New images of BlackBerry C-Series turn up in leaked OS

By Adam Zeis on 14 Nov 2013 11:02 am EST

We haven't heard too many rumors floating around for any new devices for a while, but one that's been on our radar is the BlackBerry C-Series. We've seen some images of the device before however some new ones have now surfaced that lend a bit more info. 

As uncovered by ofutur in the CrackBerry forums, the images are the standard tutorial shots from within the OS. Here we see a few variations that could very well be the C-Series device, though we don't really have any way of knowing at this point.

Rumor has it that there will be two versions, both a full touschscreen as well as a QWERTY model. It has some similarities to the Z10 and Z30 so it could quite possibly fill the elusive Z5 slot that we've been wondering about as a slimmed down, inexpensive Z10. It's also possible that the device will never see the light of day given everything that's gone down at BlackBerry over the last few months.

So speculate as you like, but let us know what you think. Would you wants to see a smaller, less expensive device like this? Hit up the comments with your thoughts.

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New images of BlackBerry C-Series turn up in leaked OS



This looks like its going to be a low end version of the Z10/30 it is not needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I still think they should make a torch-like BB10 phone, idc what you people say, but the keyboard the Q10 has added to the screen size of the Zed10 would be awesome.

It's not needed now the Z10 is being sold off for whatever people are willing to pay for it.

It WAS needed right from the start!

Posted via CB10

Uuuhh...z10 is already 299.99 full retail and FREE on contract, how can this be any cheaper? ...299.98?


Agree. Z10, possibly, no scrub that, definitely, the best of 5 BlackBerry handsets I have owned, was also the cheapest, as in £0.00, with a data and call package which was a pound or two more than a contract only deal (yes I checked.) So no cut down version of Z10 needed. And we do already have the Q5 for lower end BlackBerry 10 qwerty.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

You ever notice how the first commenters only write ONE word every time? Must be because if they spend more time to write an actual sentence they'll lose first place LOL

What is good here???

The price of the new unlocked Z10 is going down under $300.

If they wanna release Z5, for how much would they sell it??

Z5 is for sure cancelled.

Unfortunately, BlackBerry is done with the hardware.

Why does blackberry waste time on these other phones just have 3 phones that's it

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I think they need more than two phones. You need at least four phones; QWERTY and full touch low end and the same two high end.

So that no one will buy them either?

But I guess it's easy to suggest when you don't have to spend your own money to get it done.

Ha! BlackBerry's core has long been small cheap and limited devices.

Heard of the Curve range?

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Samsung has 12 million different phones...
I know BlackBerry is not Samsung but still!

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All we know is that this WAS planned. There's an excellent chance this phone will never see the light of day.

Posted from CB10 running on my awesome Z30

Thanks TBuck! I was going thru the comments thinking to myself- why are people so upset about a planned device, that will more than likely never reach a storefront.

Unless it sells for under $200 like the Moto G, there is no point with so many unsold Z10s out there...

Posted via CB10

I totally agree. They need offerings that compete at all price points and they need to be unlocked.

Z10 is just 12-14k here in philippines. This device could be more expensive than this

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Well they were planning to release a super cheap phone in the spring. But probably got scrapped. ;)

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Yea but let BlackBerry address the problems facing users like EAS from OWA for emails!Cant get my work email to work despite all the smooth sail on Bold 9900

Incurable Q10 Syndrome

I think you need to be asking your employer's IT people why you are having problems. EAS works fine on BB10 devices with my Exchange 2010 environment.

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I want to see the next generation Z10. Nearly the same size with some of the ergonomic features of the Z30. The Z30 is just too big for my hands.

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

There wont be a next generation Z10. The Z30 replaces the flagship spot and we will hopefully see a next generation Z30. Remember only 4 phones from now on.

Wrong. The Z30 is no Z10 successor, nor is it the only flagship device. The Z10 is positioned as an allrounder, whereas the Z30 is positioned as a multimedia-centric device. They do both exist beside each other and they are both flagships.

