New Image: Bold, Javelin and 8220 Flip Phone Side by Side

New BlackBerry Device Comparison
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Sep 2008 09:42 am EDT

The photo above popped up on HoFo yesterday. From left to right, we have the now-released in some country's BlackBerry Bold, the yet-unreleased/unofficially announced BlackBerry "Javelin", and lastly, the very-soon-to-be-released BlackBerry 8220 Pearl (aka KickStart).

The Javelin looks like such a winner here. It's small compared to the Bold, yet with the exception of 3G and a slightly slower (not by much) processor is packing basically more punch (more ram, better camera). And the KickStart... well... in our hands-on KickStart review I made note of just how "BIG" this baby looks when flipped open. You can see again here that I wasn't kidding.  Thanks to Chris for sending in!

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New Image: Bold, Javelin and 8220 Flip Phone Side by Side


I desperately need the Javelin, my 8100 is beginning to die on me so really a new BB soon & Javelin looks amazing :)

Any dates for release of Javelin ?

Wout000, that's significantly later than any blog or announcements I've seen. Most point to Q4 2008 to Q1 2009. What's your source?

From a UK point of view, and a 8320 Curve user .. I must say the Javelin certainly packs more interest to me than the Bold ...

Although its starting to appear in the shops in Scotland, the Bold only appears to be available now on Orange network which totally sux ... still ... I can wait on teh Javelin, contract not due for renewal until April 09 !! Booo :(

well the bold sucks (even kevin "says" it) and the flip phone is not any previous bb owners style, BUT the javelin is very nice. im not waiting forever i think im going to get a new iphone :D

I wouldn't go quite so far as that.

The Bold is pretty awesome. Once you use it for a few days it makes every other BlackBerry on the market feel ancient in comparison. The screen is amazing and the speed is FAST. It's the way the BBOS should be. The extra CPU speed just flies through things like taking pictures and browsing media, etc. I'm a little ticked with the Bold over some of the OS glitches - namely the web browsing issues I'm having, but all in all it's an awesome device. So not sucking.

BUT...compared to the Javelin...which offers all of the above pretty much but is smaller... the Javelin does look like it would be the more desirable to hold.

Now if they can just get 3G into into the Javelin form factor as well and get the battery to last...that'll be the ultimate full keyboard blackberry.

BB Javelin looks like a winner to me in this comparison as well. I am not yet a BB user. Waiting for BB thunder and want to switch to blackberry before christmas-assume that it will be out by then. I am fascinated by the Curve as well, but I want the thunder because of 3g and the design (dont actually care whether BB is touchscreen or qwerty, I like both). Javelin has the CurveISH design, so Id prefer Javelin from those three phones presented.

ps: bold is available in germany for 150€ with a plan, or for 450€ without a plan-works with any network. I wanted to buy it, but since that would be my first blackberry I think it's just not good enough (funny ha :P ), so I prefer thunder or javelin

Never understood why everyone is ga-ga over the Bold. The Javelin is much, much, better in terms of the size yet comparable in features. The Bold is too big for my taste. Bring on the Javelin!

The Javelin looks great in comparison here. I like that its smallest of the three. I have a pearl so for me smaller is better and more convenient. I can't wait til its release.

I admit I think the Jav looks awesome but how can you not want the Bold. I have a curve 8310 (my personal phone) and a 8830 (business phone) I like them both. Even though the 8830 is bigger than the curve it has grown on me more because of the buttons and the 3G network on Sprint. So I definitely will get a Bold as a replacement for my business and get the Jav for my personal. Either way you can't lose but I can't wait until I can 4.5 OS on my current phones. I am waiting patiently for the official version, I am not down with the beta version so here I am with my 4.2 :( I desperately want you tube and docs to go on my current models.

While the small form factor of the javelin is appealing, one of the reasons why a curve is so good a device is the balance between the size of the keys and the gaps in between them that allows you to type easily and quickly.

Personally, from what I have seen so far, the javelin looks to have lost some of that balance and while its not going to be suretype or touchscreen speeds it won't compete for typing speed with a curve or on a bold, where rim seemed to have learned from their mistakes with the 8820-style of devices.

I am still waiting for the north American release of the bold. ATT where is it? I cant wait to play with the Bolds siblings though. Nice pic

Bold this, Kickstart that.... When is the Javelin arriving? With the G1 (google android) phone arriving (supposedly/definitely) in a couple of weeks to a month, the ONLY real competition to the G1 phone on T-Mobile is the BB Javelin.

Why does everyone want the Javelin? Sure, it looks awesome and I would love it to replace my Curve, but it does not have 3G! My 8330 has it! I dont think I would ever want to go back to a phone without it! If you all dont care about being stuck with Edge and 2G for a long time, then enjoy, but Im waiting for, what is it, the Niagara? That is probably the 3G CDMA version of the Javelin.

I am counting on you Kevin for more dirt on 9220, the Javelin with 3g correct?

I want the EXACT phone as Javelin with 3g.

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