd say Apple has reached into the 1990's playbook and are trying to lay claim to features that have existed in the smartphone world for over a decade.

In case you've been climbing Mount Everest or living under a rock since the beginning of April I'll review the "7 Tent Poles of iOS 4" and contrast them against what is available in the BlackBerry world.

Tent Pole 1 - Multitasking


This is nothing new here BlackBerry has had multitasking in their devices since the beginning of time. On the BlackBerry simply pressing either "Alt+Escape" or hold down the "MENU" to will reveal the task switch ribbon.

Tent Pole 2 - Folders


Apple now allows you to organize your apps in folders. Again something available on the BlackBerry for years now. The Apple approach is standard Apple format, when you put two apps together, iOS will name the folder for you based on the naming convention they decided in the AppStore. You can change the folder named handed down from on high, but why would you?

Tent Pole 3 - Enhanced E-Mail

Finally Apple brings multiple exchange account support to the iPhone, for some time I've wanted to use my office Exchange account and my Google Apps account on the same device. For the BlackBerry I've been running my Exchange account via BES and Google Apps with the Enhanced GMail plug-in.

Tent Pole 4 - iBooks


Apple wins here, sort of. The Books app on the iPhone and iPad is beautiful and is very simple to use. In terms of raw book reading experience iBooks is very nice and buying new books through iTunes is easy.

Personally, I'm a Kindle user and still think this is the platform to go with. I can ready on my Kindle, BlackBerry or my PC and with WhisperSync I can stay at the same point of the book on all devices.

Tent Pole 5 - Enterprise

Apple has made some nice improvements here to make the iPhone more secure for the enterprise world, but the BlackBerry Enterprise Sever (BES) solution is so powerful that it makes anything else look like a high school science club experiment.

If anyone attempted to sell the iPhone security solution against a BES solution they need to look into upgrading their medication prescription.

Tent Pole 6 - Game Center

Admittedly, I'm not a gamer, I've even uninstalled Brick Breaker off my BlackBerry so this does not really scratch where I'm itching. However, with the explosion of Farmville and Mafia Wars on FaceBook - clearly social gaming is big and only getting bigger. So it stands to reason that the iOS4 gets into that world as the iPod is clearly moving to a gaming platform and not just a touch screen iPod.

Tent Pole 7 - iAd

As a user of apps not a developer of apps, this is probably the most useless of the "tent poles", a platform that is meant for more ads to be pushed to me and chewing up my data bucket is something that doesn't interest me in the slightest. Of course one could argue that by creating an ad platform will encourage more app development and therefore me, the consumer will benefit.

Really? The Apple AppStore has over 225,000 apps, Android Marketplace over 60,000 and BlackBerry AppWorld is steadily growing and now has over One Million downloads per day. Sounds like the development community is thriving to me.


Don't get me wrong, the new iOS 4 is impressive on the iPhone and iPod platform and will certainly be a success. I feel it is important however to point out that most of these features are already on the BlackBerry platform and have been for years. If one watched the "Steve Note" back in April, the fanboys were falling all over themselves with excitement that Steve Jobs had the foresight to invent a smartphone folder structure for the world. Makes me wonder, if Apple hadn't created these features in April 2010 - would my BlackBerry still have had them back in 2005?

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New iOS4 creates features the BlackBerry always had


CrackBerry don't get ahead of yourselves. The Iphone is about the user interface not about the features it has and seriously every phone has it goods and bads there are many things the Iphone has and BlackBerrys don't for example a good web browser.

haha. it's Isaac's article, not a "crackberry doctrine" so read it as you will.  If you listen to the CB podcasts or follow the site over time you'll know it's not blind fanboyism here... but on a day like today when apple fanboys are drinking tons of koolaid, the blackberry fanboys gotta give a reminder that apple didn't invent the cell phone.

i totally agree with you though.. there's a big difference between capabilities and user experience. RIM's multitasking has been in there forever, but soo many people who use the blackberry don't even realize it multitasks. so it has the capability, but the execution of it still can be improved. apple has done a great job of getting people to use the functionalities the device has. 

push come to shove all of the platforms are filling their holes... hence why RIM is patching their lacking web browser with the upcoming WebKit one, and BB6 is coming out to enhance the user experience.

so please, read this is a fun post :)

I like the iphone although its not for my taste.. My biggest issue is how they reinvent the wheel constantly and claim dibs on it. Apple and their fanboys frustrate the opposition by proclaiming their device is perfect only to release basic functionality on a premium product years later after insisting it never required it to start with. I think they should take note from the likes of android and concentrate on their own platform and stop worrying about mine.

"A good Browser"

Really? Cause a few weeks ago my bud and I tested his iPhone and my Bold 9000 both on WiFi and EDGE and guess which one was faster? My Blackberry by 8 seconds on WiFi and 17 seconds faster on EDGE. The Blackberry Browser Rendered more pages correctly, and the Bold didn't lock up trying to log on to Opera Unite.

Gotta side with Isaac on this one. With options like Bolt and the rest, browsers can be just fine on the BlackBerry. It's just my opinion but the iPhone has always seemed more like a really great gimmicky device in the sense that the whole point was "look at this! you can shake the digital dice!" and it leaves out things that other smart phone carriers already had years earlier. Same reason why I side with a 160 GB iPod classic rather than an iPod touch.I'll take the security of RIM on Verizon over the iPhone. Besides, this is just informational anyway, can't we compare without losing our minds?

Let's ask this question in reverse - can BB release an update to do everything the iPhone does?

Namely -

1. Vastly improved performance
2. Better app support
3. Nearly limitless app memory
4. Improving on problems the users complain about

Nice to see BB has all of the features mentioned in the post. I don't like the iPhone but we're still behind regardless.

If you would oblige me...

1. Vastly improved performance - Agreed - more memory, better processor, better OS optimization, hope OS 6 takes care of some of this, along with the bump to 512MB base memory.

2. Better app support- What apps are you looking for? I'm not a huge app person, but what I want I've found in the current app store.

3. Nearly limitless app memory - Agreed - apps should live on the SD card, and not internal memory. I think this has a lot to do with app developers too, though. Seems they should be able to create a launcher that accesses the SD card where the app is stored. I think of how Slacker stores all the off line media on SD, so, interaction is possible.

4. Improving on problems the users complain about - Seems that almost every OS release addresses some of the largest items on the bitch list, or the actions of the company address that (i.e. a webkit browser). But you need to realize their core market is still enterprise, and therefor they will build to the enterprise request before building features for the general user community.

so this is how BB owners make themselves feel better about a lacking OS and Device. sorry the iphone4 is far better... iphone v1 is better that any BB out right now. RIM is behind and always will be.

Really? The first iPhone is better than any blackberry? A device that can't multi-task, copy/paste, connect to enterprise email, was only 2G and was $500+ w/ a 2 yr contract.

Yeah, I'm sure it is.

Another troll post by a person who never owned a smartphone before the iPhone.

Till this day the iPhone still can't multi-task and Apple's excuse is battery life yet my Bold 9000 has no trouble running all day long while multi-tasking.

The iPhone seems to be for consumers who probably can't do 2 things at once. This is why the crappy BB browser doesn't bother me all that much. While the browser is taking it's time loading a web page I'm back in my email then to my Viigo then to my Gmail then using the twitter client then onto Pandora quickly going back to Foursquare then off to my tumblr app then finally back to the browser. All of this happens within 30 to 60 seconds.

The iPhone takes way too much time closing and opening apps. Hell, in AppWorld I can download and install apps in the background while the iPhone dumps you back to the desktop after you select install. Then you have to go back and re-open the Appstore to find other apps.

