New images claim to show off BlackBerry 10.3 OS

By Bla1ze on 23 Mar 2014 10:56 pm EDT

Over the past few weeks there has been some rumblings about BlackBerry 10.3 and the changes BlackBerry is looking to implement in that OS. Rumor has it, it won't bring any drastic changes to the mix but rather some subtle UI refinements such as a slightly flatter look, improved iconography and a little bit more polish than what we've seen thus far.

As it turns out, those rumors could be spot on if the images we're seeing above are indeed accurate. They're purportedly from an early version of BlackBerry 10.3 and offer a small look at what could be. So, what is it that we're looking here by way of changes? Well, ZonaBB has laid them out nicely and here's what they found to of have been improved or otherwise changed.

  • Homescreen - The box around the icons is now gone, may or may not be a final decision.
  • Intelligent Assistant - It seems BlackBerry is not to be left behind and an intelligent assistant is implemented in this version seems to not work properly.
  • New keyboard layout and colors - Slightly changes the design a more minimalist style and color scheme of the operating system is now, Black with Red, Black and red.
  • Advanced Interaction Features are implemented to turn off the screen when the device is upside down or inside pocket to save battery.
  • Features of the camera - A timer for taking photographs is added, Taking panoramic photos (works correctly) is implemented, The option to record in 720p at 30 fps and 60 is added, HDR takes is suggested when conditions require.
  • Smart Search.
  • Design changes in the Music Player - Emphasis to focus button makes the player and part of them is hidden the scroll.
  • Design change in controls and buttons - The controls and buttons worked and acquire a more gentle view looking design for a minimalist style.
  • The reaction rate is significantly improved - The system minimizes and maximizes application almost instantly giving a more pleasant browsing experience.

Overall, there's certainly some improvements there and I'm liking some of the new design elements. Some of it we mentioned in our Top 25 improvements for BlackBerry 10 to which Michael Clewley assured us were already underway. 

In any case, it's noted this release is still very early and assuming they're even legit, things can and do change often. Previous builds of 10.2 and 10.2.1 had camera refinements in them but upon release, they were nowhere to be found. Maybe this time around we'll see them but then again, maybe not. What do you all think?

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New images claim to show off BlackBerry 10.3 OS



Open question to BB's Marketing Department:
Why is it, when OS is upgraded (with exception of BETA like this one), the BB Marketing Department keeps it a secret?

When Apple makes a minor OS upgrade they make promotions to sound like 'Heavens Door' has opened.

Yes they should really advertise their updates. Some people in the world knows blackberry OS 10 from the first time it started n it has changed drastically. does its job but hey why not make it official and show the world what we're working with. Peace out. #blackberryrocks

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.140 - from past experience anything below 700/800 isnt the best to be used as daily driver, I think I'll pass for a while.

Personally, I think it would be awesome to have a slew of color options in the settings for the UI. That way people can have it laid out to be professional looking, fun, low-key, etc. Plus it would start to add to the customization options, which we've been wanting more of since BB 10 was first released.

Haha yeah. I hope they revert to blue. It would feel different if I see red accents on Bb10's keyboard or is that just me?

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I like red too... I think it's great cause it signifies that BlackBerry is willing to change quickly now flexing to consumer demands...we said new paint job and that's literally what they reply with. BB needs to put in twice the effort to get new users, and it has to get current users bragging about their experiences. With immediate development like this from our feedback, this is a great benefit.

And also... I just like red!

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I'm liking the red to, looks good can't wait for that mixed with the dark theme on the Z30

Posted via the everlasting Z30 and of course CB10

lmfao.. You can't "patent" or "copyright" flat design.. It's a type of design, not a patent-able type of technology.. Look online. Everything has been moving to flat design, Google, Bing, just about every single site redesign. This is a general movement in the design industry as a whole. Not just a mobile-phone OS movement.

Haha yeah. I mean realistically, this is a movement across design in general. Google has moved towards a flat design in all of it's products, so has just about every single large website redesign. It's just the way the industry as a whole is going, there's no need to worry about lawyers and lawsuits :)

I personally have the flat. It makes a product look unfinished. Especially when. It the whole os is flat. I hate the look of this flat keyboard. Look at the diff between the keyboard and the place where you put your password. It looks completely different and dumb. I criticized Apple so much for their implementation of their quick settings and how they look like a 3rd party afterthought. The differences between that and their notification center and their menus is big. The icons don't even look the same. In my opinion that looks really bad. It look in complete and poorly designed. If you are going to make a at os. Make the whole damn thing flat.

