New HSBC Fast Balance app for BlackBerry Smartphones

By James Richardson on 2 Jul 2012 09:44 am EDT

Are you a HSBC customer? Do you want quick access to your bank account balance? If the answer to these questions is yes you should check this app out. 

The HSBC Fast Balance app turned up in App World over the last few days and appears to be a beauty for its customers. We have seen banking apps already here in the UK from the likes of Nat West and The Royal Bank of Scotland so now it is HSBC's turn. 

The app isn't as feature rich as the others I just mentioned but it will allow customers to do the following:

  • Check your balance
  • View your six latest transactions
  • Top up your mobile phone

Not being a HSBC customer I am unable to test it so would love you hear your comments. Please let us know it is performing as it should. 

More information/download HSBC Fast Balance

Reader comments

New HSBC Fast Balance app for BlackBerry Smartphones


I'd like to say that it's about time; however, their website has worked flawlessly on BlackBerrys for several years now. I started using it with my 8800 then continued with my 9500, 9800 and my PlayBook.In fact I would have preferred if they spent the time and optimized the website by enlarging their input boxes and buttons so they are touch friendly.

If you can't do much else with the app, what's the point of building it? My RBC app allows me to do everything I need.

Had been using MONILINK for Blackberry for the last few years and had been waiting for this to launch for months after HSBC said it was coming to Blackberry. It is seamless and very fast. Not as comprehensive as some other banking Apps but for a mini statement or balance check it's ideal.

Too bad, only supported in UK. In my country (Viet Nam), I can use mobile web to access my account, but it's not convenient. I'd rather do it on PC.

It's not really a new thing. HSBC have had mobile banking on BlackBerry for a few years now provided by a service called Monetise Mobile Money. Now it has just been revamped with HSBC's branding and released as their own app :)