Okay, so I'm not sure what you're saying in terms of overall devices. I get that when I bought my Z10 it was the flagship but the last thing that we heard from BB was that there will be 4 devices. I could understand your statement in the 6 device model but not in the 4 device. On top of that, there are rumors that they will go down to 2.

The Z10 is a flagship device at 150 UK pounds on Pay As You Go and 2012 hardware? Ohhhh kayyyyyy.

Posted via CB10

The price of a good results from offer vs demand and has nothing to do with 'flagship' or 'no flagship'. Neither is hardware state a factor. We're talking about how BBRY POSITIONS their products. And the Z30 was never meant to be a Z10 successor, it even leaked before the Z10 was introduced. They both just aim at different groups of people. That's it.

BBRY future strategy doesn't even play a role here, what counts instead, is how those products were intended to be positioned during their development and prerelease state in the past.

This contradicts what BB itself said about eh Z10 becoming a mid-range phone.

But I guess you're the one on the boards who gets to decide what 'flagship' means.

Because, In my book, mid tier and flagship and nowhere near the same thing.

with natural sound included too! i would also throw in a better camera, one that can come close to the iphones and the lumias, at-least-ipod-grade audio chips (DAC and AMP). Essentially we need flag-ship grade specs in both 4.2 and also 5 inch sizes. Difference probably should be only in battery and screen sizes and be priced accordingly.

agree 1 million %, Z10 is a top phone just needs an update min Z30 spec/stuff but better and more...and a slider :-)

While I think its great that BB is making more devices, I do think they should just hold off on this C-series and maybe make a Torch running BB10

Looks like BB has not yet learned from their past (device) mistakes.
Another device that no one asked for.... I'm looking at you Q5.

It seems a bit pointless if this would be a Z5 as I can't see it doing too well here in the UK. The Z10 is just under £150 on pay as you go.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

There already IS a QWERTY version. You can consider this a full-touch version of the Q5.

Posted from CB10 running on my awesome Z30

Um... this ^^

Posted via a Verizon Z10 running a hybrid and CB10. My channel: C0004F9BB with zero followers

That probably the Z5 with bright colors and all touch. Affordable remember that BlackBerry and it will sell. Go for it BlackBerry and the sooner the better. :)

There is no point in making a cheaper z10 unless it has better specs. Z10's are around $ 300 now anyway. I have met many people who are hoping for a Torch style BlackBerry 10. Though personally, I think the slider would be awkward, it would be nice to be able to alternate between the awesome digital keyboard and the traditional physical one on the same device.

Posted via CB10

The Z10 really should be put on fire sale now to get rid of as much inventory as possible, no? Say, $150 outright? Reposition it as the entry level device

The Z10 is currently being sold for all of $0.99 on AT&T's website with a two year contract. The Curve is $19.99.

My contract is up in 10 days. Gonna wait until probably until April to see if they will carry the Z30 otherwise, I'll go with whatever Galaxy flagship phone is out at the time.

Would really like to see a torch on BB10 come out.

Its a cheaper Z10. Probably same specs but cheaper to make ala iphone 5c. I think blackberry should keep making strong mid tier units which can trickle down to low end prices eventually. In the end if they are going "prosumer" or enterprise they dont need top hardware. A super solid OS and great services should take them back to profitability.

Z30, Q10, iP5

I agree they shouldn't waste their time on new low budget phones and stick to 3. Z10, z30,q10. And look forward to making future looking phones and improving their OS and focus on getting apps like banking apps.

Posted via CB10

Yes, blackberry needs a device around US$ 150 factory unlocked to get into entry level in emerging countries.

It's not coming anytime soon. Sales need to start increasing before we see any new models.

Posted via CB10

My understanding was the C series was going to be the superphone and is one of the ones which have been cancelled.

Posted via bb/cb/z10

Although of o think it's best for them to try and reach a very broad audience. They should make this the top of the line cheap device. Basically load it up with specs that are only slightly lower than the next level. But I guess we will have to wait and see or maybe not at all.