Posted via CB10

haha definitely wouldn't be the first time Apple has sued someone else for having something before they did...

Every other OS is like this.. it won't bring out lawyers because they removed icon background shading... looks nothing like IOS 7 and operates nothing like IOS 7 since that's what you were implying

Posted via CB10 for Q10

Kind of saw this coming with the app icons for FB and Foursquare changing with their latest updates. Makes Twitter look like the odd man out now.


hey dummy if he wants to see google play store he has the right to quit bullying these people let them say what they want, by the way SUCK MY DCK BTCH

Or have a $50 app in BlackBerry world called, "Google Play Services". Just pass on the costs to those that want it, instead of making everyone pay for it.

What looks "dumb" is the space between the icons....if they decide to remove the shadow behind they must go from 4 to 4, to 5 to 5 in horizontal and vertical in rgards to the z10

Posted via CB10

Agreed! This is the middle ground. Just have an option in the settings to allow the user to decide if they want the grey boxes or not around the icons. Personally I would do without.

So many times we see suggestions about giving users options like you have suggested here like people were suggesting with the call screen that was changed in 10.2.1. People need to realise that it is not that straightforward. Options are not always good. You can't want options with so many different things but still want your OS to run perfectly as it did previously.

I personally don't think this is something that an option is needed for. That will be way too complicated and its just not that deep.

Agreed. They should allow BlackBerry users to choose the grids 4*4 or 5*5... they should not force but give option... #freedom to customise the home icons

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@ Debbie

You're right. It's not the cheap look, but the legibility of the caption below the icon that suffers. The grey is darker, it let's your eyes focus where to read and provides much better contrast.

It's a business phone (to a certain extent, it's legacy surely is), and I prefer a "boring" but practical look to something fashionable and fancy that slows me down or is hard to read.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Anyone don't agree, just compare the two side-by-side and then tell me with a straight face ( without lying) the captions are better to read on the new one. Not true.

Any suggestions to get legibility up to par on the new version?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I can't wait and red is my favorite color so this sits well with me.
I hope this releases by the summer

Posted via CB10

I'm gonna eat the fattest burrito then fart all day at the office tomorrow!

Posted via Commodore 64

LMAO!!! I just read this while sitting on the can and just lost it when I saw the first reply.

Well done all. Well done indeed.

Why claim it as a rumour when Crackberry has had inside looks at what 10.3 is gonna look like.

But none the less, it's good. I just really hope for improvements on glitches and various things. I don't want blackberry to think in any way there operating system is bugless/ flawless. It's slow and sometimes has a mind of its own. It still buggy when I do different things in it.

Posted via CB10

Overall impression I like what I see.

Personally not a fan of the red on black but I know that colors and color combinations are a personal preference so I may be in a minority here.

Love the added camera features that are mentioned!

If they can get a quality Intelligent Assistant going that would be icing in the cake. I think this would help with BlackBerry adoption in the corporate world as well.

Posted via CB10

me either. In fact I would go as far as to say I HATE it. I don't want a big bright red pause button!

Anyone got the same problem?

If I use the CB app on any of my two BB10 phones on straight 3G, it loads real fast.

If I use it on my Q10 connected to my Z10 running as a wifi hotspot, it takes a loooooong time to load comment, left alone post a new one. (the other way around I haven't tried yet, because the Z is on unlimited)

Both phones have an independent SIM card in there (different contract), and run on 3G/HSPA.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Not a fan of the black and red scheme but otherwise looks promising. Looks like the camera is finally getting some attention.

Posted via CB10

Love the improvement on the reaction rate. The red instead of blue is going to get some time getting used to though.

Overal looks cleaner indeed. Like the home screen too. Hope we will see something similar upon release!

Posted via CB10

I like the last part especially.....the reaction time was bugging me...if you notice between android...ios....and bb10 browsing through the app pages android and ios is much much faster and bb10 was mad slow and finally.....

