New Image: BlackBerry Javelin vs. BlackBerry Curve

BlackBerry Javelin vs. BlackBerry Curve
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Sep 2008 02:13 pm EDT

Posted in the CrackBerry Forums courtesy of Crucial_Xtreme, here's a shot of the much anticipated BlackBerry Javelin next to a BlackBerry Curve. This follows up nicely on the Bold vs. Javelin vs. KickStart photo that recently surfaced. Another picture can be found after the jump. Thanks Crucial... SWEET!

Javelin vs. Curve 2

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New Image: BlackBerry Javelin vs. BlackBerry Curve


The Jav had 3G, Then I would have to say it kicks the Bold's ass any day. It is a pretty impressive device. I like the size of it and it looks nice and clean.
Maybe by the time it's in full production it just might have 3G...Let's hope so ;)
Is the trackball black???

oh man, what will I do with my 1 month old bold when that thing comes out... that's the perfect device!
small, light, BLACK trackball, very nice!

I hope we get more pictures but better quality. I really want info regarding the javelin, especially 9220 with 3g!

Come on...this phone is useless without 3G. Call me when the version with 3G comes out. THEN its the perfect Blackberry. Until then, I'll enjoy my 8330 with 3G...and then my Storm with 3G.

to me the curve has been the perfect balance. Everything on the device look proportional. Nothing over powering anything else on the device. One of my pals has a javelin and to be honest, the screen is huge and it makes everything else on the device look small. Kind of like the way the jogball looks small on the bold. The keyboard looks tiny looking at the screen. IT seems like they said, "lets add this huge screen..oh squeeze everything in at the bottom"
Its just what i think. but even still its pretty sexy.

It may seem squeezed, but it's not. If you compare the keybord of javelin with that of the curve, they are approximately the same size. so it won't effect your typing :) the screen is bigger, that is why the keyboard seems squeezed

ps: Javelin looks incredible, I am looking forward to it...but it is more likly that I will get the storm

This will be my next BB, hoping there's a CDMA version. However, it just might make me switch carriers, that's how much I love it. It's a GREAT compromise between the Bold's power and the Curve's beauty.

And a black trackball is going to be awesome!

I couldn't care less about 3G.

What good is better screen resolution with a little screen?

What good is video on a little screen?

I love my curve it feels great in the hand, ease of use.

I am looking forward to the bold great processor huge screen and 4.6

Time will be the test to see what the final production phone will encompass.

I have never had a BlackBerry, but now that I see the pictures I am going to get one for me! Thanks for sharing


Thanks Crucial. More side by sides of the Javelin and the Curve please.

I love my curve. I would not want to go to a bigger phone. I wish my Curve was a little narrower. This is why I haven't been drooling all over the Bold press out there.

Tada!...........HELLO JAVELIN! Now I just hope that maybe Verizon will carry it sometime this century (or it's even better successor.


I want to jump aboard the blackberry ship but i want this phone to come out first. The javelin seems like a much better phone for me (T-Mo customer) than the bold.

"I want to jump aboard the blackberry ship but i want this phone to come out first. The javelin seems like a much better phone for me (T-Mo customer) than the bold."

Yea that's pretty much exactly my situation and exactly how I feel... I think that they may be onto something with this phone.

3G is meaningless to me because I'm on T-Mobile and my town won't have 3G anytime in the near future... therefor, this phone is perfect for me.

I just wish it would come out already! My current phone is on it's last leg and I need an upgrade. I'd hate to have to go in another direction if this takes too long to come out.

Javelin just looks amazing. I might just gt it (even if it doesn't have 3G). My favorite would be the Thunder still. Hope both models will be released until Christmas...

Hi Y'All,

How come no one has posted about the BB Niagara? This baby will be a 3G device and will have all the features of the BB Javelin, a more advanced OS and slighty better screen resolution.

Yes, it will be a CDMA BlackBerry. So, only the CDMA carriers will be releasing it. In Canada, that should be Bell Mobility and Telus. Probably Verizon in the U.S. and eventually Sprint. But definitely worth waiting for!!

- CB

"BlackBerry for Life"

I can not wait for the BB Niagra, as an ardent curve lover I could not swith from VZW for the big bulbous BOLD!! Alas when the Niagra with it's CDMA 3G and better os and screen res comes out( hopefully sometime next year)it will be nice knowing you CURVE!!!

The Javelin has T-Mobile written all over it. Because they aren't trying to raise your phone bill by selling you an "under-construction" 3G network. Check out the new "3G Pricing" on AT&T ($30/month). Hopefully, T-Mobile will keep the internet cost at $20/month with this phone.
Which will make the Javelin a perfect upgrade for my T-Mobile 8320.
If I needed more speed (I don't), wi-fi/UMA is much faster than 3G!

I can't wait to get this phone. You can keep your over-priced 3G and over-sized Bold.