Of course the fanboys drool over whatever Steve puts to the table. Same goes when RIM releases a new device. Everyone on this site goes crazy even though the new device is the same thing they have had in their pockets since 3.0, with the most minimal hardware updates possible. This happens with every companies fanboys, not just Apple.

Sorry, you cant' compare Apple fanboys to the CrackBerry nation. You'd never hear BB fans cheaeing like giddy school girls if Balsille announced the next BlackBerry used a micro-SIM card like the nutbars did at WWDC. Who cares what kind of a SIM card it uses? Why would a fanboy care???? But there they were screaming like the Beatles just deplaned at JFK airport.

There was plenty of criticism after WES that RIM didn't do enough to keep the interest peaking. All they did was announce two devices the world already knew about and showed a video that seemed more like a Black Eyed Peas video rather than a BlackBerry promo.

True BlackBerry has it's fan - but Apple has lemmings. Rather than stand up and ask Jobs why the first couple iPhones didn't have Cut/Copy/Paste they towed the line "Why would you need that????"

Apple fans blindly follow and buy the Apple crap.

BlackBerry where call bul*&hit where needed.

Oh really? So why does your browser still suck?

OS5 was supposed to be game changing but all it got was a new look, and OS6 is the exact same thing that's why they won't show it off in a real video because all they did was give it an iPhone look with the transparency and call it a revolutionary change in OS'

If you truly believe the things you just said, you are proving blind fanboyism.

Apple crap? The damn device wins Consumer device of the year every single year. I wouldn't call that crap.

I remember BB users foaming from the mouth waiting for OS 5. WTF was OS 5? THREADED SMS? Wow...that wasn't a big deal for nothing right?

It was more of a Black Eyes Peas video than a BB promo. I will give it to RIM though, te lyrics fit their current mindset. They are "so 2000 and late".

This is hilarious fanboy rage, why this article belongs in the Crackberry blog mainpage is beyond me.

As a former Blackberry user I just have to say, even though Blackberry has had a few of these features "for years" Apple is making a clear and concise effort to answer consumer demand for certain functions and providing them. Blackberry has done what in the last few years... absolutely nothing. My 9700 has near zero differences from my old side scrolling blackberries. Ya they got the trackball.. and that sucked, then the trackpad which is nowhere near as precise as touch. and really just a copout. Why take shots at apple for actually improving when Blackberry hasn't even been able to fix it's browsing issues year after year, meanwhile Android a MUCH newer platform is already WAY beyond BB in terms of UI and browsing.

The Apple multitasking is lightyears ahead of blackberries, as it won't bog down battery life and speed if you forget to close an app or two. Blackberry doesn't change ever, where once it was top of the game it is now steadily falling to phones that are willing to change with the times.

I just read it after I made my post, and honestly Kevin I'm just a frustrated Blackberry user.

I've followed Blackberry with dedication for years now and expected change after change that never came. And at this point I've got a preorder for iPhone 4 and I'm throwing away my 9700 because frankly it didn't deliver.

Ya the battery life was amazing, a massive step up from the Bold which was amazing to begin with but feature-wise it dissapointed. And unlike many BB users I do enjoy gaming, something BB has not improved in, it's apps look like they belong in the 1980s.

I love Blackberry and am waiting for the day when they step up and return to their former glory but for now I will be saying goodbye until the day comes when there are improvements. As far as BB6's changes from the previews I've seen on youtube, the browser isn't much better than what it was but of course we'll have to wait till it's actually released.

I hear your frustrations.  It always comes down to priorities I guess.  To me the optimal solution would be to keep the Bold 9700 and buy an iPad. Then you have the ultimate communication/always connected tool combined with the media/entertainment/gaming experience.  Plus lots of battery life where you need it on both devices.

BUT..not everybody is going to do that.. lots of ppl want the all-in-one solution, so it means there are areas where RIM definitely needs to work harder. you're proof of that! 

Well I still have my Bold 9700 and will dig it up every now and then I'm sure, as I've never had an iPhone this is a big change for me.

But the only thing's I think I'll truly miss are the keyboard, BBM, and of course the legendary LED indicator which I don't know how I'll live without (iPhone's notification system seems awful.)

And I know (as I've been visiting this site since before it even had 100,000 users =P) that you have your iPod love too and I know you appreciate both sides of the fence but for me like you said I want that all-in-one solution where as it feels that Blackberry finds an easier time in mediocrity and knows that it doesn't need to make a super-device or any extreme changes because it will always be a strong competitor. But I like having the best of the best, and that's why that doesn't sit well with me.

Also if I was ever caught in public with an iPad I'd kick my own ass.

I think your getting "doesn't deliver" getting mixed up with bored of... You wouldn't buy a mega drive to play high definition gaming on so why buy a blackberry and expect something better than tick tac toe. RIM has never marketed its device this way.. And I kinda get the feeling its not in their target market.

It's not just gaming RIM has lagged behind it's entire UI, everyone knows it.

They have made little to no changes to a UI that's over a decade old, other than minor graphical improvements that still lag behind the competition.

What I'm saying is for Blackberry users to claim Apple is "playing catch up" with Blackberry, is ludicrous.

App World, Threaded Messages, Gaming, Browsing Capabilities, User Interface, and even phone design RIM has been trying to play catchup on all these facets for years. Remember the Blackberry Bold? Looked a lot like the iPhone did it not?

Now don't get me wrong I don't hate Blackberry, I just want them to realize they have to EARN consumer share not just recieve it because they are blackberry. Otherwise they will continue status quo, and yes Blackberry has TRIED to market their phones as gaming devices as well and pushed free games like Word Mole, etc but they were all boring and I doubt many BB users use them after a few months.

RIM sells "SMARTPHONES" it doesn't matter how they market them but it claims to be the king of the hill when it comes to this market, so they should prove it and be the best not just at messaging but all areas. A smartphone is supposed to be able to browse the internet, play games, be a datebook, e-mail, text, call, all in one package.

Not just e-mail.

You've just put in to words all my frustrations with RIM. On the button!

I myself am not moving to the iPhone though. I'm going to be trying one of the latest Android 2.2 phones when they come later this summer.

As you mentioned, there will be a learning curve. I will be keeping my Bold on hand just in case though.

It's not just gaming RIM has lagged behind it's entire UI, everyone knows it.

They have made little to no changes to a UI that's over a decade old, other than minor graphical improvements that still lag behind the competition.

What I'm saying is for Blackberry users to claim Apple is "playing catch up" with Blackberry, is ludicrous.

App World, Threaded Messages, Gaming, Browsing Capabilities, User Interface, and even phone design RIM has been trying to play catchup on all these facets for years. Remember the Blackberry Bold? Looked a lot like the iPhone did it not?

Now don't get me wrong I don't hate Blackberry, I just want them to realize they have to EARN consumer share not just recieve it because they are blackberry. Otherwise they will continue status quo, and yes Blackberry has TRIED to market their phones as gaming devices as well and pushed free games like Word Mole, etc but they were all boring and I doubt many BB users use them after a few months.

RIM sells "SMARTPHONES" it doesn't matter how they market them but it claims to be the king of the hill when it comes to this market, so they should prove it and be the best not just at messaging but all areas. A smartphone is supposed to be able to browse the internet, play games, be a datebook, e-mail, text, call, all in one package.

Not just e-mail.