Posted via CB10

Yeah I fully agree. However, I'd be cautious as the description says "minimize and maximize applications" hopefully it's not just those transitions but everything as well, from swiping left, left, left on the home screen to quickly switching between BBM and WhatsApp in the Hub.

If you are referring to the chaotic jerkiness of the Android -iOS platforms as they move through screens, I want none of this. There is nothing fast about it and it lacks a serious dose of polish. Sorry, but this is a real failing and certainly nothing to be replicated.

Posted via CB10

Don't care too much about the colour changes though I guess some people will find it more pleasing. I also actually like the little boxes around the icons so I wouldn't mind if they kept those. I am however really looking forward to the 'lift to wake device' feature, it's something I've wanted for a while now.

I'm just glad that there is a 10.3 update coming our way. Looking g forward for more details! I have a feeling this will launch along with the Q20. What do you guys think?

Posted via CB10

@Solar 77...Yes Typo launched and were shot down in court this week ..2 of 3 patents are valid a judge has decided and will make a ruling soon.hahaha true though,lol

Off topic, but are you guys planning to do an update on CB app so that we could view pictures when you guys have an album posted?

Posted via CB10

It's cool BUT please don't get too excited or ask useless questions about this update from now on, we still need OS10.2.2 underway for the summer and 10.3 most likely around October or November so please just consider that

Posted via CB10

Will have to get used to the red.

Anyone recognize the laptop that was pictured in one of the photos? I don't. The touch pad on it looks rather large and unnecessarily deep. Wondering if this could be the BB10 docking gadget that BBRY has been working on.

Posted via CB10

Love the list of features especially the camera and lift to wake device this one really has my attention : The reaction rate is significantly improved - The system minimizes and maximizes application almost instantly giving a more pleasant browsing experience. Sounds impressive not sure I am sold on the 'flat look' but change is inevitable. I hope they also add landscape mode for home screen and BBM. This is great news . Just hope we don't have to wait to long. :-)

Posted via CB10

Grey background around icons need to go...i m all for it... instead or red I wud love Blue with dark theme....a weather widget wud b nice on home screen...can't wait to see 10.3

Ravi on BlackBerry

"Emphasis to focus button makes the player and part of them is hidden the scroll."

Yes!! This feature of most was requested.


Posted via CB10

Yes, this line didn't make any sense at all. What do you mean here Bla1ze?f?

Posted via CB10

Hate the red. I like most of the changes except the red, keyboard flatness, and some of it looks too iOS 7.

Posted via CB10

Not sure I would use the face down to save battery life option. I'd be afraid of scratching the screen; plus my screen timeout is a relatively short 30 seconds anyway. I do like lift to wake device though, as long as it doesn't affect battery life. I would love to see a way of getting the date at the top bar with the time.

Hate the red as well. Also they are trying every feature they possibly can to cut down and or save on the battery usage, instead of just having a battery available that actually DOES work and offer increased usage and fits inside the unit without it being too bulky.

I actually love the Red. I hope they keep it but have an option for most who don't. The only complaint I have is the flat look to the keyboard frets. Other than that, amazing.

Powered by BlackBerry

I didn't see landscape in the OS or media player. I must assume they will make it in there. Seriously - 10.3 and neither the OS OR the Media Player will rotate to landscape? That would be like shooting yourself in the foot again BB.

iOS doesn't have landscape support for the home screen. How would it be shooting themselves in the foot?

Although, I agree they should have it.

Posted via CB10

iOS does not require to be charged on a landscape dock.

I wouldn't mind not having a landscape home screen on BlackBerry10 if I could charge it on a portrait mode desktop dock.

Posted via CB10

The biggest thing I wanna see is the change to the active frames. I want to see the ability to pin frames, and also even stretch frames to two rows, to see more information and interact.

Also, the jitter inessential when going to type in BBM or text messages is hideous, they've got to fix that visual presentation.

Posted via CB10

Hmm, not bad. The switch to red as an accent color is different. I hope they actually allow you to change it. I think that'd be cool for customization, and I could see myself trying different accent colors.

The icons without the transparent rounded black boxes look alright - I notice a nice shadow behind them, so that's cool. The text shadow is a bit too subtle though, so I hope they increase that for readability. I also hope the shadow shifts, based on how you tilt the device (the pics could be when flat, with the shadow growing longer and moving to the side depending on the angle of the device).

