New Game: Aliens vs. President for the BlackBerry Storm

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Jul 2009 02:49 pm EDT
Aliens vs. President

Ohhhh boy. I haven't had a chance to load this up onto my Storm yet, but as soon as I saw the screen capture above I felt the need to post immediately. New from Computer Time Co comes Aliens vs. President for the BlackBerry Storm. Here's the description:

You are the president of the United States and the only person left able to save the earth from invading Aliens. You can choose either Bush and Obama to represent your efforts on your way to victory. Be prepared for the most engaging time of your life. This game will keep your adrenaline going with continuous action. You won't have a moment to rest.

Navigate through this gauntlet with either the on screen virtual control or use the accelerometer. You start out with a handgun but can buy addition weapons to help you stay alive. Enter as many fallout shelters you come across to receive ammo and money. These will come in handy for the later rounds assuming you make it. Even if you don't, you can always retry as we provided a means to replay the level where you met your demise.

The game makes use of the Storm's accelerometer and is said to feature some cool sound effects. Alien vs. President is available for $3.99. Unfortunately there's no free trial. I'm going to charge up a fresh battery for my Storm and will give it a go shortly. If you give it a go, be sure to report back in the comments with your thoughts.

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New Game: Aliens vs. President for the BlackBerry Storm


Obama supporters are going to bitch out and cry, "It should be FREE! Why should we pay for anything?!?!" :P (Ref. to his failed attempt with the stimulus pkg and upcoming health bill)

Good thing they didnt attempt to put ur beloved McCain on this game. His old body woulda prolly fell apart in attempt to pick up the freakin gun.

Was prolly a Republican who created the game anyway. Yall find a way to squeeze propaganda into anything. smh.

I've never heard it referred to as the "Conservative Media." Anyways...It would have been funnier if it was guys in Sombreros instead of actual Aliens! haha! Just kidding...I love Mexicans!

Aren't the far left afraid of guns?

He should just treat the aliens like all of his problems:



If it would have been Mcass vs. the Aliens he(Macass) would have been crying like a bitch make anti American propaganda for the Aliens......

I've never heard it referred to as the "Conservative Media." Anyways...It would have been funnier it was guys in Sombreros instead of actual Aliens! haha! Just kidding...I love Mexicans!

You can actually do it, but if our president would be dumb he would claim that Venus(even though the Aliens were from Mars)had W.M.D and all the dumb idiots(Republitards)would believe him and say that we should invade that planet sending troops over there knowing that Venus had nothing do to with the attacks or original attack...of course Venus would fight back, a mess would be created and who would be to blame? not the would be the next administrations fault!.

It looks like one of those Flash games that you find on the Internet. You know, the ones you play during class, meetings, etc. when you just want to kill time?

Anyway, does anybody else think that aliens could be construed as Obama being against immigration and foreigners? Given Obama's "Buy USA" stance, he may very well be, but I don't think it's accurate to say he's anti-immigration.

On that note, can we get some real games on BB? iPhone gets pretty good games in Assassin's Creed, Doom Resurrection, etc. and we get Aliens vs. President? At least give me C&C or Red Alert since they'll control nicely with the trackball!

Typical Republican; "ohhh, Obama's so horrible...only because my parents raised me to think so." Most of yall couldnt back up your stance against him if ur life depended on it. Ur worth about as much as an echo.

I beg to differ on that point...Fact vs Feeling..Fact wins everytime.

Oh and the liberals had such great arguments against W (ROLLS EYES)

some one does not like Obama does not make them republican, I am dem and I cant stand the sorry sob so get over yourself obama sucks, and as I recall the were alot of dem's in the congress that approved the war no just repub's there are people on both sides to blame for this.

Your a (D) and you dont like him? You must be a racist ;)

I think too much stock is put into labels.

i understand its a game and all, but it seems anything remotely political gets debated and not the product. Especially when its about President Obama. Republicans always have to put in their ...negative, 2 cents, downing the President.
The game looks about everyone else here talk about the product, and not the man.
It will be impossible..because some people are still, salty, that we have a smart president, and his name isnt McCain/Bush

We are still alive so every president did their job.... Obama has promised us many things... I haven't seen one yet :) Either way the man is our president...but when is this change going to happen... we got a 5.0 leak for the storm quicker then Obama did anything to help this country....

Hasnt done a thing huh? Its so cliche to say that when most Americans really have no idea. Do your research and stop waitin for an angel to stand over ur shoulder and say "Obama has officially made the change."

He's done a lot, and anyone who knows politics would be ignorant to argue otherwise.

