New Game - Marble Trap! Works w/ Storm's Accelerometer!

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Dec 2008 02:03 pm EST

Nintaii has quickly become one of the most addicting and popular BlackBerry games out there and was the first to take advantage of the BlackBerry Storm's built-in accelerometer. If you're a fan of Nintaii, you're going to love Marble Trap!

Check out the video above for a quick overview. Marble Trap, by Nickle Buddy, is available both for trackball BlackBerry smartphones and the touchscreen BlackBerry Storm. The Storm version allows for accelerometer control. Marble Trap is available for $9.95 from the software store.

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New Game - Marble Trap! Works w/ Storm's Accelerometer!


Does anyone know of any other applications/games for the storm? I just picked one up and I love it, but it just seems so lacking in that department, especially compared to the iPhone. I think the BB Storm is a superior device, but are there any sites with aggregations of any software/games (perhaps for free) I'm just not aware of?


game I have this on my bold, took me a long time to play through some of the levels for sure, which is always good...hate games that you can beat easily.

As for games and such compared to the iPhone, the Storm has not been out that long in comparison to the iPhone.

Developers are just beginning to develop stuff for the Storm and it will progress over time, but..personally..I don't think you will ever see that robust of a line up on BB devices as you do on the iPhone.

i just downloaded the demo, and i was fairly unimpressed, i wish it was more like the marble game where you mist use the accelerometer to balance the marble into the hole

Once it's moving, the marble rolls until it hits something, so a speed control wouldn't really matter at all. This game is a puzzle game that makes you think, not an arcade game.

Anyway, I like it.

If you're expecting something like marble madness where you use the accelerometer to guide the marble, you'll be disappointed.

Once I figured out it's a puzzle game where you have to figure out how to get the marble into the hole, I had lots of fun with it (still having fun with it when I play).

I've also suggested a few storm improvements, so I think it will only get better as he keeps working on it.

I was a big fan of the old NES Marble Madness game. This game takes the concept to a new level with being able to tilt and move the marble. It may affect your productivity though, I haven't gotten a thing done since I started playing this thing.

what a joke...

10 bucks!!!!!!?????

are you kidding me???!?!?!?!?1

theres like 20 of these games that kick this games ass on the iphone store for free.

i think ill pass. forever.

Ok- I actually think this is a fun game! Yeah, probaly not worth $10- but believe it or not, I actually downloaded the wrong game first so my cahrge came to $20 for two games. So... on that note, I know I better love these games hahaha.

Ok- so I'm stuck on level 35. The one with the 4 moveable blocks to the right nad the 4 moveable blocks underneath.

Anyone know how to get through the level?

This game sucks or my storm sucks one of the two and I
haven't been able to figure it out but i'm leaning toward the storm

i think its the storm rocks pretty much. couple early adopter quirks but thats it. who knows may have a bad one.

The Storm's accelerometer sucks. It looks like it can only sense gravity in one direction at one time. Not like the iPhone where it can flow in all directions.. This limited feature on the Storm will not dominate on the iPhone.

iPhone 1
Storm 0