Posted via Z30 using CB10

What are chances ppl would buy these low budget phones and they don't even buy our elite phones like z10 z30 q10... lower the price on these 3 when they should focus on building the next 3 elite phones that would WOW From the competition...#blackerrythinkofthefuture #dontgobackwards

Posted via CB10

Stop making phones that no one will buy. Improve your customer base before you even think about making a new phone. Cmon BlackBerry be smarter. Drop the official os 10.2.1 and and ppl will swarm to pick up devices

Posted via CB10

No.... that is one ugly phone. z30, z10 and q 10 are nice. Except the color of the back on the q10, the cheapness of the door on the z10. I wish we had the q10 back cover material on the z10 leaving the style and the real nice BlackBerry logo of the z10

Posted via CB10

4 models 3 series.

Q Series full qwerty keyboard
Z series two sizes 10 and large 30 C series slider "'C'ombo"I would say use S for slider but "S" is associated with Apple.

BlackBerry just work on a better Zed10, one that apps save to the memory card or more internal memory, better screen, more ram, faster processors.

Sent via Zed10

Come on really matters...this will be the final design cause Z10 and Q10 were leaked same way and with no design changes they were released so I have an image of Z5 in my mind.....and it will suck...cause the only way BB can survive is create a Design element which works with the Budget,and reduce the pricing of the models.Z10 and Q10 to same price point should be in league with S3 or note 2 and Z30 in league with S4 not note 3,also Q5 should be given an heavy price cut to a galaxy grand kinda price point ....then only It sells like hotcakes...I'm considering India(pricing is for unlocked off contract phones

Posted via CB10

the C-Series looks like it would be a "Z5" or rather a little brother device to the Z30. Not apposed to it, but personally I don't like the silver bordering on this device.

Back looks nice from these pictures though. Interesting stuff!

I'd be happy for BlackBerry to follow Apple on this.. and stick to the devices out now. keep working on OS updates and app world. bring hardware speed performances, memory upgrades, and features.. we really dont need a cheaper Z10, or another cheaper q5, etc.. Z10, Q10, Z30, and lets get a high end Q30 out there... done! lets do it.

Amazing that when many suggest that BlackBerry get out of hardware we find discussion of more devices. I like BlackBerry hardware, but surely there must. E economies of "size" such that more units for sale of say a z10 will lower it's unit cost. Cost is critical. So I vote for just a few units say three or four and focus on software.

Posted via CB10

Maybe it's an internal Corporate MDM device for work only with a mobile computing feature added to the device !

Posted via CB10

A less expensive, less-powerful sub-Z10 sounds like a loser to me. I think a limited run of sliders would be much better. And load it up on specs.

The commenter's are right if BlackBerry is still around 5-10 years from not they should still be selling Z10s and Q10s and forget about releasing new phones every year . They are absolutely the best phones that will ever be made. For that matter why not sell only OS 5 phones, BlackBerry had a bigger market share back then so they must be better still. Get real cell phone companies have to release new models at least every year, tech changes. I got my Z10 in February, so it's time for new models to start surfacing in prototype. Of course BlackBerry being BlackBerry they are totally blowing pass the best months for sales of new phones . Look for the new phone to come out at the worst time of the year for phone sales and no marketing of course , only us on CB will know about it.

Posted via Z10

Maybe as a Brit it really didn't seem all that in terms of the irony stakes, I mean good comment and all, err, ignore me...Is that the time, I must be going...

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

That is one big a$$ battery you've got there !!
Unless it's a smartphone for ant.

Make it with small bezels like the z30 or even smaller if possible. With a 4.3 inches screen . Put a very competitive price tag and market the heck out of it!!

