New Instagram leak works great on BlackBerry 10!

This is not the Instagram you're looking for, but it's better than nothing!

By Michelle Haag on 14 May 2013 11:14 pm EDT

There were a lot of official announcements made today at BlackBerry Live 2013, but here is an unofficial one for you. There is a new Instagram .bar file floating around that is a newer version than the last working one, that actually works quite a bit better than the last one. This leaked version seems to fix that annoying Facebook work around we had to use to get the last one to sign in, so no more of that. Also, as this is a newer version, there is at least one of the new filters (Willow) and it's running a bit faster than before, from my observation.

It's recommended that you delete any old versions of Instagram from your device before loading the new one. If you need some help side-loading this bad boy on your BlackBerry 10 device, check out the links below, and be sure to head on over to the forums to drop a comment with your findings or to see what others are saying in case you prefer to be more cautious.

Thanks Kracheads!

Download Instagram for BlackBerry 10

How to sideload Android apps from Windows
How to sideload Android apps from Mac

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New Instagram leak works great on BlackBerry 10!



The keyboard/typing issue is still there though. Special characters, periods etc... don't work properly.

People don't read much now a days. They just expect people to explain things over and over again

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Totally agree! Students don't read anything and then whine and complain when they EARN an "F" on an assignment. First question I ask, "Did you read the syllabus and the book?" Student: No. Case closed! Off topic sorry for the vent!

People don't read they expect things spoonfed and in a picture book form like Instagram.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

I agree. I can't wait for the official version as well. Hopefully Facebook will eventually loosen it's tight grip a bit on Instagram and allow Instagram to come to BlackBerry 10. Until then, these leaked versions of Instagram will have to do.

Yay! Who doesn't appreciate a good update?!?! Gonna side load this while listening to Daft Punk's new album.

Streamed it last different from their other stuff. Nice of them to try a different sound.

It's a really good album and I honestly like the sound of it. The funk it has is very different from what they've put out before. And who knew they could make a song you could have sex to. Haha

It works fine! You can login without any issues and you can actually delete photos from your account, which I was not able to do in previous versions.

It's better than previous version but still has wrong letters/symbols when making comments.

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Did this fix the photo not fitting the screen on the Q10 and covering the filters and post options?

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Negative. No fix for the pic, it still covers the buttons, but I figured out that the hit spots are there and working even with the pic covering them, so just hit the right top corner area to post the pic :)

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QUESTION: I'm currently using the old Instagram bar on my z10. It works ok, but it doesn't recognize some special characters from the keyboard. Also, I can only resize the image to a perfect square and it's only centered. Does this new version fix these issues?

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You can only resize to a square because that's what Instagram does, no rectangles. But you could always move the square, just drag it around. Special characters are working when creating a post, but not so much when commenting, as before. Hope that helps!

special characters are still broken. not sure i understand about resizing the photo, but seems better than before.

I don't know if there will be an official release. I guess Kevin can give that car away now...which he changed to an rc

How do I download in stage am on my z10 I click link on here to download but does nothing for me it doesn't download help.

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Where do I download it? Pls help. I clicked the link where it says download and nothing happens help

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When will these guys get the remaining top apps to port over. It is definitely getting tiresome being treated like a third class citizen. Skype for BlackBerry sucks

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Once there's 30-40 million BB10 users out there, developers will take the platform more seriously. In the meantime, patience.

Yeah it's overrated but hey if the people 'need' it then BlackBerry should get it to them. Facebook needs to stop wasting their time with the facebook home garbage and at least port over a app for BlackBerry 10.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

It's a sideload that's it to your computer and follow the links instructions

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

How they dare to make us think these days that an sideloaded app is good enough for a $500 dollars phone. Not even in the app world. Ive seen people at work with the z10 and they say "this phone doesnt have Instagram" - me thinking (yes u can sideload it) BUT, how am i going to tell them to sideload when nowadays most of the people that have Smartphones dont use computers. Whats so Genuine about BlackBerry 10 ?..Nothing until they start making Native apps. What a shame!

Omg...BLAME facebook iv they would have decided to make it for BlackBerry 10 yet they would have plastered it everywhere.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

how dare they? they never forced you to do anything. if not having instagram is a deal breaker -- then you are probably better off with an iphone / droid. on a side note -- app availability isn't up to BlackBerry -- it's up to the developer -- or in this case Instagram / FaceBook.

Ive been with BlackBerry since i have 2 phones..(one is z10)...They are not competing with any other company doing it like this. It is a shame that you have a 2013 smarphone without one of the Top 5 apps Natively! Thats my problem with them. Not only Instagram but, a lot of apps we need like BofA, Chase, Etc sucks!