At WES 2010 he said he wanted it to be familiar, yet fresh. I been a Berry user since 2003 and RIM has never targeted "entertainment" Berry is just all about business and I personally don't think RIM will ever appeal to the young crowd, too many old school people like it and me also I don't care how boring this RIM interface is, I am always gonna be a Berry user

Completely agree it does come down to priorities and if the device whether it be iphone or Blackberry has what you need. I started with the Blackberry and while I was carrying the 9000 I tried carrying the iphone at the same time. It was cool with the apps and everything but just didn't take care of me like the Blackberry did. I went back to the 9000 and 9700 (currently) and most likely will never carry an iphone. I have an ipod touch and haven't messed with it for months. Literally don't have the time to use it for all the games and BS it has.

She couldn't understand why I would need an iPad. Her and my kids have iPhones. I have the 9700 on a BES, with enterprise messenger, which allows me to communicate with my organizations IM system. This is why I stick with the Blackberry, with the iPad I can VNC into computers controlling production or hook up to citrix and check pricing for a customer, or just watch a movie.

Although I am far from an Apple fanboy and will say that Apple COMMONLY promotes (very douchebaggishly might I add) that everything they do is this AMAZING revolutionary change to smartphones when realistically they just have a good way of dressing it up and making it seem amazing when most it's features have been available on smartphones for years.

Such as "facetime", video calling has been available on phones far before this iPhone did it, but they make it sound like they invented this amazing technology.

Like Kevin said, why not point out Apple didn't invent the cell phone?

And don't kid yourself on your BlackBerry battery usage vs iPhone. The BlackBerry has one HUGE battery advantage over the iPhone - you can own two of them.

apple didn't say how many of those pre-orders were new customers, carriers, and how many were existing customers upgrading. I am sure if they broke it down that way it would seem a lot less spectacular.

For example, what if AT&T ordered 300,000 iPhones, thats half of what was ordered.

Just sayin' that it may not be as impressive as you think, Mr. Jobs always has a way of making things seem a lot better then they may be.

On multitasking, I believe Steve Jobs said, We may not have been the first but we will try to be the best. Basically saying that they knew that they were playing catch up with multitasking. I think what the one guy said was, they wanted to find a way to minimize battery drain and memory drag. Seems to have worked to me.

I'm not going to get into this as it has been beaten to death in the forums.

However Kevin, Issac's article is posted on the Crackberry blog site. His article reflects on CB and that's how everyone (with good reason) will see it.

don't disagree with you... BUT....  the blog post category called "editorial" is for an INDIVIDUAL's opinion. that's why they're called editorials.  at least that's how we use the editorial category around here.  so that's where we let our writers (even bla1ze - dangerous stuff) do their own pieces with their own opinions.  we don't expect everybody to agree with editorials and that's fine. even i'll personally disagree sometimes with what might be written in a cb editorial by another writer, and that's cool too.  as long as it's not over the top too much and stimulates conversation, it's a worthwhile post.

..And a little disagreement can generate a bit of creative conversation if both parties are respectful and understanding of others' differing opinions.

What is different? What improvements? The OS looks exactly the same. Hell, it practically is the same. The device just has a new dress up that is all.

Do you honestly think the movement from wheel to trackpad is more revolutionary than being the first company to get multitouch right on a touch screen? Hell, scratch the, the first company to get a touchscreen right period.

I'm a fan of RIM but this comment was just stupid.

@avt1223: The juvenile "stupid" comment convinces me that you belong with the Apple fan club.

We are interested in the facts here. There are many important features on the 9700 that weren't on the "old side scrolling blackberries." The track pad was just one, but there is also GPS, WiFi, 3G, camera, video, music, SD card, high resolution screen, compact size, etc.

To say that BlackBerry has done "absolutely nothing" in the last few years ignores the facts.

I agree with the article, not many may know that these features and capabilities have been in existence in numerous smartphones (not only the BlackBerry) for many many years. For instance, they are making a big deal of this "video calling" feature which is over wi-fi only for the time being, but my first smartphone (Nokia 6680)had that capability as it was the first nokia with a front facing camera! not to mention i got it in 2005. Not many use this feature but they have been around a long time ago.

I have however, switched to BlackBerry and will never leave, it does everything i need and i couldn't be happier! The thing is, people don't take the time to learn about the BB OS and understand it and its capabilities, more than likely the feature you think it doesn't have, is there, just check out CB first, rather than settle for the what you see is what you get approach.
All in all...i like the article, people fail to realize that not all of these features are new innovations, maybe for the iPhone yes, but not in the general smartphone world...

Play the 1st video, go to 00:48.

"... And we're bringing video-calling to the world..."

I thought some of the old Nokia cell phones (released in 2004 I believe or earlier) could already make video calls.

I see this getting mentioned a lot. People saying that nokia had frontfacing cameras long before the rest and video calling capabilities... which IS true, although when has it ever been adopted and supported on any carrier? I would say never...and up until now it still hasn't... To my knowledge, no one had the need or care to use video calling back then. However Apple have publicise the feature and made it possible to the masses, which is what they're good at. Taking simple things and making it cooler and easier to use..

But I am happy to be proven wrong. ;-)

BB vs. iPhone is and will most likely be for a while an argument of need and use. I have been using the multitasking feature since day 1, but I agree...a ton of people get BBs to be part of a fad and don't even know that feature exists. iPhone and Droid users love apps. BB has always lacked in that area. As far as browsers go...who gives a s**t about the native browser when you can use Bolt or OperaMini (my personal fave). I agree with the previous post, most people that are the type of user I am, would opt to be hooked up to their BB via IV and use an iPad as a way to pass time (such as games and books)...

It's sad when 3rd party browsers are doing the job better than the native one.

Really is, RIM is really that hard up they can't make a decent browser?

your cracking on bb for a horrible browser? have you seen safari? its slow as crap compared to the dozen and five apps of other internet. i use opera cause it's better than safari. i beat my sisters iphone browser on my itouch with opera by about 17 seconds. plus her battery life sucks if she's playing games or anything other than twitter or texts or calls.

i have an itouch and that's all i need. for me it's enough. i'm not obsessed with apps. especially not droid with it's google explosion. i love google, btw, just not when everything is routed through google on my phone. so as a messaging device the bold fits what i need and my itouch fits what i want for fun and so does my laptop, not to mention my desktop. i need a phone that is reliable and tough, and from what i've seen of my friends and them dropping their iphones by accident and them smashing and breaking vs the amount of ppl with blackberries it's more on the iphone side. plus i want insurance on any phone i get so i'm not dolling out max price for it everytime something happens to it.

I have become more of an apps user and I will say this: BlackBerry has the apps I need, they work well and they are also the best apps available on other phone OSs.

Think about it: Poynt, Viigo, Pandora, Weather Channel, Forbes Reader. Those are some of the best apps across all platforms. And guess what? They are also on BB and work great. Poynt, Viigo and Pandora are especially sweet; they work as well on my Curve as they do on my EVO (which I'm sending back because, to be honest, it's too much like carrying around a mini-TV).

Again, each OS has elements that stand out. iOS has the best UI; Android is the most-customizable; and BB is the best for enterprise. It really is a question of to each their own, not the best in class because each of us has different needs.

I'm not a gamer, so I could care less about playing games on my phone. But if you are, then BB isn't for you -- and shouldn't be because it's an enterprise-driven phone. Enterprise users shouldn't be bothered with either the iPhone or Android for converse reasons. It's just that simple.

I have become more of an apps user and I will say this: BlackBerry has the apps I need, they work well and they are also the best apps available on other phone OSs.

