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New Hotmail icon for BIS email folders starting to show up for for BlackBerry users

By Adam Zeis on 28 Jun 2010 12:05 pm EDT
BlackBerry Hotmail BIS icon

The forums are lighting up with confused users as it looks like Hotmail has a fancy new icon on BIS email folders. It started a few days ago, and while know one really knew just what was up at first, some keen eyes figured out it is indeed Hotmail's doing. It could be part of BIS 3.1 as some users have even seen Yahoo! icons as well, but only time will tell. No fancy stuff for Gmail or other services yet, but perhaps in the near future the standard globe icon on email folders will be replaced with fancier icons. If you're looking to discuss more, there are loads of threads in the forums on the topic. Thanks to everyone that sent this in.

Image Credit: NoahFecks



But lost it after a battery pull one day. Now I'm back to the default mailbox w/ the globe.


Yeah, same here. I've had it two separate times over the past week, but then lost it each time due to battery pulls.


Same here. LOL! Had it a few times, but it goes again. Same thing with my Yahoo icon...


how i can get them on my vz bold 9650

I have Yahoo icon.I am In Croatia, Europe


but how you can get it on you bb in usa


you get it on you bb if you have a hotmail address and if you are lucky. I had the yahoo one and it was gone after i upgraded the os once. maybe some os come with the icon and some don't?


I'm loving this and really hope it comes to gmail as well. I don't like the use the messages inbox for email and rather keep them separate and it's much easier to differentiate inboxes by just a glance this way.


I had posted to Facebook. Thanks for letting us know whats going on. I like the new icon.

I don't know. It might be due to BIS version.


I have had an aol mail icon for about 3 or 4 months now. The first 2 weeks the icon would come and go. To get the icon back most of the time I had to do a soft reset. And the icon would be back.


Usually hide that icon on my 9550 - but after reading this clicked show, and yup, i have the new icon.


I sent service books trying to fix my @att.blackberry email problem and the new icons appeared for my hotmail. Problem is I have 3 hotmails on my bb and one only showed then I resent the books and only one more showed but it wasn't from the same icon as previous. Weird.


I sent service books trying to fix my @att.blackberry email problem and the new icons appeared for my hotmail. Problem is I have 3 hotmails on my bb and one only showed then I resent the books and only one more showed but it wasn't from the same icon as previous. Weird.


so i i reset my bb bold 9650 from verizon will that put all the icon in


I thought I had a virus or something on there when that icon came up, so I pulled the battery and it went away. It came back later in the day and continues to. I have meterberry set to auto restart and it always comes back.


where i can get verizon seervice book please ty


Hotmail seems to be pushed now. In the past, it could take a while for BIS to check for new hotmail messages even if you paid for and had Hotmail Plus service.


I just added my Hotmail and no new Icon and it is not push. I sent I email from Gmail to my Hotmail account 10 minutes ago and counting. I am Sprint and in Ohio, so nothing here.


at Hotmail.



If you have an icon one second, then maybe it's gone the next....go to:

settings>manage internet email>hit the blackberry menu button>select service books>send service books

What this will do is successfully set up your email address with your Blackberry Device and is basically a refresher to any email account you have registered to your device. If any icon should appear, after you receive your confirmation emails to your device, those icons should be present.


Are you on BES? None of those are on my device.


I've always had the Yahoo icon for both of my Yahoo wife has too.

I got the Hotmail icon last week and have had it ever since.


Still waiting on an icon for Gmail. People seem to forget that Hotmail just had an major update donde to its web based service. Maybe this is one of the behind the scenes tweaks.


That showed up on different email folders are you sure its hotmail?


Yes, the new icon is only for Hotmail accounts.


I just went to the BIS website and resent my Service Books, and the new icon appeared. Very nice looking.


Goes nowhere: loads of threads in the forums


I've had this icon show up about a week ago when Verizon informed me I can upgrade my Tour to the next OS. It works on BES versions as well and not just limited to BIS.


i got both yahoo and msn icons..


Go into Email setup and select resend service books it will pop up


I'm not too worried about the separate icons for e-mail accounts because I just use the messages app. I was curious though, what weather app are you using that puts the temp at the top of the screen like that?


That is from BerryWeather. It's a great app!


I have a hotmail account and I don't see this icon even after rebooting and resending service books. what gives?


How do you use your device - all in the messages folder or individual email folders. :-)


I noticed mines over the weekend or somewhere towards the middle or the end of last week. I had NO clue what it was! I thought maybe it was the new email alert symbol. For those who lost theirs after during battery pulls, I've done at least two and mines is still there!??:) IDKY you guys lost yours after doing that...


for a Gmail icon!! C'mon son!! Get with the program Google!


Have you tried the GMail app? or from your 'Berry.


This confuses the hell out of me,if im getting emails threw my phone i should already be with BIS but no icon. But then i try to register with BIS and it tells me my phone cant get it cause HTML isnt available threw my phone. For the 1st time i have no idea whats goin on.


Just updated my service books and in a few second my e-mail Icons got updated. I'm with Telcel in Mexico City.



ive tried sending the service books thru manage email settings and still no icon....sux for me....


This Icon suddenly appeared over the weekend... like most people, wondered what the hell it was, tried losing it with a couple of battery pulls.. but NOW know it should be there. Thanks again Crackberry People.