Posted via CB10

I don't know about anybody else but I think my Q10 can easily last me a good 2-3 years what happened to the days of building quality phones that last years. NO need to waste money pushing out new phones when the old phones are still in top quality. Just give me the ability to update the OS on my time not the carriers

Maybe real inexpensive to compete with the Google Motorola phone coming out. Who knows but less expensive for lots of countries could be good maybe.

10.2 working well

I'm curious why BBRY doesn't drop the price on the Z10 considerably just to drive adoption and flood the market? It does nobody any good if these devices are sitting in a warehouse somewhere collecting dust when the could be sold for $200-$250 off contact.

Posted via CB10

A q5 body with a touch screen will not sell, looks very ugly

Just make the z10 a budget touch device, its not like it is made of premium materials or cutting edge tech anyway. It was a commercial disaster for blackberry so im sure they have enough inventory to sell these off at budget prices. lol

I don't think that there will be a phone less expensive than the Z10, because the Z10 is selling for about 220€ or 179GBP right now. If a phone of BB would cost even less, it would be impossible to gain any profit.
I think they should start with the upgrade process now. A new Z10 and Q10 at the end of January, availability beginning / mid february. Then also upgrade the Z30 at the same time, but only with small changes, so that they can make/begin an annual upgrade plan. Always keep the last version as "low cost" model for the year.

Get people addicted to bb10 by punting out the q5 a bit cheaper. The remaining z10 stock is also already at a give away price. That way people can choose whether to go qwerty or touch and then in grade to three high end devices q10,z30 and a proper flagship model like some of the concept stuff we've seen with a large screen with keyboard. I do love a keyboard but every bb phone I have owned life has been shortened by the mouse or the strip on the slider. At least with my z it's pretty much solid state other than the volume and off button.

Posted via CB10

Blackberry needs to focus on current phones right now. Is it really necessary to release a new device? really!!?

My thoughts are that BlackBerry planned to have success with the Z10, and thus, the C series would fill the entry level touch device a few Months after the Z10, and right behind the Z30.
Now that the Z10 flopped, they should just squash this series and keep the moulding for later use.
Get rid of the Z10's at entry level pricing, and advertise it with the new 10.2 OS.

The game plan has obviously changed since inception, as BlackBerry had already announced a change from 6 devices at a time to 4.

IMO they should keep 4:
• Two High-end (touch, hardware keyboard).
• Two Entry-level of the same.

I like what I See. Size matters. This guy would suite my pocket better than a z10. Back of the device looks good, like the curved style.

Can I download and run the leaked OS with just my phone? I mean without using the computer.

Posted via CB10

And i'd like to ask if anyone has a clue about the new OS, when will it be released?

Posted via CB10

It's of my opinion that this C-Series device will actually end up replacing the Z10. It will launch with the stuff the Z10 can't do(Miracast is one thing I'm thinking of that it can't do from what I understand). It will also come in at a lower price point to reflect it's place in the market: a mid to low tier device.

We will see what actually happens since everything seems to be in flux right now. But that is my guess what the device will be if it actually launches.

Utter waste of time and energy developing a 'cheaper' Z10 variant.

The Z10 is now the cheapest bb10 handset. It's available in the UK on payg for only £150. Old curves are still £100. Stop wasting time making cheaper phones when the Z10 fills that gap just fine.

Posted via CB10

Now that the Z10 is marked as "cheap" there is no need ;-) The coverage is ok right now. We'll need a new really powerful qwerty for the end of next year with huge battery (3000-3200), better processor (1.5 quad maybe) for giving BB10 the REAL look of a mobile computing device: capable of everything if connected to a pc/screen!

Posted via CB10

I think they need a T10 and a T30. These would be torch like devices with killer specs and could replace all existing hardware.

People that love keyboards have them, people like using the screen and amazing virtual keyboard have that. Developers can develop apps for one screen resolution and users of the Q devices now have the larger screens.

Posted via CB10

They don't need this device to be honest. How much lower can they price it compared to the Z10? Which is being sold for 300 (unlocked). Will it have newer tech inside? Idk. I don't want another Q5 to be honest. I want a BlackBerry R50 Tablet ;)

Posted via CB10

Ugh, stop wasting time with low end gear and start turning out some high end stuff. I want a Q10 with a Z10 sized keyboard, and Snapdragon 800.