Think about it: Poynt, Viigo, Pandora, Weather Channel, Forbes Reader. Those are some of the best apps across all platforms. And guess what? They are also on BB and work great. Poynt, Viigo and Pandora are especially sweet; they work as well on my Curve as they do on my EVO (which I'm sending back because, to be honest, it's too much like carrying around a mini-TV).

Again, each OS has elements that stand out. iOS has the best UI; Android is the most-customizable; and BB is the best for enterprise. It really is a question of to each their own, not the best in class because each of us has different needs.

I'm not a gamer, so I could care less about playing games on my phone. But if you are, then BB isn't for you -- and shouldn't be because it's an enterprise-driven phone. Enterprise users shouldn't be bothered with either the iPhone or Android for converse reasons. It's just that simple.

Advertising pushed on the data allowance paid for users? They have to be joking, expecting users will pay to receive ads they never wanted. That's pure and simple spamming.

The entire smartphone community needs to give Apple a huge vafanculo for this.

Instead of flailing around like a Fanboy, actually look into iAd it's probably one of the coolest things ever.

You don't get FORCED into anything it just shows up as a little bar and if your interested you click it. Once inside the options are endless, it's pretty baller actually. And always devs to create more free apps, so the end-user is actually the winner.

Having ads forced to my phone, no matter how small the bar, will not be the "coolest thing ever".
Keep drinking the apple flavoured cool-aid.

My phone, my bandwidth, my cash paying for both. IMO that gives me the right to decide, and gives Apple no rights whatsoever to push or allow a third party to push junk/spam data to a little bar or any other widget. I pay for the bandwidth and I decide how it will be used.

From a RIM point of view iAd is indeed the best thing since sliced bread. Unless it has a user controlled Kill Switch it will annoy so many iPhone users...

Developers also have a right to get paid for their efforts. If you want apps free (or at discounted prices), then the developers have the right to include advertising.

My hope is that developers of these free / advertising supported apps will also offer a paid option without the advertisements.

Are you kidding? BB has apps that have advertising i.e. Craigslist app. Its a free app! Iphone has free version and paid for version. This is so bad that BB people are gripping about nothing! When BB users complain for no reason, makes me want to by the iphone now! U make it sound as if u will be on a call and a big ad pops up...not close! This is sad how desperate us BB users are stooping to try and dog out the iphone. Think about this....90% of the things we said iphone could not do (copy & paste, multitasking, and more), apple has been fixing! It seems apple is listening to us better than these numb nuts with RIM! Shouldn't we support a company that listens to the people! Let's face that iphone does 90% of what we love about BB and I feel its pretty safe to say it will be more like 110% within a year! Your not going to close the deal with that argument. Talking smack like this, I would say it is pretty safe to say you couldn't close a door!


This whole article is beneath you. Don't get me wrong I love Blackberry's, but let's face it, RIM is waaaaay behind in the smartphone game. These add ons by Apple are simply what people have been asking for. They aren't claiming that they've invented all these features.

As for Blackberry's themselves, you and I both know that RIM better get their shit together because they are flailing as a company. They keep churning out the same tired handsets year after year and OS6 is going to be a buggy mess knowing RIM's history of OS updates (if and when its ever released). If it wasn't for the corporate world keeping RIM afloat they would be facing extinction.

i like my bold 9700 but please let os6 be nice. Cuz bb is way behind in terms of user experience wich you might consider like a gimmick/show off thing, but you live with your phone day in day out. When i look at an iphone i feel much more connected with the phone and the interface and thats really a big plus

Thanks for coming by, but please find your way to the door now if all you want is to compare devices. The general populous of the Crackberry nation could actually not care any less what you think of our choice in devices.

Have a wonderful day with your 300 "fart" sound apps.

Discussing smartphones these days is like discussing politics or religion. LoL

Anyway, I have to agree with Kevin and his solution of owning an iPad and a BlackBerry. Especially after reading his hierarchy of smartphone needs it's a perfect solution. I currently have a Bold 9700 and after leaving the Apple Store today I am leaning more towards owning an iPad. I was swooned by the hardware and design of iPhone 4 but became more level headed after the buzz wore off. I stumbled onto this article today (actually twitter fed it to me):
What I enjoy is that it gives you what the iPhone still can't do. Here's a direct quote from the muti-tasking section: "one of the major gaps not addressed by iOS 4—the ability for applications to grab new data from the network while they’re in the background. So if you’re hoping that iOS 4 means that your RSS reader or Twitter client will be able to download new content while in the background and present it to you when you switch to the app, you’re going to be disappointed."

I knew it! It was too good to be true. Oh well. Here's a list of features Gizmodo assembled that iOS 4 doesn't do (and if you look closely you'll notice some things my Bold 9700 can do quite well):
-SMS tone customization. Seriously! C'mon!'
-Facebook integration, or any kind of cloud-contact syncing
-iTunes cloud streaming, direct from an
-Better multitasking, because only having four icons visible at once is arbitrarily clumsy. Why swipe through so many apps to find the one to "quickly" switch to
-A solution to the modal popup problem. I don't want to be locked out of what I'm doing whenever I get an IM
-Widgets in the multitasking tray
-A lock screen that shows email count, IM count, SMS count and other info to be determined by the user
-Home screen widgets even
-Free turn-by-turn application (Android can do it, why not one for iPhone)
-Ability to remove Apple's default apps
-Horizontal homescreen
-Ability to disable spotlight searching entirely, for both privacy reasons and for clumsy-swiping reasons
-iChat mobile, with FaceTime on iPhone 4 somehow worked in to video chat with desktops
-A "mark all as read" or "select all" button in the Mail app would be nice.
-Email account specific email signatures could help us avoid forcing our work signature on all our personal email accounts.

I'm not here to bash the iPhone - to each his own. I'm just not a fan of it but it does have things that I want like the iPod and it's controls for music. I love the hardware but I just can't stand the thought of iPhone OS or iOS on my single-everyday-go-to device. In my honest opinion, the perfect device for me would be the iPhone 4's hardware with BlackBerry's OS features, Apple's App Store and Apple's iPod approach to media.

Ignore the Blackberry theme, that's just what made me click the video. The thing here is:

- He could (12 months ago) have folders;
- Record videos

He's got an iPhone 3G... Should we understand than part of what Apple really did was just say "ok, they already have those, so there is no point stopping them... might as well get some momentum making it officially part of the OS"?

Don't count me as a fanboy, I am not the kind that goes "BlackBerry till death". I am all for innovation, but I was just kinda confused about this video. Does not make the iPhone 4 less than it is.

Food for thought I guess.

Net net, BB is a better device for email/text/calendar/IM/ease of use, secure device. Iphone is a better device for pictures, visuals/reading web sites/searching web sites,gaming # of apps being developed & overall MARKETING PIZZAZZZZZ. Apple takes marketing to a new level and BB/RIM, not soo much. Ideal scenario as someone pointed out... What do you use or want to primarily use the smart phone for and make a decision based on that. For me, its BB.

Does anyone else think that trying to compare the two devices is like comparing apples and oranges? They are different phones used for different reasons, and your selection relies on your use. I think of BB as more of a productivity device, while the iPhone is entertainment.

iPhone vs Android is a valid argument. iPhone vs thanks.

Wow, I really should have read the post above me first..

What doesn't work

* Multitasking: this is the big one. Double-tapping the home button doesn't give you the handy menu, there's no fast app switching, and background use is missing in action.
* Screen lock: normally in the multitasking menu (which isn't available on 3G), it's nowhere to be found, even under Settings. Bummer.
* Home screen wallpaper: you'd think this simple addition would make the cut, but sadly no. The dock has been given a visual upgrade, though.
* Bluetooth Keyboard support: we haven't tried this ourselves, but an influx of reports from Twitter suggest this is also a no-go.
* Spotlight: the iPhone 3GS can search the web and Wikipedia from the homescreen. The 3G? Not so lucky.

prove engadget wrong?