If BlackBerry had there way all applications would be available, however application availability is determined by the developers. Most of them are employing a wait and see how many BlackBerry 10 devices are purchased prior to making a decision regarding developing an application for BlackBerry 10. Which causes people to either site and complain because the application they want is not available or go buy an Android.

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Learn to sideload. Seriously a five year old can do it. I have Chase and Instagram working fine on my Z10. It would be nice if they were native and someday they probably will be, but for now crying doesn't fix the problem. You want results? Contact the companies that are refusing to make the apps. Sure sideloading isn't fun but laziness by these companies is unacceptable. Most of these apps could have at least been ported over from android but the developers have simply said your not worth it. Take Starbucks for example I sent them a letter asking if they would at least convert the app from android since they made it clear they had no intention of making an app. They replied that they had no interest. 70 million registered blackberry 10% is a customer base of 7 million. Who wouldn't want to add 7 million new users? Funny thing is as Blackberry grows a major part of the base is made up of business people who have $$ in there pockets. With the Z10 and Q10 they are merging the two groups as social media and apps invade the workplace as new ways of doing business. This is where Blackberry is taking the lead. So if you want to blame someone blame yourself because coming to this site to complain is not helping the only people that hear you can do nothing about it. Want an app contact the app developers if Blackberry users want instagram and 70 million emails and tweets and facebook posts will probably move them to make one but they don't come here and look so Crackberry people do like I did and email and tell them what you think and quit blaming Blackberry. They are making ever effort to be competitive it's in there best interest to do so.

I know how to side load and yes its easy enough but, the average consumer isnt going to go through all that. Added to the fact that laptop sales are slowing, the the original poster does have some very valid points.

And also, I've emailed every company (about 10 apps) I want to see on the Z10 and no one cares.

People certainly want instant gratification. When there are two options and one has an app store where you can just download the app you want, and the other needs you to learn how to side load, find the app online, and then load it. Which are they going to pick?
I'm not saying its ~right~ but as sales show.......

Looks like the camera is also using BlackBerry native instead of the Android one. Good update. But hope our own will come soon.

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Thanks for the update, hope they make a native but for now I will enjoy the sideload. Awesome we can do that on a BlackBerry.

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Yeah while I was putting the new instagram on I decided to try the Netflix bar. Based on reviews I was led to believe it was unusable. While it doesn't scroll too smoothly, it works more than fine for something that isn't officially supported. It also kind of makes me think it wouldn't take much work to get it working for a real release.

Getting the Netflix .bar working is a little frustrating, and the navigation is a little choppy (though acceptable). Video playback itself is flawless and clean.

It doesn't solve the 2 most important issues:
1 - still can't upload the whole picture only part of it by moving around the square
2- when commenting on pics you can't use special characters especially # and @

As for performance it seems better than the previous version

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The pictures are square because they're suppose to look like old Polaroid Instamatic pictures, hence the name "Instagram". That's also why they add filters and frames, to make them look like those old pictures.
If you want to use special characters, you can create a new email and type out what you want to say. Then copy and paste it into the comments. It's more work but you get to write what you want this way.

i usually get a bigger picture and pinch to make smaller in the picture app and then screen shot. its frustrating but its just what instagram does

I have an issues leaving comments. As soon as I hit the comments option the app turns into landscape mode. Also, if you try to type numbers it won't work. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

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When I finally upgrade to a "Q" from Sprint and go "Strictly" with Native apps, will it still work??

Oh Man works beautiful! I registered a new account uploaded a photo from my trip to DC and used filters. I never wanted Instagram now I am HOOKED! Love it. Sideloaded in 2 min and up and running with new account

Anyone else having issues commenting on 10.1. It seems the keyboard is is not accepting spaces. Commentslooklikethis.

Finally have Instagram on my Blackberry! I just registered using this version. Couldn't with past sideloaded versions.

I am getting the same error that I received with an earlier try. It says my camera isn't compatible. Any work around for that?

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Yeah, and it doesn't seem to matter what I try. After a restart it force closes a couple times and then tells me again my device isn't compatible.

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MUCH better, awesome. Thanks michelle.

This is good enough for blackberry world now, I wouldnt be suprised if this version is announced this week.

Yeah yeah! Blah blah and blah! I bet nobody hear can answer straight wether it's working on Q10....pfffft SMH! How about making it work properly on a Q?!