The flatter UI looks alright - I could live with that. Since this is a work in progress, I can only imagine that there will be more changes. So I am a bit worried if things will get too flat.

I am one that doesn't mind the existing icons, but those icons don't look flat to me.

Would also like to see a programmable bottom bar, and pin-ability of the top bar in apps.

Here's to hoping.....

Looks good. I like the camera features that is of course if this information is correct.

What I'd like to see is the integration of the Emoji keyboard that they put into the updated Facebook chat feature. Allow for emojis in emails, twitter, Facebook status and replies and in general, have that feature always on. They've showed they can do iit in the new Facebook build so why not make that keyboard standard?

As for the Grey boxes around the icons that stuff to me is trivial and is only for looks. I want functionality. Things that my device can do or do better. I presume the move to red is to again save battery as this os might diminish battery life.

Finally I hope someone from the development team reads these threads.... since the devices are now android compatible they need to figure out a way to allow for android apps with push features to push notifications to the HUB. don't go halfway... go all the way and make the apps fully functional so apps that provide push notices actually do so.

On that note again since we are now android compatible, make access to Android apps easier. Let the says of side loading be gone and provide direct access to Google play.

Red is for Canada and China. +1 on the interactive expand them and get more info would be so neat, but imagine the criticism from Windows users.

Posted via CB10

Those icons need work. I hope even more polish is added to that. Also, the music player needs a dramatic update. It should be all shiny and new. Come on, BlackBerry, you can do it! Also, the camera improvements should have been here yesterday. Finally, bring on the blacked out Hub.

Posted via CB10

The text you read in this article is an automated translation from the website that found those pictures. That website is ZonaBB and the article was originally written in Spanish.

Posted via CB10

10.3?!?!? I am still at

I hope AT&T is really waiting for all the bugs to be fixed.... I just want a "theme" option to go mostly black and white although black and red is intriguing!

Posted via CB10

Agreed, hate the red but the option to change would be great to keep everyone happy

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10

Agreed. Hope we have the option. Heck let us choose from like 10 or 12 different colours!!!

Posted via CB10

Is this really legit? Did a theme did this trick? Let’s be original. Icons without boxes around looks so dull and ordinary. I don't want this change.

Posted by my Q10 filled with awesomeness

I honestly think this sucks, the music app needs a major overhaul, and the graphic changes are minor, maybe I had high expectations but I think BlackBerry can do way better than that.

Star Wars fan? Come join us C00121E8E

Can't stand the red! To me red is an angry colour and one associated with errors - I much prefer the blue which is calming and doesn't feel like every tap would be an 'error'!!!
Hopefully, BlackBerry is going to read this before shoving this colour change on us!!

Posted via CB10

For the keyboard, I hope they'd put option to whether to use the original or the black/red version. I love the current keyboard. And it's final.

Icons look good without the container plus it's not flat. Looking good.

Timer and panorama for the camera are nice to have. Add the slow motion for recording. I wish they'd improve the use of flash. Sometimes the shots are just too bright.

The circle cursor... well, it can't be described well using an image :D maybe I'll wait for a video :)

Power saver modes. Lots of love for that. I hope everything goes right on release.

My 1st choice of smartphone (not smartTOY), BlackBerry.

Try your BlackBerry against a solid black desktop & see just how sharp your apps look.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Oh and please make the sync easier.

There's no reason why I have to set up an email address to sync my damn calendars with outloook. Not very business useful.

Posted from my Z30 on CB10

I would like to see a flick up on the active apps to close - similar to the Playbook. Much easier than trying to hit that tiny "x" with my fat fingers

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10

I don't think taking off the black shadow around the icon will give a nice look to the app. So I suggest you BlackBerry that just leave in that way. And please when 10.3 is good to be release it, just go ahead, we are just waiting for it.

Posted via CB10

Not sure if I like the flat look. Though I do like the shade around each app. It gives it a nice look IMO.

But I am also a fan of the PlayBook style apps too. So either way I'll like what BBRY ends up coming out with.

Posted via CB10

Looks terrible. I can't stand all the red! Better have an option. I like the blue.

The keyboard is bad too. Just like iOS. No borders for the keys.