Lets face it Apple and RIM have not really done much to push the out of the way. All this my phone is better is BS, stop crying about shit none of us can change. The real winner in this war is Android cause it keeps upping the bar not apple and not Rim. Lets look at the facts both companies need to do something that will not only change the game but push one phone above the other. I have been a long time BB fan and a long time Apple hater but the truth is in the pudding both companies need to look at the bar and take a real shot at jumping over it and setting a new standard. Rim has had there time in the sun and so has apple but both are falling behind Android. And no I do not own any android phones but if I had to switch today i would go android only because there seems to be some real bar jumping and standard setting happening on that side of the fence.

I really do not get why this debate continues but it is old and no one has come out on top. The article simply states that RIM has had a lot of the features that apple has added over the IPhones life span. Get over it apple is playing catch up and has been since 07. Yes it got something right with the whole touch thing but that was about it. Hell they just added a damn flash for the camera. I guess apple thought of that first also. Whatever all this is crap. They are both good phones for the user that selects it and thats it. Until they both do something that is really amazing and REVOLUTIONARY than they will be what they are BEHIND.

What everyone is saying is true, apple didn't come up wtih multitasking on a touch screen, but you can be damn sure they've done it right, while hogging the least amount of battery.

Also, everyone says that Facetime is not revolutionary at all, which is true. There is one thing that is revolutionary, however. Nobody really uses voice calls even though its been around since 2004. You can BET money on the fact that EVERYONE will now be using Facetime and video calls when the iPhone 4 comes out. That's pretty revolutionary to me, and that shows the kind of power apple has in the telecom market. Im sure youll see something like a 100x increase in the usage of voice calls in North America, wifi or not.

I love both RIM and Apple, Ill probably keep my 9700 and try out the 4 for a while

facetime revolutionary? unless you can videochat with 3g, you'll be stuck at home or a starbucks with wifi making videochat calls.

Is there an article about Features that are absent in Blackberry that are in iPhone? I'll give you one: Jailbreak!!!

The only thing I will say is that I sure as heck am glad that the new iPhone doesn't look like that ancient Blackberry! LOL!

And Steve (blow)Jobs knows what he's doing. Instead of innovating anything he watches others do that, learns from them, spends a LOT of time perfecting them, and THEN he releases them. On one hand it's really annoying that Apple copies almost everything, but on the other, it's nice to know they don't usually release stuff that doesn't work right.

Apple's stuff actually works and doesn't require a battery pull every couple days. Doesn't slow down because some app had a memory leak. Installed apps actually show up, etc, etc. Sick and tired of my Berry.

Try doing a Google search for "iphone won't turn on". You will get over 12 million results. Try doing the same thing with "BlackBerry won't turn on" and you only get 5 million results. Yet there are way more BlackBerrys out there then iPhones. So think again!

sk8er_tor, that is such a biased way to argue. Just because the results might be 5 or 12 million has nothing to do with one having more problems than the other. You have to factor in how big the iphone community is, and how big the blackberry community is. On top of that, many of those links have links that link to the exact same thread and so get indexed as duplicates. Don't dumb down things so extensively you start misinterpreting the facts.

Are you kidding me? There are more than two times the search results for the iPhone and you tell me that they all lead to the same page? Do you even know how Google conducts its search with respect to duplicate results? Obviously with your above response, the answer is NO. And you talk about how big the iPhone community is. I don't know how to break this to you but the BlackBerry community is much bigger. Nice try though. Hopefully this is dumbed down enough for you to understand.

All I want is a good BlackBerry browser! Games? I've got GT LinkFour, online play and talking shit(what more could you ask for in a game?). I can't use a touchscreen, that means i'd have to actually look at the phone to avoid grammatical errors. BlackBerry and Apple is BlackBerry and Apple. They both target different markets. BlackBerry started out as a the premiere business solution while Apple catered to the consumers who wanted games. Now both companies are trying to branch off into the opposite direction. BlackBerry is trying(no?) to please the consumer and developers while Apple is trying to become THAT business solution. I was reading in a Maclean's or Canadian Business magazine and it said the reason why Apple got overtaken by Microsoft is because Microsoft had all the apps. The article then said something about Apple vs BlackBerry and something like Steve Jobs was thinking, "This time, i'm gonna have all the apps".

sidenote: i'm really impressed by the HD recording that Iphone 4 is toting. ahahha

Finally...someone willing to say what we are thinking! Alot of hype and great PR from Apple helps to create the "guess I need one too" mentality. Plus the CNBC constant hype of anything Apple...imagine if Apple wasn't an American company???

Rather, was a great, creative company from the North...profitable, growing and expanding??? Gee might even be like RIM. We all know that RIM's problem is being from is just not believed in. We Canadians are a patient lot...RIM will succeed.

Agreed. We in the USA can have an insular focus at times.

While RIM strategically places itself for the really big future markets (e.g., India and China), Apple and Google seem to be focusing on their domestic markets. The iPhone is too expensive in India and China, and Google's politics have crippled its future opportunities in China.

Meanwhile, RIM produces devices like the Curve, which may not be the most desirable in the high-end US market, but that represents a powerful and affordable smartphone in the big markets of the future.

Some call it fragmentation. I call it smart business, with an eye towards the long term and the big global markets.

Great post to bad Blackberry's UI is so dull, if it were more vibrant you might have something to brag about instead of defend.

...what the iPhone can and cannot do. I have a touch screen device (Storm 1) that has plenty of real estate that keeps me connected. My phone does my navigation, my podcasts, weather, e-mail, and ability to keep up with social sites.

IT KEEPS ME CONNECTED...the purpose of a phone. Sure, it doesn't play games too well, but as a former PSP and DS owner I think playing games in public is sort of obnoxious and really not worth the time...I felt like a tool staring down at a screen and not taking in the environment around me, but to each his own.

I just don't understand why anyone would care what the iPhone can and can't do. It has too much going against it. I can't get an iPhone on Verizon which has superior coverage in my area, so what good is the phone if I can't get coverage half the time.

What about the locked down app store that Apple can decide on a whim to pull apps from. I don't want anything to do with that. Or the fact that it can't play Flash. The list goes on but enough about what the iPhone can't do, because as I stated, I don't care.

My phone does a good enough job at everything I need it to do. Is there room for improvement? Of course. There is always a way to improve something. I'm sure some iPhone users get just as frustrated as we do that their phone isn't strong in some areas.

I'm just seeing a lot of people defending or tearing down the iPhone because it can or can't do everything, but who cares as long as YOUR device does exactly what you need it to do. I don't think I'll ever get away from Blackberry now that I finally have one because it is good to have something reliable and does everything I need it for.

Oh my God, someone said something that makes sense and is logical without being an a**hole. Kudos to you, Crackberry brother.

I say the article is kind of biased. I like my bberry don't get me wrong but every phone has its faults. My main concern with the iphone is signal strength and receiving emails. It went downhill after the first iphone. I hope apple gets that right with the antenna design. If they do then i give them a thumbs up. As far as email i say it will be hard to match the near instant email receiving the blackberry has.

With the Blackberries now its getting shotty in quality. Every 9700 i have used has had terrible signal strength. I think RIM is going cheap in there parts. I think RIM needs to get back to making a quality device and stop following the iphone bandwagon. They need to be innovative and more consumer friendly. The old RIM would have made innovations. I say they need to actually do what apple is doing and get some research and put it in motion for their consumers.