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This is so frustrating, every version I try it says I have an incompatible device. No idea what to do. I guess I have to pass on Instagram again.

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How did you uninstall the previous sideload? Did you delete from phone or you properly uninstall using DDPB? You need to properly uninstall using DDPB to properly remove the previous version.

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I'll give that a try after I get home from work this afternoon, thank you. Although, I deleted it from my phone and deleted the file from DDPB. Not sure how to uninstall it from the installer now.

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This should work fine for z10, q10 not so much from what I heard somethings get blocked on the screen.

Remove all Instagram previous installs before you install this one.

File is in the post.

Any problems have been covered in the forum.

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Now my mac chrome installer is not working and my Q10 rebooted itself while connected. Oh well, this would really suck on a Q10 anyway until they make it native I'm just gonna use my iphone5 for INSTAGRAM. Make it NATIVE please.

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working perfectly! I can finally log in again. The facebook trick never worked for me even via my ipod touch or blue stacks. Thanks!

Works amazing! I was finally able to create an account, log in, link my facebook profile, twitter and foursquare... all flawlessly. Excellent... will give it a go around tomorrow.
I'm deffinitely not into this whole linking all networks together but as an advertising grad and professional, I have to be. So yeah, while I didn't care before, I'm glad Instagram works and needs to come to BB10 (legitimately) soon... it's important for a number of reasons (professional in my case, believe it or not).

hellow can u help me, when i installed it on dpbb in my computer, there's a symbol like warning it can't installed perfectly and the instagram doesn't appear in my to fix it?

Only special character which don't work are 123455780-+*/'"()#$!&%

Everything else appears to work for me.

The ? And @ work but are finniky

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Anyone else having a problem installing it? I've downloaded the file and its just taking FOREVER to install and seems to be stuck at 50%.

When i try and comment are all your words weird? Like doesn't allow u to put spaces or anything.

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Thanks a lot..I have downloaded it on my Z10 but while i was trying to post a comment on my sister's picture, the letters weren't working well. Like i pressed full stop (.) but it wrote letter "r". It's happening on my device though i don't know if anybody in this forum is experiencing that too. The Good thing is that i have Instagram on my device, God bless you

The app works fine, just the keyboard hate to handle the characters when u wanna comment. :)

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If you want to use special characters on comments, you can type out what you want to say in a text or email. Then copy and paste it into the comments. It's more work but you get to write what you want this way.

This instagram bar works perfectly without any glitches on my Z10 running on 10.1... Although I had noticed a marked improvement in the older sideloaded version too when I upgraded to 10.1 this morning..

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Does this version need 10.1? on orange UK so still waiting for update. Have not side loaded anything yet always seems tricky but may give this a go as everyone seems to be saying you don't need to be a genius

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one problem that still happens is that when I comment on a photo the spacebar does not work neither does the delete button... anyone else experiences this?

I do. usually my flick words have the correction. When u flick up it fixes it or I type it in bb10 and paste it in

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Works like a charm!! Although, the advantage in the iPhone version is the ability to add Emoji icons, but still works great!

Definitely an upgrade, it is a hell of a lot smoother which is really nice. Just hoping for native one soon enough, again I say this will get the job done for now

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Hello!!! Can't you see that he just hinted at an official announcement later this week? It says "There's been a lot of official announcements made at BlackBerry Live today, but here's an UNOFFICIAL one" this means an official announcement about Instagram is coming! Trust me, BlackBerry wouldn't give us leaks or side loadable versions.

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Does it work on PLAYBOOK ? Of course not. BlackBerry won't even throw us an Android runtime update so that we can enjoy these apps on our PLAYBOOK's let alone give us BLACKBERRY10.

They were pushing BLACKBERRY10 is coming to the PLAYBOOK many times in the past and I bit and bought another PLAYBOOK and talked some friends and family into buying one as well with the promise its getting BLACKBERRY10. Boy do I feel like an as$ and a sucker all at the same time. I'm sure those friends and family won't be listening to me about what tech to get and what not.

Thanks for making me feel like a jacka$$ . Flame my post all you want folks but the fact remains that RIM obviously lied and that I cannot respect. I won't be mentioning BLACKBERRY10 to anyone unless its to warn them that the company is a bit shady.

Frank Bolboun were is the BBM for PLAYBOOK you promised a year ago? OH that's right Ill get it on IOS or Android but not my BLACKBERRY PLAYBOOK.

Anyone else notice that comments were first available for Bblive BBM channel and then all of a sudden they disabled them?

My guess is a mob of PLAYBOOK owners were reminding them that they exist still and  of course shut it down to avoid the Truth.