What's the deal with the circles outside the action bar? And in the camera with the circle to take picture?

If this is what 10.3 is I will be staying on 10.2 and never buying a new BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

if camera got a button to take picture i am sticking with 10.2.1 and pls don't change keyboard design

it will ruin my relationship with bb

Know what? Seeing this leak makes me realize I really really like the grey boxes. It looks naked and the icons lack the visual cue that separates them from the wallpaper.

Posted via CB10

While I personally have no issue whatsoever with the current UI look or "iconography", if accurate, there seems to be some nice little upgrades....

Posted via CB10

Not much of a change if I was to be honest. I really felt we're going to get a much bigger UI design change but I guess that isn't the case, yet.

Video capturing in 720p at 60fps will come in handy when you want a smoother video. Didn't know you could just add that in?? Thought it was a hardware thing not a software one.

Having a timer on the camera is defiantly a big plus for me, have wanted that for a while now.

Taking those stupid boxes away behind the icons will be a welcomed change :) otherwise very excited to get my hands on the official when it releases

C004635F8 - BlackBerry 10 wallpapers
Or search " ~ BB10 Wallpapers ~. Premium Q5,Q10,Z10,Z30

Yep, yep! Now they just need to remove the gradient from the top and bottom bars, too (still dark-shaded, but a solid block, please), and make the top one a little bit taller, to accomodate perpetual display of today's date below the clock. :)

(I wouldn't mind the icon dropshadows from the PlayBook, though.)

On another note; Am I the only one who'd like a manual mode for the camera? I.e: on-screen controls (simultaneous) for focus, exposure, shutter speed, and white- and grey balance capture, along with suppressing the "tap anywhere to take picture" control (which only seems to have the effect that one handles the phone awkwardly, in order to avoid unintentional shots)?

Would still love to see BlackBerry be the FIRST major OS that allows user to put icon anywhere on screen (in grid is fine). Sort of like we can on a laptop running windows.

Posted via CB10

What I really expect from 10.3 is a flawless working of the Exchange email, which is absolutely not the case currently :(

Posted via CB10

Need the ability to move the Camera icon. Very tired of hitting it or having it engage by accident.

Posted via CB10

I'll drink to that. Everytime I put my phone down on the desk (I have a granite countertop) it takes a picture!

I hate the red accent color instead of the blue. I also hope they keep the option for the system wide dark theme, the dark theme with blue accent color is perfect.

I from Sprint (yes, the US carrier whose hate BlackBerry) and with OS 10.1, maybe when 10.3 come to Sprint I will have an ugly iphone!

Posted via CB10

i hope that bloody circle when taking a photo isn't a button to take photos. I like being able to press anywhere on the screen.

catering for the iOS and android crowd.

Everything changes! I love it all! Woohooo! bring it on! I can't wait to try this next reincarnation. And no more stupid shadowboxes PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep the box around the icons. Without it they look too 'Androidie'.

With some wallpaper/background I can see how easily they get 'washed' out.

Posted via CB10

Oh ye gods! The red highlighting is ghastly. I really hope that this is theme-able so that it can be reverted to blue. Red and black. It's like some awful throwback to 1980s 'trendy' sitting room and kitchen decor. It was horrible then and I cannot see it having improved since :)

Also, I find the reworked icons too similar to the old set and as such in need of the back-shadow (I know I am probably in a minority who likes the shadows).

Ich habe es noch nicht installiert aber wie Prozent davon geht wirklich und lohnt es sich Es für den Alltag zu installieren


Hopefully BlackBerry isn't spending valuable resource on things like pretty icons when there are serious issues that need fixing like ability to sync reliably with Outlook, etc.

Posted via CB from "Z" best

I'm definitely not happy with the ME-TOO! flatter UI look. BlackBerry needs to be unique and different than the competition. Why waste resources making the UI flatter when they have so much more stuff they can add to the OS that will actually yield tangible benefits? I'm all for a clean looking UI, but not at the expense of cool features. There is lots to do to make the device "hands-free" - improved voice commands, improved configuration of the device, improved interactions with more automation, etc. Business folks need as much automation as you can give them, and really, most of the folks I know with BB10 devices don't know how to use them. BlackBerry does a flat out poor job at selling the device and the OS.