That's so true! All I ever hear in this forum is people arguing about how no phone is better than the BlackBerry. I've never heard anyone say BlackBerry is better than every other phone. People here are always talking in terms of defensiveness and negation instead of positiveness and promotion.

I think you kind of missed the point about having multiple Exchange account support. This is something that is sorely lacking in the BlackBerry world, aside from configuring BIS to OWA (or performing the service rename "hack").

I think the feature they're adding that compares to BlackBerry in their "Enhanced E-Mail" offering is the converged message list view, which is something that RIM has "enhanced" with adding the filtered mailbox views as icons (most people I know hide these, of course).

Nevertheless, the ability to add multiple Exchange accounts is a rather important feature when looking at the idea that mailboxes can be shared and not linked with a particular individual. RIM could learn a lesson from this move.

Other items that mimic RIM's capabilities:

- SSL VPN support
- Certificate-based authentication for intranet-based resources
- Exchange 2010 support (as long as it took RIM to come out with it, it took Apple even longer)
- Wireless application deployment

- Spell check
- Digital zoom for the camera

Overall, the BlackBerry lacks a lot in favor of the iPhone. I really love my iPad and it offers an experience that I simply can't have on my 9700... the screen on the new iPhone 4 should offer a similar advantage. RIM is doing good in an otherwise murky horizon for most other companies in the mobile space, but I'm really curious about the future outlook. I've never seen a product dictate IT initiatives quite like the iPhone has done... and every year, a new wave of corporate converts seems to crash pretty heavy.

You can ask Kevin about my dedication to BlackBerry, but I may seriously consider switching devices in a couple days when my iPhone 4 is delivered... at least until someone gets off their butts and releases the 9800, of course :)

I've never been a fan of either BB or Iphone. I've had my Ipod Touch for a few years now and never thought about getting an Iphone, I just saw no use of both an Iphone and an Ipod. Sure, I could sell my ipod and just use my Iphone for music and whatnot but the battery life on the Iphone is horrendous. When I have a supply teacher and I want to play the games on an Iphone? The battery would be drained by the end of the period. In my opinion there isn't anything great about the ipod touch/iphone except apps. But that's all I would use it for since I'm still a teenager. Blackberry is good for me because of BBM and easy text messaging. Also, when my friend got her Iphone her first bill was over 400$ because she used internet assuming she was on wi-fi but she was using data. All in all both Iphone and BB are equally as good and both have their goods and bads, there will be fanboys for both respectively and eventually there will be a revolutionary phone that will be better than both BB and Iphone.
Just my 2 cents. :P

The problem is we have 2 companies with user groups that are exactly the same. Neither company innovates, they just respond to their users demands. OS5 added threaded SMS, and was hailed as a wonderful thing (it is), but was really catch up to something every other device had been doing already. The same goes with MMS and copy-paste on the iPhone. Each new device looks similar to the last. Each new OS looks similar to the last. Nothing revolutionary has happened on either front, just each company slowly evolving toward the other. I'm a RIM fan, but I can see that only Android is working hard to be the best.

Personally I've had a lot of different phones and to me as much as the iPhone is somewhat cool it had so many drawbacks in my opinion which caused me to get rid of it and decide on a replacement. I went with the Storm 1 (now I have a Storm 2) but it was simple to me I liked Verizon over AT&T and I'm a big texter and just felt the Storm was easier to type with over the iPhone. I've had an iPhone but got rid of it to become part of the Blackberry community and don't regret it one bit. I know FanBoys will be like "You're stupid Blah Blah Blah" and yes the Storm 1 had it defects like every phone on the market has and Yes I now have a Storm 2 and no I didn't get my Storm 2 through buying it full price. We will say I have buddies that work for a cell phone company that did their magic and my Storm 1 became a Storm 2 LOL !!! The one thing is for Apple having more money than God they sure know how to keep coming out with a phone with soo many short comings that even a Windows phones seem to have less shortcomings ( I hate Window operated phones because I think they suck). Thats not saying Blackberry doesn't do the same (Storm 1 and Storm 2 which came down more to memory with the phones performance). We the people of the Crackberry Nation all know how great the multimedia of the iPhone is and yes our Web Browser which is reliable but a bit outdated isn't as good as safari but we will soon be catching up with that. To be honest the only company I have gotten tempted to leave Blackberry for is Android because they seem to be more focused on their phones which majority of them seem to have a lot of quality and barely any shortcomings that I know of or heard of. As of this new to apple but old to Blackberry iOS4 congratulations on catching up on that part and when we get the OS 6 and web browser kit you fanboys can all give a clap and say congrats Crackberry nation for having a high tech web browser. Opinions are like assholes and everyone has one (my dad always says). I'm a former Fanboy who thinks Blackberry is far more superior and if you noticed Blackberry has so many different models to focus on while Apple just has the iPhone to focus on. YOu'd think one phone compared to paying attention to multiple phones would give an advantage to apple but obviously Jobs or however you spell it is too busy counting his money over making his product top notch and up to date on the simple things. (I know Apple makes computers, mp3s, etc... but they do have phone specialist that only have one phone to focus on).

so far apple's so called :multitasking" has caused me to go back to my storm 9530. there multitasking is weak. The only new things i saw in my ipod were better transitions, a homescreen wallpaper, and airplane mode.

As someone said earlier - its comparing apples to oranges, as the expression goes. In this case I'd say mangos to avocados. The devices are totally different!! People buy them for different reasons - I dont get why all this bashing has to happen. I have been a die-hard BB user (& abuser) for years. I will also admit that I have had an iPhone 3G since they came out.

I think of the iPhone as a multimedia device; a weekend device, and it is quite good at that. The BB is a business device, and as a "power-user", I could not even consider using the iPhone on a daily basis! I love the touch screen that the iPhone has, but the UI has nothing on BB. I use it for the phone, and checking the weather occasionally (dont say I havent tried - I have endeavored to use the iPhone for serious email, but it doesnt cut it.)

In addition to heavy business usage, I also like to re-load my OS from time to time... or make a hybrid and throw it in. In the event I screw up, I can wipe it clean down to 507 with good ole JL_Cmder and start over. Can I do this with my iPhone?? NO! I'm petrified to update to OS4, or even 3.1.3 in fear that I will lose my jailbreak or unlock!! I dont have to worry about that with my 9700. Ok, so my 9700 is not "jailbroken", but I dont need it to be. Its unlocked. End of story.

RIM's push email absolutely "CRUSHES THE COMPETITION". There is nothing like the push email - even without BES; just BIS has phenomenal push technology.

How about BES. I'm not really trying to slam Apple in particular, but I did mention "business device" above... has any other company developed something as comprehensive and secure as BES?? I dont think so. And BES is about more than just synchronizing with MS Exchange.

Just think about it. Masterminded, developed and deployed right in our own backyard: Waterloo, ON.

The term "fanboy" is really ghay, over-used and played out. I find those who use it don't have solid arguments for either side.

"Mai fone has cheezeburger yoo fanboy!"

I noticed in the post the bb total apps wasn't posted line apple and the droid. Wonder why. I do t believe there are a million downloads a day. The apps are shitty. Very shitty. Businesses is what is keeping blackberry afloat not u lifeless fanboys. 600,000 preorders stop comparing lameberry to the iphone and droid. No comparison. Look at the kiddie apps. Ex. App to make your phone fart. Lol

Why does everyone treat the BlackBerry (native) browser like the red-headed stepchild? I don't expect ANY browser to be comparable to PC from screen size alone. I like the browser, though. I'm always browsing from my phone (like now) but, a browser just isn't that important of an issue. Especially, when the BlackBerry native browser works just fine. Oh...and the Iphone is just a shiny mock up phone...I don't think it's the greatest thing since pre-cut screen protectors.

