New Game for BlackBerry: Zodiac

Zodiac for BlackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Apr 2009 10:07 am EDT

Swoosh Software just released a fun new game for BlackBerry smartphones called Zodiac. The premise? You're presented with a screen full of cute little animals and from there you collect points by swapping their positions around to form rows or columns of three or more. Simple yet addicting! Zodiac is avaiable in both trackball and touchscreen versions and sells for $4.95 (free trial available). 

Swoosh Software has been turning out some great little BlackBerry apps and games recently: SwooshSMS provides a means to threaded SMS conversations; BerryTweak lets you really take control of the finer points of your device; and the always popular SwooshSudoko recently got updated and is now compatible with the Storm.



oh cool! its bejeweled but they replaced jewels with cute animals. so original!!



There is potential for more strategy as new animals slide in from the direction of the last move.


I picked up the trial version and it is fun. I'll be buying it. The touchscreen works better on this than on the other Bejewelled-style games. Good stuff!


Zookeeper? No, you're right, Bejewelled, but I'd love Zookeeper on my phone, I would.


I'm glad I didn't go off and buy this. When I first saw it I was like how cool and stuff. I did the trial. It was fun. I think I might even enjoy the game but, man, the game screen is small. It doesn't allow you to make the game bigger or even use the whole sceen which after focusing on the small little animal icons made my eyes hurt. Yeah, at about three minutes of using the trial I was certain I didn't want to buy it anymore. That initial urge went away, and I felt happy I didn't waste my money.