Intelligent Assistant is well overdue for business folks and regular folks. Hope they do something great with it - not just taking shots in the dark. Bring something good to the table. Google has done a lot of work here, and there is much BlackBerry can learn from them, but they must also go further beyond what Google has. If business is their bread and butter, this is where they need to invest some serious time!

The website is fantastic, but apparently few people go there. They just don't know about it. BlackBerry should be sending emails to users once a week (or every two weeks) to demonstrate a key feature of the OS and point back to one of their good how-to videos. Apple sends dozens of emails to its users to point out stuff and sell stuff regularly. BlackBerry does not, and it is hard to feel connected to a company that doesn't say anything at all! Build those channels!

I'm okay with the darker background on icons. The photo of the screen above shows how difficult it is to read white on whatever background you have. I hope they leave it as is.

This red has to go or at least implement an option to choose what color you want it to be (not just red or blue, make it every color)

Posted via CB10

Apple long realized that folks want one device - phone, music player, camera. People want and need that! I will also add document management. I have a lot of PDFs to manage and read, so I really like the new feature in the Hub to display attachments, but there is more that can be done in the file manager.

BlackBerry needs to bring some new camera enhancements to BB10. 60 fps photos/video is a start. Panorama would be another. Much work is needed here. The photo app is just stupid. I can't get to the top or bottom very quickly when viewing an album. I must scroll forever! I have a 64 GB microSD card with tons of photos, music, and documents - too much scrolling!

The music app needs work. It is too lame and basic. It needs to be as good as on the iPhone. It also needs integration with Soundhound and other tools out there.

I hope they focus on either bringing Google play store integration or not, it's time someone with guts comes out and makes that decision already!!!. All these minor tweaks are for berry addicts like us, we need the real Gunz to start Blazing As In Now...

Flick Flick Flick Bye bye to iTypo

Posted via CB10

There is a caveat here, not every application will work. Although, I'd say most of the big ones do.

I'd like the ability to allow an app to run headless/integrate into hub.

I'm sure as BB10 continues gaining momentum this will soon come. In particular from the major applications.

Posted via CB10

The "close " X has always been too small on the outline boxes, but they do make the icons appear more uniform; essential to avoid sliding into the awful chaotic android style. Perhaps they will implement the PlayBook closing gesture?

Posted via CB10

The color scheme is horrible. Please let this be somebody playing and not something that is being considered for real.

Posted via CB10

Just gimme the link for my Q10. So I can fire it up.

Qyped on the most Qefficient device in the Quniverse..

yes this is a nice change for blackberry but the UI is inconsistent there is still a fair bit of chomeography among the new flattened parts which need to fattened to fit in. also i think the icons need a redesign and also to be flatter but so far bb well done take some ques from windows phone maybe one or two from apple and bb 10.3 will be sexii

I could care less, I'm on Sprint, and we still don't have 10.2.

Posted on my BlackBerry Q10, because I'm so Bloody Special.

Please tell me BB isn't heading towards the ridiculous flat cartoonish look of iOS 7!

Nothing in our world is flat (2D). Flat looking icons and software are not visually appealing at all.

The icons are the same! It's the dark background that has been removed. I personally don't like the change as it will get harder to read the titles with various wallpapers.

A feature I'd like to see is stay on while plugged in/charging. In particular I have a mount, and if I want my music player to remain open while driving then I should have that option! I hate having to constantly swipe up.

I also, hope they are also working on fixing link alongside this.

Nonetheless excited to see what this assistant thing is. I really like Google now and wish it was available.

Posted via CB10

No red accents please, the blue in black background is better than the red in grey.

Posted via CB10

I remember when the last version came out one of bbs execs were saying that 10.3 was going to be a mind blowing release! I don't think this would be mind blowing so I'm guessing this will be a 10.2.4 or something like that.

Either way some more awesome news!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

If they really get 10.3 out with the red accents I'll either not upgrade or revert to OS7 right away.
Ugh, why red? It could've all been perfect!

Posted via CB10

I would like to be able to go into a folder, open an app, but when I close the app, still be in that folder. Also, have unlimited number off apps per folder. As for the quick settings, if I want to turn in wifi or blue tooth, why does it take me to the actual settings screen? Should just turn on/off and its done, be quick, not a short cut.

Posted via CB10