Remember when Apple fanboys were going crazy over Windows Vista copying their OS? And now their going gaga over multitasking and video chat. Oh Apple... lololol

I'm a fan of both phones,being 24 I love all things new and shiny like the next guy but all this bashing that goes around is pointless. Blackberry was revolutionary at the time it was released just like the iPhone was at its release being the first truly multimedia phone. I'm a blackberry user who will never give it up because to me its not only everything I need but it does it extremely well just like my buddies with iPhones. Yet we don't go around bashing each other like people do on forums, maybe because its anonymous, but they loved my phones new trackpad and I played one of there games, til it died lol and I apologized. And apps are definitely getting better, my StudentDocket is outstanding for college just like my calendar and task list was extraordinary for when I was in the Army. To each his own, Ill go play my brickbreaker and listen to music while you guys do the same thing but with your preferred device. Tit for tat.

Its does everything i ask it to. Find directions. Find stores, Numbers. BBM is free and everyone i know has it so i barely need a txt message plan. I am on T-Mobile w/ blackberry Unlimited. I listen to all my favorite internet radio stations all day on 3G. I travel around the world, and when i get to a hotel or city, connect to UMA through free Wi-Fi and its like im sitting in my living room, getting all my info, data, and making calls. As far as apps I have Weather, Golf GPS, and others. Its make my day easier and complete. I use it in the car when we go to the mountains camping, or snowboarding to tether on my laptop for free. Ive dropped it i dont know how many times and nothing has ever happened. everyone i know who has an Iphone, complains about ATT and that they dont get calls sometimes, or txt messages, or they come in hours after they are sent, and almost all of them sent in their phone to be replaced or warranty because of cracking the screen or losing response in the touch screen. I never had an Iphone. my sister has a Itouch and its cool, i like it. But again, they have sweet apps, but i dont have disposable income to get the new coolest widget. If Apple was to come over to T-mobile then i would try it. But the price and hassle of ATT does not make it that interesting. I like my UMA, and Tethering for free.

I get to keep my Blackberry and my college, Seton Hill University, is giving all their students FREE iPads and macbooks in the fall! Yep, ill be just fine.

Apple is very very slow...
I had nokia 7650 in 2002, with symbian6, 1MB RAM and 2MB device memory.
Which was multitasking, PIM, email, and lot of good symbian app/games.
I have no logical reason, why people are so crazy about iPhone.
I like internet surfing.. But on PC, may a quick need on handheld too (BB9700, NOKIA N86).
I am quite happy with my primary 9700 and secondary NOKIA N86 (use it listening music and FM radio only)

Now the Iphone is able to do all things a BB can do.
It also has a better screen, better hardware, better appstore...

Where are our "real" improvements??

(I will stick with BB but, now there is no real reason to stick with RIM)

You can change the battery and increase the memory as you want, link my Netbook to it and have actual security for email etc.

Good cheap apps but at least they get released before they come out on BB.

For those reasons alone the BB has my vote as my main phone.

You are starting with the WHAT and not the WHY. I carry 2 BBs, so well versed in capabilities and reliability. No doubt Apple includes functions the BB has, and the most important thing is Apple's interface and elegance is the differentiator. So I would stop with this comparison because at the end of the day it isn't how fast you go, it is how well do you go fast. Look on @GoogleTalks and search for Simon Sinek, the author of Start with Why - it may help you with this debate


1. Vastly improved performance
2. Better app support
3. Nearly limitless app memory
4. Improving on problems the users complain about

Apple folks can NEVER quantify their arguments EVER, I even remember Mac VS PC arguments from the 90's, same thing. Comparing 'more & better stuff'. Wikipedia would reject anything they write.

Seriously "Nearly limitless app memory". How the frak do you get 'Nearly limitless'? You do know infinity minus one is infinity right?

Number 4 is hilarious. I'm quite sure RIM does this. Just doesn't seem so to these folks cuz they couldn't give two shts about what they had to whine about.

Quoting redefinescience: "Number 4 is hilarious. I'm quite sure RIM does this."
Yep, yep, that's why they have the site. I'm glad I can count on crackberry to reel me into reality, when I dare to think about changing from my bb. RIM has it's faults, but at the end of the day it was made for business and that's where Apple fails. I love my BB, I just need to get Storm 2 and hopefully Storm 3 will come out just when my upgrade is due in April 2011! BBM ROCKS!!

All of these comments have made good points. I think everyone has made great points. The biggest thing with apple is they know how to dress up their changes into making the public think it is something new. Apple is good at catching the exictment of the public. Apple's styleing is tasteful but yes they are playing catch-up. The one thing that we have forgotten and RIM is taking notice is still how how young the IPhone still is. They are re-thinking their product and their customer base and how to attract new customers. Thats why you got exchange accounts and push email and other tools to help productivity of the business users while leaving enough room to make the device fun. Once Apple seriously address their securitey and get their phones in the hands of the various firms. I think bb will take notice. I have always been a bb fan but this new iphone is starting to look really intresting. I think BB needs to make the chage to GB's to increase memory, add flash, camera pixel, and the UI then I think Apple will feel the press from RIM. My wife is ready to get rid of her 9000 and wants the new itoy and is waiting on me to face chat so the future will only tell but I think the market will begin to shift and RIM will put all they can into the 9800 to keep up because between now and the end of the year Apple will be selling Iphones, Ipads, and the Itouch at a alarming rate.

Weak article and crap comments from both sides. There's pros and cons to each device. If Blackberry had these features in the 90's then why does my 8330 suck so much?

Apple didn't create the iPhone to directly compete w/ blackberry IMO. But they are becoming a very viable option to business users now.

I would like to see the satisfaction numbers from both camps.

I facepalm anytime people cite "apps" as a reason for or against a phone. First, I just hate the term apps. Call them programs. Second, third party programs will 99% of the time be better than native applications. The developers can focus on just their own program, and not every other aspect of a phone. Really, is comparing 225,000 to 60,000 to whatever mean anything? Are you ever going to use all of them? No. Are you ever going to use 1% of them? Most likely not.

Then I double facepalm when the same people that are using those app comparisons as a valid reason then complain that you need to use a third party program to get a "better" functionality.

I do worry about some friends. A few weeks ago I teased someone I thought of as an old CB friend about Apple and his response was no response. Seems he has lost his sense of humor and become one of the Apple Stepford fanboy robots. I like to play around with all the different platforms - I have a touch, will soon be using an Android device at work. But I still spend most of my time with my 9700. I love the ease of multitasking, how simple cutting and pasting is, and the speed of typing on a physical keypad. I don't criticize anyone for using something different, and I expect the same respect for my choices. I just wish some fanboys would lighten up. Not every twitter post has to be about how wonderful Apple is, and not every CrackBerry article that compares the BB favorably to the iPhone is a personal attack. There's room for all of us, isn't there?

I wouldn't consider the ability to pause a process multitasking. By definition multitasking allows the sharing of CPU time between multiple processes which gives the feeling of processes running simultaneously. This is not was iOS4 does. It merely pauses the current process and allows it to be resumed at a later time. This means that no work is being done in the background. It is a step forward from the previous strategy of closing and reopening applications every time the user wants to do something else. But it is still a far cry from what I expect multitasking to be in a smartphone.