My only complaint is the freaking activation keys are 15 characters long and you cant paste it in...that and mine doesnt work!!!!

I emailed support and am waiting to hear back

This game is a blast and I highly recommend it for the price. I realize everybody is fueled about politics... but it is just a game and should be enjoyed as such. No need for all the political flaming....

BO would be left alone because he would never touch a gun..... but if you believe the coke story, he will suck a unit..... And I believe it.

If you hate Obama, you voted for McCain. If you hate McCain, you voted for Obama. :/

Its really embarrassing how you people think either party is different. But keep fighting the Blue vs Red, (R) vs (D) battle: its really sending us in a great direction as a country. Blindly backing a candidate because of the letter next to his/her name....really productive.

You can be Conservative and hate the Republican me.

No one ever said you had to settle for either of them.

I voted for Ralph Nader because the Corvair is unsafe at any speed! I don't own the game but it looks like a fun time. However it looks like I'd get burnt out on it really quick like I did with Berry Wars and Air Traffic Control. Just my 2 cents. Geez people are so angry.

OMG, can't I even go to crack berry without having to see this stupid SOB. I will pay the 3.99 if they delete this and apologize to the free world for making a game about a dang communist. He is such an embarrassment to the American people.

Is there a feature in which it lets you decide who you want to be. I would like to shoot a whole bunch of obamas.

LOL @ all the bitching about obama/all presidents.

Get over it, bitching now wont change a damn thing. And it certainly isnt changing my mind about anything.

I must have been crazy for reading all those comments to see how people liked the game, i think only 3 actually offered an on-topic post. Ill still probably buy it because it looks fun lol

You guys are all little kids.

OMG did someone really make a game using a President. Wow I'm so filled with rage I'm going to talk about killing the president in the comments.

I mean come on really? I'm a die hard republican born and raised but I would never in my life say anything bad about the president. He is still in charge and we voted him into office. Even though I may disagree with some of his views that is no reason to disrespect him or talk about killing him. He is trying to make the best of a situation that is less then perfect.

Some Americans just sicken me.

Typical self-centered response. You may not have voted for him but your nation did.

You don't have to like him but you should always respect him for being your president.

I have no obligation to respect anyone.

Especially when they act directly against my personal beliefs.

I love my country, and I respect the office, not the man.

The thing that really pisses me off (as I stated before) is that a lot of Americans claim to hate him so much, but have no political backing of why. You say he "hasn't done anything" when he's clearly workin his butt off everyday for YOU. Presidents in the past have been no quicker (across the board) in getting things passed, yet because you hop onto the political scene all of a sudden, you think you know what the trend has been. Read a book!

And the saddest thing of all is that (just because you feel the need to continue to hate him), you would LOVE to see him fail...not even realizing what that means for this country you claim to love so much. It's the fact that he's actually doing something that makes you angry; pretty pathetic. The more I live, the more I realize that human beings make me sick.

His approval ratings is dropping like flies especially with his health plan. Also he admitted that he didn't know the whole story about Gates and still has the nerve calling the Cambridge Police department stupid for doing the right thing and automatically making it a race issue.

If you play as Obama, he wouldn't pick up the gun. He apologize for America's past transgressions and nod his head in thoughful agreement as the Aliens vocally blast us ;)

Very cute, and you'll be the first one to point a finger and talk down about him when he ok's a strike on Taliban, or when a troop dies in Iraq or Afghanistan. Yet you all make a mockery of him "being afraid to pick up a gun." You want him to be more violent, but you label him public enemy number 1 when he takes that route.

It's quite clear that this has nothing to do with Obama, and A LOT to do with you and the things YOU need to work on.

But Obama is not anything close to a hero. Besides I doubt he would have a gun since he wants to either get rid of them or tax gun owners to death to make it expensive to own or buy one.

Has everyone here just completely lost sight of the fact that this is A GAME? This isn't a political debate, and this isn't the forum to air your political views. There are other web sites for that kind of thing. Come on, people....relax a little, smile and take this GAME for what it is.

And I still think that calling in air strikes with Obama's Blackberry should have been included. : )

Probably one of the untold ironies of this comment tread is how many people that have posted are from Canada? Just a guess. People are stupid. Here let me make everyone mad. Bush didn't blow up the WTC. Obama is a natural born citizen. Bush didn't have the 2004 election stolen. Obama is not going to take away your guns.

P.S. Anyone who disagrees with me is a redneck, liberal, inbreed, hippie, god hating, sara palin loving, tax cheating, sex scandal having, anti-american, hypocritical moron.

Have a happy day. I'm going to my Union job now to make Military weapons. (Not lying)