They need to get their ducks in order and gain the confidence of the public before bringing in any new devices. They constantly bite off more than they can chew. If the public doesn't have trust in RIM, no amount of new devices will help them.

Posted via CB10

" fill the elusive Z5 slot that we've been wondering about as a slimmed down, inexpensive Z10."

The Z10 is already slimmed down and inexpensive... compared with the Z30... why even bother...

Bring a SLIDER!!!

Posted via CB10

Maybe it's because BlackBerry has a very good user base in emerging markets that they keep on punting out these low end phones. Nobody could understand the 7.0 device either.

Posted via CB10

I think the lower end devices are important, but maybe we need to get back some of our former glory, so that there is a demand for said lower end devices.

Posted via CB10

Yes, they should just continue to sell the Z10 at lower cost as their entry level full touch device. There is already a Q5 and Q10... developing new devices in the current form-factors to fill the same niche is not productive: BlackBerry should not spend money developing replacement full-touch devices or Q-like form factors.

Their next gen devices should be build to leverage the rumoured capabilities of BB10.3, which includes 1920 x 1080 screens and faster CPUs to make them multimedia powerhouses.

What is still missing from the BlackBerry lineup (and really can't be produced until the BB10 OS hits feature parity with BBOS) is a BB10 device that looks almost EXACTLY like a Curve 9300 or Bold 9900, runs BB10, has a touch screen, but has full hardware buttons and a trackpad, and that the navigation works very much like BBOS... there are millions of "ripe" BBOS users for the picking IF there is a device that can bring them on board and DOESN'T confuse them or scare them off to Android: act like a BBOS device, but ALSO play Angry Birds and have a great Web Browser.

The world doesn't need more "me too" full slab and buttonless devices.

This is exactly what should not happen!

And how is Android any less scary than BB10 to a BBOS dinosaur user? Android phones don't have trackpads either you know and for good reason!

Posted via CB10

Different is scary to many people. The fact that there are still 10s of millions of BBOS users despite cheap android alternatives is proof of that. The no-trackpad devices exist, and that device strategy was not very successful, despite BB10 being a great OS.

I say they take all the Z10 's and update the OS to the best 10.2 version and repackage, then market the hell out of them showcasing the new features. Don't up the contract price, and bring the outright price to the $250 area. Point is to move these devices off shelves and into consumers hands asap.

With the new 10.2 features and the iGrann app nearly here, this is the time for BlackBerry to start setting up their 2014 plan of attack.

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Scrap this device, focus FULL ON with promoting the Z10. A single phone or two should be enough for Blackberry to promote hands down. Follow the Apple model of promoting a single phone or two. It's the OS that matters the most so one or two phones at a single time.

Cheaper looking phones will just hurt the brand. Please don't do this! Use Apple's approach of selling older models as your low end devices - don't make low end devices now since you have them "already" with the Q5 and Z10 and even Q10. Note that I think the Z10 is phenomenal but a couple of mistakes in its hardware selection (bluetooth and wifi chips) make it unable to last for the next two years. People already consider the Z10 or Q5 to be outdated, and that should be given away for free by this point to increase the userbase.

A smarter strategy will be an updated Z10 form factor with bigger stretched screen (think Moto X) to fill the gaps along the sides, upgraded bluetooth, miracast, wif-fi chips, camera, faster processor, Paratek antenna, more RAM, bigger battery. If they launch a new Q10 it should have a much larger screen and a keyboard, making an elongated phone for example. For the Z30 add a higher res screen and better camera at least.

But who want to pay higher price for BB? If you fail to sell more phones, why not adjust your price strategy? I don't see any change in nearly 12 months, and I think they should try more aggressive market actions.