This is still a fun article to read. I think many BlackBerry users take things for granted and the "new" features in iOS 4 show that there are areas in which RIM remains far ahead of the competition. And of course there are areas where they are behind. But that's the nature of the game. You can focus on UI and have the technicals slowly catch-up like Apple has done, or you can focus on data consumption and security and lag in UI like RIM. Or you can be like Android and suck at both. HIYO!

I love how the article reports iPhones and Androids apps #'s yet BlackBerry gets a "downlaods per day"

Fail RIM....Fail.

I have read pretty much all of the comments here because I'm curious about other smartphones and their capabilities. The BB 8330m that I have now with Sprint is my first smartphone, and of course my first BlackBerry. I have pretty much learned everything there is to know about it... and absolutely love it. Best, most versatile, most rugged phone I've ever had. Swore I'd never have anything but a BB going forward (and still mean it).

The only other smartphone that I have had any real contact with, and actaully took time to learn and use a bit is my girlfriend's HTC Touch Pro (Sprint as well). This was my intro to the "touch-screen" besides her old Samsung Instinct that I freaking hated and she as well, so that doesn't count. Everyone knows that phone sucked.

Getting to the point... To me, features don't matter, apps don't matter, browser doesn't matter, NOTHING matters if you can't stand the... touch-screen. I hate everything about it. I can't help it. I know people LOVE them, I see that. I don't get it though. Just the finger prints alone is enough. I don't touch the screen on my BB for ANY REASON unless it's falling to the concrete, and I happen to catch it by the screen... then I clean it. Then there's the "touchy-ness" and constant mis-keys (even with practice). Everything seems to take an extra step to accomplish, etc. I will never buy a touchscreen phone of any kind... unless there simply is no choice anymore, which looks like one day may actually happen, heaven forbid. I haven't seen one single post where anyone actually used the touch-screen feature as an automatic dealbreaker, even if the phone had crazy apps like "Drive Me To Work While I Nap 2.1" or something AMAZING like that. Sure there are a LOT of apps and functions I'm going to miss out on not getting a tocuh-screen of some kind, but I just can't do it. I think it's just me. :(

Sorry to rain on your story Isaac, but hearing how desperate us BB users are getting, I must say this! I have been a BB guy since like 98 and now I thinking iphone. I really don't think RIM will be around if apple keeps this up. People are saying that BB does what they need it to do, but truth is that the iphone will do all that and more in a year or so. My family has iphones and I am using a 9700 (great phone). Let's think back a couple years and we were all saying we could "copy and paste" and some other things...they fixed it! Then we started on multitasking (me included) and other crap....they fixed it! Sounds to me like they want our business and are working hard to get it...hard and fast! Now we take the stance to bash them for the wording in the commercials....are we that sad???!!!! Does it really mater that nokia had video first??? Does it matter that blackberry had multitasking first???? Apple took the best of all and jammed it into one unit! I swear its like apple has camped out in BB forums and fixed everything (almost everything) we have complained about...something RIM should be doing! Apple has done so much to get our business and is doing this quickly! I am depressed to think of changing and still going to hold out for another OS to come on BB.....hope its really good! Just think, by this time next year iphone will have something cooler than BBM and a sweet little message light....the obviously want to fix the things we care about. I believe that someone said it is a "priority" thing for wants me...droid is doing great too! My wife is laughing and is saying "told you that you would switch"....come the hell on RIM!!! If you won't do it for the millions of users, then do it for me, so I don't have to hear her say she told me so!!! I have sworn by you for so many years, but now we are getting desperate here....we have stooped to saying we had it first...we are now a bunch of pouting kids! I feel like stomping my feet and yelling "I'm gonna take my toys and go home". I will get destroyed for writing this, but come on guys, is it not obvious that we are loosing our footing.... Quit saying "it does what I want it to do", because why would we not want the phone that is doing that and quickly doing more and more. Next we will say that men with iphones are trying to make up for what they are lacking in the bedroom...I mean damn there is an app for that too! WTH RIM, give me a phone where I am not sweating memory (that would help the app developers too), a browser, and help the developers get more apps out! Does not matter that in 2005 BB was doing something right, because the competition has come further in a shorter time and their momentum is not slowing...its almost to late for RIM....or should I the BB fan of fans dare say R.I.P RIM. Please don't bother a to challenge this with something cheesy like "the ease of BB functions", because BB is very easy to a BB user! Palm was easy for palm users. I say we quit bad mouthing them, because it will be hard to eat this trash we are talking now. I hate the facts as much as all of you....really!

Exactly...Oh the guy who wrote this had to really gas himself up before writing this...

@ resolutionservices said what I always have said, diffrence is he is clearly not under your definition a "troll", so save that term and welcome to reality.

Research In Slow Motion

Time to park the 8820 & 9000.
Now the wife & I will have the same, except mine 32gb, hers 16gb. Some of us are more equal than others.

Wow Isaac, who would've thought your lil comparison would lead to some intense arguments and name calling..lmbo. Gotta luv freedom of speech.

So what about the good that came from the iPhone 4?

Video Calling*
Multitasking with out losing performance and battery*
Bluetooth keyboard support natively*
Slim design*
5MP camera with 720p Video Recording at 30FPS*
960x640 Display*
Three-axis gyro*
7 hour talk time on 3G*

So as you can see, the things listed above are a true win for apple and their device. Now I know a bunch of you will say that those items are mostly play and not business. But, the fact is that most of you reading this dont even have an exchange account on your phone yet alone need one. You bought your blackberry because its the cool thing to have not because of the "business" aspect of it. So face it, even though you blackberry fan boys will never need it for "business" you brag about features you'll never use. Deep down inside you know that the iPhone is actually the phone for you. I know this, you know this, RIM KNOWS THIS!

How do I know this, because I used to be an a berry fan boy just like you. All cool with your BBM pins going off like crazy. Deep down inside I wanted a cool media player, a cool web browser, cool apps, cool interface, and even a cool case. After going to the iPhone, I will never go back to a blackberry. Not worth it.

Your saying deep down iPhone is the phone everyone truly wants but that is simply not the case. I don't need a million apps because most people won't even use 1% of the apps already in existence. Touchscreen, yeah its cool but nothing beats the typing speed that I can do with my qwerty BB. I have nothing against Apple but I do know which phone is for me, and I have used the multitasking since day one and love it. To me BB is tops and is the most efficient phone with EVERYTHING I need. Music player, check, video player, check, push email, check, games, check complete theme customization because I'm a themer, check. I love this phone and you love your iPhone but only the individual knows which phone is the phone for them.

Hey Isaac,

how did u get Google Apps with the Enhanced GMail plug-in to run?

I googled for hours and found nothing but crappy uncomplete how-tos which doesn't work out ...

Thx in advance ...

Kind regards


"so this is how BB owners make themselves feel better about a lacking OS and Device. sorry the iphone4 is far better... iphone v1 is better that any BB out right now. RIM is behind and always will be."

Really? The first iPhone is
By: netposer | Date: Tue, 06/22/2010 - 13:18
"Really? The first iPhone is better than any blackberry? A device that can't multi-task, copy/paste, connect to enterprise email, was only 2G and was $500+ w/ a 2 yr contract.

Yeah, I'm sure it is.

Another troll post by a person who never owned a smartphone before the iPhone. "


Apparently if you hold the iPhone 4 in your left hand you will lose all call signal and it will drop your call. Saw it on you tube. SUCKS!!!!

BlackBerry - for working people who needs efficiency, reliability & speed

iPhone - only for people that goes "phew phew, with his thumb all day while figuring what to do with his life" (watch alvin & the chipmunks 2)

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