Hey guys. I apologize if this sounds like a bad question, but I'm not always ontop of tech terms.. what does it mean to side load the instagram app? Thanks in advance

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there is problem with typing you can ever use the space and you will never be able to delete any letter.

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Not sure if someone reported it already (too many comments, sorry!) but while selecting a photo from the gallery works beautifully, when I try to shoot a photo from Instagram the app crashes. Is it me or it happens to others too?

Side load means run android apps in blackberry 10 while there is no native apps avaliable yet. searching you will find more

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Does anyone know if you have to sign up on a iPhone or android phone if u don't have a existing account. I have the old bar file, but don't have access to either phone

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yes it works well. i did sign up for instangram. anyways what is big deal about it anyways ?

Guys can u guys type with space or no? Every time I try to write something they just mush together even when I press space

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I don't see a difference from the other one. I have the willow filter on both versions, there is still an issue with keyboard when leaving comments, never had an issue with space bar.

Posted via CB10 from my AT&T Z10

You need to search the forum on how to side load. There are extensive posts on the subject.

Posted via CB10 from my AT&T Z10

When commenting on a photo I found its best to write the comment in a text message. Then copy and paste into instagram.

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Many people are just in a rush to jump right into this without reading up on it. If you don't know how to sideload apps Google "How to sideload apps ". And READ, READ, READ. You can get a lot of information just by reading these comments.

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I Sideloaded this without deleting the old one. Later I deleted the old version and now my phone shutdowns by itself randomly and I have to do a battery pull to get it to boot. Anybody having similar problems Z10STL100-2/

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Yes I have istagram! Don't know how to use it but I got it, now all I need is 10.1 and Skype probably won't use it but I'll have it lol

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Well I gave it a go this morning and got confused but 5 minutes after my other half got home he had it up and running on my z10. Just need orange UK to push out the 10.1 update now

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Wait, I just want to confirm with u guys..
After I sideloaded this new version, the comment section is getting worse than the previous version..
Everytime I put a space after a word, then the next word got attached back to the previous one,
once i delete the letter, and type the word back, it getting more worse by doubling the letter, and so on..
have u guys experiencing this bug? darnn...

Works great. Seriously people need to read the posts before asking questions that have already been answered.

Works a lot faster and smoother than the previous version! Thanks #Crackberry!

Hope to see a native app soon!

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After not getting any satisfying answers weather or not its working on the Q10 - I just tried it myself and here you go: It's working ok - sometimes some performance issues and a big keyboard typing issue. You can still comment via the web app by instagram. Concerning the picture upload. You can select an effect (though you only have 3 or 4 pixels for the effect change) AND you can also publish them despite the fact that the picture is on top of the buttons. The button is on the top right corner. I just clicked there several times and suddenly the software accepted it. So try it out - it's not 100% useless.
Cheers, Marcus

Works good accept the comment typing. Then it's f@cked up. But i just copy and paste or use flick keys. Then it corrects it to the right one.

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Really sick of my BlackBerry Z10. Its freezing and lack of apps and many many other issues. Wish i can just switch to iphone.

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Ports are baaaaad on my q10, mainly because of the screen size. Any work around for this? When trying to upload a photo I cant see the outer edges of the screen so i cant click the top right icon to upload cuz it isnt there! and i cant scroll either..

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I like Exchange-A-Gram more...

When you guys see The Internship (aka the 2 hour long Google commercial), you'll understand, lol.

@michelle Haag do you know if the spacebar issue will be fixed soon? if not, even though this newer one looks better, for me at least the old one worked better. If you can let us know that would be great.


Help Guys! When i install, it gets stuck at 50%! I'm trying to load it from a mac, and I used both the terminal and the chrome plugin, both with the same problem! has anybody else had a similar problem, with this or any other sideloads on 10.1? I just upgraded yesterday, Rogers z10 running 10.1, and i cant get it to work!

Have you removed all other version of Instagram? I updated to 10.1 fine on my Z10 with Instagram already installed, I had the leak before for that ( when I installed the bar file.

I installed using my Mac as well with the Chrome plugin.

Works decent, no space in comment issue. In having trouble doing like a 3 pics in one pic kinda thing..never had ig before

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Please after downloading I tried to run it but it won't run the downloaded file on my phone...

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i downloaded and it worked but then it wouldn't let me load pics. It would say unable to download file so i deleted and sideloaded it again , same issue. HELP

This one and the previous one have bugs when you try to type words...kinda annoying...hopefully BB releases the official IG soon enough