They need the C- series especially for markets like Africa and Asia. Africa most especially

Posted via CB10 on my white Q5!

if this is marketed to un-carrier, price sensitive consumers like myself (which as a whole is growing! think budget WPs & Androids); i hope BB nails the pricing strategy accordingly and doesn't cannibalize sales like the 5c

First, let me apologize for my avatar. I switched it but it still remains. I thought the Q5 was suppose to be the low end device, essentially a curve replacement.

Posted via CB10

Cancel this phone ASAP BlackBerry. It won't sell. That's the cold hard truth. :(

Posted via CB10

Way to many devices stick to TWO-THREE max, and do them well. The more they try to pump out to find a market the more they will just be inventory write downs. All these screen sizes are getting to be pretty dumb. STANDARDIZE things and streamline to be efficient.

Every stupid phone release require RETOOLING for a production line when it doesn't sell you may as well throw your money to those Nigerian bank scams.

With the Nexus 5 and Moto G, BlackBerry need something CHEAP... could this be it? A properly priced entry level device.

Frankly BlackBerry need something magical...

Posted via CB10

Blackberry need to stop making phones and focus on selling the once they have already unless the new one will be below $200.00

Posted from the Awesomeness of My BlackberryZ10

BlackBerry is nuts to bring out so many models.

It's not like people are scrambling for new models at the moment. Though that said I am glad they came out with the Z30.

Focus on enhancing the models and the OS.

Mike Duncan on my Z30

I am positive about it, more variants more is the sell, and if bb launches it as C-series or curve series it will definitely sell. Previous curve fans who are millions in number will definitely try and give bb a chance and buy it. More over it will be budget phone, which is a good thing for bb right now. More phones in market will also help bb to enhance their OS10 faster. Its a hit phone according to me. Its just that bb should not compromise and not try to lose its quality during all this. Budget phone dosnt mean less memory or slow processor or less battery life. Smaller screen size and smaller phone itself should make up to that.
Live long :)

Yea sure - great idea. Release another phone and don't market it.

They should figure out how to fix their brand perception b/c right now, they're a total joke.

Coming from a person who loves his BlackBerry devices (q10, z10, and z30).

Posted via CB10

The company should focus on the phones, who are already in the stores now. It is important the Blackberry world will elaborate. Then you improve the performance of the Z10,30, and Q10 (Maybe also with a Q30 in supply), to keep up with the market Development, so that BlackBerry would be a competitor in the industry, at the end of 2014.

Posted via CB10

After the drastic cut in prices of z10, I feel cheated. Now cheaper models? God knows how much they will tumble too. BlackBerry is a great device with idiotic pricing strategy

Posted via CB10

You know what has me excited about John Chen? Some people might have neglected this, but one of the first things he said was he was going to pick up a new BB10 device and get very familiar with it. I like to think that also means he will put it in the hands of others who aren't so familiar with BB devices. I'm positive that he will in turn make an educated decision on what the phones need, don't need, and how they stand up to current high end market devices. We needed something like this, someone with a fresh perspective who isn't a victim of group think.
If, and I mean IF new devices come out in the following year. I'm interested to see what direction they will take.

Excited for the future I am!

Get it to the masses and by pricing it in the 150-250$ range.... anything more than that and it's again going to be a bad thing....
Get the masses to adopt and give incentives to upgrade for legacy device owners

Posted via the awesome keyboard on Z10STL100-1/ using CB10 App

Blackberry should focus on querty phone. there is no competitive to develop full touch screen phone, if they still produce 2 lines, should be surpported android market fully.

i think they should concentrate on specs and ant the same time stop wasting time on too much of quantity of models per year.
Specialized phones with less no of launch per year is a must?????

John Chen will counter xiaomi. Better specs and little improvements of BB10 are key!Blackberry must not win money with the phones,only not losing. A few friends in Belgium are buying xiaomi. Why don't they buy a Z10 or a Q10 at these prices?Tired to explain qnx,bb10,bbm,.... to them.I hope Chen will save us.